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    Mainly looking for friends/RP partners
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    NOTE: I've started getting into the idea of potentially being the bigger guy or a big guy with another big guy. This would definitely be a "sometimes" thing, and would depend heavily on my mood. So, just hit me up and see what type of mood I'm in :)

    I like just about anything involving domination (I especially love getting bullied around by bigger guys)

    Into massive sizes, growth (of all kinds, though I love it most when a guy grows by bullying others or by breathing in a lot of air), musk/raunch (like belching and farting), footplay, body hair, roided guys, puffy jackets, muscle smokers/cigars, thugs, gear...the list goes on. If you wanna know if I'm into something I didn't include here, send me a message!

    Things I'm not into: watersports, scat, gore, hard vore (digestion)

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  1. Keep in mind, this is probably how Sam made Johnny feel all through high school. Thinking about it more, I think Sam deserves everything he's gotten from Johnny. I just hope Johnny cools it after Sam learns his lesson
  2. I hope that something happens..something that makes Johnny realize how he's acted, something that will make him miss his old life. Then again, Sam kinda deserves this if he bullied Johnny...I'd love to see them reconcile in some way, maybe with Johnny noticing Sam again somehow. Sam would apologize for everything..man, this story has such complex emotions around it, and I just wanna see them end up ok :(
  3. http://alphachanges.tumblr.com/post/144590659908/this-idea-was-inspired-by-a-story-i-read-from Or maybe it was this one?
  4. Ah-ha! I found it! http://www.cyoc.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=Stories&file=article&sid=1731&mode=nested&order=0&thold=-1
  5. Oh I know I have read this story before! I just can't remember where..
  6. That sounds incredible! Wish I knew where we could find that story. Let me know if you find it!
  7. Hello wolgon782 welcome to the forum! 

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