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  1. Xtremestudwannabe

    Straight muscle admiration/worship

    Would be nice to see such a list or to run a Search based on the users' gender. I'm also interested in straight girls wanting muscle men.
  2. I get this often, too. " You're big enough". They don't understand this is a NEED. I know what you're talking about.
  3. Congrats, guys! I'm happy to see some you found each other.
  4. Yeah, I know this problem very well. Have been looking for a partner to support or at least accept my need to build my body, yet, have not found anyone. Tried it both with women and men. It's always the same story: on first date they like how I look. But when I go to gym or go early to bed, they start complaining about I don't spend enough time with them. So I tried to explain my next partner at the very beginning that muscles don't grow by themselves, there is a lot of effort behind. This means: regular and hard workouts, diet, rest. I think they did not understand what I meant. Although they agreed to this lifestyle, when I first went to gym, the story wast just the same again.
  5. Xtremestudwannabe


    Same here. Always horny after workout.
  6. Great question and responses, thanks for sharing your thoughts, guys. I would definitely relocate for muscle. What I dream about, however, it's not just necessarily many bodybuilders in the city, not just a good gym. I want to live with a bodybuilder (maybe more than just one), sharing the same apartment and same lifestyle.
  7. Xtremestudwannabe


    This is a very hot story and it is actually my dream fantasy. I want not just to grow but to grow FOR someone. A partner who would control my diet, workout, rest. I would trust him, rely on him, follow the program strictly. Eat, train, sleep, breathe. And grow big for him. Very big.
  8. Hello Xtremestudwannabe welcome to the forum! 


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