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  1. Good Lord, man - your guns are unbelievable - .So veiny and huge. - And that profile got me hot as a firecracker. - Have you written stories here. I'm gonna look them right up. Congrats on shaping your arms - but i don't think you will find many guys around with arms bigger than yours to compare to.

    Great job.

    1. MLMuscle


      Thanks! - just wait until the next muscle picture - my muscles are going to be even bigger, thicker, and more powerful!  Seriously!  I'm going to grow my  muscles so big that I won't be able to wear my favorite sleeveless polo muscle shirt that I'm wearing in my picture (my biceps and delts will be so big and thick that they will rip the arm holes apart on my muscle shirt when I try to put it on!  :)  )  I want to grow my muscles so big that  I'll have trouble moving my arms since my muscles are so huge!

    2. HorvathFan


      Looking forward to it - Hope you get the size you want. We'll be here supporting you all he way. Maybe we can spur you on to even greater size and shape.

  2. Hey, Ploder4 - Have just joined SL (HorvathFan) and met a bunch of nice guys. But not the guys in your album! Where do you hang out? and how do you get the video captures?

    Thanks so much for posting these - amazing shots. Hope to meet you there too.

  3. Thanks for following me.

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