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    fantasy profile.
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    comic books, horror movies, big guys and bigger guys.
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    5,10 275lb
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    rp, chat,
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    BIG!! BIGGER!! and after keep growing 6,5 380lb
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    Muscle growth, unaware growth, hyper cock and balls, clothes ripping, latex & leather, mutual growth, ball belly ,roiding gut, off season body, power lifter body, inflation, always open to finding more kinks

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  1. awesome pc JT

  2. Hey man.  nice profile there.  never to big or too powerful in my book.  Ever get into using your own power to toy with another guy...lift, crush, squeeze, dominate completely?  love to roleplay here. Be well, and hope to chat soon. 

  3. looking to grow and dominate

    use my huge balls to make you gtow

  4. thanks for the follow 

  5. Thanks for the follow man

  6. thanks for the follow :)

    1. jojo9


      Welcome man. We'll have to talk sometime about making you into a massive muscle beast. ;)


  7. Thanks for the follow!

    1. jaymac


      no problem man. Love the drawings 

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