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  1. Thanks for sharing! Not necessarily my cup of tea, but I really appreciate the creativity and effort put into his, with great images to add more depth to the story. I think you managed to take on an older topic (muscle growth by magic book) and add meta-humor with unexpected surprises that make this feel fresher. For example, most muscle growth related stories involve gay characters, but Tom manages to have sex with multiple women, culminating in his fun time with Lisa on Saturday. With that said, the characters were a little too aggressive for me, although they did have unique, discernible qualities and intentions. Additionally, the focus seemed to be more on continued growth versus enjoyment of what was gained and adaptation to new roles, which seems to happen more abruptly and briefly. That doesn't mean your story can't be focused on continued growth, just saying that's not necessarily what I'm looking for here, yet many could be looking for just that.
  2. Always been a big fan of John D, and I've read most of his works that would probably interest me! Although Before and After covers similar ground as other John D stories, meaning a wimpy guy becomes ripped and arrogant, the final scenes between Jimmy and Chad are really close to what I'm looking for here. With that said, I'm disappointed that the actual muscle worship and blow job were so brief, with the actual sex later that night being skimmed over. The scenes definitely benefit from both individuals being muscular, as in differentiating them from most other stories, yet they don't take advantage of both having monstrous bodies. For example, I imagine that Jimmy can only fuck Brian so hard, without hurting him, but the same wouldn't be said about Chad. Additionally, it was a missed opportunity in writing a threesome, which seems to be rarely done, despite porn of two muscular guys dominating a weaker girl or guy being far more common. Nevertheless, it's definitely in the direction that I'm looking for, it just didn't go far enough, both in sexual content, and fleshing out their new circumstances and thoughts. Mike Gets Huge Part 4 does the same thing, touching on character perspectives and demonstrating power between muscular men, but then skimming over sexual content. It could also be interesting to see, which may not even exist as a story yet, equally muscular guys, where it becomes about enjoying muscles period, as opposed to discussing bigger muscles. Thanks for sharing that story though, it's been a hot second since I read it!
  3. Definitely some great content here, I've actually read Nick the Muscle Escort in the past for example. With that said, as weird as it sounds I'm looking for something more realistic, like with believable characters and actually possible proportions. Additionally, not a fan when the point just because all about growing infinitely, which is what results in the unrealistic situations to me at least. Lastly, I'm a big fan of details and characters not being complete assholes. If you have recommendations that fit those criteria that would be amazing, as it seems like you really do know this sub-genre well. Thank you!
  4. Curious if anyone knows about any stories where two characters grow muscular together and then engage in fun now both having hot bodies. Although a small portion of an overall story, the following is probably the best example that comes to mind, with first two guys growing together and showing off to one another (then jerking off), and then two other muscular characters asserting their dominance against one another to prove who's best. This isn't about one character necessarily out growing another, but the fun that can happen when more than just one character gets muscles. For example, of course one muscular guy dominating a twink can be really hot, but it can also be very hot to just read about two muscle beasts sexily ripping one another apart, with their bodies able to handle it. https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3133.html
  5. I'm not really into the slave angle of muscle-based stories, but points for creativity, plus the pictures are good additions. I guess for me this is just taking dominance and aggression a little too far, and just doesn't feel real to me, but if you're looking for the opposite, more power to you then. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I guess I did see the main character as a little too much of an a-hole at times, but when you frame it as specifically between the trainer and the main character, I see what you're talking about. That is definitely more closely related to typical role reversal, although definitely would have liked it more if the trainer had no muscles, while Jimmy did, not that the muscles Chad had really helped him much against Jimmy. But yeah, it does seem tough to find more of what I'm looking for, I think I just boil it down to role reversal, where the original muscular guy is no longer muscular, and it's more about description of the muscles and dominance, versus full on aggression and hate. For example, imagine a story between a nerd and a jock, the jock is the a-hole, the nerd is a normal jealous guy, they graduate high school, a year goes by, jock stops working out, nerd gets into working out, nerd isn't use to being muscular and dominant, meets up with jock in a total role reversal, nerd is nice about the new role but into the dominance, jock starts getting use to his new position, they have fun, and so on. Instead, what is more common is a regular guy out muscles a muscular guy, a smaller guy gets payback when he gets muscles, or a regular guy just goes from weak to a monster in both muscle and attitude. Those stories can be very hot, I've even written a story about roommates in a similar way, but I'm definitely more interested in what almost seems like a more real story in terms of personality, and I think description should always be king, as isn't always common for the sake of shorter stories. I think I dropped a story I was working on because it was more of the latter, which just felt like more of the same, I may try to finish that and then work on an idea for the kind of story I want, which I think will be very hot, and very different from the usual.
  7. Definitely a fan of John D, he writes some of the best muscle growth stories out there, I wish he was still writing. With that said, his role reversals often involve guys becoming very aggressive and arrogant. Of course this can be hot, but that's not always what I'm looking for either. I think there's a balance somewhere between I'm buff now (no personality difference) and I'm going to destroy you because I'm better than you now (total personality change). For example, above, Mr. Barker slowly takes on his more cocky persona, always keeping in mind the enjoyment of Kyle, there is almost a subtly to it, like it can really be the little things sometimes if you ask me. Nevertheless, I also don't see his stories as traditional role reversal erotica if that makes sense. It's more about a guy getting muscular and the whole world reacting to it in different ways, which if that was all role reversal was, every muscle growth story would be role reversal. I see role reversal more as about a relationship between two people, meaning the more history between them before the change in muscle, the better. I think a better example of typical role reversal that he has, which I love, is "My Bully Father," here it's all about the relationship between the son and the father, culminating in their role change. Additionally, beside their direct contact, the entire world seems to benefit from and enjoy his muscle growth, he's quite nice to his friend for example, as opposed to just being violent and aggressive all the time, which seems less realistic at time. Maybe I'm almost imagining myself in the role, where I think I would definitely be more dominant, but at the same time I wouldn't be a dick. Hope I'm not overanalyzing, but I want to make sure I give attention to each entry you guys give! I also hadn't paid much attention to this story in the past, reading it now more deeply for the first time, and I did enjoy it, just not exactly what I'm looking for.
  8. Definitely a solid story, but for me there was too much of a focus on penis size, with muscle taking a back seat, and Cory was a little too aggressive for my taste personally.
  9. Definitely a solid story in the vain of what I'm looking for, but with that said, I would have wanted more description of the muscles and sex, and ideally just one of the guys is muscular. The proportions also seemed to get a little out of hand at the end, so something more realistic is probably what I'm looking for as well in terms of stats.
  10. Recently came across "Mike Gets Huge" in the archive, which I highly recommend overall, as it covers a variety of tastes. Yet, I particularly fell in love with "Part 5," as it depicts probably one of the best role reversal stories I've ever read. Long story short, Kyle use to be the muscular hunk, but has since lost his muscles, with Mr. Barker now becoming muscular himself. In an earlier portion of "Mike Gets Huge," Mr. Barker loved worshiping Kyle, who was the dominant male, but by "Part 5," even the way they talk to each other has changed completely. I just love how much Mr. Barker is now bragging and showing off, with Kyle all over his muscles, both hating and loving his new role. I'm definitely looking for similar stories with such a muscle role reversal, including elements of worship, jealousy, showboating, sex, and dominance. With all that in mind, I'm definitely less interested when the focus is more on stealing muscles back and forth. https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3134.html Do you know of any other similar stories?
  11. How about stories where the son becomes muscular and gets revenge on his dad? This is still one of my favorites and I never see this power dynamic: http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/johnd/my-bully-father.html If you know any similar stories, send them over!
  12. Any chance anyone saved the stories? Just Add Water was especially great!
  13. Thanks so much for your kind words! Now I feel like I have to continue it or else. Definitely solid ideas, I just think I want to keep it about him in particular, with the family just serving as a reminder of his past. Interestingly enough though, a different story I am planning to release this month does involve brothers in some capacity.
  14. If I write more, I don't really see him going back to the farm any time soon, so I don't think there would be anything involving family members. With that being said, all of the other ideas are great, so I could definitely see myself incorporating them in some capacity. Ultimately, I'd love to have a mix of him trying to find friends or a significant other, while dealing with various situations in which people are all over him. Josh also just needs to learn more about the world in general; he might have sex down pretty well, but he still has a lot to learn overall.
  15. Thank you so much! I initially had no idea how this story would work out, or even be received, so I'm glad people are enjoying it. I really want to continue to write quality, hot stories that are different from what is normally seen. Be on the look out for a completely new story from me in July! Thank you, I really appreciate it! I initially debated the timeline of this story, but in the end I really liked that it basically all happened over the course of one day. I felt that if everything hit him hard and all at once, it would really force him to deal with the issue immediately. Any further content would still involve great sex and use of strength, but definitely also include gaining a better understand of the world around him and likely love. With that being said, if I write more in this universe, I wouldn't do it for storiversary, so you would see it sooner rather than later. Thank you, and I wish that was me! In particular, this story was a little interesting for me to write because I had to keep his language conservative, at least at first, and slowly have it evolve through experience. I don't think I had thought as much about the actual writing in my past stories, so I'm glad you really enjoyed that aspect. In terms of potentially writing more, I agree that exploring such aspects of his life could be really fruitful. The goal of the ending was to specifically touch on media, friendship, and love, which are both still quite foreign to him. I'm not even sure yet what direction I would take the story in, as there is a lot of ground to cover, but the focus would definitely be continued exploration of life and college. I also imagine at least a little bit of a time skip (few days if not 2-3 weeks), to at least settle him into school, or maybe not.
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