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  1. Thanks for the stories guys! Are there anymore???
  2. Any stories that feature some bigger guy dominating and humiliating a smaller person. These are my favorite stories on god, but there doesn’t seem to be allot of them anymore? Let’s post our favorites here ??
  3. Any stories that have allot of strength feats like the guy lifting heavy stuff ie weights, multiple people, etc
  4. Looking for any stories with a muscled dude fucking/loving/etc with a girl.
  5. Recalling one story with a scene: "Your shorts aren’t even able to fit…? I guess my dick is finally bigger than your waist big bro!" but any stories along the same lines are greatly appriciated too!
  6. It was a story on this forum about a friend (tedd I think) and his super giant accomplice. I rmemwber two scenes from the story. One took place in the wrestling ring and the giant took out countless wrestlers without even trying. And the second was about the giant shyly showing off his huge cock over the radio. It was sort of a series if I recall correctly.
  7. The story was on this forum with a guy named Ted(d)? And his friend grew really big. I remember his friend was Spanish of sort bc the giant wrestled in the el muchador or Mexican wrestling thing. He beat all the people easily. I think the giants name started with a C
  8. Looking for a story where a big brother and his friend have a muscle growth formula but is afraid to use it. So they test it out on their little brother. After his muscle growth the friend and the big brother fight for the remaining formula but the little brother ends up taking the last dose and becomes a freak.
  9. Looking for stories with one person experiencing muscle growth and lifting and carrying other people. Also strength lifting trucks, tons, etc. any ideas?
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