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    real profile.
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    all activities about bodybuilding and knowledge about steroids
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    170cms and 68kg
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    sponsor for grow my muscle, a coach, a sponsor lab roids and a sponsor sports supplements
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    170cm and 170kg lo mas gigante posible
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    muscle grow and destroy posing trunks with my muscles
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    markus rhuls , roelly winklar, all bodybuilder in offseasons
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    get huge muscles about to explode my body

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  1. seee que se haga un coctel de roids! y que explote de tanto músculos que ahora empiece a pasarlo mal Fran por estar muy gigante XD
  2. enserio? se siente solo ? woww como lo puedo contactar?
  3. keep growing Welshy, you are close to weighing 130kg you can do it! i love you! ? 

  4. yo aqui interesado en ponerme lo mas enorme posible con tu ayuda de Chile
  5. wooww how did you do it!??
  6. more huge please! and head smaller !!
  7. hola de Chile, por fin un grupo de musculosos enormes sin limites ! y en español.
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