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    real profile.
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    Video Games, General Nerdiness, Reading, art and Muscle growth, Muscle theft, mpreg, AR, AP.
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    6'1 and little the husky side
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    A place were indulge my interest in muscle growth and maybe have a chat or two.
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    320 lbs, 6'8, Biceps 20", Beefy pecs
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    Maleforce, Pollination, Malescent, Manscapes, Muscle Drain, Jock Hunter, Dad's Lost Glory Years, Chuck the Size thief, The Curse by Mucl4Life, I was a College Weresinewa, Adam...
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Ones with pretty faces and beautiful bodies, like Alexsy Lesukov,Jake Burton and Chris Bumstead
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    Muscle Growth,age transfer, Muscle theft, Mpreg.

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  1. Esshar


    one of my favourites
  2. Esshar

    Foreskin Fascination

    Recently I have become inthralled by foreskin, I find myself thinking about playing, with stretching it and pulling on it.I think my growing fixation stems from being circumcised. An intact cock is more beauful than a circumcised one, to me, But I digress. what are others else thoughts on foreskin. love it, hate it, wish you had it? also does any share my fascination with foreskin?
  3. Esshar

    Homoerotic Wrestling

    Kutam, you took the words right of my mouth
  4. Esshar

    The cult of Crom

    love it, Hialmar
  5. Esshar

    What happened to Alexey Lesukov?

    Maybe he is focusing on Family (he is married) and not competing?
  6. Esshar

    How do you see yourself?

    With a mirror? Now, to be serious. The way I see my self varies on how I am feeling if my spirits I high think I am chubby or plump but when I am down I see my self as this Jabba the hut slob.
  7. Esshar

    Male Muscle Growth story from tumblr

    Gift of the Gods series by Absqrst and Agmsye https://absqrst.tumblr.com/post/160560224402/agmsye-a-collaboration-with-my-friwnd-and-fellow
  8. Does anyone know the name of a story that involved an old man and a drug that made men muscular and the old man steals it from his neighbour? When the old man takes the drug he grows younger and joins in an orgy by the beach.
  9. Esshar

    The Jock Hunter

    I want more please. Some one anyone please finish this story I want more
  10. Esshar

    Magic: The Growthering

    SpaceVlad you are becoming my fave writer here on the forum
  11. A month or so ago I stumbled across a Tumblr full of muscle stories about celebrities it even had one about virus that transformed Hollywood into gay bro fuckfest
  12. Esshar

    Chuck the Size Thief

    God this is so fucking hot... I need more
  13. Esshar

    Additional Hobbies or Talents

    Well my some of my talents include singing, playing the trumpet and building the largest collection of random trivia, knowledge & facts ever stored in a human mind. I was always the impressed adults when I was young due to my profund knowledge and that has not changed now that I am a young adult.
  14. Esshar

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Me thinks that Chad's cum has special growth properties, The line about some of it landing on Jed's foot leads me to that conclusion. Hope it's the case. Also the fact Chad is growing just from orgasming alone is pretty hot. p.s. Please, Chad (and Jed) need to expand the Graves family with some sons and grandsons. it is such a shame that two perfect alpha men have not an added more of their genes to the pool.