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  1. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    cant wait for the new stuff your writing
  2. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    like the sound of your idea muscleaddict a sequel told from aj’s perspective,cant wait to read it!!!!!
  3. Built22

    Make It Never Stop - Parts 1-5

    wow this is great!! cant wait for more, and i wonder if he gives Rex a call?!!!!!
  4. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    perhaps you could revisit this story for a 1chapter christmas special each year, giving us all a catchup of our 2 favourite heroes
  5. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    just one more chapter? wow so much still left up in the air
  6. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    but where does this leave noah and aj? is noah going to accept it or fight for his man? or are they ultimately to be “just friends”
  7. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    wow powerful and emotional just when we thought everything would be ok between them ...... bam ...... aj lashes out.. one thing about his night out with erm dale, if aj freaked out and stopped him why did dale text him “thanks for last night sexy man” maybe aj ‘s just being economical with the truth. but then breaking down in front of noah like that before he went to ibiza , what changed( or happened in ibiza) for him to end it ? really powerful stuff!!!
  8. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    the stories nearing the end? nooooooooooo that cant be!!!!
  9. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    wow noahs right to fear what aj would do ,if it wasnt dale it would be some other cute muscled guy. and going to ibiza with all the hot bronzed hunks on the beach will aj be able to hold himself back? love this story but how can noah trust aj after what hes done? is aj as sorry as he seems? or just sorry he was found out?
  10. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    WTF !!!!! AJ what are you doing? as noahs getting excited at returning home to see his bf,AJ is getting excited for other reasons,on the very his boyfriend is coming back hes getting ready to meet the cute muscley guy he met a week before.Noooooooo .if AJ does this after 5days that noahs been away what will AJ do when hes in ibiza with all the bronzed hunks on the beach? and then when noah goes to uni? i hope these two can work it out ,but where do they go from here? Having said that this was a powerful emotive chapter,really well written 💪😮😉😘
  11. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    wow oh f..k this is just so hornyy!!! love it mate
  12. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    aaaarrrggghhhh wow looks like aj gonna get what he wants!! another great chapter mate , you do keep banging them out!!! and each one gets better
  13. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    what more cliffhangers? thats soooo not you😄 great job mate and lots of teasing!!! cant wait till they get back to their hotel room and a horned up aj gets what he wants!!!
  14. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    wow this is getting special,you capture the moment so well ... god knows how noah will stop from creaming his pants and how will aj not get a hard on !!! and then the aftershow special back in the hotel room!!!! when noah gets to eat aj’s ass again ,because aj wants him to!!! 😘💪😍😘
  15. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    what if while noahs in london on his work experience aj realises that he misses noah so much and that hes not going to be able to go ibiza without noah?? !!!!!

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