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    Muscle growth basically. Send me a message for more info.
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    6'4 200
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    Chat with other guys into developing their bodies or muscles.
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    Would love to get up to 250, see how that feels.....but the more often I think about it, the more I think I want to blow up REAALLLY huge.
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    Anything by Aardvark, absman420, Texzilla in particular
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    Jake Burton, Alexey Lesukov, Aaron Clark, Adam Gerber
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    Muscle growth, cock/ball growth, fat growth, height change (realistic), hair growth/loss, age change (no younger than 18), personality/attitude change (straight to gay, beta to alpha, geek to jock, etc), furry, race change, transformations, forced growth, unaware growth.....obviously not all at once!

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  1. Loving this so far! Any chance of a new chapter soon? Can't wait for John to break 200!
  2. Except this story was posted in June 2014, making continuation in July 2015 unfortunately unlikely
  3. Fucking loved it. Wonder if he's found #8 yet or if the position's still open......
  4. Any update to this? I've been checking for a new part really often, I love this series lol
  5. Great hot new chapter, I'm interested to see where this is going!
  6. Loved this new part, looking forward to seeing where you take it!
  7. While the smoking isn't for me, I say write whatever you damn well want lol. It's not illegal or anything so just write whatever you please and if people don't like it, fuck 'em lol
  8. It's a great start, definitely wouldn't have guessed it was your first attempt! Looking forward to see where it goes
  9. Love it. What's your Tumblr bud? Sounds like the kinda place I want to check out lol
  10. Is it weird that I've been looking forward to my week off work because I get to lift every day?

  11. Definitely liking where this is going, can't wait to see more
  12. Thanks for posting this - I've never read it before but I like where it's going!
  13. Great post, would love to read more like this
  14. What happens when you try open it? When I try do it on my phone I get a video site instead, but if I tick Request Desktop Site it works. Might have to do something similar on the iPad?
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