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  1. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    Everyone talks about what they would like to happen. I would like Trev to meet Jake + Brooke. He sees how Brooke is "mistreated" by Jake (not violence, but as seeing her as an object he conquered). Trev gets angry and attacks Jake. But Jake effortlessly overpowers him, and Trev is publicly humiliated. Seth tries to stop the fight, but Jake keeps mocking Trev. That makes Seth mad and Seth vs. Jake is generated. Trev feels bad about the situation, but it's comforting to know that his friend Seth protected him. Brooke sees Trev's good intentions, and maybe she'll come back with him.
  2. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I read other comments about depressed Trevor, that he does not do anything to change. I'm thinking, maybe Seth discovers that it's not so great to be so GIANT. He may have trouble finding clothes, he is became stronger but lose speed to basket. People start to see him as a circus phenomenon, He attract a lot of attention and he feels overwhelmed and doesn´t want to leave from his house. Meanwile he continuos growing...
  3. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I was F5-ing all the week waiting anxious. And I love it! Just one thing: #TeamJake !! He is progressing very fast.
  4. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I don't want to interfere in the course of the story but some ideas or little situations that would be interesting to see. - Trevor, Brooke and Stacy are assaulted. But Seth protects them. (After that situation, Trevor has an ambiguity of feelings: his ego is hurt for not saved the girls himself, and in the other hand, Trevor admiring the strength of Seth) - Seth goes to a strenght competition. Trevor, Brooke and Stacy are accompanying to encourage Seth (admiring feelings) - Seth lifting Trevor's car to show his force - A pool party. The boys plus Seth's friends were in the deep zone of the pool. The heads of Stacy, Brooke, other Seth's friends and especially Seth's head emerged from the surface. Except Trevor. Trevor had to stay afloat because his feet could not touch the bottom of the pool
  5. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    So much to analize in the episode! In a GREAT chacter!. Trev and his fetich, feeling things for Seth's growing. Seth has the stats of danny jones? (@dannyjonesfitness)?? I have high expectative with this: "Seth looks Trevor in the eyes from across the table. "Not anymore dude. Last time we measured, Jack was up to 6 ft 3. And up another 30 lbs of muscle. He puts on muscle almost as fast as I do!”
  6. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I don´t agree. It is obvious that the story will not please all the readers (some people will want Trevor to be bigger than Seth, others who will not, someone will want macro, others will not ...). The argument is so well raised ... that it generates surprise. It is not preceded, everything can happen. And each reader says what he thinks may happen (or what he would like). I don´t think that's bad. Sometimes a comment or a point of view can awaken an interesting idea in the author, which he did not have in mind at first, why not?
  7. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    Maybe an unexpected growth of Josh, move Seth from the "alpha". And trevor will be happy, because his friend is no longer the bigger hahah Your story deserves to be like the new black mirror movie, with elections. Lots of ways
  8. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I love this chact. I especially like the way seth, with rancor, he takes revenge. The mix friendly, spiteful, with a joke, arrogant. Poor Trevor, but he is seeing himself in a mirror of how he was acting a while ago. Trevor had no empathy for other people's feelings (it was funny for him to call his friend "little bud." But now Trevor realizes how ugly that felt). Just one doubt. What is the height of each character at the end of the part 4?. Seth 6'4 > Stacy ¿? > Brooke 6'1 > Trevor 6'. Is that correct?
  9. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I love that. It seems that Seth is growing faster. I hope he grows even more in coming weeks. Maybe he can join some competition. Just imagine, Trevor losing for his ex-little friend
  10. DDcisco

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    I love it. I love this kind of stories. More, please
  11. DDcisco

    John's Growth Log

    Good! He is close to 200 lbs. Maybe it's time to renovate the closet. What do the guys at the gym, or their friend think about their change? Does not anyone help him?
  12. DDcisco

    John's Growth Log

    I love it!. It seems that he grows faster every day
  13. DDcisco

    John's Growth Log

    He is getting fat and maybe his appetive is growing too. I like it
  14. Hola!! Quien de aqui esta para un RP?. Lo que me gusta es cuando un estudiante delgado y debil es humillado por alguien de mayor altura y masa muscular (un hermano mayor, el capitan del equipo de rugby o lucha, un entrenador...). El pequeño estudiante consigue de altura manera (voluntaria o involuntaria, real o magicamente) empezar a crecer. Me encanta cuando al principio es muy lento y frustrante, pero con el tiempo los efectos se aceleran (ej, puede que consiga un suplemento que promete algo, y no funciona de inmediato lo cual genera frsutracion y desanamico. Pero en pocos dias empiezan unos primeros efectos, hasta que el crecimiento es notorio por todos.. y el pequeño crece y crece rapidamente cada dia). Diferencia de tamaño. Cambios en la personalidad (se invierte la relacion que se daba. El pequeño se vuelve egocentrico e incontrolable a medida que crece mas, y obtiene mas atencion). Basicamente algo con eso. Incluso si gustan se puede agregar glotoneria, macro, robo de musculo, ect.

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