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    Santa Rosa, CA
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    real profile.
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    Many interests besides body interests include philosophy, progressivism, piano playing, dogs, good films, making more good friendships that last and sharing freely with my buddies. In private I also put a lot of energy into writing books about human nature and reading and some other personal things.
  • What are your stats?
    47 years young and still packing on quality mass, 6 feet 4 inches. Extra huge all over. For more details, you have to get to know me. Some pics of when I weighed only about 300 lbs. solid muscle are available. I'm much bigger now.
  • What are you seeking?
    Seeking other gay male nudist bodybuilders who also like to vacuum pump their own genitals and nipples. Also open to saline infusion, male lactation and putting together clubs and households/parties with these interests. The more extreme the size fetish (muscles and genitals) the better. Body hairlessness also a plus.
  • What are your dream stats?
    For myself? I love to keep getting bigger muscles and genitals as much and as long as possible. Actually, what I seek in other guys is more about their passionate, appreciative attitude and mindset and not so much about their own physical size, though if they've managed to get huge too, that's a plus. Also, I greatly enjoy my own and others' profuse male lactation. I'm not afraid of change. I work hard for change.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Some other extreme bodybuilders I know which have not gone public so you wouldn't know their names and I have no intention of outing them.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    See above

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  1. Thanks for the follow, big guy. 

  2. Cool tumblr page, bud.  Most of my guys are bigger than the ones in your pics, but the shots you choose are very nice. 

    1. muscleslave46


      thanx :) .   i am not much online here...( i was in the past )  but i intend to contribute more in the future

  3. Hope you like the site, man.  I've found some great guys through this site.  The more you share, the better your chances.  Stay strong.


    1. Wulven


      Thanks big Zon, been a longtime fan of yours. Glad to here you are still growing. 

    2. EnormousMuscle


      Yeah still growing here.  Nothing slows me down.  Of course my guys here help me a lot to keep me maxing out with my growth.  Take care, man.

  4. Like to hear back from you, buddy.

    1. Orbitalbeebop


      I did, I emailed you. 

  5. Ever been with a king size muscle pig, bud?l  I'm much more massive now than I was when my profile pics were taken.  Always growing here.  That includes my genitals and nipples too now.  And I've been lactating for a while now too.  How hungry ARE you, Pig?

  6. Finding other takers on here?  I'm fine with groups, you know.

  7. Cool growth morph there, man.  I pump iron every day and get super pumped up myself.  It is a bit like that.

  8. Your profile sounds like the kind of person I want to know. I really want to try pump my cock. It's decent but I want it ridiculous 

    1. EnormousMuscle


      You and I definitely have some wonderful, deep stuff in common!  Email me all about your interests and let's discuss the possibilities.  I'm at [email protected]  I'm definitely open to a real relationship with someone like you if we're compatible enough.


      BIG ZON

    2. EnormousMuscle


      Ridiculous, huh?  Yeah, I think ridiculous is just magnificent, buddy.  So tell me about yourself.  You live in California like I do?  How big do you want to be if you could have any size at all?  I like to get to know where a guy's passions are at.  How hardcore about your training and your pumping, etc. are you prepared to be?  I'm interested.

  9. Nice new growing site of yours.  Hope to see more!

    1. growboybrow


      thanks! working on some good stuff

  10. Thanks for the positive comment on my posting.  You and I might have a great deal in common.  Feel free to email me directly at [email protected]  I'm looking for someone to team up with for extreme results.  No limits, bud!

  11. I added more pics of myself to my profile.  My goal is to become at least 3 times as massively muscular as the most massive of the pics.  I'm on my way, men.

  12. Thanks for the comment! I also find your beyond-human mega hugeness a great inspiration!

  13. You're one of the very best in inspirational artists.  Thanks, man!

  14. Hello EnormousMuscle welcome to the forum! 

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