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    I'm into muscle, sleaze, hot gear, transformation including changes to mind, body and attitude, strong verbal; dumbing down
    sub tendencies but anything can happen
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    5'7" 196 solid
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    hot chat - can do RP or just see how it goes
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    bigger but all details about where i get to up to you
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    love talking to confident, horny muscle dudes who know what they want and what they want from me
    sweat and stink, hot gear including anything that looks good on a hot body, hair, shaving, armpits, piss, pecs, nips .. and working all of them;
    dumbing down, himbo or ape style

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  1. Beach Boys, Pet Sounds: "They say I got brains, but they ain't doin me no good, I wish they could ... I guess I just wasn't made for these times"
  2. This is my all time personal favourite Tom drawing. Perfect.
  3. Your avatar got me hard. His beard, neck, all bulging muscles over a teeny waist. Damn, forgot I had a thing for Brutus as a kid, too...

  4. Dude, thanks for the update. Sounds like yu are getting closer to the dumbass zone. Dont let the pussies at work grind yu down about wut you wear. Book dudes dont understand muscle dudes. Obvius, rite?
  5. I guess this meathead qualifies ...
  6. hey welcome to the dumbing down group!


  7. BRUTUS1

    Lets get talkin

    Dude, go for it.
  8. BRUTUS1

    Ménage à Trois

    Preoccupied with is correct, although preoccupied by can be found in fairly common - and not quite correct - use.
  9. always lookin for a dumbass muscle bro to hang with
  10. Dude Im prety sure thats not how yu spell pyhzeek, um I mean physicue. anyway wuts a Nobel prise? Like a bodybiulding comp?
  11. Glad to see the IRC chatroom has been brought back. Discord has got some great functionality but the old chatroom had something going for some users.

  12. BRUTUS1

    Website Links

    Yup, would be really pleased if you guys visited my Tumblr: rodready1.tumblr.com lots of muscle and, got to be honest, just about anything I notice that makes me horny All comments very welcome, dudes.
  13. Good to see people signing on to this club, but nobodys talking. Would be so cool if dudes start to share dumbing down thoughts - fuk, I know, thinking is soooo hard, rite? - so we can get this room buzzing.
  14. BRUTUS1

    Teaser for the new story 'The Company'

    Love the idea of Tom’s Land theme park, and I know how much you like the themes in Tom’s work, hehe, so I am sure you will do it justice. I’m sure you already have ideas for what kind of things would go on in the park. You could even consider giving it a sort of Westworld twist, except instead of robots staffing the park, the customers who get changed by the visit, physcially and mentally, don’t change back to their old selves when they leave (if they ever do). Good luck writing.
  15. Aww yeh man, lookin bigger and tougher now. Skin head type buzz cut totaly suits you man. Good that you agreed with Bempa so quick when he suggested it. Always love the feel of fresh buzzed head. Makes me feel so fukin tough. Yu might wanna try on a pair of tight bleached jeans if you can find a pair that dont split at the seams when yu pull them on. Keep listenin to the hypno files bro - you r gettin alot of positive attitude changes from them.

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