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  1. Built22

    A new Superman- Roger

    yes great start hope theres more!!
  2. Built22

    Unexpected Package (Updated: July 5th 2018)

    wow great chapter love it!!! hope theres more!!
  3. Built22

    Jocking Up - My Roommate

    great start love to see where this is going
  4. Built22

    Oh Henry (New Story)

    great set up hope it continues
  5. Built22

    Subject #3

    great start will there be more?
  6. Built22

    Charlie's Secret

    wow sounds good man love the idea of tommy being much bigger and charlie being more confident!! go for it!!
  7. Built22

    Charlie's Secret

    awsome story!!! would be great to have a follow up 6 months later at the pro comp charlie gets invited to!! and maybe another 12 months at this comp hes just been to where all the bodybuilders are bigger and tommy spots him again!!
  8. Built22

    Unexpected Package (Updated: July 5th 2018)

    wow this is great !!! hooe theres going to be more!!
  9. Built22

    The Olympia Bar - Chapter 3

    i hope you do get to write more chapters of this great story!! its so hot!!!
  10. wow so good to see you post another chapter after all this time!!! glad to have the sexploits of casey and the other huge muscle giants back great writing as always joey, hope we dont have to waitquite as long for more chapters of this hot story!!
  11. Built22

    Gus and Tyler

    wow what a start!!! cant wait for more !!
  12. new chapters? hooray!!!!! so long over due!!!
  13. thats great news Joey love this story , its the best!!!