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    Muscle, muscle and muscle ;)
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    Sharing in this fetish
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    Ask me
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    1. osfast


      looking grand man, keep doing what your doing ?

  1. I'm BACK on the forums guys!!

    Moved to Palm Springs, CA now and accepting new sponsorships to grow bigger here.

    Doing private shows as well so D.M. me ❤️

  2. Hey awesome fans! For a while i had paid videos but I felt that wasn't ''right'' to you guys. So now I offer the option to simply DONATE some money to me so I can continue making messy videos and buy the stuff needed! It does get expensive after you've done it so often! Join me on https://www.patreon.com/princeniels and donate money to receive access to exclusive (naughty) content.

  3. Looking solid man, keep on growin! :)

  4. Nice work bro! You got the physique to become IFBB massive! I'm currently gaining myself. Nice work bro! You got the physique to become IFBB massive! I'm currently gaining myself.Nice work bro! You got the physique to become IFBB massive! I'm currently gaining myself. image.jpeg.8b7f154b76e0e0ed3feacb85bdebe

    I'm takin some stuff called Six Star Testosterone Booster. This shit will get u jacked fast. It causes your cock and balls to grow too lol! You can get it at Wallmart it's hella cheap. Also I'm useing this stuff called Jacked Antler. It's you can get it free at http://www.jackedantler.com/new2/mobile/index.php?. I'm not a spokes person just givin some advise to younger lifters. 

    1. PrinceNiels


      Haha thanks for the compliment but I can assure you I've got plenty of Testosteron already ;)

    2. Moosehulkx10


      Yea I can see that. Man I just noticed the errors. For some odd reason my cell wouldn't let see what I was typing. Lol

  5. New video is online:


  6. Excited to train with a new friend at gym tomorrow and teach him a few new things.

  7. Mate, your lats are insane! Fuck, I love them :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PrinceNiels


      Still looks great ;)

      Keep working out hard haha.

    3. Scriptboy


      Absolutely! I appreciate it!

  8. Man that workout today was CRAZY. All the muscles hurt a shit load.

    Time for a hot shower and a massage afterwards ;)

  9. Hello PrinceNiels welcome to the forum! 

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