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    muscle, musclegrowth, cockgrowth, gym, bodybuilding, hyper.
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    40cm biceps (16 inches arms)
    1.85m ; 86kg
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    share my growth interests with others.
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    as big as I can get or as big as to have trouble fiting in places, doors, chairs....
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    Peter Molnar
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    muscle, musclegrowth, cockgrowth, gym, bodybuilding, hyper.

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  1. brothers

    OMG story is back and what a great development!!! (and future development in size coming for Ryan, hehe...)
  2. Sweet and hot. Actually, u managed to get me as turned on with this story as with your pics, Rent. Nice!
  3. I'm a huge manga/anime fan. started watching ti before i knew it was called that since 1987, maybe earlier.... Higurashi being one of my favourites becuase of the mystery in it. So much good stuff coming out lately. Latest one I'm watching is Boku no hero academia. And yeah, not just because All Might's size... I think. XD Gotta check that blog of yours.
  4. muscle-growth

    I... hum... dunno what to say. Thanks? Yeah, that's appropriate. Thanks for sharing this story with us, AKA. This is one of the most sexual well-written mouth-opening-in-amazement and boner-inducing stories I have ever read. I like a bit of sex in growth stories and I'm usually not that interested in stories that focus so much in the fuck and less in the growth. Until this story came. And boy, did it came! (so did I, but that's not the point... I think?) Srly, this... has perfection. The perfect balance of horniness, anticipation, humor, description and I dunno what I'm even saying. I had been away from the forum for more than a month and I came to find this gem I had paused in chapter 5. Brilliant. You made my day (and night). And I kinda agree with handomegrad up there. It gives a vibe of ending that last part of last chapter, but at the same time I am curious at how big Lance can get (and my size queenish also wonders about the main character's cock ending size and how will he deal with it and clothes when he's back in college or at home for next christmas), which would be perfect for an epilogue. I hope you keep on gifting us with more of this amazing story.
  5. I liked this story a lot, and I found particularly funny "Aunt Tia", not just cause it clearly comse as a diminutive for HesTIA, but also cause aunt in spanish is "tia", so that could translate as aunt aunt XD
  6. I love that story, too bad it was never finished (that I know of)
  7. muscle-growth

    Great story Raven. Now there is only one thing it lacks and that's the address of the good Dr. W.
  8. It might not be removed because he doesn't show an erection in the video, just flacid state. There has been educational videos already showing flacid dicks that never got deleted talking about puberty or checking your balls for cancer and how to grope them properly... or something like that. There are way more sexually themed videos in youtube that are still there.
  9. Same here
  10. greek hot myths, mhm
  11. delete what appears after the html in the url of the 404 page and it will redirect u to the right one, or copy paste this http://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/25567-p1.html
  12. muscle-growth

    I loved this story and really regretted I didn't read it till now. I wish I could read what else happens, I'm so curious!!!!!
  13. Give it time guys. The best "muscle mods" were made for sims2, you got a special clothing and suddenly bang! u were huge. In sims3 there were sliders but clothing changing size was a problem to create cause of new way of designing sims. Dunno yet how's with sims4, but since it's a new game i'd give it a year before fanstuff can really do its wonders. Patience.
  14. revenge story turned into a nice relationship? Wow, I really liked that (and the forcedgrowth :3 )