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    Showing off my muscle and strength and being worshiped
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    People who admire muscle, strength, power and extreme masculinity and virility and those who wish to worship me as a muscle god.
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  1. Great story. Brief, self-contained, complete, stylish (bit like me ?). I loved the para: “Yeah it was me fucking Kayla, Valerie and Lara. Honestly, I can't belief some of you guys have been together for years. They were so fucking tight! They're stretched wide open now though. I made sure they now know what real men feel like”
  2. No, but it astounds like me. I can keep cumming for hours! Skype: MrMuscleCrush Instagram: dave_muscle
  3. I do feats of strength with my dick. Join the "Megaghum Men' club to see, or Skype me! Dave Skype: MrMuscleCrush
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