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  1. Well, it's been 2 years (but who counts). It was probably removed. I've re-uploaded and it's the same link. Try now.
  2. Love that series, the descriptions make me hard every time! So glad you wrote a new one! cannot wait for more!
  3. Bumping this for obvious reasons :-) (Hope the first story with Joss & Chris be continued as well)
  4. Still hoping that some day it gets continued :-) Awesome story every time I read it.
  5. Sure. You can download it from here.
  6. I have them all on my computer. (the first 2 parts as collection of JPEGs)
  7. Awesome addition as usual. This story gets me going in SO many levels !!! Thank you @IJrge , and please continue this story (Would like to see more transformation of Julien and Antoni ! )
  8. I agreed with both @mawkroy and @cutlerfan - major hyper super awesome story ! I don't know (as if!) what to do with my rigidness right now...
  9. holly crap ! this needs to be continued !
  10. How do I discover about this hell of a sexy story just now ? ? This needs to be continued at once !!!
  11. You never disappoint us :-) Hot as usual ! I'm so rigid now!
  12. A year has passed :-) I'd love to hear more . it is still one of my favourite MG stories that stills rocks my world and cock.
  13. What they both said :-)
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