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  1. Wow this story just gets better and better. I love how regularly it's being updated, can't wait for tomorrows chapter, yay.
  2. This is a great chapter, I love all of the mythological and historical references, I hope to see more of those as well as some intimacy between Devon and Drake. Oh please continue,
  3. Wow amazing, I love the development so far and I like how you thought of the name change, it was interesting. Can't wait for more.
  4. Oh, wow this is getting intriguing, I can't wait for more.
  5. Oh dear god I just realized that part of what I was writing in YIM got pasted over to here and I didn't even notice, thankful it wasn't embarassing, I'll need to be more careful when I post,
  6. Say is this story finished or is there more still to come?
  7. Hmm... I wonder what choices come and go based on your decisions?
  8. say i think I encountered a bug, or something like a bug on this page http://philome.la/TheSuperWaffle/mg2-v004---public-alpha-test/play The character's(my) name doesn't appear where it's supposed to, and the story repeats itself after the choices. Though the character's name appears in the second listing. Also on this page i'll say the "windows" links seem to switch on and off when you click on another link and then click return.
  9. Say question, the character you play as, are they the only one that grows, or did you make it so that you have the option of your character growing, or watching someone else grow?
  10. Wow that was amazing I can't wait to meet the other pups, I think cub hasn't met only two so far; there's Taker, Donut, Balls, Slugger, and Hare, though his introduction was kinda small, my guess is each of the seven has a specific attribute that is hinted at by their nicknames, and everything combined is Bear's. This is fun i can't wait for more.
  11. Oh maybe the continuous one was the mistake, oh well nice story regardless.
  12. I'm curious is this supposed to be a continuous story or a regular story because isn't the first chapter in the continuous section?
  13. Yes please, there are so many good, but unfinished, stories, we don't want to see this become one of them, hopefully you can have something new soon.
  14. Oh wow this is awesome, I want the next chapter so bad right now. I really hope we get more of this soon. Keep up the great work.
  15. That would be a great Idea, I'm not sure if he will ever come back looking over the comments for the first two stories he said he was a dancer. Maybe he made it big, hey he could be one of the many people who worked on all of those dance shows during the whole dancing craze. Good for him. But yeah maybe someone could continue the chapters and at least give some resolution, i would love to have seen what was going to happen to Gary, with his uncontrollable growth.
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