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  1. Sorry for the delay on this next part. I was struggling with some writer's block. Between this story, I am currently writing a background story for a character I will be playing on a live broadcast Dungeons and Dragons game, plus working on my own Twitch channel where I broadcast my Dungeons and Dragons game. Very busy. I promise the next part will have some lifting and some answers. Please stick with this! LD My New Job pt 3 When I slowly started to come to, I realized that I was in motion. I slowly opened my eyes, and looked around, I found out I was in Harding’s truck again, but I was unable to move my head. I tried to shift around to get a better look at my surroundings or at least Harding, but I felt pressure that was holding me in place. I glanced down and there was several pieces of pipe and other metal scraps that were holding my head, shoulders, and torso in place. This metal harness was so heavy that it just held me in stasis. Harding, realizing that I am awake, lightly chuckled. “How’s your head?” I just lightly groaned. “Never had any complaints.” He chuckled softly, the sound rumbled through his chest. “You have got to calm yourself down, you can’t keep passing out on me. I will start to take it personal.” I was able to see his arm in my peripheral vision. There was a light dusting of dark brown hair going from his wrist and out of sight up his arm, but he was gripping the wheel so tight that he made the veins in his arm stick out. “Why is he holding on so tight?” I wondered. I was about to question what he was going to do with me, we he started to speak with that Baritone voice of his. “I have already called the owner to let him know that you and I were going to be calling off for the next couple of days, I told him that I am worried about you. And, that I have seen you pass out twice. And, that I will be taking care of you during that time.” My eyes widened. “No, you can’t do that! That is kidnapping! I don’t want to go anywhere with you!” I started to panic, and pain started to spike from behind my eyes. I grimaced as the pain caused tears to form and roll down my cheek. “Fuck,” I thought. “I am in a huge mess of trouble. How the hell did I allow this to happen to me? And now I am showing more weakness in front of Harding” He pulled over, put the truck in park and slowly turned to look at me. “Are you alright? You really think that I would hurt you… on purpose? What kind of monster do you take me for?” There was… concern on his face? I felt shitty for thinking badly about him, he seemed really hurt by this. He placed his hand on mine and I felt his hand tremble after we touched again. “What the fuck is that?” I blurted out as the pain, that should have been there, slowly began to get leeched away. “What are you going to do to me, Harding?” He looked at me. “I should be asking you the same thing.” I looked him, completely dumbfounded. Here we were sitting along the side of the highway, cars blurring past us and we both being silent. I slowly parted my lips to speak, “I don’t know what you are talking about Harding. I’m not doing anything.” I looked at me, as though he was trying to figure out if I was telling the truth or not. I couldn’t help but squirm. He is huge. The width of his shoulders fills my vision. The biceps sit there, unflexed, and still fill the sleeves of the shirt. His pecs push out the fabric. His waist was so tight, and you could see the slight bumps under the fabric showing off the abs. “You ARE doing something, you just don’t know what… and we are going to figure it out… together.” He got back behind the wheel, started the truck and we made it the rest of the way to his place in silence
  2. What can I say, I like a bit of humor in my stories
  3. Never expected a response from that many people. Hopefully I can keep up the interest with this next installment. Not 100% sure where I want this to go, but, I think that is half of the fun of writing. My New Job pt 2 When an upset man who is a couple inches taller than you, at least 50 lbs of pure muscle heavier, and currently seems to be shaking while having a couple clothing issues is staring down at you, I did what any normal sane person would do… I fainted. I can’t really remember the last time I blacked out… there may have been an episode of heat exhaustion when I was trying to impress a guy, by hiking with him in the dunes. I had forgotten all of…. You know what? Nevermind. Not important. What is important is that I woke up in my apartment, laying on my couch, fully clothed. So that was good. I slowly got up when I heard the sounds of water running in the kitchen. There standing in front of my sink, washing my dishes, was the catalyst of my dizzy spell, Harding. He seemed calmer, though his clothes were still a little tight on him. He looked at me and smiled. “Oh good, you are up. Sorry that I gave you a scare. I have issues with people telling me no… So, I did your dishes to apologize and I wanted to let you know that I will pick you up for work the rest of the week.” I looked at him dumbfounded. “Why? Why would you have to pick me up?” I blushed slightly and looked away. “So, I have anger issues. And, I need to vent out my frustrations…” I looked at him with my mouth agape. “YOU TOOK IT OUT ON MY CAR!” I ran out into the night air and sitting there in the middle of my driveway, leaking fluids, was my light grey Prius. It looked like it had gotten hit by a Mack Truck and had flipped over several times. The roof was dented in and part ripped off from the frame. The windows were gone. The driver’s side panel was dented in. Tires popped and rims bent. The hood of my little car was the new owner of a large hole and my engine was missing. “Like I said, I have anger issues. I’m not proud of it. Since, you seem upset, I will leave you be. Your dishes are clean. I am going to go.” And with that he started to walk to his truck. Once he walked past me, I grabbed his wrist and felt him physically shiver. “You are going to fix this… I don’t care how this happened. I can’t believe that you took your anger out on my car. And who the hell has that kind of equipment in their vehicle that can do this kind of damage? But you will figure out how to fix this. I need my vehicle” He looked down at me, and then down to where I was touching him. He slowly pulled his arm away. “I will be here at seven to pick you up.” And with that he got in his truck and left. Harding is very punctual. I heard his engine shut off right at seven a.m., like he planned. He slowly made his way to my front door. He knocked on my door, and I went up to answer it. I found out that he wasn’t waiting for me. He walked to my door, knocked, and then went back to his truck. I grabbed my bag, my jacket, and bagged lunch and made my way to his truck. I climbed in quietly, and we headed to work. In silence. I noticed that Harding kept looking at my hand that was at my side. I wondered why, but I slowly pulled my hand away and draped it over my leg. We walked into work, me following slightly behind him. It was my second day at the job, and everything was all screwed up already. I worked on my projects trying to fix things, I tried to talk to Harding as little as I could. And, I knew that I was going to have to call my insurance company. I am very lucky honestly, I keep nothing in my car, and my insurance company sends people out to look at the vehicle, even if you aren’t there. A couple hours later they sent out a older woman, she took pictures and called me so that I could answer her questions. “No Ma’am, I have no clue how this happened. I came out of my house and found my vehicle destroyed” “No Ma’am, I don’t drink, nor do I do any drugs.” “Yes, Ma’am, I understand that this looks weird and that there will have to be an investigation.” I was sitting at my job, working in the receiving, trying to keep my mind off of what was going on and the Harding came up to my desk. “Hey,” he said in his baritone voice. “I need to stay late. You can either stay here, or find an alternative way to get home. But, I have no problem taking you back home.” I looked up at him, I realized that he was wearing a t-shirt that had one of my favorite fandoms on it. “I can stay here, I don’t have a problem with that. I, um, have a shirt similar to that. I didn’t realize that you liked them too…” He looked at me and chuckled. “This is your shirt. I wanted to give you a gift. A shirt that has been worn by me, a shirt that has been against my skin, a shirt that has had my sweat soaking in its threads.” And I just looked at him shocked, and he turned and walked away. I wasn’t going to lose my cool here, not at work, not on my second day, and not to some arrogant putz. I was hot the rest of the day. “Who the hell does he think he is? You can’t just take a person’s shirt and flaunt it in front of you the next day.” I am lucky that I was busy, people left me alone, I might have lost my cool. I ate my lunch at my desk and thankfully no one stopped by to see how I was doing. At the end of the day I clocked out and was working on cleaning my desk. I watched as the rest of the workers left, and the only vehicle was Harding’s truck. He was going to hear what I had to say, and I don’t care what he did afterwards. I stormed into his area of the warehouse and stopped when I say him, holding up one of the forklifts with one hand, while he was working on the undercarriage. “Oh my god, what the fuck?!” I exclaimed. He looked at me and slowly shifted the forklift in his hands so that he was holding it by the cage that surrounds the driver and set it down with one hand. “Oh good, I figured I upset you enough to have you confront me.” He smiled and the flexed a double bicep pose that was beyond shredded. And for the second time in as many days, I passed out.
  4. Luciddreamer

    My New Job

    It has been a long time since I tried to start a series, or even a one shot story. so I am a bit rusty. Hopefully I will be able to continue this. and I also hope you guys like it. not much growth to begin with but I had to start somewhere. Plus I am always short, sweet and to the point. I tend not to draw things out too much. hopefully you can get into the story. LD My New Job I never like starting new jobs. It is always awkward, the walking around meeting new people, shaking hands of perfect strangers. And being 40 and in not the best shape of my life is somehow worse. You can just feel the judgement in people’s eyes. It was all too weird and uncomfortable. But, little did I know that it was only going to get weirder. After a good fifteen minutes of walking around shaking hands and meeting the people that worked in the offices of Übermenschliche, which I found out means superhuman in German. The place makes products that are extremely tough and resilient to damage. There are several lines of products in the company, most of them are for different types of things that are needed in the home; Housewares, indoor and outdoor furniture, even items for your pet. I was walking around with my new boss as we were heading into my department, Shipping and Receiving. I have been hired to help overhaul and implement a new system to help with inventory control and help with the shipping processes. And that is where I met the young man that was going to change my life. “Harding, this is your new partner back here. Allen Scott meet Harding Montgomery. Harding Montgomery meet Allen Scott. Allen is going to be helping you get this back area organized and help with all the shipping orders” I stretched out my hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you” Harding looked down at me, a slight scowl to his face, he extended his meaty hand. He clasped his hand around mine. I looked at how my hand was dwarfed by his. I continued to scan up his arm, I can see thick brown hair sticking out from underneath the sleeves near his wrists. I go up his arm, and notice how full the arm fills the sleeve. His arm was slightly tense and with a slight bulge to it. I looked at how his torso was slender, a true inverted triangle. His chest was full and heaving with strong mass. He was breathing weird, almost like he was gasping for air. The navy blue of the polo he wore matched his eyes as I finally looked at his face and in his eyes. He had a slight look of shock on his face. He pulled his hand away and lightly rubbed his hand. “Nice… Nice to meet you. I look forward to working with you” His deep baritone voice seemed nervous. How the hell is someone that is around 6’5” and must be 350 lbs solid… nervous around me? The rest of my day was filled with filing proper papers for my employment, getting my id badge created, setting codes up to get into the alarm system, and passwords to get into the computer system. During the midday break, I ran out to the food truck to grab a sandwich and a drink, and while fishing for my wallet, a deep voice spoke behind me, “Susan, add his to mine. I gotta take care of the new guy.” I turned around to say thank you, expecting some space between me and the person who paid for my simple meal. There wasn’t. I turned and ended up face first into a very deep musk smelling, navy blue polo. I backed up and ended up backing into the food truck. I blushed. “Oh Harding, You didn’t need to do that. But, thank you. I will get you next time.” He gave a small smile and a nod, and then paid for his food. I turned to leave so I could eat my food back at the workstation I was at, and I could feel his eyes upon my back. I finally finished my paperwork and all the computer processes and made my way to my car. There wasn’t very many left. I was guessing mostly other office personal finishing up their work. I started the small trek to my vehicle, when I saw the lights of a truck turn on and the engine turned over. The truck made its way over to a parking spot near me, and the window slowly went down. Seated in the driver’s seat was Harding. “Hey Allen, You wanna grab something to eat, so that we can get acquainted?” I looked at him, seeing his calm demeanor and slight smile. “I am so sorry, I really can’t. I just moved into a new place and I need to get stuff unpacked and sorted. Raincheck?” He looked at me, frowned, his brows scrunched together. “Yeah, Sure. I guess.” He put his truck in reverse and took off. His truck sped off so fast the tires squealed. I got into my car thinking that the exchange was odd and left for my place. Traffic was light and when a vehicle turned onto the road behind me, I thought nothing of it. I made my way to the little flat that I am renting, when a familiar truck pulled in behind me. I got out of my car and Harding got out of his truck. He looked mad. “Allen, I am trying very hard not to be angry with you. But, you have to understand that I don’t usually get turned away. Do you think that you are better than me? Look at you, you are at least fifteen years older than me, You are out of shape and I am physical god… And you turned me down… and when I touched you…” He shivered. And then he did something I wasn’t expecting, he grew. Not much, but, enough I could tell. The buttons that held the collar of his polo strained against the push from his chest, the fabric stretched across his impressive biceps and triceps. The seams made a slight scream around his wrists. The shiver went down his body and his waist tightened slightly as his glutes and quads began to swell. His calves filled up the lower part of his already tight blue jeans. He looked at me and I gulped down air.
  5. hey man.  VERY into superstrength and muscle here.  let's chat...either in chat room or you can find me on Skype.  See my profile for more!  Cheers.

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      Do you have a skype name? 

  6. Omg, how did i miss this? this is an amazing story.
  7. Oh my. ... i can't wait to see where this goes. I'm very intrigued.
  8. This was an amazing beginning for what could be an epic story line. I hope to see part two soon
  9. I like this so very much!
  10. Love this game. Super waffle I hope you are working hard on making this game amazing
  11. As being one of the gay male contingent here on the forum... Female muscle growth is not my thing, but being a member of a society that gets shunned for being part of the non-norm, please make a section that features some female growth so that there is inclusion for everybodys likes
  12. I am in complete agreement. Thank you for bring us back from almost death. I have also been a member almost ten years. May 19th would have been my anniversary. So, I am glad to see that we can at least all still be together in something that we love.
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