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  1. mikeuk

    UK teens getting massive

    His arms are incredible!
  2. mikeuk

    UK teens getting massive

    That bicep just oozes power.
  3. mikeuk


    Thanks for sharing. Very emotional and impressive.
  4. mikeuk

    Gallery - using bodybuilders

    Sounds amazing!!!
  5. Also not just the transformation which was incredible but also for the first time seeing a bodybuilder of that size. The disparity between him and the other people on the show. I had never seen a man with a chest (or pecs) that big or that full through years of weight training. I had never believed arms could be so big and got my first ever viewing of traps - so enjoyed that and provoked such a reaction!!
  6. absolutely awesome to find somebody for which the hulk had such a similar effect.
  7. So agree about the twins movie. The noise as that rock hard bicep destroys that sleeve!
  8. Love to hear others experiences. Did it have a sexual effect on others?
  9. OMG, so much agree with the posters on here. As a fourteen year old watching the tv show for the first time, it was that music, those eyes and then the growth in the clothing and the hulk transformation from Dr David Banner to the green muscle monster. Never had an experience like that before and was shocked by the effect it had on me. Would build up with excitement each Saturday the show was shown on ITV in UK and when Lou did that most muscular pose...omg....happy memories!
  10. Hello mikeuk welcome to the forum! 


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