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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words! Now I feel like I have to continue it or else. Definitely solid ideas, I just think I want to keep it about him in particular, with the family just serving as a reminder of his past. Interestingly enough though, a different story I am planning to release this month does involve brothers in some capacity.
  2. If I write more, I don't really see him going back to the farm any time soon, so I don't think there would be anything involving family members. With that being said, all of the other ideas are great, so I could definitely see myself incorporating them in some capacity. Ultimately, I'd love to have a mix of him trying to find friends or a significant other, while dealing with various situations in which people are all over him. Josh also just needs to learn more about the world in general; he might have sex down pretty well, but he still has a lot to learn overall.
  3. Thank you so much! I initially had no idea how this story would work out, or even be received, so I'm glad people are enjoying it. I really want to continue to write quality, hot stories that are different from what is normally seen. Be on the look out for a completely new story from me in July! Thank you, I really appreciate it! I initially debated the timeline of this story, but in the end I really liked that it basically all happened over the course of one day. I felt that if everything hit him hard and all at once, it would really force him to deal with the issue immediately. Any further content would still involve great sex and use of strength, but definitely also include gaining a better understand of the world around him and likely love. With that being said, if I write more in this universe, I wouldn't do it for storiversary, so you would see it sooner rather than later. Thank you, and I wish that was me! In particular, this story was a little interesting for me to write because I had to keep his language conservative, at least at first, and slowly have it evolve through experience. I don't think I had thought as much about the actual writing in my past stories, so I'm glad you really enjoyed that aspect. In terms of potentially writing more, I agree that exploring such aspects of his life could be really fruitful. The goal of the ending was to specifically touch on media, friendship, and love, which are both still quite foreign to him. I'm not even sure yet what direction I would take the story in, as there is a lot of ground to cover, but the focus would definitely be continued exploration of life and college. I also imagine at least a little bit of a time skip (few days if not 2-3 weeks), to at least settle him into school, or maybe not.
  4. Love the twist, and honestly everyone managed to get what they wanted in the end. Great story!
  5. Thank you so much, really appreciate it! It's interesting to think that when writing stories for sites like this, getting that reaction from people is considered a success. So glad to hear it! Also, it definitely seems like I might have to write a sequel, people are really enjoying it thankfully. I have some ideas, so we'll see.
  6. Really enjoyed how different this was from what you normally see on here. Plus it was an overall well-written and interesting read!
  7. Who doesn't love a classic pool boy story? Great spin on it!
  8. I couldn't agree more with your comment! Thanks for taking the time to post!
  9. Thank you, that is very high praise! The goal really was to cover a lot of ground in the context of sexual exploration for the first time, despite being so hot and muscular. If I'm being honest though, I've been more busy than I was expecting to be the past two weeks. Thus, in an effort to actually finish, I may have rushed the story a little. Even though I am definitely happy with the overall plot, in an ideal world, I would have added more details about the other characters and their interactions with Josh. With that said, I don't plan to edit this particular story any further, unless I become aware of any grammatical errors. My current plan is to actually work on at least two more stories this summer, which will ultimately be quite different from this one. If there is interest in a sequel, which I left it open for, I'd definitely love to do more. Additionally, you should check out some of my other stories, which have more detail. The King of the Nerds is especially a fan favorite!
  10. Yeah of course, that's Luke Guldan, with this specific image coming from the show Broad City.
  11. Thank you! I completely agree though, it's not something you see very often. I'd love it if this story inspired someone else.
  12. Glad you enjoyed it! Definitely check out my other stories if you're interested, I always love to hear what people think, good or bad. In the end, comments like this help me conceptualize what to do next, what people want more of, and how I can improve overall.
  13. Thank you, I really appreciate it! Ultimately, I wanted to write something that was different from what I was use to in my previous stories. This spawned the idea to have a protagonist who just didn't get what was going on, something that was hard for even me to conceptualize at first. This involved changing up my writing style a bit, so that you could see a transition in his use of language; for example, he doesn't really use any sort of "inappropriate" words until after he hears other people say them first. Many of my stories are often inspired by specific images of hot, muscular guys, so I love to provide a better view into my perspective. On one hand you're able to imagine the exact guy that I see throughout this story, and at the same time, you can see where some of my inspiration for the story comes from. In this case, Patrick Leblanc is often seen working out in a similar basement gym to the one I described earlier. Additionally, even though I imagine he was nowhere near as constricted growing up, it really seems like he has gone from some small town guy to now having all of these connections and fans. Also, on a more superficial level, the pictures are hot and they break up the story a bit.
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