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    <br /><br />
    weight 350 with 15-18% FB
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  1. I'm hoping Powerfulbodies have more stories like this, or even a continuation for this one. Short, sweet, and right to the point.
  2. Good thing you had the disclaimer, I was worried for a moment. An interesting start to this story.
  3. I enjoyed this series. I had to do a double take thinking the title was the same as my own. Nope it was different and the theme to this was so much better. Need more muscle theft of this quality.
  4. Ragetiger


    Build-a-Stud was a new shop that opened up in the local mall. It housed all kinds of odds and ends for all kinds of tastes and kinks. Most of the tame stuff was out in the open, the more adult stuff was hidden away. This new shop was part of the Trucker Muscle franchise, so it became pretty popular in a short amount of time. "Welcome to Build-a-Stud, where you can become the stud of your dreams or make them into your dream stud." the large tiger attendant greeted the small blue wolf that entered the shop. "How may I assist you today?" "I'm here to pick up an order I placed last week, was told it had arrived." he pretty much whispered. He was shyly trying to avoid direct eye contact. "Ah, yes. Come with me for just a moment." the tiger ushered him towards the back room. "We tend to keep these out of sight, even though it's in a plain brown box." A few minutes later, the wolf was nearly skipping his way home, holding a medium sized box. He was already reading the letter that came with his package. "Thank you for purchasing the Fantastic Reality Package. In this kit you will find every kind of growth fantasy imaginable. From weight gain, muscle growth and hyper, you will find it here. The special latex suit is needed to make these fantasies into reality. Apply the patch of your choice onto the special square on the suit and enjoy the feeling as you transform into your new reality. Once the suit finishes the transformation, the patch will simply fall off the suit. You may remove the suit once that happens. Under no circumstance are you to remove the suit while the body under goes the change, it may result in undesired results. Under normal circumstances, you may retain some of the fantasy when the effect completely finishes after three days. Enjoy your purchase." At his house, he was instantly greeted by his large bull boyfriend. He instantly noticed the box. "So it arrived at last." he grinned. "Build-a-Stud does not disappoint." "That they do not. Even the ones in the store seem have used the services as well." the wolf held the box in such a way to try to mask his growing boner. "Okay so lets get this started." the bull grunted as he stood up to his full height. Pick up the suit, he tossed it over to his big boy friend. "You need to wear this for any of this to work. Then you get to choose what you want, they have a few patches to choose from. Do not take it off till the patch falls off." The suit looked like any normal latex suit except for something very obvious, it had an extra "sleeve". It was placed right where the crotch was, perfect for the bull to slide his ample cock and balls into. The wolf brought over several patches, they had a simple design to them reading each showing a big guy flexing as if they were for muscle growth "XL, 2X, and XXXL". A couple others were in there too, one showing a really fat person and one that simple had cock and balls on them reading "Hot and Heavy." Without thinking too much, he reached for the XXXL patch and placed it on the suit. The patch went right to work. "Holy. . . my body is getting hot and pumped, like one of my all-day workouts." he grunted. He began to sweat as he felt his body beginning to change. He couldn't help but started to flex. "I can see myself growing. . . it's really working!" As he watched, the wolf slowly walked over and began to feel up his growing bull. "Damn, it feels so real too. Wonder how massive you're going to get with that big triple extra large patch. . . you were already massive." the wolf noticed his bull's cock and balls also seem to be growing. "Fuck. . . even your cock is getting bigger." Panting, the bull kept pumping his muscles as he kept filling up and out. His body was packing on pounds and pounds of rock hard muscle, his cock and balls filling out the special sleeve. A massive wet spot was also starting to form. "So damn horny, was it suppose to make me feel like I haven't been milked for a week. I just need to get off." the bull started to rub his growing member. Panting and moaning as he brought himself to climax. As he came, his body surged in size, nearly causing him to fall. "The heck. . . I just blew up as I blew my . . . load." as he spoke, his voice now deeper, he climaxed again. The blue wolf noticed this and went right to the instructions to find out what was going on. Finding the exact patch, his eyes drew wide. Reading it aloud, "XXXL is the ultimate in growth packages. Not only will your muscles grow to tremendous sizes, but your package will grow as well. You will be incredibly horny and want to get off. As you do, you will grow bigger and faster. Enjoy the feeling as you cum and grow. Even after the patch has run its course, you may still grow as you cum." The big bull bellowed again as he came again and again. Muscles pumping him up bigger and bigger, he was wider than he was tall. His cock and balls stretching the special sleeve, cum dripping off the end of it, but the suit remained intact. "Getting. . . too horny. . . cannot. . . " he cums again, ". . . my body." he snorts and grunts as he struggles. "Got to get. . . out of this." "Don't do that, you have to wait. Taking it off might do something. . . to your body." the wolf rushed up. Mesmerized by the sight of his impossibly massive bull boyfriend and nearly hypnotized by his deep soothing voice. "You just. . . have to. . . enjoy this." The wolf couldn't help but began to caress and worship the growing mountain of muscle. The two of them enjoyed each other in the silence until it was broken by the sound of something popping. "What was that?" the wolf asked, while constantly rubbing the bull's muscles. "Think AC is on the fritz again." the bull grunted. He began to sweat. "It's getting hot in here." "Only thing hot here is you big guy. So big all over." the wolf went from rubbing the bull's muscles to patting his thick cock. He could feel the heat coming off of the massive tube steak. "So hot all over too." As the bull fired off another powerful blast from his thickening cock, his gut started to push out. "Ohhh, this doesn't feel the same. I can feel my gut growing." "Probably cause you have so much muscle, your abs are starting to push out." the wolf went back to tending to his growing bull boyfriend. The thick musk coming off the tube steak kept his attention there. Another pop and the sound of something ripping could be heard. The bull was the first to react. "Fuck. . . the suit is being ripped apart." As soon as he said it, he felt the heat radiated throughout his body. Before he had a chance to further warn his wolf boyfriend working his cock over, he felt his body starting to swell all over and started to cum harder than ever before. Completely unaware of what was happening, the wolf kept humping the growing cock under him. "Oh fuck yeah! Cum and grow, grow and cum!" he even started to rub and caress the growing gut that was slowly pushing him off the cock. The bull's growth slowed slightly every time he was cumming, but then sped right back up. More and more of the suit started to rip and tear. The bull was almost helpless as his beefy body was slowly becoming thicker and fatter than before. His cock and balls were the first to be free from the suit. His thick legs and chubby arms were next to follow, the torso just simply refused to break. Big sagging gut and massive moobs finally exploded free of the suit at which point the growth seem to stop. His gut so big that his thick cock was completely engulfed under it. "Damn you are one fat fuck now. Perfectly fat too. Time for my fat bull to get milked." the wolf quickly climbed up the mountainous gut of his bull mate and began to suck and play with his thick nipples. "Wha. . . ooh, that feels really good." the bull panted heavily. It wasn't long before the bull was cumming against his bloated belly. As he came, he lost some of his fat. "Fuck that felt. . . pumped. I think I lost some of my fat. . . keep milking me, babe, see how much of this fat cum you can get out of me. He didn't need much more than that, before he went to town. He sucked on one nipple while his other was being coated in thick cum. He was slowly fattening up as he drank in the thick nipple cum. The taste so addicting that he just stayed clamped on as he kept milking the bull for all he's worth. As the wolf grew thick and fat, the bull's muscles blew up as it seemed that he was getting stronger as he came. Soon the wolf was unable to get any more nipple cum as the bull's moobs were completely packed with thick muscle. "Now look who's the fat fuck now." the bull laughed, rubbing his mate's swollen ass. "Speaking of fuck, it's time to give you a bull ride." The bull's meaty cock was leaking constantly, acting like the perfect lube. As he humped the fattened wolf, his muscles bulged and tensed. He could feel his cock growing longer and thicker as well. The wolf was also swelling from all the pre flooding him. As soon as his climaxed, the bull swelled up to the point of immobility; the wolf fared the same fate. One packed with muscle, the other swollen with fat. "Damn. I cannot pull out. You're so tight." the bull huffed and puffed. He wiggled a little, only causing him to cum hard once again, both growing even bigger. "Fuck. . . I'm so sensitive too." this time the wolf wiggled, causing the same thing to happen. "Crap. . . don't move." "Easier said then done," the wolf snickered, wiggling again and feeling himself being filled again and stretched even further by the bull's swelling cock. "We have a few days before we, hopefully, return to normal." At first, it was easy to hold still, but as the hours rolled by the two couldn't help but fidget. Bigger and bigger they grew, the wolf was slowly being pulled off the growing cock in his ass. His progress of sliding off was held up by the wall, till he bursted though it. The two of them out grew the house, which allowed the wolf to be fired off the bull's overly thick cock. The two of them basked in the afterglow and the warm summer day. After three days, they slowly realized they were not shrinking. They were stuck being massive and immobile. Both were content and happy with how it all turned out. They been constantly flocked by worshipers and idolizers that want to tend to their needs. All courtesy of Build-A-Stud.
  5. As the weeks and months slowly ticked by, the orders from the minowolf also kept rolling in. I had to order a few dozen tanks just to house all the Trucker Muscle that was being produced. They weren't big or massive orders, but the effects were very pronounced. Leon has been slowly growing more massive each time now. He's gotten so big that his compressed form is still towering over two hundred feet and wider at the shoulders. He even given up on clothes since his oversized balls are just churning all the time, like his boss. "When will Leon have turn to be in Boss?" his voice boomed even when he whispered. "It shouldn't be much longer, my massive Leon. You've gotten so big now. . . so big that it's growing hard to not have you in me already." I was always drooling at his size, my body is just craving having all that hot lion pulled into my balls and become part of my mass. It was at this moment, he bathes me in thick ropes of cum, making me surge in size till we are even in height. I cannot help but start to grope his impressive body. "So tell me, Leon, what would you like to have in your perfect, godly body?" I moaned into his ear. As I played with his body, I could feel it growing as it reshaped and expanded. "Bet you would love even bigger, more powerful muscles." I was instantly rewarded with feeling his body unleash another powerful orgasm. "Oh yeah, that's what big lions need, don't they. Even bigger balls, just like their boss."I rub and caress his swollen balls, feeling them surging in size, churning ever louder. They grew till they were touching his calves and almost as wide as his chest was. Then I began to play and fondle his cock. "With balls so big and heavy, they need a big massive cannon to fire." I slowly stroke his growing cock till it was just short of being right up against his muzzle, so thick that it wouldn't be able to fit into his muzzle. "Just like that, long and thick. So thick, it cannot be pushed into the ass or mouth, and just long enough that you can kiss that tip. You can really stimulate this monster with just bouncing your meaty pecs." I can feel his entire body rumbling as it was getting close to another powerful orgasm, but I wasn't quite done with him. "Balls this massive won't be able to pump it all out of his the one cannon, it'll need a little help." I began to tug and play with his nipples, which swelled to my touch. "You going to be just like your big boss, with nipples so fat that they look like cock tips. Plus they be able to pump out cum as well, just like you big boss." Leon pants heavily, feeling his entire body trying to contain the powerful orgasm that's steadily building. "Leon wants to be more like his boss." "Oh I know you do, which is why you need just one last thing." I began to rub and stroke his tail, wrapping it around me and pushing the tip deep into my tight hole. "A nice, big, thick tail cock. With your cock so thick and long, it won't be able to fit into my ass. This way you will always be able to satisfy your boss." I began to pant as i felt his cock reshaping itself deep in my ass, already leaking heavy cum, making me grow. "Now, cum as hard as you can. When you do, you'll lose these gifts. . . for now. Know this, you will be remade into this godly beast so that you'll always be able to satisfy your boss." Leon roared with unbridled lust, his massive cock giving him a full thick blast right to his face. His nipples erupting in twice powerful geysers of cum. His newly formed tailcock flooding me with thick power cum. "FUCKING CUM MORE" I roared as my body began to surge in size and power. I also began to cum from the same locations as my big godly Leon was. My cum was bathing him and making him grow all the more till we both ended up three times the size of the planet. "Leon. . . spent." he huffed and puffed, exhausted from the experience. His super sized cock and balls, fatten nipples, and tailcock have returned to normal. I chuckled, holding him close as we shank back down to about five hundred feet tall. We both needed a rest to recharge from that. It wasn't long after that, the final order arrived. Leon couldn't contain himself as his thunderous footfalls shook the ground. He was holding a large box that he use to have me help him with to carry. "Leon's day has arrived. Leon gets to be part of Boss now." he roared with glee, his massive cock already cumming everywhere as he literally skipped. As soon as the box was set down, I went to work on the contents and the order itself. The box held a series of tubes that needed to be hooked up to all of the tanks. There was also a second, smaller box. This held more capsules than I cared to count. A set of instructions stating to put in three of them in each tanks, the rest I could discard. As Leon was connecting all the tubes to the tanks; I went to each tank dropping three capsules in them. Thirty-two massive tanks in total, all connected down to a single tube, which was good for me. Since I know that tube will be firmly in my ass filling me in just a few moments once everything is ready. "Leon ready for what is about to become the most epic growth ever?" I asked him as I pushed the tube deep into my ass. "You're going to be so massive by the time I get done filling you up, that you will have to pump me up with your load." Leon only moaned in delight, knowing that he was going to be turned into my cum. Such a loyal pet he has become - something I grew accustomed to. Secretly I didn't want this ending for him, I want him to stay with me so that I would have that special someone with me. I looked at the last of the capsules, only six of them were left. I didn't get rid of them, I decided just to swallow them and see what would happen. It didn't take long before I felt the effects or my balls starting to enlarge. I was instantly went right to work on Leon's tight, firm ass. "Fuck," I quickly panted as I went to work. "Damn pills are driving me crazy, balls so full already." It didn't take much before I began to unleash torrents of hot cum. Another effect was instantly spotted as Leon started to quickly grow from my cum. It was potent before, but the pills must have increased the potency of my loads. I couldn't stop myself from cumming thick powerful blasts into Leon, forcing his body to grow rapidly. His muscles seem to take the bulk of the growth. "Leon feels so powerful." his voice boomed as it grew deeper. He kept surging in size, muscles outpacing his height. His big massive chest starting to push up against his muzzle, his nipples seem to thicken as well. "Getting. . . really big, Leon wants more." "More is what you shall get, my sexy Leon." I moaned as I grew with him, cumming all the more. Soon he was already bigger than the planet, which was my max size and kept going. I felt the tug as my ass started to pull in the massive array of tubes that Leon had hooked up. . . then i realized they were never turned on. "Uh. . . this will be interesting, Leon. I forgot to turn on the tubes before starting. You are about to get super sized." Wasn't long before all thirty-two tanks were pulled in all at the same time. I gasped as soon as I felt my balls exploding in size; my cock also followed the maddening growth. I bellowed as my whole body throbbed as I pumped more cum than ever before. Leon doubled in size, then doubled again and again. "Leon. . . too. . . " I could hear him muffle before his massive chest pushed his muzzle shut. I kept cumming thicker and thicker cum. Leon was growing so massive that any galaxy would be tiny to him. His massive muscled up ass had grown so massive that he was able to free himself from my gigantic cock. It was easily twice my body length and just as thick and it was still pumping out more and more cum. His body was still swelling up from him just absorbing the cum coating him now. I couldn't help it but there was still one spot that I was fast enough to get to - his massive cock. Still coating his body with potent cum, I pushed my throbbing cock into his. His cock clamped around mine and began to milk it for all its worth, even my oversized balls were pulled in. I looked up at the galactic muscle god I have created, his head was long sucked into the mountains of pecs. His arms were so thick with muscle they were locked straight out. His nipples were so thick and fat, they did look like cock tips and pointed right towards me. Looking down, his legs were suffering the same fate as his arms, so packed with muscle they were locked in place. All the cum I was now pumping into his cock was now making his cock grow thicker, but not any longer. His already tight sac was being further stretched as his balls were rapidly becoming more massive than he was. After a long while that felt like an eternity of sexual bliss, my tanks were finally empty. His fat cock released its hold onto my package. "I know you cannot do much, but now it's your turn to pump me full of your cum." I panted as I began to push my muzzle into his cock slit. I stuffed my muzzle till my horns brushed against the very lips of his cock slit. My tongue was doing all the work, licking the walls inside. I was instantly being bathed in his thick cream. His balls so massive that he was already in a constant state of over production, so he was no longer able to leak pre, it was all mass inducing cum. No cum could escape me, my body was absorbing it as quickly as it washed over me. I was also drinking it all in. Slowly I pulled my muzzle further and further out till I was sucking heavily on the slit itself. As my body swelled so did my hunger. My gut was filling out as I kept feasting on Leon's cum and he hasn't reached a climax yet. It didn't take long before I was pushing the head of his cock into my muzzle. Slowly I was taking more and more of his fat length, it was still bigger than I was; that was slowly changing as I kept swelling in all directions. Though Leon couldn't speak, I could feel his body vibrating and his cock pulsing and throbbing as I went further and further along the length of his cock. It wasn't going to take much more before I was going to get flooded. As soon as I was able to fully take his length into my maw, that was when his cock thickened, completely preventing me from backing off. I didn't have time to react as soon I was being force fed a massive blast of hot cum. My gut swelled out greatly, making it the main feature as his climax first hit. My muscles were doing their best to catch up to the hot protein drink I was being pumped full with. Even my cock, tail cock, and balls pumped up and enlarged. I was stuck firmly onto his cock as my body kept swelling out of control. I could feel every part of me starting to fight for more space as I was quickly approaching Leon's size. As quickly as I reached Leon's size, I blew past him and kept blowing up even bigger. I was still being force fed all of his cum. My gut was still massive, but now my muscles have caught up with the growth. My massive hands start to fondle and caress his massive balls, trying to milk them for all their worth. I did notice that as I drank, they were slowly shrinking. Once I was three times Leon's size I was finally free from his cock. My body's ability was still pulling in all his cum so nothing went to waste. I forced his cumming cock down into mine. I howled in lust as I surged in size. My mighty mass pumping and swelling all around me, but was still able to move my jaw for the time being. I couldn't see over the galaxy size pecs, I was able to feel my massive cock pumping up thicker and my balls growing heavier. Bigger and bigger I grew, unable to stop or slow my growth. Then I felt the obvious growth in my cock as Leon was now being pulled in. His balls had finally drained and now his mass would be added to my own. I was sad and happy at the same time. Happy that he was getting his wish to be part of me, but sadden by the same thing. As soon as he was completely cock vored and turned into cum. I opened my maw and every part of me began to suck in everything. My mouth, ass, tail cock, cock, and nipples began pulling in stars, planets, dust, gasses, dark matter, and even the anti-matter. Nothing was escaping me, it will all be inside of me. I could feel my massive balls rubbing along my thighs, before they were doing the same to my calves and even brushed under my feet. I was surging and pulsing bigger and bigger. My mouth was the first to be forever shut as my mighty pecs finally grew so thick and massive that it was able to push it shut. My tight ass was the next to stop feasting on the universe as my balls and tailcock grew so immense that they were able to block it. My massive gut grew and rested along the fat length of my cock till it stretched out and barely brushed the very edge of the flared head. Arms and legs were so packed with mass that they were completely locked. Tail cock so thick that it also pointed straight out away from my body, unable to even move. I had to be as big as the universe itself if not bigger. The thought caused my cock to throb, jiggling my gut. I wish I could moan, but I was so big that it was impossible. However, another chain of events were starting and I was completely helpless. As my cock throbbed and jiggled the belly, I was becoming aroused making my balls churn, which stimulated my thick tail cock. There was no stopping it, I couldn't stop it. I was being sent into pure unconstrained, unrestricted sexual bliss. I was so immense that this climax will be the end of all climaxes - the Grand Climax. My entire body pulsed and throbbed, trying to pump up even bigger as the Grand Climax was building to it's apex. Everything kept happening faster and faster as it got closer and closer. Time froze for what felt like an eternity. Then the Grand Climax began. Epilogue I roared out as I became cumming hard, Leon's roar overpowered mine. Two massive godly bodies pumping thick power ropes of hot sticky cum from three massive cocks, four massive nipple cocks and a pair of tail cocks. Leon was restored to match the form he dreamed of. Wider than he was tall, so much muscle that movement was challenging. His lone cock was long enough to rise over the massive mountains range of his pecs. His cock can arch towards him or away at his control so he can spray his face or mine with his powerful cum. His fat nipples looked more like cock tips and produced as powerful of jets. His new tail cock plugged firmly into my ass. The only massive change I made for myself was sporting two massive cocks, parallel to each other. Spaced perfectly so that Leon's cock fit snugly between them. They were just enough thick enough that when we are frotting they would barely brush against our nipple cocks. The universe, as well as the world, was completely remade. For the most part no one knows what had happened. The giant minowolf turned out to be a god, which Leon and myself were transformed into. Some of the males now had to deal with the possibility of being able to reproduce. Leon and I are not immune to this, but both of us produce an egg which is pushed out though the tailcock. Our "god-spawns" do not survive for more than a few days, tending to our needs, until they return to one of our cocks. It's one of the two times that our tailcocks ever leave the other's tight ass. The other time is when we have to produce Trucker Muscle. Truck Muscle truck stops now started to show up, all showcasing the line of products. Our feature product was slightly adjusted so the growth benefit only lasts a few days or until they climax. To add to the changes, there is a limit to how big they can get. The stops also include a hotel designed for macros so that they can be nice and big without breaking the building. No truck stop was ever complete without the massive showers, perfect for either starting the action or cleaning up afterwards. The two of us now live in a little secluded area, but well known, Trucker Muscle Mountain Range. The mountain tops aren't snow covered, they are cum covered! Our powerful blasts go practically everywhere. Those that try to climb them are met with the incredible presence of the god-spawns we produce, which take them to us for "punishment" - normally being cock vored. Just the two of us, forever bound to producing Trucker Muscle as well as being sex crazed muscle gods of the universe.
  6. *chuckles* I feel the same way. That's why there's that ending right there. More to cum *grins*
  7. Business continued to be a success. Production was more or less stable. Ever since my cock was fused with that cum bull, I was more than capable to keeping up with the steady demand for Trucker Muscle; I still had to drive out and fetch a "volunteer" here and there. My body wasn't growing too much bigger each time I cummed, couple pounds and a inch every fourth or fifth day of "milking". The cum bull did talk to me for a while after he was fused with my cock. Seemed that each cum beast had a different power or ability. That would make sense, the cum dragon gave me the tail cock; the cum bull created the "cum magnet" - I could draw in cum from a distance around me. Though each time I absorbed a cum beast, my body surged even bigger than before. "Boss, it's nearly time to go find another or two. A special order arrived today, client wanted something specific for a 'minowolf' - what ever that is." The large lion nearly roared. He was already a massive brute of a cat, thanks to him sampling some of my Trucker Muscle. Like most, they stay close to me, as if drawn to my potent product. He stood well over forty feet tall and much wider than that and growing every time I get milked. "They are kinda like me. A mix of minotaur and wolf." I chuckle deeply. "Only difference is that I have dragon added in." turning my attention to the job at hand. "So, how when does this guy want the product?" "Didn't give a time frame, just saying 'the sooner the better'," grunted the lion as he lifted and carried the milking tube towards my giant girthy cock. "Guess, he's not real sure how fast you are capable of filling the order, but the amount is purely massive. I would judge it to be three to four times the normal." I pant heavily as the lion slides the milking tube over my cock. "I bet he's already as big as you are or even bigger, if he's after that much." I start playing with my nipples a little. My nipple play caused the brute lion to nearly forget to turn on the machine. I could hear the slight change in his voice, much like a child being jealous. "He won't be bigger than me." he turned on the machine and then started to tend to my nipples. Moans deeply as I reward the kitty with some potent nipple cum, I could feel him gaining a few pounds as his mass slowly expanded. I cannot help but enjoy toying with him like this, plus it's always nice to have someone to grow. My hips buck a few times before I started unloading thick cream into the tube. My nipples also pumped more nipple cum into the lion's belly, which he wasn't expecting. He drank it all down, his body pulsed and puffed from the sudden surge of cum flow. He managed to free himself from my nipple, licking his lips then the nipples. "Wasn't expecting that, Boss. Cannot complain about the results." he flexed for me, showing off his newly swollen muscle. He was also a couple inches taller now. "Boss like how Leon grows and shows." "Leon, I certainly do. Just have to make sure I don't make you too big, if such a thing exist." I grunt as I come down from off my orgasm. "Still need some help around here and you do such a wonderful job at keeping the place nice and clean." Leon's crotch visibly swelled in his tight short shorts. He quickly pulled them down and stroked off his massive cock. My constant encouragement always excites him to the point he has to masturbate. He cums in thick ropes arching high into the air while he roars out in passion. Thanks to the cum bull's power, his cum was being pulled towards my body, being absorbed and converted into some extra mass for me. It was something I could barely control, some days I cannot pull in Leon's cum even if I wanted it; other days I cannot help but draw in even the cum that was in the tanks stored far away. Finished with the milking, I easily compressed down to my shorter form so that I could drive the truck to gather my potential "volunteer" to fill the minowolf's order. Looking over what he wanted in his mixture, it seemed easy enough. . . almost too easy. The first species I had to find was a powerful bear. I kept tabs on a few of the bigger ones, even gave some free samples here and there. Got to keep them wanting more and buy more. The one I had in mind was perfect, a massive grisly named Rex. Kept to himself and lived out of his own gym. The gym he owned was an older warehouse, completely rebuilt to be even higher than it use to be. It had to be big, he was just enormous. Standing well over thirty feet tall and almost just as wide, he needed a massive place. He was one of the first people I sold directly to, just to test out the markets. There was no shortage of big beef in his gym. Rex instantly spotted me as soon as I walked in, . "It's good to see you again. Come to deliver more Trucker Muscle in person, I see." He stood taller than me, which I didn't mind. His big bear paw resting on my shoulder. "I came here for more than just that." I said. "I wanted to invite you over to the Warehouse to see Trucker Muscle being produced. I'm going around getting a few choice clients together to show off how it's all made." I nearly chuckled at the thought. "Plus you'll get a fresh batch to enjoy." His eyes grew wide and nearly sparkled with joy as I explained everything. The bear knew how good the product was and the fresh batch was the tipping point. He gave a powerful bear hug, almost forgetting his strength, lifting me off my own feet. Didn't have to worry about locking up or shutting down, his gym was pretty much self ran. He gathered a couple things and we were out the door. The truck's trailer was a converted flatbed, designed to seat up to five giants with ease. Luckily I didn't need to fill all five seats, just two more to fill. The extra weight from the massive bear wasn't too bad for getting the truck moving. My second stop was quick and easy, once again bringing in a box filled with Trucker Muscle. This time I was picking up a lynx, he wasn't as big as the bear but made up for it with just pure mass. Unlike Rex that was full of muscle, Lux was sporting a bigger muscle gut than I have. He also stood shorter as well, just barely eighteen feet tall. He wasn't getting taller off Trucker Muscle, as it went mostly to that growing gut of his. Lux didn't lift as often either, spending most of his time gaming. It was easy enough to get him to come with me to the Warehouse. The third pick up was a little harder to do. I only knew of one cheetah and he was constantly on the move. Could never find this twenty five foot powerhouse in the same place twice. Titan, as he constantly called himself, was a mover and a shaker. Between part of a moving company and showing off the goods at one of the strip clubs, he was hard to pin down when you want to find him. Luckily, giving him a call was easy, today was a slow day at the moving company and he was there for the time being. "What's with the others?" his deep voice purred. It was an odd sound to say the least, it was like he was constantly purring so when he talked it created a unique sound - almost erotic. "Bringing in a few for giving a nice tour of the Warehouse. Wanted to show off how Trucker Muscle is made and to give everyone a fresh batch to take with them." was my reply, trying not to give too much of a tell of what was in store. It was getting really hard to not want to start making them so much bigger right here, but needed them at the Warehouse first. The hour drive was short, but felt like it was much longer. I was fighting to keep my cock from trying to burst right out of shorts, though it was already soaked with pre. Pulling in, I was greeted with Leon running up, hauling a few tubes. "Leon, perfect timing. Everything is ready to go, I hope." I spoke quickly. He nodded. Keeping my voice down, "Perfect, but I'll be needing a little more help to fill the order. I'm sure you saw that the order needed some lion, so I'll be having you join in on the fun." I turned to face the group. "Welcome to the Warehouse. The home of Trucker Muscle. As all of you have known and felt the power that is given, it's time to learn exactly how the product is actually made. It's a trade secret so no one shall speak of what you see here, or you shall lose the right to have this product. All understand how important this is?" Rex nodded, followed by the other two. Something I liked about Rex, he seem to have a unique ability to get others to follow his lead. Doubt that Lux and Titan would say anything, but the fear of not having Trucker Muscle was enough to keep them quiet. "Good. Well the first thing I will have everyone do, myself and my associate Leon included, is to strip down completely. The one thing about the potency of fresh Trucker Muscle as that the rate of growth is much higher, most of the time your clothes won't fit afterwards." For a moment there was slight hesitation from the three, though once they saw Leon undressed and myself completely in the buff, they went ahead with doing it as well. While they looked back at me, they say me slipping one of the tubes over my cock. "Now one of the tubes provided will go over your cock, like how Leon and myself have done. This is to make sure that the place remains clean. Cause let's be honest, you're going to cum a few times when you experience this." The one fact I left out was that my tube wasn't connected like theirs were. Mine split into four lines, Leon already had his plugged firmly into his ass. Once they saw what he didn't they mummer again. "Now what Leon has done is perfectly fine. There's actually two methods of enjoying Trucker Muscle, either from drinking it or actually pumping it deep into your innards. It's printed on the bottle, but I bet most just thought it was simply a joke. I mean the cock shaped bottle kinda added to the illusion, if that was your thing. Results are the same, none the less." "Oh, I have done that more than one."Rex laughed heartily. "They thought it was crazy, but when they saw me gain another hundred pounds of pure muscle, there was no denying it." He grunted a little as he plunged the second hose deep into his ass. The other two went for sucking down the tube, so that it would go right into your bellies. I pushed mine into my ass, but knowing that this tube would be filled with the completed product. "Alright, everyone is now set for enjoying the process of making Trucker Muscle - by being part of that process!" I panted heavily as I started to expand to fill the Warehouse. The ceiling opened up as I surged to over one hundred feet and growing. I instantly came hard, my tube quickly filling and the lines linking to the four will filled with a constant flood of hot cum. The results were instant. Rex surged with muscle, Titan boomed in size, Lux's gut rolled out further, and Leon's body swelled. They couldn't control themselves as they started cumming hard as well. Under our feet the lines they cummed into split into two, one leading to the processing tanks, the other plugged into my tight ass. As soon as their mixture reached my innards, I felt the rush of more power than ever before. My previous max height of five miles was blown away as I quickly exploded into a thirty mile mountain of muscle. All the while my cum load is increasing as well, forcing them to keep growing into massive balls of muscle mass and fat. Leon was the only one that was still mobile and show how managed to get on top of my massive cock. The excitement of seeing the curvature of the planet sent me over the edge again. Though the tube had split open some time during my rapid expansion, it didn't stop my cum from washing over everything and growing anyone and everyone that touched it. Then I felt the rush hit me once again, this time more powerful than before. Even though the four of them were so massive, their tubes were still intact! I roared as my body exploded even bigger. I gotten so massive that I was able to lift off the planet without any effort. The tubes were still attached to the three of them, Leon managed to free his cock from the tube. I felt even more cum rushing inside of me, making me grow as massive as the planet. The tubes were still holding onto Rex, Lux, and Titan as we floated in space. Their tubes were slowly being pulled as my tight ass began to draw them in. They were as big as moons but didn't save them from being anally vored, adding to my overall mass. I felt the change washing over me, I roared out once more, "CUM!" All the cum that the world just produced from my command was also pulled into me; some washing over Leon, making him grow even bigger. Leon had watched as the three were helplessly pulled into my being. Then grew from the combination of cumming and having cum wash over him. "Is it my turn, Boss?" "No, not yet, my little lion." I low growl, sounded like rolling thunder. "We have to finish the order for the minowolf, remember." I recalled what that cum bull told me about cum beasts, I did pick up new powers as a result. My guess was that Rex, that hulking grisly, was a cum beast. I could feel that anything I command would be instantly met. another potent power I had was I create my own atmosphere, which was great since Leon and myself were just floating over a planet as big as I was now. "Leon, I want you to compress yourself, like I do, to fifty feet tall. I'm feeling like rewarding you by being even taller than before." I watched as he instantly complied with the command. I started to shrink down as well, slowly returning to the planet's surface. Seemed that nothing was destroyed or even damaged from my latest growth explosion. The only odd thing was now circling the planet, a ring made of cum. "Leon follows orders correctly, Boss?" he asked as he went to work on his cock once more. With a snap of my fingers, I had magicked up a new pair of short shorts for him. Had to make the pouch a lot bigger to accommodate how massive this equipment grown. "Yes, you followed them perfectly. Now get dressed, we have to get the ordered completed." Leon rushed to slip on the new clothes then dashed away towards the housing tanks. Another order completed and another will soon to come, though I fear the next one might also be the last one.
  8. I might do another part to see how well it goes. The sky's the limit.
  9. The near overnight success of the new product, Trucker Muscle, created a huge cash flow for me. However, it also created a minor issue. I couldn't keep up with the demand. I had to keep finding more and more victims to mix with my own potent cum to become the now famous Trucker Muscle. With each victim I had to vore, either by cock, anal, and traditional swallowing them whole, my body kept growing in size. The truck had its suspension system completely rebuilt on more than one occasion. Even with all of my power, I could only keep myself compressed for shorter and shorter time frames, making transport a rushed job. Transporting the victims were becoming as issue as well. Since I had a smaller window to stay compressed, I had to go from moving three at a time to just one. It made using my magic a little more interesting, I went from creating the room and the trailer right behind to actually using the magic to disguise the trailer as the building. I will admit that I enjoyed being more visible as I turned the helpless victim into a massive cum filled immobile version of themselves. I just had to clean the trailer after each haul cause of the amount of left over cum that was sprayed all over. "Damn no matter how much we produce it's not enough." the rat boss growled. "You taking too much time to get them here and fully processed." I grunted as I scrubbed the inside of the trailer, "Have to find a way to make the operation more mobile. The same hunting grounds aren't producing many victims. Most truckers and other motorists are learning to stay off the road we use." "Keep that mouth running like that and I'll have to dock your pay," he warned. "And you got that gut from doing that last time. This time I won't be as kind," I quickly threatened. "Just get them so we get paid. Cannot get paid with no product." the rat huffed off, rubbing his gut. I smirked as I watched him leave. I still recall how massive I filled him before letting him deflate. Was the best way to get the job, I was able to provide something that no one else really could. Still being with big bull balls had a great advantage, they never really run dry. The bigger they get, though, the more attention they need. I kept my mind off that as I finished cleaning and headed out for a fresh victim. I had to drive for more than two hours before I used my magic on the truck to transform it into a nice little truck stop. Luckily it wasn't more than half an hour before a big beefy bull arrived. Except for the creamy white patch of fur that was visible around the top of his chest, he was almost a copy of my old bovine self. I couldn't help but feel more aroused than normal at the sight of him. "Seems it's my lucky day." I moaned. "Been a long while since I seen such a beefy bull." I was practically ripping off my trucker outfit as he was doing the same. "We are both lucky then. Been wanting to find this place, heard great things." he grinned a nice toothy grin. "Wanted to see if the rumors were true." "Oh, it certainly is." I panted, running my paws over his body, enjoying the curve of his gut and the mounds of muscles. "Already so big already, will be very interesting to see you even bigger." Before I even asked, he already turned around and presented his ample ass, "Don't wish any longer, ride this big bull into hugeness." I could barely contain myself as I mounted him and began to thrust into that tight ass in a lust-filled bliss. I was slowly growing bigger as I worked his body over. My big hands rubbing and tugging his firm nipples, my hot breath over the nape of his muscled neck. IT didn't take long before I was filling him with thick globs of cum. Even as I was cumming I was still pounding his ass, my swelling balls slapping harder and harder as I kept going. Both of use were taking up more space; he was growing faster than I was, but I didn't really notice even when i felt my back and horns pressing against the roof of the trailer. The growing bull managed to push my body free of the trailer as he now completely filled it. I had to pull myself off him before I made him burst from the trailer - I still needed to get him to the processing center. I had a hard time using my magic to remake my clothes, they gotten really small since the last time worn. My throbbing cock and swollen balls didn't make the pants fit any better either. The drive back was even rougher on me. I could hear him moaning as he was likely pleasuring himself from the vibration of the road. The pants were tearing apart as my balls swelled bigger with each passing moment, I could feel not only my cock leaking but my nipples as well. My gut pulled the shirt up and my chest burst all of the buttons. By the time I finally arrived, the tractor was leaking cum as well as the back of the trailer. My gut was pressed and spilled over the top of the steering wheel. I nearly was trapped in the tractor but the steering wheel finally snapped, freeing my bloated gut. As soon as the rats had managed to open the door, a flood of hot sticky cum washed over them, making them bloat up with muscle and fat. The ones that were still mobile did the best they could to get the hoses. I was already mounting the bull again, making him outgrow the trailer. Watching the ballooning bull bursting from the trailer was one of the hottest things I ever watched. I nearly blew my load into him. I was using all the strength to keep the bull from reaching his orgasm long enough for the rats to try to place the hose over that gigantic cock of his. It was becoming harder and harder to do so as watching him grow was turning me on more and more. I was also keeping my orgasm back as well forcing me grow bigger and bigger. The rats had just enough time to finish putting the hose over the massive bull cock as my pent up load started to stuff the bull. The magic broke free letting the massive bull to unload in thick blasts that the hose was barely able to contain. Out in the distance was a row of four massive silos. One by one each one burst its top as they were being overfilled. Cum was washing over everything as it just kept coming. I couldn't stop myself from filling that bull with more of my cum. He was already more massive than the warehouse was that use to house three at a time and yet he kept ballooning even bigger. His climax finally ended but I couldn't stop mine, he just kept growing bigger. This forced the boss rat to arrive and started to panic as he saw how massive both of us were. His protest was cut short when my tail cock swished around, voring him, then doing the same to all the rats in the area. "You give the best rides, so that deserves a reward. I'm going to become part of your enterprise." he moaned as he kept being filled. His growth stopped though I was still cumming. I could feel my cock throb and pulse as it grew inside the mountain of bull. However the bull kept moaning deeply as he was being stretched by my cock, or that was what I thought. It took a few minutes to notice that the bull's features were slowly morphing into something else - he was becoming my cock! Somehow he was merging with my massive cock, making it grow to the size I pumped him up to. The rest of my body began to surge and grow out of control as the process took effect. To further fuel my body's rampant growth, all the cum around was being pulled into my body. My head was literally in the clouds as I surged to over five miles in height, and wider than that at my shoulders. My gut bounced and heaved with each breath I took, it stuck out almost as far as my meaty pecs did and was slightly wider than my chest. My massive bull fused cock now stretched to over three miles in length and a mile wide, sporting balls each over a mile across. So wild with lust, my cock just leaks cum. As the process finished, I roared out as I started cumming hard once more from my cock, tail cock and both nipples. After a few hours of making it rain cum, I was able to calm down. I was able to compress myself back to my twenty foot height, but the proportions with the new bull fused cock still made the monster cock stand out, magicking up normal clothes was impossible for now. I was able to make use of the spandex attire, though the bulge was massive - least I was clothed. Patting my massive cock, "Well looks like we need a new location. Bet you might know some place big enough for this business. Don't think we need too much, just some drivers to move our product - for now." I spread out my massive dragon wings and took to the skies, gliding almost effortlessly towards where the future home of Trucker Muscle might be found.
  10. Ragetiger

    Trucker Muscle

    The long road stretched in both directions till it vanished over the horizon. Resting between a lone truck stop. One semi's trailer backed against the wall near where the rest room sat. No one thought of why it was there, but there it was like it always is. The rig itself is never attached to it, so no one is sure who owns the trailer. This truck stop doesn't offer much, outside of a little fuel and some food, the big appeal was the restroom, oddly enough. The room always stunk of musk as if a constant orgy was going on in there. The rest room itself was a lone bathroom, it was a full bath so it had a shower. Even though it was a single occupant bathroom, it still had a partitioned toilet, it was immense in scale, almost as wide as the trailer that it backed behind the building. Despite that, it had a odd glory hole and a sliding panel. It was against the large brick wall with no way to see who or what was on the other side. "Knock twice to blow me. Knock three times for me to blow you. Wait a moment then opened the sliding door." the sign on the panel read. It seemed harmless, but most truckers were warned to avoid this stop if possible. If they could not, they had to avoid knocking on that panel. Rumor spread that truckers that did knock, were changed forever and no longer wished to be truckers. Others have claimed that the truckers vanished from the planet. A fox that just started his first day as a solo trucker entered the truck stop, unaware of this was the place his co-workers warned him about. Unlike most truckers this guy was lean, mostly athletic build. Not too buff and lacking the fat that most truckers carried with them. The red furred fox undressed and set his things on a small table just outside of where the shower was. He turned on the water and let the heat build up while he freshened up at the toilet. He read the sign aloud, paused for a moment feeling his cock rise to full attention, then he knocked once. . . then twice. Hesitated for a moment, as if thinking about a third knock, finally, slide open the panel. The panel was bigger than his hand. It slide open with ease exposing a hole with a rubber lining around it. The hole was larger than if he had clenched both of his hands together and fit them in. A powerful musk filled the room, then an equally massive cock burst from the hole. It bobbed and throbbed near the fox's mouth. It was already drooling heavy amounts of pre. "This is what you asked for, get to it." A deep, powerful voice boomed from behind the wall. The fit fox thought about it for a moment, then he went right to town on the impressive meat rod that was presented. It was almost like he had no control over it at first. He was constantly encouraged to keep going, work harder and faster. The owner of this cock wanted a pent up release. A deep growling from the other size along with the sound of claws digging into the brick wall, foretold that the climax was coming. The fox's eyes bugged out for a moment as he nearly gagged on the flood of cum that was filling him up. He was not only being filled, but slowly being stretched out filling the bathroom stall. He tried with all his might to free himself from the engorged cumming cock, but it was firmly stuck in his maw. He felt his back pressing against one wall while his fattening chest started to press on the opposite. After a few minutes, the fox completely filled the bathroom stall. He couldn't move or speak, he was so fat that his fat chin was held shut by the size of his cum filled chest. It was almost like he was boxed shaped. A loud rumble was heard as a wall opened up, adjacent to the one with the glory hole. A warm breeze met the fox's nude form, but most of the light was blocked by the presence of the trailer that was always parked there. In moments the cum filled fox was stuffed inside the trailer, the wall closed back up and waited for another willing participant. The wait wasn't a long one. This time a large brown furred wolf emerged from his truck. Seeing a second truck at the stop, he was hoping for a little action in the restroom. He heard the shower still running when he approached, the hot steam and musk greeted him as he entered. The mix blinded him for a moment as he entered the steam filled room. "Now where is that hot tail that's showing in here?" he partially moaned from his pent up lust. Finding no one he wandered to the toilet and noticed the glory hole panel. He knocked three times quickly, then opened the door without waiting and was already humping the hole in the wall. "I like when someone wants to experience a nice hard blow, but patients is often best." A deep voice boomed. "Don't worry. . . you will enjoy this blow." The wolf was too enraptured on the feeling as a hot wet maw was already working his tool to notice what was happening. As the mysterious figured worked the wolf's cock, the brown furred wolf was slowly starting to expand. Little by little, muscle was being blown into unsuspecting trucker. "The hell?!" he moaned as he felt his shoulders brushing and starting to press against the walls. "How. . . did I get this big?" "Cause you are getting one of the best blows ever. It really grows on you." the deep voice echoed. Before the wolf had a chance to respond, his body started blowing up faster. His chest quickly began to press into his chin, making it impossible for him to speak. His arms and legs quickly began being pulled into his ballooning body as it swelled into the cube shaped toilet area. HE struggled the best he could trying to get that nut off, but nothing worked. A blast of cool air met him as the wall opened up and was slowly drawn inside with the red furred fox suffering from the same fate as him. Just as quickly, the wall closed leaving the two in the trailer to ponder their fate. An hour or so passed since the first two victims were loaded into the trailer, patiently waiting for a third. Their rigs have been removed, as to not warn others that someone was here. The warmth of the day was slowly ending, nearing sun set when a truck pulled in. Unlike the other two visitors, this one spent the time to fuel his rig before moving towards the restroom. A burly looking bear, a mix of fat and muscle. A veteran trucker if one ever looked. This burly gray furred bear took his time to slowly go towards the toilet area, he was being very cautious. He sat on the toilet, pondering about that panel with it's instructions. Without knocking he slide it open tried to see into the dark abyss behind it, then closed it. He did it a few times with the same result. The sound of another door opening caught his ears, but it wasn't from where the the door he entered was. It was close to him, it was all he knew. "It was time you showed up." the deep voice boomed. With each step the floor, reverberated the sound. "I knew at some point it was bound to happen. Someone curious about the rumors wanted to go and see it for themselves. See if it was true, well it is. Don't worry, no harm ever comes to those that come here. I just give them more purpose." The bear was frantically trying to find a way to escape, but the door to leave the toilet area was somehow locked, he couldn't leave, even trying to crawl under was impossible, he was too big to begin with. Despite his strength and size, he could not knock down the normally flimsy walls. The door opened and exposed the owner of the deep booming voice, a massive creature composed of dragon, bull, and wolf. Standing well over ten feet tall and nearly as wide, sporting a massive belly to match. I cleared my throat and spoke again, using more charm in my tone. "As I said, you'll be given a better purpose, one that even you will enjoy." my voice had a powerful effect on my pray as he was already starting to undress. "That's right, show me your natural beauty." He was under the spell I had used so often before, a nice combination of my voice and a light musk that most don't notice. Something I picked up from that cum dragon I had absorbed so long ago. As I learned more about my powers, I was able to go from a massive 200 foot chimera to one that topped off at ten feet tall. My musky scent that sometimes is faint, still makes those susceptible to become horny pets, just wanting to find pleasure. This bear was no exception, as soon as he was undressed, his ass was already wiggling in my general direction. I didn't need further encouragement and mounted the big bear. I bellowed as I quickly hit climax, forcing the bear to swell in size as gallon upon gallon was flooding his insides. Once the bear filled the toilet area like the other two victims. I made a hand gesture and caused the wall to open up, exposing him to his fate - the inside of a trailer. Unlike the other two, I gingerly picked him up and placed him inside the trailer, this time closing it and sealing it with a padlock. "Perfect fit." I panted from my mild exercise. "Filled my load a little faster than the last few times. Guess those rumor help fill in the orders. Now for phase two." With the trailer filled with three cum filled victims, I move back against the wall where the glory hole was, revealing the rig that was carefully hidden using magic. Truth be told, the entire building was nothing more than a magic induced illusion. I drove the tractor around and backed into the trailer, locking them together. Landing gear raised and soon the rig was moving it's cargo to it's next destination. The drive was rough at the start, the soft ground had caused the trailer to sink a little, but the power of the tractor was enough to pull free. The place I was going to wasn't far, about an hours drive. A warehouse was secluded in the middle of nowhere, like the truck stop illusion I had used. I know this structure wasn't an illusion, the owner is eagerly awaiting outside for this cargo. "A nice catch," the rat grumbled as he swaggered around, rubbing his fatty paws together. "This trio will make for a fine addition to the others. Now get them into proper place and we shall begin." "Sure thing, boss." I panted. I took my time to carry each of the cum filled victims into a specific spot. I slowly began to let my true size come out, feeling my attire slowly bursting free then falling to the ground in tatters. I watched the rat scamper away and bring back a large collection of hoses. From experience, these hoses were going to slip over their cocks. As each tube firmly slipped over their cocks, I rubbed mine. Magic coursed over the tube, so that as I stroked myself, they felt as if I was stroking them. "So far so good. The three of you will love all of this. Got some tubes to catch your loads, and soon more tubes will be feeding you my load. You aren't big enough . . . yet. The first load you got filled with was only to start the process, I bet you are feeling kind of hallow. That will all change in a few minutes." He came back with another round of hoses from the opposite side of the warehouse, each of these were pushed right into their tight asses. Like with the cock tubes, I rubbed my cock again. The change was slightly different, instead of the feeling of being stroked, it felt more like I was pounding their ass. After the tubes were in place, I walked back to where the second set of tubes were brought in from. The three tubes merged into one and this one was mine to fill with my own cock. Like practice, I took joy and pleasure slipping this tube over my thickening cock. "Everything ready on the other side, boss?" I asked panting with lust. He nodded and headed to the other side, The three tubes on the three victims were also spliced into three. Each of the tubes were connected to the filler hose of nine tanker trucks. All nine had a simple logo on the side that read "Trucker Muscle". I moaned and groaned as I began to slowly pump my massive cock. I can hear the fox, wolf, and bear all moaning as well. They had to be close to climax by the fact that the tubes made it feel like they were being stroked and pumped by me. My magic did it's wonder by keeping them from climaxing. I roared out as my cock thickened and began to fill the tube and watched as it rushed toward the three victims. As soon as my load slipped into their asses, I watched as every part of them started to blow up in size. Nothing was left untouched, even their cock and balls swelled. The tubes held fast and soon they were almost as tall as the warehouse and wide enough to lightly brush against the others. I willed my magic to let them blow their pent up loads. The walls rattled from their collective roars of passion. As they blew, they were slowly shrinking. My load was keeping them massive, but they were pumping it out faster. I just had to keep them cuming to fill the tankers on the other side. "HOLY!!!" I heard from the other side. "They are overfilling the trucks." I heard the whine of a pump turning on. The rat was diverting the flow from the tanker trucks to a spare underground tank. Panting, I removed the tube from my cock and walked by my handy work as they were still pumping more cum. They would shrink down, but they will still be much larger than they use to be. A minor drawback to my cum powers. "Another successful gathering of Trucker Muscle." I chuckled as I watched the crew finished securing the tankers for transportation of the product. Unlike the rat boss, the crew has no clue as to what was in the warehouse. All they know is that they are transporting my milk, since they only see me with a still dripping cock and nude. "You've seen nothing." I know my magic won't affect them as easily, but that doesn't stop me from saying it. "If they want their pay, they know to not speak of what they see." the boss rat informed, threatening the crew as they finished checking things and started to take off. "We will have to deal with this mixed stuff, since it's not as good as when it's separated." "Okay that can be arranged." I smirked, causing the rat to panic for a moment. "I'll just take that tank with me. I do love sampling the collection, but I need to ease it back a bit so that it won't burst that tank." I pause for a moment. "Oh you thought I was going to do something crazy, I forget most don't work around the macro community, especially those that feed by cock vore. Never worry, you're my pay check too." I playfully slap his back. With the trucks gone, I got to finish cleaning up the warehouse. All three were still nice and bloated. I eyed each of them, My cock and tail cock slipped over the big wolf and the red fox's cock and began to slowly milk them, pulling them into my massive body. The bear watched in horror as my cock and tail cock swallowed the two furs. His fate wasn't as enjoyable. I plucked him up with ease held him over my maw and swallowed him whole. By body feasted on the three of them, all becoming cum in the process. I felt my body pulse and swell as new strength and weight was added to my bulky frame. I quickly went down to a small size, but with a much bigger belly. My red buttoned down shirt and denim jeans struggled to contain my new mass, I used a little magic so that they will not break. With the warehouse cleaned and my truck empty it was time to drive off to the next location and gather up more for Trucker Muscle. Wonder whom will be found at the next local truck stop and it's glory hole.
  11. I had checked and I do have a copy of the offline 0.08 version you had done.
  12. Yeah I should have reread the story. I was slowly working it in little bits at a time. It's one of the reasons why I stopped at only the Solar System. . . gives me time to figure out how to outgrow the universe and reality itself *big grin* I might want to tackle some alternate endings where the growth begins at.
  13. Yeah seems that when i cut and paste it over for the spell checking (rich text doesn't have that option) I might have broken a couple of the parts by accident. I have done full RP sessions where I ended up filling the entire known reality then shattering it,then to remake it by cumming. I might go back and do one or two alternate endings. There's a great point where I can start up with the tangent.
  14. So muscular that even relaxed I was flexing. So horny I was leaking cum by the gallons. That's how my life became after playing with the Muscle Builder Ap. Seems my growth didn't go by completely unnoticed. A big hole with the constantly flowing cum kept right on pumping out in the yard. The musky smell could be smelt and felt from miles around. No one was immune, just one little whiff and they were in the thralls of climax. The maker of the application was so enthralled that he moved right in. The massive lion was a sight as if he was one of the poor people that were given my "shared" progress. It turned out that some of my close watchers were turned into gigantic mountains of muscles, though not as massive as me. All seems to be in various phases of my growth as well. Least all of them were still mobile, though I don't mind being pinned down by the weight of my oversized cock and balls. To aid in the cleanup from my unending cum flow, my cock was fitted with a massive sleeve to a hose that connected to a series of pumps and tanks designed to take all I can give. Trust me those trucks were rolling all day and night long. Between my normal leaking cum flow, that lion was more than will to worship this massive body I have. "Think I have finally found the remains of your phone." he called out, jogging back into the house. He did find the busted remains of my old smart phone. I did notice that the battery and back of the casing was missing. a sim card was there. "Seems that you did a number on this poor thing." I chuckled, "It's not like I had any control over it, Furor. Even a light touch was too much pressure. Besides I didn't blow up to this size till after it broke." I shifted my weight a little, trying to flex. "Shame there's no way to make me taller so I can least move around." Furor listened to me, before looking back at the phone. "It's a shame we didn't think of that. Didn't think it was possible for anyone to grow this massive. You're like a god of muscle and sex." he purred as he ran a finger over the length of my cock. He felt the heat radiate off it as I blew another load into the tanks. Outside a loud scream or two were heard before the sound of my cum sloshing and splattering. Then there were a series of deep groans, only to have them turn into moans of passion. Another pair of victims to my cum shots. Odds are they grew a little and a lot hornier. I panted for a few minutes. "Need to make sure they aren't loading up before I unload. Don't want to turn everyone into giants. . . yet." I jest a few times like this after learning my potent seed is capable of making others swell. "Good thing the game didn't have a godmode or something like that. Who knows what would have happened." "I can only imagine how massive you would have been." Furor could only purr loudly as he was stroking himself. "So much power and beauty in a tight massive package. Hordes of worshipers savoring their time, trying to earn their god's favor or blessing. All of them. . . bigger than life themselves and yet crave more." He roared as he shot his load all over my swollen cock and balls. I felt the tingle again as if I had gotten bigger, like when the game was running. But as quickly as it started, it ended. Seems every time he came on me, I felt that tingle. It was hard to tell if I was growing or if it was just the feeling I had when he came on my body. Either way I couldn't tell, there was no scale to weigh me, nor was I being measured past the time I was fitted with that sleeve. It was super stretchy and tight enough to ensure my loads wouldn't blast the thing off. At the same time, it didn't feel like anything was on my cock. It was incredible, like wearing some kind of condom. "Damn, I just cannot control myself when I'm around you, you big sexy beast." Furor panted, as he came down from his orgasmic haze. "One of these days, I'll give you all the attention you could ever want. . . and more." he winked as he left the room, heading to take a shower. I collected my thoughts, that lion was one of the few that could keep his cool around my musky scent. More than once, Furor had his way with my massive form. Either pounding my tight ass, which is pretty fun to get at, once I straddle myself on top of my cock; more than one time he wanted to go right for docking. I often worried what would happen to him if he was still in the slit when I started cumming. I enjoyed the way he has to use his entire body just to stroke the length of my cock, the thought making my cock gush more cum, this time no sounds of panic. I drifted off to sleep thinking about how it would be if Furor was as big as I was, could he give me the pleasure he wanted to give. In the morning, Furor walked around like he was a kid in the candy store. I wasn't sure why he was in such a mood, but I didn't want his mood spoiled. He was playing with his phone and giggling. I watched him as he swelled up a little bit, then stopped. The only thing the overgrown cat was wearing was a very tight thong, soaked with his pre. "How do you like this?" He asked me, flexing his newly inflated muscles. "Or maybe I should pack on some more pounds elsewhere." he played with his phone a bit again, this time his groin plumped up. I grunted as I blasted a fresh load into the tanks. "That was incredible. How did you do that?" He showed me his phone. . . it was the Muscle Builder Ap! "Seems the game still works and I managed to unlock a couple new features." He toyed with the phone once more, this time pulling up my profile. "To be honest, it was your profile that unlocked these features. Seems it now added the ability to let anothers growth be controlled." he gave me a sly wink. "and there's one more feature that only you can benefit from." I grew worried, I knew what it did to me and now here it was again, like a repeating nightmare. "Oh don't give me that look. It's perfectly safe, I didn't do anything to control your own growth, though now you can get taller so you can be mobile again." he fumbled with the phone again. He grunted for a moment then sighed. "Seems the only thing it cannot do, is make the person smaller, only bigger." I gave a slight moan as I felt myself being stretched. I was slowly getting taller, my frame adjusted as my limbs and torso began to swell and lengthen. Seem I felt my feet crush the ground as I managed to stand up, destroying the ceiling with my horns and skull. "Holy crap. I can move again." My cock throbbed and quivered in the sleeve as I pumped out another massive load. Free of the house, I can see the massive tanks I was pumping them my cum into. "Enjoying yourself I see." Furor panted, playing with the phone once more. This time my growth slowed to a stop. "Time to check out how good that sleeve on you cock really is." I barely had time to register what he said before I watched my cock starting to plump up and stretch out. My balls already churning loudly as they refilled and expanded. "By the gods. . . I'm getting massive." I felt the balls behind me rest on the ground again and my cock's girth increased. The sleeve held on for a few more moments, before erupting like a hose. "I cannot. . . control myself. so . . . horny." A river of pre was flowing fiercely from the slit. "Now now, don't get ahead of yourself. Kitty wants to play too." Furor purr. "I finally get to pleasure you in the one way I never could." He pawed at himself as his groin swelled up and freed itself from the thong he was wearing. The poor piece of elastic snapped like an old rubberband. "Don't worry about cumming all over me, I set it up so you'll be unable to release for a couple of hours. Plenty of time for me to enjoy doing this." I groaned and moaned as he played and toyed with my massive cock, it throbbed and pulsed with every fiber of my being driven by lust. No matter what Furor did, I couldn't cum. I felt myself getting right to the edge and then it backed off. Even the flow of pre, was down to a trickle. He licked and caressed the slit, I snorted and panted. Then he plugged his massive cock into the slit. I felt the rush! At first, it was a mix of pain and pleasure. This was something I never experienced before - it was a cross being docking and sounding. I felt him thrusting his cock seemed to be growing longer and thicker as he kept going. It grew thick enough that the urethra was completely filled. Still it grew longer and longer, snaking it's way to my base. "Oh yes. . . just a little more. Just a little longer." the lion panted as he worked himself into a fury of sex. "You are going to love what happens next." I felt the massive member throb once then began to unload his hot juices into me. I felt the wave of cum flow though my cock and into my balls. Closing my eyes, I roared out in passion. I thrusted my hips forward without thinking, I felt my body absorbing his cum and begin to swell bigger. "Wha-?" When I opened my eyes, I couldn't see Furor anywhere. My body was still swelling and growing. I kept flexing as my muscles plumped themselves up to bigger and more impressive sizes. I left my feet pressing into the ground again and carving out more earth as they grew. "Furor?" I called out. "Something isn't right. Where did you go? Why is my growth not stopping?" I tried looking around, but everything was getting so small to my view. I couldn't' figure out what was happening. A group started forming around me. I can feel them caressing my swelling body. I flex and pose for them. "You like what you see!" I heard a few moan as they lost control of themselves and came right in their clothes. I must have been close to fifty feet tall by now. I shifted my bulk, my massive cock swinging and snapping and tall building, tree or pole that was close-by. I stepped down with a ground shaking stomp. Only then did I realize the house was underfoot - what was left of it anyways. I shrugged it off and kept entertaining the growing number of worshipers. Some that weren't part of worshiping my growing form were chased off by the mob. A few took it upon themselves to cum over my body, at least the massive feet that was crushing the ground beneath them as I kept growing past the one hundred foot marker with no signs of stopping. The crowd kept swelling as my body did. Bigger and bigger I grew. Taller, thicker, hornier. In the back of my mind I wanted it to stop, but I craved all of this and more. My cock leaking like a waterfall now, I wanted to keep right on growing. Just the sight of my cock growing was turning me on. I looked down to watch the crowd of worshipers, not fleeing from the pooling pre, but swimming and drinking it up. Some even started to grow as well. "That's right mortals, drink in that power. Worship me! Your power feeds me and rewards you." My voice thundered with a deep boom. I gave into my urges, I had to get over that edge where the vanished Furor had kept me from. I had to use both of my hands but still unable to fully grasp my plump cock. I even rocked my hips as I stroked my massive bullmeat. I was in heaven, I craved nothing more than to be muscular and horny all the time. The more I got the more I craved. I felt my balls behind me slapping the back of my titanic thighs. They churn loudly and begin to drawn tightly. I was going over the edge. With a loud bellow that could be heard for miles, my cock twitched then fired a massive volley that seemed to have landed miles away from me. My growth sped up as more and more cum fired from my still twitching cock. I felt the surge of raw power fill me and radiate outwards. My feet were crushing everything in their path as they kept growing. I shot higher into the sky, quickly passing five hundred feet, then a thousand. By the time my climax ended my cock was a little more proportional to my size, though both hands were still needed to firmly grip it. Planes started to buzz around me like gnats. I did my best to avoid swatting at them when they got close. I had no reason to do anything to them, providing they didn't act aggressively towards me. One got too close, and slammed into the wall of muscle that was my left pec as I got another surge in growth. I didn't feel a thing. I couldn't tell if the crowd was still gathering, scattered for safety, or crushed when I started my growth. I didn't care. I roared out in lust as I begin to flex and pose again, not caring where my massive feet crushed under them. My cock spraying streams of pre everywhere. When I go to the most muscular pose, my cock being to unload more cum making me swell up even faster. "That's right, mortals, make me cum!" I bellowed as my growth quickly took me over a mile in height. "You cannot get enough of your muscled up horny bull of a god! Succumb to my will and worship me and my growth." It didn't take much to reach the California coast. So many tall sky scrapers - least they would be if I wasn't there - standing there as if calling out to me. I managed to pluck one of them, with a twisted grin bit down and ate the stony structure. A second one I gave a little more thought on it's fate. I pushed it into the growing slit of my cock. Once it started its way in, my cock did the rest. I chuckled as I cock-vored a second a third building. My balls churned and throbbed as it swelled with each building. I moaned deeply, unable to aim into the air, I cummed hard on the ground, completely filling the major city is cum that nothing was left untouched. Buildings were blown off their foundations or were completely drowned in unimaginable amounts of hot bull cum. I took a few moments to clean it up, by licking up every tasty morsel. I wasn't about to leave this mountain of cum just sit and cool. I felt my size increasing, my growth getting faster, my body growing even stronger than before. I arched my back, bellowing as I reached another powerful climax. Every muscle in my body swelled with power. I wanted more I wanted to fill the world with my muscle, flood it with my cum, then consume it. I was too big for the mortals to stop me - I was too big for myself to even want to stop. I didn't think for a moment before leaping into the inviting ocean. I'm not sure what will befall those near the coasts, but I was only interested in my wants and desires. I bursted over all, swelling while i was submerged in the sea water. I didn't rise out of the water, I grew out of it. most of my growth was now focused in my cock and balls. As soon as my cock crested from the waters I began to blow another powerful load, watching the seas turn a pasty white. My balls stayed in the seas as if drawing in the water, so I could really fill the seas in cum. I kept growing till I saw the curvature of the planet. I thought crossed my mind, at this height I shouldn't be breathing, but yet I was still alive. I thought back to when I was talking to Furor. . . did he enable some kind of godmode on me. I looked around and thought that it was the case. No other way to explain being so tall that I'm bursting out of the upper atmospheres without collapsing from lack of air. I was growing ever bigger, I can feel the planet starting to give under me. I might had been at least 100 miles tall by now. I crouched a little, preparing to jump. My muscles pumped up as if they are willed to my desires. I leaped with all my might, then finding myself floating in space, hovering over the planet. "Much better, free of the mortal bonds that kept me bound to your ever shrinking world." I boomed, flexing as my body seemed to grow even faster that I was freed of the planet. Lucky for me, the earth was between me and the sun, so my impressive size didn't block out the sun for them. "Time to show what I'm about to do . . . to you." I plucked the moon and held it like it was a baseball. To me it was about the right size. "Watch as it becomes a part of me." I moved the baseball sized moon towards my cock, a big glob of pre formed. As I placed the moon against the glob, it spread, coating it completely, then it began to be pulled into my cock. My cock started to thicken as it began to swallow the moon. My balls followed, then my muscles. I roared out as I swelled out in all directions. The tiny earth shrank to be about the same size as the moon was a moment ago, from my perspective. "Now, it's your turn. This time I won't use my hands. Do not fret my loyal worshipers, I feel your power and hear your pleas, I will not harm you as you become a part of me. You will be reborn as will your new home, once I finish." I slowly backed myself and positioned my cock to swallow the former earth. Like before a glob of pre formed at the tip. I moaned lustfully as my cock grew to meet the tiny planet. As before, as my cock swallowed the planet, my entire body swelled and expanded. I craved more. I wanted more. I can hear the worshipers calling out, demanding more. More they shall have. I drifted out, plowing the asteroid belt. I didn't spot Mars, and didn't waste time with such a tiny thing, I wanted something bigger. I slowed as I approached Jupiter, I glared at it. It mocks me, still much too big. . . for now. I felt myself still growing as I went towards my first gas planet, Saturn. I pondered for a moment, it was huge, compared to me still. I rubbed by stomach as it growled. I cock vored a planet and it's moon, I wanted to savor the flavor of this one. I began to inhale, drawing in the famous rings. Unlike when I used my cock to swallow, everything I was swallowing was going right to my gut. I rubbed it as the muscles then began to bulge and push outwards. I was slowly starting to go from body builder to powerlifter. The rings were gone, then I did the same with the gas giant itself. I watched as the gassy surface began to pull off the sphere and into my sucking maw. My body kept growing, my muscle gut was sticking out almost as far as my pecs where. My cock throbbed and twitched with excitement. "One gas giant down. . . one more to go." I roared triumphantly. I returned to Jupiter. My growth made me so gigantic that it resembled a multicolored basketball. Like Saturn's fate. I began to inhale, drawing in the mighty gas giant. My body grew the more material I was swallowing. Even after it was gone I kept swallowing the multitude of tiny moons the giant had. Even built as a monster powerlifter with a massive muscle gut, I craved more. Something wasn't quiet finished. I stroked my mighty planet voring cock as a new prize glowed in the distance. The sun. . . I needed that power. I drifted towards it, it's power drawing me ever closer. I felt the asteroid belt once more and Mars crash into my body, becoming part of it. Venus and Mercury were knocked away by my cock as I began to circle around the sun. I was nearly the same size as it. My cock formed a glob of pre and my maw drooled. Endless power was nearly at my finger tips. My cock began to draw in the sun's fuel from it's southern pole as I was licking, slurping and sucking down the fuel from the northern. Like two massive blackholes, my mouth and cock drank it the sun's raw materials, growing even bigger than before, dwarfing the sun, till it was gone. Darkness for a few moments, before my body began to shine. I managed to flex one last time into a double bicep pose. my cock so massive that it kept my legs apart. Balls so massive they were pulled behind me and my tight glutes were resting against them. I could feel the power constantly building up, it excited me. I was a true muscle god. The thought pushed me over the edge, my cock throbbed then began to fill the space out and around me with thick globs of cum. No matter how much I came, I kept pumping out more and more. I couldn't stop it, nor did I want it too. It took a few years, but my climax did end. The massive globs of cum slowly began to form into spheres and orbited around me. I was now the center of this new solar system. They did become planets formed from my hardened cum. Soon I can feel the presence of the new planets life, worshiping me. Those that were a part of me were now reborn and worshiping me all the more, in their new life as muscle giants.
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