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  1. Sorry for the delay. More is coming. Just taking some time to get there.
  2. Eleven “Hey Meat, join me in here,” Jay said as he finally emerged from the locker room with his gym bag. He walked briskly down the hall – I had to scramble to get up and chase after him as quickly as my pumped-and-pained legs would allow. Jay swiped a card against the sensor on a wide, unmarked door and it unlocked. He opened the door and stepped into the pitch black room. I followed, as the door closed and re-latched itself behind me. For a moment, we were enveloped in darkness. I heard Jay flip a switch, and the overhead spotlights flickered to life. It was a huge room – maybe fifty feet square – with a glossy wood floor like in a gymnasium and floor-to-ceiling mirrors on every wall. “We have cardio classes in here,” Jay said, explaining the existence of the room. “But it has other uses.” He set down the bag and looked back at me with a somewhat menacing grin. He wheeled a flat bench away from the wall and into the center of the room. From his bag, he removed a large aluminum canister. He unscrewed the cap and handed the canister to me. It was heavy and about the size of a two liter bottle. “Drink it. Your muscles are hungry,” he said. I took a sip of the thick mixture – it was the same meal replacement I’d had a couple hours earlier, and what Jay had been feeding me all night. I downed the huge shake in no time, gulping it down, dripping it down my chin and onto my shirt. I was a mess but my body was so insanely hungry. Jay pulled my stained, sweat-drenched shirt up and off, and used it to wipe the dribbles of shake from my chin. “That’s two liters, Meat. That’ll add some weight.” “I can’t believe I was able to drink all that!” I rubbed my stomach, round and full. “Take off your shorts,” Jay instructed. With a little difficultly, I pulled the sweaty gym shorts down over my thighs. I had nothing on but my briefs. “Look at yourself, Meat. You’re swelling up like a balloon!” Jay gestured to my reflection in the mirror. He was right. I wasn’t huge – not by a long shot, particularly after having just seen a man the size of Mark in the flesh – but I was incontrovertibly bigger. Thicker. I had gained only maybe ten pounds, but they were the best and most visible ten pounds I could have imagined. All within twelve hours. “I’ve never felt this big,” I said, staring at myself, flexing my still-pumped quads to see new veins snaking around my inner thigh. “And you will never be this small again,” Jay replied. “No one is going to recognize you in a week. In a month, you’ll hardly recognize yourself.” He stepped over to his bag and started digging through it, pulling out a preloaded syringe and some disinfectant. “Take off your underwear, stud.” I complied and he guided me over to the flat bench, having me lean over on it with my ass in the air. I was so hungry for Jay, hungry for the growth, that in that moment I would do anything he told me. Jay quickly cleaned my left glute and pinned me. Another big injection. He kept pressure on the injection site for a bit, gently massaging the oil into the tissue. “I have one last leg exercise for you today,” Jay said. He saw my shoulders slump in disappointment. “Don’t worry, Meat. You’re going to love this one.” He winked. Jay pulled off his tank top. Under the dramatic spotlights of the room, his chest looked bigger than ever, with dramatic shadows cast by his pec overhang. He was an absolutely stunning man. Looking at him – drinking in his beautiful form – I knew instinctively that, no matter how big I got, he would remain the embodiment of my fantasies. Jay stood next to me, comparing our bodies in the mirror. He moved into a double biceps pose. I mimicked him. He entered a most-muscular, and I copied it. He performed a beautiful side chest pose, and I did my best to duplicate. He bested me on each display, but we were both acutely aware of how much progress I’d made in mere hours. “I’ve never been more excited to be ‘the smaller man,’” Jay said. “I don’t think I’m going to have to wait very long.” He pushed up against by back, his crotch pressed to my bare ass. He wrapped his arm around me and started rubbing my full gut with one hand and gently fondling my balls with the other. “Looks like the boys aren’t wasting any time,” noting how swollen they were. “They’ve never felt this full,” I said. They’d been tingling all workout, and the sensation was being more intense as Jay touched me. “It’s not only that they’re full. It’s that they’re growing,” Jay explained. “I’m forcing them to produce more testosterone. Buckets of it. You’re about to go through one hell of a second puberty.” Without warning, he squeezed on my balls and I nearly screamed from the sensation. It wasn’t the pain – that was sharp but not unbearable. No, it was the explosion of erogenous sensations that coursed through my body. Such a surprisingly intense feeling from my balls, and had my cock not still been numb from the pre-workout formula, I know I would have shot right then. “Time for your last movement of the day, Meat. This one is gonna put on more size than anything else you’ve done,” Jay said. He slipped off his gym shorts and underwear to reveal his gorgeous legs, his massive cock. Another dig in the gym bag and he pulled out lube. He applied a few drops to his hard cock and lay down on the bench, cock sticking straight into the air like a flagpole. “Straddle me,” he said, his deep voice and tough demeanor only partially concealing how eager he was to get inside me. I threw one leg over the bench and stood over his cock as well as I could, facing him. The cock head was brushing against my ass cheeks, moist with lube and pre-cum. “Sit on it,” he grunted, instructing me to lower myself onto his dick. I dropped down slowly and guided the head to my asshole, feeling it push against the tightness of my hole. “Relax, Meat. Relax and let me in,” he said. And I did. And he was in. I gently lowered my body until I felt my glutes press against his crotch, his cock fully buried inside. My fatigued thighs shivered from holding my bodyweight in this partial crouch. “You’re gonna do bodyweight squats. I’m not going to move. It’s all under your control,” Jay said, looking up at me. “How many?” I asked, eager to get fucked but dreading more leg work. “As many as it takes to make me cum,” he replied. “Get going, Meat.” So I started. I stood up until I could feel his cock head putting at my asshole – not quite standing, knees still slightly bent and quads still tensed – and then lowered back down – cock pushed in to the hilt, legs still not relaxed. And up. And down. Again and again. It was brutal work, my legs and ass under tension the entire movement. Waves of pleasure rolled through my muscle tissue as my body was pushed to the limit, and more pleasure shot out from my plump balls and Jay’s big cock massaging my prostate. Ten reps. Fifteen. I was huffing and puffing, dripping sweat from my forehead, to my chest, down my abs, and onto Jay beneath me. I was raining. I was an oven. At eighteen reps, I paused, my legs cramping. “Keep going,” Jay said with a moan. “My legs…” I replied. “Between that shot and what’s pumping out of your nuts, you’ve got enough testosterone in your system for a fucking army. You don’t know what you’re capable of. I do. Keep going.” Nineteen. Twenty. Of course I could do them. They were just bodyweight squats. I’d only just had the most intense leg workout of my life. I was just fucking myself with Jay’s cock. Of course I could do this. I hit 30 reps, then 40. I looked down at my legs to see them bigger than ever, more vascular and defined than I’d ever thought they would get. And I wasn’t stopping. 50 reps, and I fixated on Jay beneath me. Huge, gorgeous Jay. Letting me fuck myself with his perfect cock. Letting me grow while we got off. I wouldn’t rush, I decided. I wouldn’t speed up to make him cum fast. Instead, I would draw it out with slow, hard-fought reps. Extend his pleasure as much as possible. “You like this ass?” I growled at Jay. “You like fucking my tight hole?” “Ahh shit, boy. I *love* your ass. Damn, you’re getting hotter by the minute.” And I was. I could see it in the mirror, watching myself as I used big Jay as a dildo. I was thicker, more defined, pumped all over. Somehow more masculine, more brutish. My heavy balls slapped against Jay’s lower abs as I hit 70 reps, my legs numb to the pain, operating like tireless machinery. “Tell me how big you’re gonna grow me, Daddy.” 80, 81. My thighs were so engorged with blood, they were turning purple. “Your muscle daddy’s gonna turn you into a freak of nature, Meat. I’m gonna blow you up so big you can hardly walk. Not even your sick muscle-obsessed mind can imagine how massive you’re gonna get.” I could tell Jay was getting close to climaxing. His big cock was swelling even thicker and he had a wild look in his eyes. “I’ve got plans for you, Meat. I’m gonna pump you full of chemicals, feed you until you burst, torture you in the gym, and fuck you so hard you forget your own name.” Jay was growling at me. This wasn’t his fantasy. This was reality. This was happening. 89, 90. “Do anything you want, Daddy. I’m yours. Just get me fucking huge!” I shouted, and as I did Jay exploded inside of me, his cock pumping shot after shot of cum deep into my gut. I could feel the heat of it filling me. I was in absolute ecstasy, my balls were pulsing with my heartbeat, and yet my cock was still numb. It felt like I had come without releasing a drop. “Okay, Meat,” Jay said, still under me, his cock still inside me. “Let’s get you up.” I attempted to stand up again, to push myself off of Jay, but I soon realized it was not happening on my own. My legs had cramped and were too pumped to do the job. I pushed and pushed, only to feel my quads fill with yet more blood and watch all these new veins become more pronounced. Jay had clearly seen this problem coming. Still inside me, me still sitting on his waist, he sat himself up – his magnificent abs pulling tight as he did so – and grabbed me at my armpits. With a solid grip, he lifted me up. All with his shoulders, really. He had so much power in him. The ultimate man. My legs did what they could to help out, and he got me off his cock and standing. I leaned against a mirror for some support, smearing it with sweat and Jay’s cum. “Sit down, sit down,” he said with a laugh, seeing me struggle to stay vertical. I dropped onto the weight bench as he wiped himself down with a towel. My head was spinning and my legs kept spasming. Every muscle in my body – not just my legs – felt bloated. “You’re not going to want to do this,” Jay started. “…But it’s for your own good.” He pulled another another canister from the bag and unscrewed the lid. “Oh… Jay…” I said, doubting that I could down another two liters of shake so shortly after the last feeding. “Your brain’s telling you that you’re full,” Jay said. “But you aren’t. Your body’s running at an entirely different level now. You haven’t gotten used to it yet.” “There’s no way I can…” “Feel your gut,” Jay said as he pointed at my stomach. “It was packed tight before we started fucking, wasn’t it? How is it now?” He was right. In the span of minutes, my overloaded gut had now shrunken down to normal. Actually, it had shrunken down to tighter and more defined than normal. “Here… Relax on the bench and I’ll help you.” He knelt beside me and held the canister to my mouth. “Can you try drinking a little bit for me?” “Uhh… Yeah, I can drink a little,” I answered. I was dreading it. Jay tipped the canister and the shake started to slowly pour into my mouth. I swallowed a little, and it went down easier than I had imagined. He kept pouring. I kept swallowing. Soon, it was more than just a little bit. Soon, it was Jay's left hand firmly at the back of my skull, holding me in place, while he pushed the canister against my lips, dumping more and more into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow it. He was forcing it in whether I wanted or not. Once again, my belly was getting packed tight with fuel. I wanted to fight it, but I knew I needed this to grow. "Good boy," Jay said as I sucked down the last of the shake. "That's the way a freak feeds." He caressed my bulging gut – tracing the increasingly-defined ab ridges with his fingers, pressing against it to test the solidity of it, clearly enjoying the heavy roundness of it. I got up off the bench and began inspecting myself in the mirror. A little broader here, a little more cut there. I started hitting poses, really flexing hard and feeling it deep into the muscles. “Yeah! Get into it, Meat!” Jay encouraged me, watching as I pushed myself and admired my own progress. “I want you obsessed with your body. I want you to love your muscle.” I had moved past exhaustion, past the fatigue of the workout and the fucking. I wanted more. I wanted to push harder. I couldn’t get enough. Sweat poured off me as I pumped myself up, with Jay rubbing his calloused hands across my pecs, squeezing my biceps, cupping my meaty ass, still wet with his cum. “Let’s clean you up, beefcake,” he said, leading me through another door – a shortcut into the locker room. Thankfully, it was empty. “Go ahead and hop into a shower and I’ll bring over a towel for you,” he said, pointing to one of the well-outfitted stalls. This locker room was nicer than even luxurious hotel bathrooms I’d seen. I warmed up the shower and stepped inside, pulling the curtain closed behind me. The water felt terrific on my body as I began to wash away all of the sweat, lube, and cum. I was soaping up when my hands found my dick. Still numb. I’d had an amazing sexual experience and hadn’t thought once about my own dick. A hand reached through the curtain and touched my shoulder. I looked over to see a rapidly dissolving pink square on my damp skin. More chemicals. Jay stepped through the curtain, closing it behind him. He pressed my back against the cool tile with one arm as he started massaging my chest with the other as the hot water splashed across both of us. He squatted down and took my right nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. I bucked from the intensity of the sensation. Moving lower, he ran his tongue across the ridges of my abs, moving down towards my crotch. The big man squatted low enough to begin playing with my balls, licking them, sucking them gently into his mouth, all while the water landed on his face. And then, my cock. If my dick had been numb before, it sure as hell wasn’t now. The pink square had done its job and awoken it. He merely touched it with his tongue and it sprang to life. In mere seconds, I had the hardest erection of my life. My cock was undeniably thicker – I’d almost call it “plump” – and longer. It was so sensitive, like I was hard for the very first time. Jay smiled as my stiffening rod nearly smacked him on the chin. He grabbed the base and took the head into his mouth, working it over with his tongue. As I was about to cry out in ecstasy, he reached up and clamped his big hand over my mouth. “Shhhh,” he whispered. Through the white curtain, I could see the faint outline of another man walking into the shower area after his workout. Over the spray of water, I heard the rattle of metal curtain rings being pulled back in the stall next to ours, and the noise of another shower head turning on. Jay kept his hand over my mouth, pressing just a little too forcefully as he went to work on my cock. It was more intense than any blow job had felt – almost like my erogenous tissue was now more sensitive. His chin tickled my balls each time he slid down the shaft. I could tell they were heavy with cum. Right as I was about to shoot, Jay pulled my dick from his mouth, stood up, and spun me around. He slicked up his cock with suds and pushed the head against my asshole. Again. He was ready to go again. I braced myself against the tile as he shoved his dick in. He’d just cum inside of me, but this was different. On the weight bench, I was the one in control. Here, he was in command. It was fast, rough, and aggressive. Jay was taking my ass, pounding away furiously, and I had no will to stop it. We worked together silently. He was slamming up against me but slowing as he approached my ass to avoid the telltale sound of skin slapping skin. I was cushioning the impact against the stall wall with my arms, bending at the elbows to soften the blow. I was screaming with passion – but only on the inside, letting out no more than a muffled grunt here and there. This was what I needed. Brutal powerfucking by my muscle daddy. Letting me know that, no matter how big I grew, I would always be his fuck toy. Always belong to him. As he continued at a furious pace, I was getting pressed up against the tile. He was so big, so strong, that he couldn’t help but push me around while he thrusted. My chest was flat against the wall with his muscled left arm braced across my upper back. It was difficult to breathe. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. We executed it so perfectly, one would think we’d been fucking in showers for years. Perhaps the guy in the stall beside us heard something, but it wasn’t obvious what was going on. Still, the risk of being discovered heightened the thrill. My thicker cock and full balls were now getting squeezed against the tile, and the sensation was pushing me to climax. I didn’t even need to touch myself – Jay’s huge dick turning me inside out, the incredible new sensations from my crotch, and visions of myself ballooned up huge, still begging to get pounded mercilessly by my daddy were conspiring to send me over the edge. The last straw was feeling Jay’s hard pecs twitch against my back, feeling his nipple drag along my skin, and recognizing that within weeks or perhaps even days, my pecs would be bigger and harder than those of this dream man. I came. And came. And came. Copious, almost comical amounts of jizz exploded, blasting the wall of the shower and dripping down, getting diluted by the rushing water. My sphincter tightened abruptly as I shot, and the clamping down on Jay’s big dick drove him to explode too. He pumped out a few shots inside my ass, then pulled out, his big cock head emerging with a pop, to fire a few more shots up all the way to my shoulder blades. The man was a machine. He’d delivered the two most powerful orgasms I’d ever witnessed within fifteen minutes of each other. What would happen as I grew? Would these get more intense? Was that even possible? I couldn’t wait to find out. Jay wasted no time cleaning us both up, soaping away the cum once again, and washing the walls of the stall well enough to remove any lingering evidence. He shut off the water, and motioned for me to get out and towel off. After I’d walked back to our locker, he got out and did the same. “Let’s see how these do on you now,” Jay said with a big shit-eating grin as he tossed me my clothes from the opened locker. I didn’t understand what he meant until I tried to pull up the clean pair of underwear. As soon as they hit my thighs, the elastic on the leg holes started stretching to its limit. With some tugging, I got them pulled up, but then my thicker ass and bigger package fought for space and tugged the waistband down to reveal the top of my crack. The shorts he’d given me weren’t much better. They rode high on my thighs, showing more skin than I was used to displaying. Skin that, I’ll note, was thinner and revealed new striations and veins. I could walk in them, but squatting down would have split them in half. At least the t-shirt wouldn’t be a problem, I thought. I hadn’t trained upper body at all. In fact, I was not so lucky. I was able to get my arms into the sleeves, but struggled to get the tight fabric pulled down over my torso. Why was I having so much trouble? Why couldn’t I bend my arms as far as I normally could? “Don’t struggle, Meat,” Jay said to calm me. “Let me help, big boy.” He tugged on the hem of the shirt to pull it down over my chest, fixed the sleeves, and smoothed out the back. “You’re gonna want to take a look at yourself,” he said, kissing me quickly on the lips and turning me to face a mirror. “Fuck,” was all I could manage. I looked like a real bodybuilder. Not just a guy who lifted. Suddenly, I had the beginnings of a bodybuilder’s shape – the broad shoulders, the big pecs, narrow waist, thick thighs. I looked powerful. I couldn’t take it – my tightly-packed cock was struggling for space as blood rushed towards it. Horny again. Already. “Oh yeah. This is gonna be a lot of fun,” growled Jay as he grabbed me in a bear hug. “Let’s get you some lunch, Meat.”
  3. Ten “Sit tight for a second.” Jay motioned to a bench where I could rest while he retrieved his bag from the locker room. I dropped down and instantly was slammed with fatigue. The full impact of the workout hit me as whatever was left of the pre-workout and adrenaline rush dissipated. I looked down at my legs – still not “big” but looking so much thicker than just a few hours before. Was this simply a great pump or would this size last? Did I have what it took to survive these workouts and get truly huge for Jay? I could sense that beast Mark eyeing me from across the gym. Jay was still in the locker room. I didn’t look over at Mark. I looked anywhere and everywhere else. “Do not make eye contact with the huge roid head,” I told myself. I had nowhere to direct my attention – even my cellphone was back at Jay’s place. I knew he was walking over. I could feel it, the way scientists can detect the pull of a passing celestial body. He was big enough to generate his own gravity. A large shadow seemed to fall over me as I sat on the bench, still dripping sweat onto the floor. I looked up. Holy shit. He was even more massive up close, particularly as he loomed over me. His ornately tattooed arms were pumped and glistening, blown up disproportionately from his intense workout. His tank top was pulled taut around an enormous chest. Cut off sweatpants revealed tree trunk legs. Big traps and a thick neck framed a face that looked like it had started at “handsome” and ended up at “brutally masculine” after years of loading up on testosterone. But he could, right this moment, step onto any stage and leave with a trophy. “Hey, man,” he said, extending his hand. “I’m Mark.” I started to stand up to shake his hand. My legs were slow to respond. Mark shook his head. “Nah, nah, don’t get up. I watched your workout. You did good but I bet you’re toasted.” I settled back on the bench. “Thanks. Yeah, it was intense.” “Well, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m sure we’ll run into each other again soon. Jay’s really pumped to be training you.” “I’m lucky to have him training me. I hope I don’t disappoint him,” I said. “Yeah,” the big man said gruffly. “Yeah, I hope you don’t disappoint him either.” It sounded vaguely like a threat, but Mark looked as if he wanted to say more. He was holding back. For some reason, the intimidation I had been feeling towards the man dissolved. Rather than being a little bit frightened, I was curious. “What? What is it?” I asked. Mark looked back to towards the locker room, checking ensure Jay was still out of earshot. “That guy.” He pointed a thick finger towards the locker room door for emphasis. “That is one of the kindest and most giving humans I’ve met. You treat him good, got it?” “Yeah,” I said, stunned. “I will. You have my word, Mark.” He smiled and nodded, but I could see the sadness in his eyes. “See you around, man.” And with that, he waddled out of the gym.
  4. Nine Big, beefy Jay walked out of the locker room and onto the weight floor. The man carried himself with ultimate confidence in any setting, but here he was clearly at home. His impeccable, huge physique was highlighted by his attire – tight tank top making his broad shoulders look even bigger, thin workout shorts wrapping thick legs and a huge ass. And an air of dominance – barely shy of cockiness – rolled off of him in waves. He might as well have owned that gym. I followed him like a puppy. I’d follow him anywhere. The gym was impressively outfitted – huge by New York standards, particularly for a place I’d never heard of before – and felt exclusive. There were no slackers among the membership. Everyone on the floor was in excellent shape. Big, defined muscle guys, professional athletes with ripped torsos, and a sprinkling of the stunningly beautiful – presumably models. In New York, you get used to seeing perfect bodies on a daily basis, but an entire room of them was still something to behold. Jay ambled over to the leg section and set his towel on a squat rack. “You’re training legs.” His softer, kinder demeanor had retreated. This was Coach Jay. “Okay. Yeah. Okay, great!” I said, unsure of how to interact with him in this state. “How much can you squat?” I had suspected that question was coming, and was dreading it. Like a good little boy, I squatted every time I trained legs. And I pushed myself. But I was never good at squats. I had never mastered the movement and found my groove. “275,” I muttered, ashamed. “Good. Start loading,” Jay said without hesitation or judgement as he grabbed a plate and slipped it onto the bar. “Jay…” I said as he added another 45 to his side. “275 is my max.” “*Was* your max. We’re starting with that today,” he replied matter-of-factly. “Shouldn’t I warm up with someth…” I started to ask. “Stop,” Jay said. He stood right in front of me, looking down at me. Somehow bigger and more intimidating than ever. “I’m training you. That means you do what I say. I don’t give a shit if it doesn’t make sense or doesn’t feel right. It is right. I am right.” Between the pre-workout formula, the excitement of the workout, and my growing desire to please this dominant man, I was nearly shaking. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body, could smell him. I was terrified but swooning over him. Instead of being rock hard, my dick sat flaccid. The pre-workout, doing it’s job. Jay wrapped an arm around me and pulled me up for a kiss. Passionate, yes. But rough. Aggressive. Were people watching? He clearly didn’t care. He let me back down. “Now stop being a little bitch and lift the fucking weight, Meat.” Lift the fucking weight, Meat. Lift the fucking weight, Meat. Jay’s gravely voice played over and over in my head. “Yeah,” I thought to myself. “Stop being a little bitch, Billy. You can do this.” I ducked under the bar, found my grip and footing, and lifted it off the rests. I felt the weight push down through my spine and into my legs. This was my long-time max – last week I’d completed three sloppy reps with it – and it still felt heavy now. But somehow more manageable. I descended for the first rep, dropping my thighs right below parallel, and pushed up. It felt easy. It felt like I could do far more than three. “That was a pussy rep, Meat. Drop your ass down deeper,” Jay snarled from behind me as he watched me like a hawk. I started my second rep, going deeper, more confident. The first rep had been so easy. Jay must have been right – I could do this. I struggled a bit as I thought through the rep and worried about my footing, but completed it all the same. “Good. Don’t overthink it. Go.” Third rep. Controlled, steady, deep. “Don’t think,” I thought. Ironic, maybe, but it worked. “Don’t think,” I thought as I did a perfect fourth rep. A perfect fifth. Six reps. “Don’t think.” Seven. Eight reps. Solid, perfect, deep, strong. Nine. Ten. “Stop,” he said, nudging me forward so the bar clanked against the rests. “I did ten!” I nearly shouted. I’d been fighting to improve for years with little to show for it, and now this! Sweat was already starting to saturate my t-shirt. “And you could have done more, if I hadn’t stopped you. Pull off the 25 and put on a plate,” he said as he slid the 25 off his side of the bar. He noticed my hesitation. “Don’t think. Do it.” I’d never squatted 315. I hadn’t even attempted it. I settled myself under the bar and found my grip. Jay’s calloused hands grabbed mine and subtly adjusted their position. “Ten reps,” he growled in my ear. Don’t-think-don’t-think-don’t-think-don’t-think. I lifted the bar with a grunt and dropped down. I dropped my ass to the fucking ground. I powered up. I did it again, and again. I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t doubting. I was simply executing Jay’s plan. I heard his voice behind me, low, masculine, animalistic. Counting out each rep. My eyes glassy, I saw visions of muscle – huge, overblown, ridiculously hypertrophied muscle. My reward for not thinking. For just doing. “That’s ten, Meat,” Jay said, calling me back from my trance. I racked the weight and stared at my reflection in the mirror, transfixed. “My legs…” I said, trailing off as I stared at my visibly thicker thighs. Veins had appeared at the bottom of my quads, which were swelling out above my kneecaps. I'd never felt so big, so powerful. What a fucking pump! “I told you you’re going to grow. Stop doubting me,” Jay said. I noticed a hint of a smile forming at the corners of his mouth. He was enjoying this, too. He slapped on a 25 and broke into a bigger smile as I did the same without challenging him. “Your daddy’s gonna spot you on this one. Let’s get you huge, Meat.” Jay oriented himself behind me, placing his big arms at-the-ready around my torso, prepared to grab me and provide support if needed. “He’s already caught me twice,” I thought to myself as I remembered his quick reflexes. “He’s always going to be here to catch me. He’s *always* going to be here to catch me.” I didn’t even question the weight. Didn’t acknowledge that this was 90 pounds more than I’d ever squatted before today. My muscle daddy believed I could lift it. And if he believed it, so did I. I lifted off and started my first rep, hungry to move the weight. Pumped to work hard. The first rep was slow but smooth – I could feel the weight crushing into my shoulders, feel my body recalibrating its balance. All the way, Jay shadowed my movement, right there but not touching me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. The second rep was a struggle. I got down low but it was a fight to push up. Still, Jay wasn’t intervening. His calmness gave me the confidence I needed to finish. It wasn’t until the fifth rep that I started to fall apart. I was breathing heavy. Sweat was starting to pool at my feet. My legs were quivering. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. At the bottom of the rep, I instinctively knew it wasn’t in me. I didn’t have the strength to push up. Jay read my mind, read my body language perfectly, and latched on to me. All of the sudden, his thick torso, his huge pecs were pressed against me. His bulging biceps tensed against my lats. His crotch rested against my ass. He wasn’t soft. It was the gentlest upward lift. He knew exactly how much force to apply to get the weight in motion. And I was headed up, finishing the rep. He’d spotted me, assisted me, but let me do almost all of the work. Another rep, with Jay aiding at the bottom, holding me tight, pushing his thickening dick against my ass. Another. The bottom of the eighth rep was hell. I was in pain. My legs weren’t cooperating. Jay’s deep voice whispered in my ear, “Grow for your daddy.” I pushed as he assisted. “Do it. Get huge for me.” I pushed, somehow digging deeper to find the strength. “Fuck yeah,” he growled as I racked the bar. He spun me around and looked me in the eyes. “That was beautiful, Meat. Now drink some water.” He let me recover a bit, and then we started in again. Another set at 365, knocking out eight reps again. Then another set, seven reps. A final set, five hard-fought reps, with big Jay growling encouragement every inch of the way. I felt like a god. I was in pain, I was wiped out. But somehow ready for more. My legs looked huge. My whole body looked huge. The exhaustion in my muscle tissue tingled in a way it never had before. It was intoxicating. Almost erotic. I needed more of it. I needed to grow. Of course, looking at Jay’s reflection as he stood beside me was a quick reminder of how much growing I had to do. I continued to be in awe of his perfect body, his confidence, his belief in me. I felt like an addict, craving another fix of him, another deep fucking from his big cock. I imagined him pushing up against my sore glutes, celebrating my growth, showing his appreciation for my hard work. The thought had my balls tingling but, as he’d promised, my cock remained numb. “Presses,” he said as soon as I’d caught my breath, leading me over to the leg press machine. As we started loading weight on the sled, I finally took note of some of the other guys training around us. Over at the dumbbell rack, knocking out hammer curls with a stupid amount of weight, stood the most muscular man I’d ever seen. I followed professional bodybuilding closely, and this guy looked bigger than any pro I knew about. A total roid head – enormous, defined, and scary as hell. His shoulders must have been three feet wide, dropping down to a narrow waist and flaring out again for his legs. Massive, pumped biceps. Huge pecs with nipples standing at attention, left uncovered by his bright yellow string tank top. A high-and-tight, sleeve tattoos, and the facial expression of a dude who was ready to kick. your. ass. Jay saw that I’d clocked the big guy. “You’ll be bigger.” “Oh man…” I replied. I couldn’t imagine being that big. The guy had to weigh nearly 350 and was only a few inches taller than me. “I guarantee it. Time to start, Meat,” Jay said. He was always pushing me forward. I started my set and, out of the corner of my eye, saw Jay walk over to the dumbbells. Press. Jay said hi to the huge guy. Press. Huge guy and Jay talk a bit. Press. Jay puts his hand on huge guy’s huge shoulder. Press. Huge guy leans in and kisses Jay on the cheek. Press. Blink. Breathe. That’s Mark. That’s who Samantha was talking about. It’s gotta be. “Good. Looks like that weight was light for you. Let’s add a pair of 45s,” Jay said as he returned. He slid on a plate and waited as I did the same. “Go. You don’t need to rest much.” I sat down in the press and started my reps. I was not a jealous guy. I’m not jealous. I hardly even know this Jay guy. Who knows what’s going on in his life. Who knows who this Mark guy is. Who cares. I’m not jealous. Really. Really. We moved efficiently through the rest of the workout. Brutal, endless sets of heavy leg presses, lunges, sissy squats, machine extensions, lying curls, calf raises, standing curls, adductors, abductors – continued with Jay’s guidance. As much rest as I needed and no more. As much weight as I could lift and no less. As many reps as I could complete and no fewer. I left my sweat everywhere. “Don’t worry about it,” Jay would say. We left weights sitting on bars. “Don’t worry about it,” Jay would say. I spilled my water bottle. “Don’t worry about it. Just lift.” And behind us, after we’d moved on to the next piece of equipment, an employee would clean up my sweat, re-rack the weights, and mop up the water. “They really take care of this place. I’m surprised they put up the weights and stuff,” I mentioned. “Well, it’s my gym. They take care of me here,” Jay replied. “Yeah but still, wouldn’t they want their members to…” Jay laughed. “Meat, maybe I wasn’t clear. When I told you this morning that my gym was right around the corner, I truly meant that *my* gym was right around the corner.” I looked around the place, finally observing that the gym’s logo was a simple monogram – J.E.C. The man’s personal gym was one of the best in Manhattan. He smiled and mussed with my hair playfully. “For such a bright guy, you sure have your dense moments.” “…Hey!” I shouted at him as he walked towards the locker room.
  5. Eight I had imagined that Jay would lead me into some yet-unseen wing of his condo that housed a massive weight room in the sky. I was instead surprised – but somewhat relieved – when he tossed me a pair of gym shorts and t-shirt, telling me we were walking a few blocks to his neighborhood gym. On the ride down the elevator, he pushed the sleeve of my shirt up, licked the skin on my delt, and slapped on another one of those little squares. This one was green. Like the previous pink square, within seconds it had dried up and disappeared. "Green means go," he said, pulling my sleeve back into place and winking. "Green means...go?" I asked. “You’ll know what I mean in a couple minutes.” We were out on the sidewalk, crossing the avenue, jaywalking across a quiet tree-lined street, rounding the corner. It hit me. My veins suddenly felt like they were trying to squirm out of my skin. I looked down at my forearms in astonishment to see them more vascular than I’d ever been, even after my most intense arm workouts. My heart was beating fast, sweat was forming on my brow, and I was breathing deeply. And we were just walking. Jay took one look at me and laughed, knowingly. “Green means go, Meat.” “So it’s like a pre-workout?” I asked. I was a little jittery, a little sped-up. He nodded. “It’s THE pre-workout. It’s going to give you the focus, energy, and pump you need to live through this workout.” I laughed but stopped when I saw the serious expression on Jay’s face. “Okay,” he grunted. “You don’t know what’s about to happen. But rest assured that you’re going to need every iota of energy in your body.” Jay was adopting a sterner tone with me, like a little bit of his Army Voice was leaking out. “This patch also kills your erection. Otherwise, with the growth serum you’re on, you’d be ripping a hole in your shorts three sets in.” “Are you going to do one, too?” I asked. I was starting to wonder whether Jay would be lifting alongside me or focus on coaching me. I felt high, and being high isn’t as much fun when you’re flying solo. “I don’t need it. I’m stronger than you. At least, for now,” Jay replied. “You’re the focus of attention here, Meat. This is all about you.” “Will this be fun for you? It seems like a lot of wor…” Jay cut me off, grabbing me, pulling me tight, and shoving his tongue down my throat. Almost everyone stepped right around us as we made out in the middle of the sidewalk, with just one woman protesting with, “Ughhhh, get a room!” New York. Jay loosened his grip on me, separating us enough so he could look into my eyes. “Stop thinking, Meat. You aren’t here to think. You’re here to grow. And, yes, this will be fun for me. There’s nothing I would rather be doing that turning you into a monster.” He slapped me on the ass. “Now, time to work.” He turned right and walked down a few concrete steps, pulling open an unmarked steel door to a basement. I followed him in and was surprised to see a stylish reception area and fully-stocked juice bar. A fit young woman was running the front desk and bounced out of her seat when she saw Jay. “Hey babe!” she said as she leaned over the desk to kiss him on the cheek. “Hi Samantha. This is Billy. He’s going to train with me today,” he replied, tossing me a towel from a perfectly folded stack on the desk. “Nice to meet you, Billy!” Everything about her was perky. She gave me a big smile and turned back to Jay “So, Mark is in the weight room…” In a millisecond, something flashed between the two of them. I was fumbling with my towel but noticed just the slightest change in Jay’s cool-and-in-control demeanor. Who exactly was this Mark? “Ah. Great!” Jay said with the tiniest trace of insincerity. “I’ll say hi to him.” He looked back at me with a crooked smile. “Let’s do this, Billy.” “What was that about?” I asked as we headed towards the locker room. “What was *what* about?” he replied, fishing two water bottles out of his gym bag. He handed me one. I noticed it bore his company’s logo on the label. “Samantha and you exchanging looks like that. Who’s Mark?” Jay chuckled. “Don’t worry about it, Meat.” “I…” I started. “Don’t. Don’t. We’re here to train you. Your pre-workout’s going to peak in a few minutes so we need to get a move on.” He pulled off his polo shirt to reveal a tight tank top underneath, and shoved his shirt and gym bag into a locker, sliding on a padlock. “I’ll explain later. Right now, you focus on growth. Remember…” he growled. “You’ve got another fifteen pounds of mass to put on today.”
  6. Seven “John Emmett ‘Jay’ Cooper III, CooperLaakso Sciences, Keynote Speaker” I was sitting at the island in his sun-filled kitchen while Jay poured two cups of coffee, reading from the conference lanyard sitting on the counter. We’d showered together in the massive glass walk-in adjacent to his bedroom – “Enough space for four regular guys,” he’d joked – and he had led me in here to fix me something caffeinated. “Oh, yeah…” Jay said, seeing me handling the lanyard. “Yesterday was kind of hectic.” “What was your speech about?” I asked. “The responsibility of pharma companies to aggressively pursue research while balancing drug affordability and access. Fun stuff, but it’s my forte.” “How’d you get into it? I mean…I assume this is the family business, right?” “Yeah. Dad wanted me to go to med school – get into research. Like he did. Like my grandfather did.” He set down my mug and joined me at the bar. “I was a little too rebellious. Or at least as rebellious as a rich kid in Connecticut can be.” I picked up the coffee and blew on it to cool it, while noticing my newly-thicker biceps bunching up as I did so. “So they sent me to a military boarding school,” Jay continued. “My family isn’t exactly warm and cuddly or interested in dealing with its problems up close and personal.” “Did you hate it? Getting sent to military school always sounds like awful punishment.” “Actually, I loved it. I really took to the structure. It was so different from lording about my parent’s estate and being a spoiled brat. I liked it so much, I went to West Point and graduated as a commissioned officer.” “And then you came back to work in the business?” “After the Army, I got my MBA. Then I came back and slowly took over,” he replied. “Seems like you’ve done well with it.” I’d finished off my coffee and had started to feel like myself again. “I’m not a doc. I look at things from a business perspective. That means being more efficient, getting more aggressive – I merged us with the Finns, pushed us into new research areas – stuff like that.” “My folks wanted me to become a doctor, too,” I said. “But you rebelled by studying architecture. Not exactly engaging in hooliganism,” Jay chuckled. “How’d you know? Oh, never mind. You know everything already,” I said as I realized this guy had thick files on my whole history. “Yeah, architecture was my big rebellion. Although laboring in the shadows of the firm’s principals isn’t very exciting.” I’d been at my firm for four years, hoping to build enough experience to break out on my own. “I’ve seen your work. It’s excellent.” Jay reached over and traced his fingers along the small of my back. “And something to be proud of.” “Where have you seen my work? I haven’t done anything on my own since projects in college.” Jay’s fingers continued exploring my back, around my shoulder blades, tracing around my traps. “That’s not necessarily true,” he responded. “I believe you’ve been putting some time in on a new pavilion for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.” “How do you even know about that? I haven’t even told my friends about that yet. I’m still working on the preliminary drafts…” I trailed off as I pieced together the details. “You’re the client, aren’t you?” “A good friend of mine and I decided the garden could use sprucing up. So we worked with Parks & Recreation, put together a little fundraiser, and I volunteered my time to coordinate.” “My boss came to my desk one morning and basically handed me the project. She said it was a good opportunity to prove myself,” I recalled. “I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. I just don’t understand how it happened.” “That was the easy part,” Jay laughed, a mischievous look in his eyes. “I told your boss that a key donor was a Pratt graduate who spent his weekends enjoying the garden, and that he would love to have an architect from the school working on the project.” “Huh…” I was, once again, speechless. “Yeah, it was great. I told her that I had noticed a junior architect with her firm was a Pratt grad, and asked if it would be possible to get him involved. As you might imagine, she was eager to make that happen.” Jay’s hand continued to explore me, more aggressively, more sexually. He rubbed my pecs, tweaking my nipples. It’s almost like exerting his power over me got him hard. “It was all bullshit, of course,” he continued. “The key donor was me. But she didn’t need to know that. And it got you on the project, which is all that mattered to me. Anyway, you can thank me for the week off.” “What do you mean?” “You never even asked how I knew you were on vacation this week. This is not an accident.” “Well, I’m not really on vacation,” I smiled. “It’s technically a research sabbatical, so I can visit all of the gardens around the city. It just feels like a vacation.” “A sabbatical that came about from my recommendation, I’ll note. I understand if you feel the need to do that very, very important research,” Jay said sarcastically. “Or, if you’d prefer, I can have a car drive you around to a few parks and you can spend the rest of the week packing on size and getting fucked cross-eyed.” Jay stood up and pulled me up off my stool, wrapping his thick arms around me, pulling my head into the canyon between his pecs. “Think of this week as a test run,” he said, his voice reverberating into my head as he held me tight. “I feel like you’re taking over my life,” I mumbled into his pec. “Is that such a bad thing?” he asked. I could feel his big cock stiffening against my abs. “You have so much power over me already. And you want to take even more. It’s a lot to give up.” I was so drawn to him and yet terrified. Jay rested his chin on my forehead. “Think about it, Meat. How are you going to fit into a suit and sit in a shitty cubicle when you’ve got 30-inch biceps? When you have to eat a dozen times a day? Do you think the owners at your firm are going to be comfortable with a roided-up bodybuilder as a junior partner?” “I hadn’t really thought about it,” I responded. The idea of me actually growing that huge sent a shiver through me. “It’s my job to think about these things for you. It’s your job to grow. Just grow, and I will give you an incredible life.” Jay squeezed me tighter, his hard pecs pressing against my cheek. “I’m so intimidated by…” I sighed. “…all of this. The apartment. The money. All your power over me. Everything.” “Just grow for me. That’s all I ask of you.” “Why me?” I was searching for some catch. Some loophole in the deal. “What we’re doing here? Together?” Jay responded. “This is the one thing I’ve dreamt about all my life. I’ve been obsessed about growing my own muscle freak since I was a kid.” “And I’ve obsessed about being that freak,” I responded. “That’s ‘why you.’” He squeezed my ass and pressed his thick cock against me one last time. “It’s time to train, Meat.”
  7. Six Sunlight was washing over my face. Daytime. Not morning, but daytime. I opened my eyes and looked around, but was unable to get my bearings. A cavernous bedroom. Gray velvet drapes pulled open to reveal floor-to-ceiling windows. A massive bed that smelled of musk and sex. Oh. So that wasn’t just a hot dream. Jay opened the door, and was visibly pleased to see me awake. “Ah, good. I don’t have to deal with a zombie again,” he chuckled. “Huh?” I asked, my head still a fog of exhaustion and disorientation. “Billy, it’s nearly eleven. You’ve been out for eight hours.” He sat on the edge of the bed and set down the large metal pitcher he was carrying. “Wow,” I responded. “Well, I seem to remember someone drugging me before reaming me out like a fuck toy.” Jay laughed and rubbed the bulge of his crotch. His sweatpants did little to disguise the thick log hanging between his pumped up thighs. “You just let me know whenever you’re ready for round two. Not bad for an old guy, eh?” “More like fucking amazing no matter the age. How old are you, anyway?” “I’m fifty one,” he responded, tugging absentmindedly at the strap of a form-fitting tank top that strained to contain his broad pecs. “That a problem?” I laughed. “Are you kidding? You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever met. I just wanted to know. I’m sure you already have my birthdate in your files, don’t you?” He cracked a smile. Of course he knew. “Turning thirty four in a month. If I’m lucky, maybe you’ll want to spend your birthday with me. It’s time for your meal.” “What meal? Is that it?” I gestured to the pitcher. “Yep. Sit up.” He grabbed the pitcher as I swung my legs over the side of the bed. I still felt sore and kind of doped up, like my limbs were made of lead. “Honestly Jay, I’m not very hungry,” I said. He shot me a look. “Of course you’re hungry. Your brain just doesn’t know it yet.” He placed his left hand at the back of my head and raised the pitcher to my lips. The metal was cold and covered in condensation. “Drink it. I know you love it.” “How do you know I…” I started to say until he tipped the pitcher and began pouring the shake into my mouth. It was thick and subtly sweet. And he was right. I did love it. I couldn’t drink it fast enough. And I was hungry. Painfully, achingly hungry. I demanded every drop. “Two liters like a pro,” Jay said as he watched me lick the last drop from the rim of the pitcher. “Good job, Meat.” “What the hell is that? Some kind of crazy protein shake?” I asked. “It’s an amped-up meal replacement with a shitload of calories.” “Is that going to make me fat?” I couldn’t ignore the way my gut was bulging out after consuming so much at once. The skin over my abs felt pulled tight and the weight of all that liquid in my stomach was uncomfortable. “If it’s got a ton of calories…” “Don’t forget. Everything you consume goes to muscle. You’re not going to get fat. Trust me.” Jay stood up and walked to the doorway with the empty pitcher. “Anyway, that’s the fifth one you’ve had this morning.” “What the fuck!” I shouted as I jumped to my feet. Instead of being surefooted, I was still fuzzy and off-balance. I stumbled and started to fall. Once again, Jay’s reflexes and brawn jumped in as he dropped the pitcher and steadied me with a powerful grip. “I’ve been feeding you every two hours, Billy. You need to eat constantly to grow.” “Why don’t I remember?” I asked. “The growth serum. It knocks you out. But I can wake you up enough for your feedings,” he responded. “You may not remember them but I sure do.” “You… you didn’t get any sleep, then,” I realized. He smiled down at me and pulled me into a hug. “I don’t need much. Anyway, this is my job now. Like I told you last night, I'm dedicating my life to growing you.” I was overwhelmed. “Look,” he directed me towards a full-length mirror in the corner. “You’re already bigger.” He wasn’t wrong. It was subtle – a friend or co-worker probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference – but I could see it. My shoulders were a touch broader. Lats just a little more pronounced. Legs fuller. I flexed an arm and saw the biceps draw up a bit higher. It felt like a great, all-body pump. But…more, somehow. “Five pounds, probably,” he said. “I think we can ride the first day wave and get you another fifteen by the end of today.” “I need to kiss you now, Jay. I need you to know how much this means to me.” This time, I was the one who pulled him in. He moaned as I held him tight. “So,” I said with a smile as I grabbed hold of his hard cock through the sweatpants. “What’s for breakfast?”
  8. Five Jay led me from the living room, through a book-lined study, into his bedroom. The walls were wrapped in heavy velvet drapes, creating the feel of a sanctuary within the city. A massive bed was positioned in the middle. Tables on either side held huge lamps and a wide mirror hung above the headboard. He tugged gently on my tight t-shirt. “Take it off.” I shed the shirt and dropped it on the floor. He kicked it away. “By tomorrow, it won’t fit you anyway,” Jay said, almost under his breath. My eyeballs just about popped out of my head, which made him laugh. “We’ll have you up twenty pounds in the next 24 hours. And by the time you go back to work after your vacation, another forty. All muscle.” “That’s impossible!” I was incredulous. This was the stuff of fantasy. Jay bent down and licked my pec. “Mmm. Delicious. But you’ll be that much tastier at 270.” He lifted what looked like a small piece of translucent pink plastic – maybe a inch square in size – off of one of the nightstands and gently placed it on the moist skin. Within a second or two, it seemed to dissolve on my chest and vanish from sight. “What the hell was that?” “Step one. Give it a few minutes. You’ll know when it’s started,” Jay replied. He stepped back to look me over, assessing my body. “Take off your pants.” I shucked my jeans and underwear and stood in front of Jay for evaluation, trying to make myself look big. “You have a beautiful physique, Billy. You’ve made a lot of progress on your own. Can I measure you?” he asked. I nodded and Jay pulled a tape measure from the nightstand drawer. I stood perfectly still as he carefully wrapped the nylon tape around my waist. I could feel his warm breath on my skin. “Thirty two. If all goes well, this might actually be dropping as you gain.” He moved the tape upward to my chest and pulled it taut. “And forty five for your chest.” I scowled. Jay grinned in response. “Oh, I know. It isn’t enough for you. It isn’t enough for me either.” I grabbed the tape from his hand, clasping the forty five inch mark and then pulling the tape through with my left hand until my thumb was at the fifty five inch mark. I looked at Jay with a raised an eyebrow and asked, “Is this more like it?” Jay tugged on the tape, pulling it further. Past sixty. Past sixty five. He stopped at seventy. “I’m thinking more like this,” he said. “Dude, that’s insane. No bodybuilder has that kind of size. That would make my chest…” “…bigger in diameter than you are tall. I know,” Jay finished my thought. He gently measured my upper arm, reading off seventeen and a half inches, and my legs at twenty six. Suddenly, I felt my face go flush. A tingling sensation began on my cheeks, descending down my neck, spreading across my torso, and moving down my legs. I looked down to see veins popping under my skin, like what I would see with a great pump at the gym. I felt like I had overloaded on caffeine and pre-workout drinks, and then indulged in a pot cookie. Hyper-alert, yet fuzzy. I looked up at Jay. “Uh… I’m feeling a little… weird…” I got most of the last word out just as my knees gave way. Thankfully, Jay had lightning-quick reflexes and wrapped his big arms around me before I could sink to the floor. “Okay, stud,” he said with a sexy growl. “It’s time to have some fun.” Jay effortlessly laid me down on the huge bed. He laid beside me, his bulging, carved body pressed against mine. “The pink square is a primer,” he explained as he caressed my chest with his calloused hand. “It preps your system to accept the growth serum. It also turbocharges your testosterone production. And, as you can see, has a bit of an effect on your libido.” He made eyes towards my crotch, and I realized that amidst all the sensations, I had an erection. When did that happen? And, holy shit, what a hard on! My dick felt harder than I’d ever experienced, and it sure looked thicker. Like more blood than usual had pumped into it. “Billy, I need you to concentrate right now,” Jay said, innately understanding that all the stimuli was making it difficult for me to focus. “It’s time for me to give you your growth shot. I need you to tell me that you want me to do this. If you aren’t ready, tell me now and we can stop right here.” “It’s so… intense,” I said, in a sort of electrified bliss. “Billy.” Jay was being firm with me now, commanding my attention. I focused on him. Focused on his eyes. “I want it,” I responded with no ambiguity. “I can’t guarantee it’s going to work. And I can’t guarantee it’s safe,” Jay said. “I need it. I need to be massive. I need to be your freak.” Saying those words to this powerful, beautiful daddy got me even more wound up, and my cock – impossible though it seemed – got even harder. “Roll over,” he growled. As I rolled onto my stomach, I heard Jay open a bottle and smelled rubbing alcohol. I felt him disinfect my right glute with a wetted cotton pad. A drawer opened. A click. A finger flicking plastic, chasing out bubbles. Jay’s left hand resting on my butt cheek. A swift jab of a needle, no more painful than the slap of a rubber band against the skin. The silence of the room. Only the sound of my breath against the bedding. And Jay’s breath as he, carefully, expertly, calmly injected me. It was a big shot, and after removing the needle, he applied pressure to the injection site for a few moments. “This shit is going to knock you out, but it’s going to take a little while to kick in.” “What was it?” I asked. “Something I’ve been working on for years. A cocktail of what’s already proven to work for bodybuilders mixed with designer chemicals that will basically remove any barriers you have to muscle growth.” “So…what’s that mean, practically?” “It means you’re going to bulk up as fast as you can eat. No limits,” he replied. “Here, get up on your knees. Look in the mirror.” We were both kneeling on the mattress, looking at our reflections in the large mirror hanging over the headboard. Seeing Jay’s heavily-muscled body beside mine was revelatory. He was so much bigger. So much thicker. “I look like a shrimp,” I said. “You’re nothing of the sort,” he replied. “I just outweigh you by sixty pounds. In a week, you'll look bigger than me.” Jay flexed his biceps, pumping them a few times to pop up the peaks. “Show me yours, Meat,” he said. I brought up my arms and pulled them into a double biceps pose. He was right, really. Judged on my own merits, I was pretty well built. It was just the comparison to the hardcore, experienced bodybuilder next to me that was messing with my perspective. My cock started to stir. Jay moved behind me, continuing the pose. Now I could see his bulging peaks, broad lats, and rounded delts swelling out beyond my profile. My cock responded by swelling, itself. “Look at this. Pay attention to this,” he said, behind me. “Look at how much bigger I am than you right now. In no time – a matter of weeks – you will have grown so much that your body will completely block the view of mine.” Once again, my dick was incredibly hard. My mind was full of images of ballooning biceps, pecs so thick they formed a canyon, monstrous quadriceps, shoulders so broad they blocked doorways. My cock was leaking precum and I was panting with excitement. Jay’s strong hand pressed on my upper back, bending me over. He applied a drop of lube to his fingers and began massaging my asshole. His index finger slipped in, and jolts of erotic pleasure bounced through my body. I’d never reacted so strongly to being fingered. A second finger joined the first, and I was moaning immediately. “Oh fuck,” I let out. “Feels good, huh?” Jay asked. “It’s only gonna get better.” He pulled his fingers out of my tight asshole and I listened as he lubed up his cock. My own dick throbbed, and my balls tingled. They felt so full. The unmistakable sensation of a cock head tickling my ass. A push, patient but firm. The flash of intense pain as my hole was forced to accommodate his rock-hard dick. “Jesus Christ, you’re so fuckin’ thick,” I groaned. “Just relax, Meat. Relax. Let it in,” Jay said as he continued sliding his huge cock in. “Damn, you’ve got a hot ass. We were fucking made for each other.” I could swear he was poking me all the way up in my stomach with that thing. It was painful, but holy shit did it feel good. I moaned in ecstasy as he slowly began thrusting. “Yeah, that’s it. Let your muscle daddy breed you good. My Meat’s about to blow up to freak size.” His sweat began to drip onto the small of my back as he pounded me. “So… hot…” I muttered. “You think your muscle daddy’s hot?” he asked. “Ye…yeah…” The intensity kept building. I’d never had sex this good. Never. “Look at the mirror, Meat. Look at me fucking you.” I met his eyes and moaned. My dick was dribbling pre like a leaky faucet by this point. “No matter how big you get – 250, 300 – your muscle daddy’s always gonna be the one breeding this hot ass. Gettin’ you even bigger.” Jay was pumped and glistening with sweat as he rammed faster. He looked like a god. “Mu… more…” I moaned. I was losing my ability to form words the longer I stayed in this state of ecstasy. “300 isn’t enough for you? 350? You want to waddle when you walk, you muscle freak?” Jay asked with a sneer. “More!” I shouted. More of everything, is what I meant. More fucking, more size, more of this. “400 pounds. Too blown up to dress yourself. A goddamn monster. That what you want, you pervert?” His smile was almost demonic. “Unf. Unf,” I grunted as he slammed with all his weight into my ass. “More!” I shouted again, even louder. Jay’s pace increased, his intensity and aggression never abated, and we were both drenched in sweat. My cock felt so engorged that it might pop, and Jay’s huge dick seemed to have continued swelling too. It didn’t seem possible, but there it was. “450 pounds. Too packed with beef to fit through regular doors without turning sideways. Guns so huge you can hardly squeeze them into a double biceps pose. The biggest bodybuilder to walk the Earth. That enough for you, you sicko?” It was a challenge. There was only one proper response. “MORE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. It was a one way street. In an instant, my heavy balls pulled up and my dick blasted shot after shot of thick, ropey cum into the sheets. As I came, my asshole clamped down on Jay’s huge tool. In seconds, he let out a primal scream and I felt his lava-hot cum flood my guts. I dropped onto the bed, all of my hyper-active energy vanished, and laid in a sizable puddle of my own jizz. As my heart rate slowed and my eyelids became heavy, I heard the muscular man growl a single word in my ear. “Good.”
  9. Four I was sitting in a gigantic black leather sofa in Jay’s penthouse. Across the expanse, over a large coffee table stacked with photo books and thoughtfully-selected artifacts, sat Jay on an identical gigantic sofa. It was after 1 AM. "So," I said, "fill me in." “I’ve been obsessed with muscle for as long as I can remember,” said Jay. “Before I knew I was gay. Before I even knew about sex. I was fascinated by bodybuilders and strongmen. Couldn’t get enough of ‘em.” In the dimly-lit living room, I watched him shift a bit nervously on the sofa, his thick pecs bouncing involuntarily under the polo shirt. “I… I didn’t know if I wanted to be muscular myself, or if I wanted to be around someone who was. I spent years – decades – building myself up. Getting pumped, dieting down, thinking about competing. All that. It’s great… I mean, I love being big and how it feels. But it’s not enough.” “You need it in your partner, too?” I asked. “Kind of,” he continued. “I’ve dated bodybuilders. Huge guys. Some of the biggest. Even a closeted pro or two. But again, it isn’t enough. I want to help someone transform. Help him become a muscle god. I can’t imagine anything more intimate.” “I’m the sole heir to a massive pharmaceutical fortune. I have access to virtually unlimited resources in sports medicine, nutrition science, and performance enhancing drugs. The stuff of science fiction, but it’s legitimate. I can create a monster, but where do I start?” “Do I seduce a pro? Turns out, a lot of them have already pushed their bodies so hard, there isn’t much potential left. Find some random guy and run him through a training regimen? That doesn’t work so well, either. Only a tiny sliver of the population has what it takes – a proven potential for growth, the right genetics, the right age.” “And then there’s the matter of consent. Not just consent but…enthusiasm. Sure, most gay guys in New York wouldn’t turn down adding some lean muscle. But I’m not talking about ‘some.’ I’m not interested in ‘some.’” “So I needed to find a guy who met all of the biological criteria, and was just as obsessed with muscle, and was single. So, a year ago, I started chatting online. Looking for the perfect match.” My mouth dropped open. “Oh my god.” “So you remember,” Jay said with a chuckle. “How many hours did we spend typing back and forth about our deepest desires, Billy? I’m pretty sure you shared things with me that you’ve never been able to say aloud.” “You’re the guy, aren’t you? The one from California?” I asked. We had been constant, if anonymous, chat buddies for months, discussing our mutual muscle fetish in great detail, sharing training tips, fantasizing about the eroticism of extreme growth. “I couldn’t reveal my real name, or send you any photos. I’m too well-known and there was too much risk,” Jay said. “The better I got to know you, the harder it was to maintain the lies. I had to stop writing you.” Jay sighed and shrugged his broad shoulders. “But I never stopped thinking of you. It was trivial to find out more about you. Where you work. Where you live… Well, I know a lot about you.” “At this point, I knew you were just as into muscle as I was, and that you dreamed of being huge – bigger than you would ever be able to get on your own. You seemed to fit a lot of the criteria. And, God, you were just so handsome. I thought you were beautiful in photos, but now that I’ve seen you in person… Photos don’t do you justice, Billy.” I’m sure Jay could see me blushing, even in the dim light. “There was just one more thing I needed to check. Genetic compatibility with the growth regimen.” “What?” I was missing something. “The regimen that my company has developed. It’s sort of a… Well, think of it as an alternative use for an anti-muscle wasting drug. We’ll use it for patients recovering from cancer and other grave illnesses. But used on a healthy adult male, it will have a dramatic impact.” “But it doesn’t work for everybody yet, right? Because if it did…” “Exactly. If it worked for everybody, it would already be on the market. Right now, it only functions on around fifteen percent of the population – those with a specific recessive trait.” “How do you know I’m compatible, Jay?” “Well…” “Tell me, Jay.” “Surely you remember your appendectomy in October.” “Jesus.” “I happen to be on the board of the hospital where your surgery took place and, well, you were already scheduled for a battery of tests, so…” “I could report this.” “You could.” “I could sue the hospital. Sue you.” “Absolutely.” “Why did you tell me all this? Why are you putting yourself in so much danger?” “You had to trust me to stay here. You’re still here. And now you know that I have to trust you. And I’m still here. We both have skin in the game, but we both want this. We both want to do something extraordinary.” Jay stood up from the sofa. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and off to reveal a stunning physique. Bigger and more defined than I had anticipated, his round pecs were covered in salt-and-pepper while his carved abs carried just a dusting of hair. Thick lats pushed out beefy arms subtly, and perfectly shaped delts gave him enough width to make doorways look just slightly narrow. With a flick, he unfastened his belt and the fly of his jeans. He bent over to slide them down over thick thighs, and stepped out of them, completely nude. Quads flared deliciously and bulging calves couldn’t be ignored, but it was the pendulous cock hanging up front that demanded the most attention. “I’m six-two and nearly 270.” Jay pulled his arms into a mesmerizing double-biceps pose for emphasis. “You’re about 210 now, right?” I nodded. “When we’re done, you’ll be carrying so much mass, you’ll make me look skinny.” It was my turn to stand up. I walked over to Jay. “This is real, isn’t it?” “Totally real.” He stepped closer to me. “You’re going to take me further than I could ever get on my own, aren’t you?” “Billy, I’m gonna get you bigger than anyone. Anyone.” I stepped closer to him. I could feel the heat coming off his body. “I’d be a monster. A freak.” “You’d be a god. And I would worship the ground you walked on.” “Well, then…” I reached over and ran my hand gently along his perfectly-formed pec. “I guess I’d better enjoy your body while you’re still the bigger man.”
  10. Three It was all too much. The pick up line at the bar, the big car, the bazillion dollar view, the elevator monologue, the creepiness of this total stranger seemingly knowing so much about me. I couldn't take it. Instead of stepping out of the elevator into the penthouse, I reflexively poked the lobby button. Jay stood motionless, watching as the doors closed, cutting us off. Compared to the slow climb to the top of the tower, the 88 floor descent felt far more rapid. In mere seconds, I was in the lobby, then on the sidewalk, then standing curbside, hailing a cab. A cabbie spotted me and pulled over. I opened the back door and, just before I could get in, heard his voice. "You have great potential," he said, repeating his first line to me. "And I'm sorry, Billy." I sighed and looked down at my feet. Turning back to face at him, I asked, "And what, exactly, are you sorry about, Jay?” "I came on too strong, and I dumped too much on you at once. But I couldn't hold it in, and I wanted to be honest with you from the start," he said. "Hey, man. You getting in or what?" yelled the driver. I looked at Jay. Gorgeous, huge, hungry for me. I looked at the cab. A ride home, a night alone, and a big, unresolved mystery. I hesitated. "C'mon. I can't wait here forever,” the driver said, pissed at my dallying. I slammed the door closed and the cab sped off. I turned back to Jay and looked up at those intense eyes. "You have some explaining to do," I said as I stepped up to him. "And don't leave out a single thing, because I have all night."
  11. Two It wasn’t until we were out onto 8th Avenue that I realized I had gotten into this stranger’s car with no idea who he was or even where he was taking me. Normally, I was not this impulsive. Normally, I was the one in control. I wasn’t panicked, necessarily. I was a grown man and could take care of myself. But excitement, anticipation, and a little fear of the unknown was making me edgy. Jay, on the other hand, was cool as a cucumber. He deftly piloted the long Benz through midtown Manhattan’s midnight traffic, weaving around busses and trucks and ignoring the honks of aggressive cabs. He reached across to me, resting his right hand at the back of my neck. A gentle massage with the palm of his hand immediately set me at ease. It’s like he could read my mind. “Where are we headed?” I asked as we continued north. “The park,” Jay answered. Maybe he was taking me on a drive around the city. Who knew? I got my answer moments later as he pulled into the underground garage for a new luxury tower. He wasn’t driving me around Central Park; his home overlooked it. He brought the car to a stop at the valet booth and Jay’s door was promptly opened from the outside. “Good evening, Mr. Cooper,” said the uniformed valet. “Evening, Marcus,” Jay replied as a second valet opened the passenger-side door and welcomed me. I followed Jay to the elevator – the taller man’s long strides had me walking fast to match pace – and stepped in as he waved a card in front of a sensor. The doors slid silently closed and I had a hunch that the elevator car wouldn’t be stopping until it reached a dizzyingly high floor. “It took trust and courage for you to come here with me,” Jay began. The numbers on the elevator clicked by; we were about to enter double digits. “Maybe you came with because you think I’m hot,” he continued. “Maybe you’re just looking for a hook up.” He turned to look me in the eye. “But I don’t think so.” 18… 19… 20… “You feel something stronger. You can’t put your finger on what it is. Not just yet. But you know this isn’t going to be just a one night stand.” 26… 27… “You’re realizing that this is no accident. I didn’t just happen to spot you in the bar tonight and spontaneously decide to bring you home.” Jay’s deep voice rumbled in the confines of the elevator. 39… 40… 41… “No. There are no accidents with me. You’re here because I’ve been looking for you – beautiful you – for years.” 51… 52… “I know everything about you. I know your weight. I know your blood type. I know the name of your first dog and the street you grew up on.” 60… 61… 62… “I know what you jerk off to at night. That, deep down, what you want more than anything is to be huge. Not just a lifter. Not even a pro bodybuilder. Your most primal desire is to be the biggest, most muscular man on Earth.” 73… 74… “I’ve brought you here to share everything I have. The penthouse. The cars. The money and jets and all that shit. It’s all for you to enjoy.” 79… 80… 81… “But most of all, I want to make your fantasy come true. I’m going to turn you into the god of muscle. And I’m going to worship you.” 87… 88… The elevator slowed to a stop and the doors slid open. Jay stepped out into an expansive penthouse with a wall of glass looking down upon the city. I was frozen in the elevator, my feet unwilling to move. Jay turned and looked back at me from beside a twelve foot window. “Welcome home, Billy Perkins.”
  12. One “You have great potential,” I heard one guy say to another. The deep voice came from just behind me, close and loud enough to be heard over the bass thundering from the DJ booth. I’d just paid for my drink, after squeezing my way up to the crowded bar and waiting too long to spend too much on a beer. It was Friday night, I had the next week off work, and I was ready to enjoy myself. I started inching my way towards the dance floor. I’d just come from the gym and had my “party pump” on. Pecs clearly outlined in my tight t-shirt, arms stretching the sleeves just slightly, jeans showing off a well-earned bubble butt. I may not have been the biggest guy at the bar – and not nearly big enough for my liking – but I had good size and plenty of definition, and the boys loved it. “I said – you have great potential.” It was the same voice, right behind me once again even though I’d moved a few yards away from where I last heard it. I paused for a second, still assuming this was someone else’s conversation and not wanting to turn around like a fool. “Yeah kid, I’m talking to you,” the voice rumbled. I turned on my heel, eyebrow inquisitively raised, to find out the source of the deep voice. And when I saw this guy...well, I couldn't stop myself from letting out, "Damn." I'm not normally on the hunt for daddies, but this guy was stunning. Taller than me – probably 6'2 to my 5'8 – with a salt-and-pepper high-and-tight, a jawline that could bust down a door, and steely gray eyes. And stuffed into a navy polo shirt was the unmistakable build of a serious, if amateur, bodybuilder. The big man gave me a quick smirk and wink at my response. I'm normally the confident pursuer but in mere seconds he'd gotten me locked on. He extended a calloused hand and we shook. "I'm Jay,” he said. "I want to train you." I was completely caught off guard. "I want to train you"? What the fuck is that? "I want to fuck you"? Sure. Heard that. "I want you to fuck me"? That too. Jay noticed my obvious confusion and smiled. "This is where you tell me your name and ask me what I mean by 'train you.'" The music in the club continued blaring, and guys continued pushing past us, alternately cruising Jay or me. "Hi. I'm Billy. What the hell do you mean by 'train me'?" I laughed. "Billy, you've got a beautiful body. I saw you come in tonight. Just came from the gym, didn't you? Wanted to look big for the boys, I’m betting.” Jay was clearly perceptive. He continued, "You look great right now, but I’ll guess that you want more size. And I know how to turn you into a work of art." "Most guys lead with offering to buy me a drink, Jay.” I smiled. He stepped closer to me, cupping his left hand around the back of my neck, resting his right palm on my chest, and staring down at me with piercing eyes. Normally, I would not tolerate behavior like this from a stranger in the bar, but something about his manner felt comforting. And, well, don't hold it against me, but he was fucking hot. "Let me train you. I'll turn you into a god amongst men." He continued with his intense fixed gaze. This was a man who was efficient with his words. "Can we at least fuck first?" I responded, looking up at him like a puppy begging for a treat. "You mean I don't even have to buy you a drink?" Jay said, with a big smile. I let out a laugh just as he pulled me in tightly against his huge chest and leaned down to kiss me. So powerful, so masculine, so dominant. And yet intimate, soft, tender. I'd never experienced a kiss that had such a profound impact on me, that stopped time, that rewired my brain the way good drugs or great songs can. I felt torn apart and glued back together, and I'd met him just moments earlier. Jay pulled away, gazing down at me with smiling eyes. "Was that as amazing for you as it was for me?" "I... Uh... Yeah..." I babbled like a fool. "Billy, I think this is the start of something incredible. Let's jet." Jay grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd and out the door. I suddenly realized I hadn't had the chance to take in all of him yet. Seeing him walking ahead of me, I got a better sense of just how powerfully built Jay was. It was rare to see a bodybuilder at his height with the width and mass to match the proportions of shorter lifters, but Jay was the total package. Incredibly broad shoulders and lats, a narrow, lean waist, and the most gorgeous squatter's ass and legs I'd ever seen. How he'd squeezed all that beef into those tight jeans was a mystery, but I imagined it involved Teflon spray. We left the club and entered into the cool night. Jay kept a grip on my hand as we walked a few busy city blocks to the parking lot. While I'm by no means closeted and the city is by no means conservative, his forthrightness and effortless confidence in walking down the sidewalk hand in hand felt bold, almost defiant. This was a man who did what he wanted, when he wanted. I just hoped that what he wanted would be compatible with what I wanted. We reached the parking garage and Jay tapped a button on his phone. A few spots ahead, a big black Mercedes sedan came aglow and rumbled to life. So this guy was beautiful, magnetic, AND rich? This was all too much. "Now you're just showing off," I said as he opened the passenger door for me. He walked around and dropped his bulging physique into the spacious, leather-swathed cockpit. "Oh, stud," he responded as he blipped the powerful car's throttle pulling out of the parking spot. "You ain't seen nothin' yet."
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