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    • Super-strong dudes
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    5'11", 265, 17.5a, 48c, 38w, 27q, 18ca. Bench 265
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    Other guys into strength/muscle.
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    6', 230, 20a", 17"fa, 50"c, 32"w, 30"q, 21" calves, benching 405 for warm up
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    The Charge, Flow, Cat and Mouse, AlphaMale
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    My BF Matt, Greg Plitt, Anthony Green, Austin Norman, Nate Morton, Alon Gabby
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    Super-strong/dominate "Little" bros.
    Feeling my muscles being overpowered
    Smell of a man after a hard workout

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  1. NerdJock

    An Encounter with Matt

    Very nice! Though one minor nitpick, @ 7 feet tall 250 isn't that big.
  2. NerdJock

    New developments

    That was great! Lots of power with lots of heart!
  3. NerdJock


    Very ‘cute’. 😋
  4. I'd like to add my voice to the chorus, and be honest with him. You don't have to go into excessive detail but just that really appreciate jacked muscle, his included, but it can make you uncomfortable feeling it up in public. If you want to go further, perhaps suggest a more private setting.
  5. I Just read some of your stories...Litle Mikey series.  Great work.  Hope for more superstrength and cocky stuff ahead.

  6. NerdJock

    The Librarian - Chapter 3

    Excellent story, man. The writing really draws you in! I'm eagerly looking forward to the next part.
  7. NerdJock

    Too Big - Part Three

    Brilliant series....as always!
  8. NerdJock

    Magic: The Growthering

    What a great idea for story line! And incredibly hot even for one who's not that into size.
  9. Thanks for the follow mate.

  10. NerdJock

    Come to Me: Part 7

    Glad to see this one continuing but did you REALLY have to stop right there!?!
  11. NerdJock

    Dork to Beast , Pt 2

    Awesome as always BB!
  12. NerdJock

    Little Mouse - Part Seven

    To echo others comments, awesome work, @londonboy. To give up what Tommy did for true love...just lovely.
  13. I think the late surge in the Hispanic vote will have huge impact on FL, NV, and to a lesser degree forecast NM, and CO.
  14. NerdJock

    Forum Mission, Purpose and History

    I first discovered strength and muscle-growth related stories thru the Nifty.org archive back in college when the university had a dedicated T1 (imagine 1.5 Mbps!! ). I even wrote a few things way back then and even hosted an ancestor (?) of the forum called the All Male Muscle Archive. If memory serves, that ran from '97 - '99 when I left campus. I found the Evolution forum shortly after that and enjoyed it and this board ever since. I'm very grateful to both Flex and CMiller for operating the sites especially given that they have to pay for bandwidth, domain reg and everything else. Truly a labor of love.