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    Video Games, General Nerdiness, Reading, art and Muscle growth, Muscle theft, mpreg, AR, AP.
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    6'1 and little the husky side
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    A place were indulge my interest in muscle growth and maybe have a chat or two.
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    320 lbs, 6'8, Biceps 20", Beefy pecs
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    Maleforce, Pollination, Malescent, Manscapes, Muscle Drain, Jock Hunter, Dad's Lost Glory Years
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    Ones with pretty faces and beautiful bodies
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    Muscle Growth (mostly plausible sizes),age transfer, Muscle theft, Pecs, Mpreg.

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  1. Well my some of my talents include singing, playing the trumpet and building the largest collection of random trivia, knowledge & facts ever stored in a human mind. I was always the impressed adults when I was young due to my profund knowledge and that has not changed now that I am a young adult.
  2. height

    Me thinks that Chad's cum has special growth properties, The line about some of it landing on Jed's foot leads me to that conclusion. Hope it's the case. Also the fact Chad is growing just from orgasming alone is pretty hot. p.s. Please, Chad (and Jed) need to expand the Graves family with some sons and grandsons. it is such a shame that two perfect alpha men have not an added more of their genes to the pool.
  3. Pizza and Muscle growth? Two of my favourite things at the same time? yasss!
  4. height

    I think an appropriate song about Chad is Cole Porter's 1938 song 'My Heart Belongs to Daddy'.
  5. height

    I Think Chad Need's to have a few more kids. Start a bodybuilding dynasty.
  6. height

    Damn this is hot! I think I have a new kink now.
  7. Well, Jade it's not always about revenge, just desserts or pay back. Sometimes one just wants to cheer for the villain. Cheers, love the story.
  8. It is a shame that so few men participate in community theatre and the preforming arts. Popular culture seems think that men who like theatre are ether gay or uncool.
  9. This is the begining of Generation Muscle ?
  10. you should rewrite it then, the site needs more muscle theft stories.
  11. Nice, I can't wait for more!
  12. I am looking all of muscle4life's stories on the old site. I really enjoy his work.
  13. I can't wait for more!
  14. I am searching for good muscle theft stories and hopefully someone has a copy of 'The Jock Hunter' somewhere