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  1. Week 1 He had started work on Wednesday, so it was a short week until he was rewarded with another potion. Brandon has tunnel visioned on that next potion, so the days flew by. Friday evening, on his way out of work, he said goodbye to Gerald and went straight to where he had seen the yellow muscle growth potions. Swiping one off the shelf, he hurried home, heart beating hard with uncertainty and excitement. He threw down his bag at home, stomped upstairs through the empty house, and stripped naked for the mirror in his room. Uncorking the vial, he downed the contents and sat on the edge of his bed, staring at his reflection. The same energy and strength as before flooded through him, forcing his head down to recover. He took a moment to look at his tiny penis, and hate it, before his muscle drew him to stand up. In the mirror, he could actually see his traps rising slightly, his shoulders capping and widening. His pecs began to weight themselves down with mass, pushing his chest out. His arms thickened, triceps forming horseshoes from three heads that he had never felt before. Biceps swelled so that he could feel both of the heads under the skin, inviting him to flex his arms in, which cause them to narrow into big, impressive balls of muscle. He wriggled as his intercostals and obliques came in, cascading definition down his chest where there had been little, finally pushing his abs to tighten and deepen impressively. His midsection became deeply chiseled, almost an 8 pack. His squeezing of new muscles led him to squeeze his butt and thrust out his hips as his glutes tightened up and strengthened, which fed into his quads, finally gaining size as well as definition. Each of the heads of muscle surged forth, giving his lower body heft. His calves tightened almost painfully as they, too, hardened, splitting into diamonds of muscle that clung tightly to his form. Brandon was breathing heavily by the time the growth stopped. He panted as he admired his new physique--that of a particularly ripped swimmer. Way more muscle than Corey, he thought. He gave an amazed chuckle that he had ever lusted to be Corey's size. *** The next time Corey saw him that weekend, he gawked. "Dude--what the hell? You're totally ripped!" Brandon grinned. "You like?" Brandon sat himself on Corey's bed and took his shirt off, grinning madly at Corey's dumbfounded expression. Brandon popped his pecs a few times. "Woah, do that again!" gasped Corey, reaching out to put a hand on Brandon's fine amassment of chest muscle. Brandon happily complied, bouncing only the pec Corey was touching. They made eye contact. "Try and pull me up," suggested Brandon, holding out his hand. They grasped each other, and Corey leaned back with all his weight. Corey got to see Brandon's arm pop with muscle as with just a bit of work, Brandon pulled Corey back up. "Look at this. Look at this line right here. I didn't know about this, but it feels cool," said Brandon, flexing his biceps next to him, pointing to a crevice between his pecs and now bulging biceps. "How?" asked Corey, reaching his hand out again to touch the top of Brandon's abs. His fingers dipped into each crevice as he dragged down those beautiful abdominals. "I started working out," Brandon lied obviously. He stood up to leave the room, but Corey only had a moment's glance at how the muscles of his back interlocked before he twisted around to show his pecs and abs in profile, flexing his triceps. They both admired the defined muscle for a bit. Then Brandon lowered his pants to show his flexed right buttock, slyly teasing Corey. Finally overcome, Corey lunged forward. "You have to tell me how you did this!" He managed to grab Brandon's pants and half-accidentally tugged them down. Brandon was not wearing underwear, so his little penis popped out, to his embarrassment. He quickly pulled up his shorts. "It's okay, I'll show you mine," offered Corey, not wanting to sour the moment. He unzipped his shorts and pulled out a thin, 6 inch erection. They were silent for moments, and then as Corey put his dick away. "I'll tell you how I did it," resolved Brandon. He explained to his friend about his new job and the employment arrangement. Corey was very skeptical. "That's all right. I'll take the next potion for you. Wait til the end of next week."
  2. Summer Job at the Potion Store Rules for adding to this story: -He can pick ONE potion per week. 1 chapter = 1 week. -The potion should not be a drastic change. Potions should yield small, incremental changes. If a skinny guy wanted to become a 300lbs bodybuilder, he'd have to pick the muscle growth potion for 5 weeks. --- Week 0 Brandon had resigned to doing mostly nothing this summer, fooling around with his friend Corey. It would be lucky for him, then, that Randall saw him walking down the street on the way to Corey's. Corey took note of the man's approach; who wouldn't? To Brandon's own 150 lbs at 5'9", this man's apparent 230 lbs of perfectly-proportioned muscle at 6'2" made him an intimidating giant. "Hey, what's your name?" asked the man in a deep voice, extending his hand. Brandon, who was shy to begin with, gawked a bit. The giant couldn't be past his 20's, and was hairless from the nose down. "Uh, Brandon," he stammered, finding himself in a tight gripped handshake. "Brandon, I'm Randall. I was once like you. Very like you. More recently than you know," he said mysteriously, taking off his sunglasses. His eyes were revealed to be a shocking blue, contrasting with his deep tan. "Do you need a summer job?" Brandon had failed to find a job out of laziness, even though this was about the time he should be finding his first job. Summer was also ideal for a job, since school was out. "Yes!" he managed. "Perfect," the man wryly smiled. "Follow me." Brandon followed Randall a few blocks while Randall explained that he had just quit the job after nearly 2 years. The owner was a nice guy who needed some powder monkey to fill the position. Randall stopped abruptly before a dark-looking pawn shop. It wasn't sinister looking, but it was only lit by the sunlight from the windows that made up the front, which were partially blocked by signs claiming 'we buy gold!'. No one was inside. "A pawn shop?" asked Brandon curiously. "Nope. Look again," he gestured to the shop. What was there was totally different than what Brandon had seen a single second ago. The pawn shop was gone, and in its place was a wooden front, with some steps leading up to the door. A faded purple sign above the door read 'POTIONS'. "Let's go, I'll introduce you to Gerald." They stepped inside to see something more like a deli, with rows of shelves and refrigerators hosting small wares. They walked to the back, straight to the counter, where Randall yelled, "Gerald!" An old man came shuffling out of a doorway behind the counter. "You found one! That was quick!" said the old man. "Gerald this is Brandon. Brandon this is the Doctor." "Those don't work anymore, call me Gerald." Brandon shook hands with the spry old man. "So you need a summer job?" asked Gerald. Brandon nodded. "Well, I need someone to help me with customers, inventory, and brewing, and if you can do the work right, I'll take ya. But it doesn't pay in dollars." Brandon furrowed his brow. "What's the pay?" "If ya work for me, I'll let you have any one of these potions to yourself, one per week. No more." He pointed at all the shelves. Potions? This was some kind of new age crap. Brandon wasn't about to work for free! "Ah, thank you! I hope he's as good as you were," said Gerald, taking a corked yellow vial form Randall, who had silently disappeared in the shelves and reappeared with it. He ripped off the tag, uncorked it, and handed it to Brandon. "They're really good, it's like an energy drink," interjected Randall, knowing Brandon's hesitation. "Try it." The bottle did look like a 6 inch vial of yellow gatorade, after all. Brandon drank down the insubstantial amount of liquid. Instantly Brandon's heart started pounding, and he doubled over on the counter. In a few seconds, he was feeling energized, he was feeling strong. He saw the tag on the counter that Gerald had ripped off, titled "Muscle Growth". Brandon stood back up. "That was good, but I don't know if I'll work a whole week for that." Gerald smiled. "That's alright, give it a few hours this first time and come back." *** Brandon continued his trip to Corey's house, feeling quite good. Corey's boyish, blond face greeted him and welcomed him to the pool. Often they would just lounge about the pool together. This was one of those times. Once outside in their bathing suits, Brandon could appreciate Corey's slim, slight musculature, though Corey was two inches shorter than him. Certainly Corey was more muscular than Brandon, who was skinny as could be. His pasty skin made him look quite unappealing, which Brandon was quite aware of. They both relaxed in the shade around the pool, taking in the hot Florida day and talking about school, which had just ended. Corey volunteered to go find them drinks and left Brandon outside. When he returned, Corey noticed something out loud. "Dude, why are you flexing?" "Huh?" "Why are you flexing?" "I'm not," said Brandon, sitting up. "Yeah you are, you've never had that much muscle!" Brandon went inside to see himself in the bathroom mirror. Shocking! He actually had a little bit of muscle! He flexed his pecs, and there was a bulge of muscle there. He flexed his arms, and there was a difference between the biceps and triceps, where before it had just been the same weak arm. Abs were actually showing through, a light six pack. Little biceps popped up. He felt them flex, and the felt strong. His body looked way better than before! He had all sorts of contours on his body he hadn't before. He stayed in the mirror watching himself move around. This new experience was making him hard, but thankfully his barely 3 inch penis didn't show when Corey turned up. "Yeah, see, you've been working out!" he exclaimed. "You're a strong as I am!" he said, flexing his own arm to reveal they were essentially matched in size. *** Back at the potion store, Brandon agreed to start working for Gerald the next day. "That one was a freebie, and I'll let this be a short week, but after that, it's Friday you can take your pick."
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