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  1. longman

    Muscles different

    What is the muscles different between a guy who just work out at the gym and a guy who build up by crossfit? specially the size,the shape etc...
  2. longman

    The Grower

    Looking forward the reaction when blake noticed josh bigger than him.
  3. Met a new friend recently,one day we go out for eat,i am visually impaired so i holding his arm to leading my way,his arm was thick but not firm, we are talking about our weights,he was around 90kg,then i just saying he is fat and he was 190cm tall, then he said am i?i’ve never heard people said i am fat,then he ask am i really fat when he suddenly flex his bicep,i put my hands on his bicep,it couldn’t cover by my hands,it was big and hard,he sneer, then he said i had pecs too and invite me to feel it, i felt quite embarrassing to feel at restaurant, two seconds later,he ask again,finally i feel it,it is hard too, when we leaving,he flex his arm one more time and said probably he should go to gym more, after that everytime we meet he will ask am i stronger? last time he bring me to the gym to teach me,he ask me do i look like a personal trainer?i said at least double size of you! he ask me why do i think he has potential to growth?i said because you’re big! after trainning he sneer and said i felt i am stronger, he said he trying to serious build,he can make his biceps be solid in 1-2 months, hope he really do so,looking forward his growth!
  4. Thanks tomofutah,i would like to punch your pecs too,haha!
  5. I am visually impaired,when i walking on the street,people willing to help me sometimes, today a guy thinks i get lost,he ask me where do i go then he guide me to,i can see a little bit,only his figure,he seems quite broad,funny that when i hold his arm,I can feel his bicep size like a lime,maybe he just started work out, otherwise,i join a running team,we ran once a week,meet a new guide runner recently,he used to play rugby and his peak was 68kg solid muscles,after he broke his arm he decided to slow down to be fit,i hope i know him couple years ago...
  6. longman

    Losing Weight vs Gaining Muscle

    Huh?i thought it was easier.
  7. longman

    Injecting experience

    When you had an injection,how’s your experience and how’s the reaction people around? can you finish the injection?did your bicep broke the needle?
  8. You can scratch by yourself or need others help or you had your way?
  9. longman

    Why you started work outs?

    Looking forwards of your stories!
  10. longman

    The Giant Football Coach - Chapter 7

    Hope to know the giant football coach,thank you! looking forward chapter 8!
  11. Sometimes,i am a low vision guy,when guys help me on the street,i'll grip their arm for guiding my way, once,a guy helps me,i felt his bicep was huge and too solid!!!
  12. longman

    Shirtless Workout

    You Deliberately rip the shirt of when you lifting said you carelessly make it lol
  13. Anyone knows this story had continued? https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20709-p1.html
  14. longman

    SYNERGY - Part I

    Just read this story,hope will continue.

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