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  1. DaveMuscle

    Guy who keeps on cummimg

    No, but it astounds like me. I can keep cumming for hours! Skype: MrMuscleCrush Instagram: dave_muscle
  2. DaveMuscle

    Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    When I started lifting when I was 17 it certainly gave me an instant orgasm at first. It was a very bare gym with just massive cast iron weight plates and rusty bars, and that sensation of crude, unmediated fight between the iron and my body, and the whole idea of becoming one of those huge guys that pumps iron, made it happen. I don’t think one gets the same sensation in a sophisticated gym with luxurious flooring and white machines. It’s the raw, pumping iron sensation that does it for me. We don’t use the words ‘pump’ and ‘pumping’ for nothing! That first susceptibility to orgasm wears off, of course, but lifting still makes me super-hard.
  3. DaveMuscle


    Love this kind of thing.
  4. DaveMuscle

    Dick strength

    I do feats of strength with my dick. Join the "Megaghum Men' club to see, or Skype me! Dave Skype: MrMuscleCrush
  5. DaveMuscle

    Speedos and their stigma

    It's only Americans who call them 'speedos' (that's the name of a particular brand), and it seems to be only Americans who have a particular 'thing' about them, like they think they are indecent or something. In the rest of the world they are known as 'swimming trunks' (or whatever it is in the local language), and are considered the normal thing for men to wear at the pool or beach, exciting no interest or comment. Dave
  6. DaveMuscle

    A stagnating growing?

    Frequency of workouts is very personal, and also age-dependent. Some people, especially youngsters, get good results doing 5 or 6 days per week, but I think three intense all-out sessions is enough. But if you feel you have the energy, and the muscles you are training have fully recovered, then try more. But I wouldn't hammer muscles that are still sore from the last time.
  7. DaveMuscle

    A stagnating growing?

    Getting to a 'plateau' where you seem to make no more improvements after a while of training is common - normal, in fact. You have to start experimenting to find new routines that get you growing. No-one can give you the exact prescription for this, it is personal. For example, rather than the split you describe, try doing 3 whole-body workouts per week, but different exercises for each body part every time. Try working intuitively, rather than according to a set pattern, just doing the exercises that you feel might be what you most need. Do the ones you enjoy most, but not too much of any particular one. Alternate sessions of heavy weight, low reps with sessions of light weight, high reps. Try sequences of sets that pyramid up, and pyramid down. Try something completely new, like Olympic weightlifting exercises or Strongman exercises (you need to find someone to teach them). Keep trying different things. Definitely don't do exercises that cause pain, in reference to the shoulder problem. You have to work round injuries and allow them to heal, which can take years for some things. By the looks of you, and the stats, you are not fat, so don't spend a lot of time on cardio now. Don't use up the calories that should be used for growing muscle in a lot of cardio. Dave
  8. I think this fits into the weird / funny /interesting category... One of the most bizarre muscle-related films you might ever see, this is Lou Ferrigno playing the piano with Liberace in 1980 . Hilarious.
  9. DaveMuscle

    How do you see yourself?

    I see myself as not the biggest, but still impressively fit and strong for my age. Sorry if that comes across as vain!
  10. DaveMuscle

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    Yep, it's not necessary to spend hours and hours daily in the gym, and probably not a good idea. Those who achieve results do it by working hard, methodically, and regularly, not by spending their lives in the gym.
  11. DaveMuscle

    Am I too sexually addicted to muscle?

    I suppose I might be in a position to answer this question, as a straight man, though obviously any answer is going to be personal. For me, muscle is always sexual in its own way, even though I'm not interested in having sex with men. It's sexual whether it's my own muscle, muscle on other guys or muscle on women. There could be men who are interested in muscle but their interest is entirely non-sexual, but I'm not certain whether there are. This is so complicated it it hard to untie all the elements. Because, I'm also interested in lifting and strength in a way that is not sexual, but achievement-based (like someone might be interested in doing a good job in home decoration, or playing an instrument well), but clearly it's not disconnected with muscle, which remains sexual (but also aesthetic in a way that might not be sexual). Another question is whether a straight man interested in muscle is aroused by muscle on women. The answer in my case is yes, usually, but does that mean I want to have sex with them? Only maybe. There are going to be so many other factors in that decision.
  12. DaveMuscle


    Followed Silverfoxy. My IG is Dave_Muscle, and Skype is MrMuscleCrush
  13. DaveMuscle

    Getting erections at the gym?

    I tend to get a hard-on if I pose in front of a mirror – so I avoid doing this at the public gym. However you could adopt another solution, as I do, and have your own home gym where you can do whatever you want – including working-out naked! Dave Skype: MrMuscleCrush
  14. DaveMuscle

    hidden agenda?

    Women try to keep cool about it, but generally they love muscle. My girlfriend loves to see me get bigger and to admire my physique, and I get lots of attention from random women too - woolf-whistles, comments like 'nice legs', 'nice bum'', 'love the guns'. But though I am straight I am very happy to give guys a hard-on. I know men all over the world enjoy my pics and videos, and come watching them. Muscle gives me a hard-on too - it's like someone here once said - 'muscle' is its own sexual orientation; for those who are tuned into it strongly, its erotic character is independent of being gay, straight or bi. Dave Chat about muscle and strength: Skype MrMuscleCrush
  15. DaveMuscle

    hidden agenda?

    This whole forum is really an admission of this fact. Dave Chat on muscle and strength: Skype MrMuscleCrush