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  1. It would be so nice to read how the stories continues. What will happen to Andrew? With Matt producing as much cum as he can to make his brother grow.. Andrew is surely going to be the man of the house..! I hope godofjurai returns some day.. Such a talented writer..! We'd love to see you back, man! Merpit
  2. Hi ABSQRST, thanks for asking about our favourites! I have to say, I am a big fan of longer stories. I love your Liquid Manhood for example and I would really like to read how the story goes on, or a different story in that universe. And I appreciatet your Chronivac Part One, where the brother grows and becomes the dominant one in the house. Would also love to read how this can go on. That is it for me. Thanks for your great work, keep it up! ;)
  3. Nice! Would be so hot to see how this unfolds :D !
  4. Great story, love it! I appreciate the parts where Ted takes back control and fucks her senseless.
  5. Best story @godofjurai ! I love it so far, I drenched my desk .. Hope to see where it goes soon
  6. Maybe you could do some substories with all the threads you have in mind after you finished the main story. I like the story about Zac and Lance and that they became partners in a not so even relationship. Also I like Sean and his transformation into a total behemoth. I would love to hear how he takes advantage of his new self.. I love your story and your style of writing @ABSQRST !
  7. Hi Guys, I'm looking for stories that have a slow muscle growth. A story where a guy gets big not all in a sudden, but slowly. And with that growth comes cockyness and all that. I for example like the setting of A BIG mistake (https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20709-p1.html) Cocky son, all excited and turned on about becoming the big muscle guy, but the growth happens much too quick for me. Would like to read through chapter and chapter seeing him getting a little bit bigger every day and becoming more and more proud and cocky. "If the shoe fits" is for example one of this stories that I like because of the slow subtle growth going on: Can you help me? Do you know such stories?
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