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  1. Gra

    Red pill

    Does anyone know what happen to the story of The red pill? I’m trying to read it again but I can’t find it
  2. Gra

    Muscle farm

    OMG! Thanks you so much
  3. Gra

    Muscle farm

    I’m searching for a story that was about a young guy that travels to a farm by a sugestión of his day to spend the summer there. It’s suppose that been their will make him grow. The family starts to feed him a lot and gives him a lot of farm work so he starts adding a lot of Mass. He grows a lot in that summer so he goes again the next year. So he turns out to be so big he can’t even fit in the plaine seats.
  4. Gra

    Mass Hose, Parts 1-4 repost from old forum

    Just hope to read it as soon as you finish it. Never stop eating and working out.
  5. Gra

    Mass Hose, Parts 1-4 repost from old forum

    One of the greatest stories I ever read