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  1. Sprinting pass fellow students JD hardly had to dodge anyone, they moved out of the way for him. Being 6’4 was a blessing at times like this, and it was a requirement for football. Which was the reason he was sprinting, he was late for practice. He appeared at the edge of the practice field, the entire team already running laps. JD jogged up pulling off his jacket, his tight workout gear underneath. The coach nodded at him as he dumped his gym bag on the sidelines and headed onto the field. JD stopped and stared for a moment, there was someone new on the field. A giant shirtless broad shouldered black man, a muscled beast with his running shorts around his ankles. He had white hands gripped his meaty ass cheeks as some white boy was sucking his black cock. JD could see two swollen pitch black bull nuts bouncing between the ebony hulk’s legs. “What the fuck” JD exclaimed and the sucking stopped with a deep grunt from the beast The hands let go of the muscle man’s ass and still with his back to JD the big black dude pulled up his running shorts, having to dip his legs to cram what must be a massive monster cock into them. The white guy stood up, it was Colton the quarterback. He had a long rope of fresh cum hanging from his chin. The hulking black stud who must be at least 7ft tall saw it and hooked it around one of his sausage sized fingers. Colton sucked the cum from the finger and even suckled at the meaty digit for a few seconds. After he finished he answered JD “Hey, what you shouting about” he asked JD looked shocked “You were just sucking this….” he stopped himself from saying something he’d regret “…this guys… cock” Colton and the black man shared a look, the black man chuckled. “How else am I gonna get my protein shake” Colton stated matter of factly A jolt of pain shot through JD’s head, Colton appeared to have not noticed, but the black guy did. JD looked back at them and the black beast was staring at him curiously. The black guy was Quentin, the water boy, it was his job to shoot a load of protein down the throats of every player. He was annoying guy, JD had kept trying to get the Coach to hire a little guy to do it, why did he have to get a hulking muscle beast with a jaw breaking cock as the water boy. Quentin smirked “Yo JD, i got your shake here” His voice shook JD’s knees, and Quentin groped his bulge and heaved out his hardening monster dick. JD dropped to his knees and started to suck, Colton jogged off to run some laps. Quentin just started playing on his phone, not really doing what a water boy should do. JD would complain to the Coach, Quentin was hired to give relentless face fuckings to the athletes. Having JD struggle to suck down the massive black cock in his mouth was not what was expected to be happening. Quentin was meant to be choking JD with his horse cock till he almost lost consciousness. It didn’t take long for Quentin to flood JD’s guts with cum. He pulled off of the ebony water-boy and stood up. “Quentin you were slacking” he shouted up at the hulk “You can’t do that, what if this was a game day, you might be the reason I miss a pass” Quentin smirked, and bounced his pecs in JD’s face. JD just crossed his arms and looked up. “I’m a star player on this team, you’re just the water boy” JD stated throwing all his ego into his voice “We could replace you very easily” JD knew that was a lie, Quentin was the only guy who could provide the protein for so many athletes. “Ok, calm down dude” Quentin said still typing on his phone with one hand “Ill make it up to you on game day, don’t worry” Quentin finished typing on his phone and JD patted his bloated cum gut. His tight workout shirt rode up over this swollen belly like it always did when Quentin shot a load down his gullet. “Good” JD smirked triumphantly He waddled away with his guts sloshing, Quentin laughing his ass off behind him. JD joined his teammates, all of them with inflated cum guts. Quentin would have to lay off the cum production supplements, his balls were overdoing the guys with cum, maybe JD should complain about the guy again. A voice in the back of his head was screaming that this was all wrong, not the complaining, the voice told him he always hated Quentin. But that Quentin was short, skinny and a whiter then whiter nerd, not the face fucking black horse cocked behemoth he was now. Something had changed. JD looked over to Quentin on the side lines, he was scratching at his massive balls through his shorts. The imprint was visible from meters away, but Quentin was more interested in his phone. He was typing again, JD couldn’t remember Quentin ever being on his phone before. He’d always been so involved with keeping the athletes guts full of cum. Then the voice shouted back, not guts full of cum, a water boy is meant to keep you hydrated. JD decided to confront Quentin, something wasn’t right. He jogged over, his stomach which was normally a few rows of abs was still bloated and sloshing with cum. Quentin looked up as he approached, he smiled again and stopped typing on his phone. JD felt a wave of vulnerability wash over him, or it might of just have been the breeze hitting his jockstrap clad pale body. He would never understand why they could only wear jockstraps at practice. JD walked right up to Quentin and pulled at the fabric of the water boys running shorts. The 5ft4 jock looked up with big blue eyes at the massive ebony monster. Quentin peeked over this huge pecs with a cocky smirk. “Whats up little man” He boomed down, his cock hardening It pushed upwards in his pants leg and bumped into JD’s swollen cum gut. “Ummmmm” JD was very nervous “Something is wrong” Quentin reached down and cupped JD’s oversized ass cheeks and lifted him up. They were face to face now. “You can tell me” Quentin chuckled “I am the team’s water boy” JD nodded, though the voice in his head told him to be quiet. “Well… I have this feeling that this is all wrong…you shouldn’t be face fucking me” he started and let out a cum tasting burp, Quentin looked like he was trying not to laugh “…that I shouldn’t be all small and submissive” he continued his little hands playing with Quentin’s big chewy nipples “…but I do know…. I do know that we don’t get on and I keep complaining about you” Quentin nodded “Yes you do, which is why I focused everything on you, which is why you think all this is wrong” he said, but JD eyes were blank, he had no clue what Quentin was saying Quentin laughed and JD’s baby sized cock went rock hard. He bounced JD in his arms so he could get a better hold of him and started for the locker room. The water boy continued “Maybe I shouldn’t of lowered your IQ, that’s probably why you don’t understand whats happening” JD just stared confused, but Quentin was still talking “But I’ll change that afterwards….Oh good just what I imagined” JD turned his head away from Quentin’s massive chest. They were in the locker room, it looked like always did, clothes and gym bags, the smell of Quentin’s cum soaking into every surface. The voice in his head bellowed at him, why the fuck was a cum stained bed doing in the locker room. Quentin tossed JD onto the bed and dropped his shorts “Don’t worry little guy, this is what a water boy does” he smirked, lining up his fist sized cock head with JD’s key hole sized boy pussy.
  2. “What is it Gilbert” Landon shouted to the short nerd in his doorway Landon was lounged on his bed, his massive feet propped up on the wall, a basketball bounced out of his meaty hands and slamming against the ceiling. He was having to shout at Gilbert, even though the nerd was a few feet away from him, because his laptop was playing music at full blast. The speakers he’d connected it too were shaking the room with bass. “Please... can you turn the music down” Gilbert shouted back, his voice squeaky “I need to study for my calculus exam” Landon just rolled his eyes, one hand tossing the ball at Gilbert. The nerd caught it, but was knocked back a step by the force of the throw. Banging into a bare wall, he dropped the ball and reflexively went to fix his thickly rimmed glasses. Landon’s other hand reached behind himself and turned the music down. Gilbert was the type to make noise complaints, and Landon already had two against him this semester, another and he’d be fined. Landon’s dad was already very unhappy, he’d already paid three fines last semester. Landon rolled off his bed, his big feet thudding as he rose to his full height. Little Gilbert barely making it to Landon’s solidly built chest. The nerd stepped back again, a splattering of fear in his dull eyes. Landon just smirked and slammed his door in Gilbert’s face. ———————————————————————— A week passed before Landon saw Gilbert again, he’d just had a terrible football practice. Landon who was an amazing player had visibly gotten worse over the last three practices. At first it was one or twice failed catches. Then it was more failed catches and terribly thrown passes. But this time he’d become exhausted after a simple run, half a dozen laps of the field. Normally Landon could do that with ease, he was renowned for his stamina, dozens of girls could testify to that. He was walking back to his dorm, his meaty shoulders slumped, his legs and arms sore. His workout bag was tossed over his shoulders and was slapping against his lower back, which was odd. Normally it was up by his shoulders, his broad width and thick chest pulled the straps tight. Now they were loose for some reason. Landon was shocked to see Gilbert. He was in running wear, he’d been out jogging. He looked flushed and sweaty. His posture was straight, it made him appear taller. “Sup Landon” Gilbert smirked, his voice was deeper It was only a bit, but it was notable. Also that squeakiness was gone. Before Landon could answer, two girls appeared behind Gilbert, both athletic girls, both way beyond Gilbert’s league. “Damn you are fast Gil” one of them cooed Landon knew these girls, he’d even done them both. They didn’t even notice him as they laughed and slipped pass Gilbert, vanishing into his room. Gilbert gave Landon a wink and slammed the door in his face. Landon went to sleep that night with a pillow over his head, the laughing, moaning and bed shaking from Gilbert’s room was too loud. The next morning Landon filed a noise complaint against the little nerd. ———————————————————————— Another week passed, Landon was feeling worse and worse, and no one seemed to notice. He’d been kicked from the football team, his coach didn’t even seem sorry. He just spent all day in his dorm or in class, he was actually studying nowadays. His professor was actually pretty impressed with the essay he submitted a couple days ago, joked that he’d have to report Landon for plagiarism. He knew something odd was happening, he was felt weaker, his muscles were softer and smaller. His shoulders had narrowed and his chest flattened. He was hornier than normal, his cock was nearly always hard and he was jerking off a dozen times a day. His room reeked of stale cum and his trash can was overflowing with flakey tissues. His cock though wasn’t the same pile driving slab of sex meat it had been a few weeks back. It wasn’t a two hand job anymore, only one of Landon’s weaker hands were needed to get him off now. Gilbert, or Gil as he was being called now had gone from strength to strength. At this moment as Landon was jerking off Gil was leaned up against Landon’s door. His powerful arms having lifted a cheerleader off her feet and they were forcefully making out while she cooed about how big and strong Gil was. This only turned Landon on more, the regular sex Gil was getting and the animalistic way he fucked reminded Landon of how he had been. Landon furiously jerked as he listened to the girl exclaim at Gil’s body and looks. It sounded like Gil had even had to shut her up when she nearly screamed out loud about the size of his cock. Landon imagined she grabbed a handful and finally realised what she’d signed herself up for. Landon spent another night alone and jerking off to the rough thumping of Gil’s bed as the growing nerd fucked some girl into ecstasy. ———————————————————————— A month had passed and Landon had completely regressed from the big man on campus alpha male he’d been. He was shorter, far shorter. Landon was far below average height now, he was too scared to measure it, but he thought he was around 5’4. He’d been to the doctors and they assured him he wasn't shrinking, in fact he’d always been short and the doctor actually laughed when Landon said he’d been way above average only a month ago. Landon’s build wasn't any better, he was skin and bones now. His hard earned muscles having melted away, and like with his height there wasn't any evidence he’d been built, or even an athlete. The small weight set in his room just vanished one day, they’d been replaced with a stack of comic books and DnD manuals. All of his workout clothes, running gear and muscle shirts were gone. Button up shirts, geeky t-shirts and nerdy sweaters having replaced them. Landon was now short, skinny and super nerdy. He was even wearing glasses now, his vision terrible without them. No one seemed to notice and no one noticed Landon at all. Girls he’d slept with didn’t seem to know him at all, his friends were not his friends anymore. Gil on the other hand was a completely different man. He’s exploded in size, muscles appearing upon muscles. His height skyrocketing, he’d even taken Landon’s position on the football team. Landon sat in his room, door open due to the spring heat and listening his music. His music was quiet this time, he was a lot more self aware now and wouldn’t force everyone else to listen to his music. “Hey Landon” A deep voice called from the open door Landon turned around and saw Gil, he was shirtless, only wearing dark basketball shorts. The straps of a rucksack digging into his thick shoulders. A meaty hand clinging tightly to a massive pot of protein powder, his other hand wrapped around a calculator. “You mind turning down the music” Gil said without a please, his tone obviously an order Landon quickly nodded and turned his music down so low there wasn't any point in listening to it. Gil just smirked and bounced a large pec. “I’ve got a workout” Gil explained even though Landon didn’t ask “Then got a physics class” Landon just nodded again from his desk chair, his tiny feet hanging high above the ground. Gil’s enormous sneaker clad feet firmly planted on the floor. Gil smirked again and then said something just to push Landon and his new regressed form. “Would you want to sniff my sweaty workout gear afterwards” He asked Landon went bright red and just nodded. Gil didn't respond and left the room. Landon heard the big stud laughing to himself as he left, talking about how the exchange must of been completed. “Exchange” Landon muttered to himself as he watched Gil’s firm ass walk away But he didn’t think on it any further, he noticed Gil’s dorm room door was open. The room was empty, no fucked senseless girls to see Landon as he snuck in and stole a musky jockstrap from the floor. The shrunken Landon so far gone he didn't even noticed the spell book on the desk open to the page about physical exchanges. He just happily put the jock to his nose and closed his dorm room door behind him.
  3. I hated them, every single one of them, I hated them all. How could an entire baseball team explode with size in a couple months, half of them hadn’t even been on the team last year. So I come in for the first practice of the year and find that I’d lose my place on the team to Hugh, a guy who’d never picked a bat up in his life before. Now I had to watch him every game filling out an XL uniform too well. His cup nearly bursting out of his pants, his sleeves near to tearing. The entire team were like Hugh now, and they were champions, better than any other team we’d had. All of them looked like pros, all of them looking a lot older than high school age now. Wild rumours were going around about their bedroom antics, even my older sister hadn’t escaped, she’d started dating Hugh a couple weeks ago. The guy went at her like a jackhammer, I think her bed even broke. Hugh had something against me, he’d always taunt me in the locker rooms with his fat swinging dick, bouncing his hairy pecs in my face. Coach had kept me on an equipment manager, he’d said I still had some potential. But I couldn’t see how, the Baseball team were bigger than the football team and from the sounds of it Coach was planning a ‘cull’ of the 'deadwood’ on the other teams. I’d find files of different guys from the school in Coaches office, all sorts, hardly any of them athletes. What was weird was the he’d trashed the files of some of the football players, and he had a box with XXL football jerseys. That’s when he caught me. He wasn’t a big man by any means, he was short and fat, an odd man to be leading such a vast number of powerful athletes. “I really should of locked the office” Coach chuckled, showing no anger He took a seat and gestured for me to do the same. “I get your pissed at the changes” he asked and I nodded “I understand that, you were a good player, but obvious you weren’t into baseball” “What” I exclaimed “I love baseball” He hushed me and held up a same bright green vial “This begged to differ, I slipped it into your drinks last year, to see which of you would come out on top” He paused, but quickly started again before I could talk. “The vial is set for a different sport, the one you drank was set for baseball, this one is set for football” He explained “If its setting is the best sport for you then it makes you the best for the sport” “So Hugh and the rest of the team were the best for baseball” I asked “Yes and I’m working on getting us the best football team” Coach explained, he read the look on my face “And no, I don’t think you are suited for football… you were always trying for the wrestling team in freshmen year though” He pulled a large blue singlet out from under his desk, it was massive, like a tent. “Give me a month and help me get the football team sorted and you’ll be fitting this thing in no time” He grinned
  4. “So…. who do I text first” “Girlfriend...maybe...” “Parents…god no” “The longer I get to settle in before I meet his family the better” “Oh…Slut One… Slut Seven” “I wonder what happened to the ones in-between” “Well… I have the rest of his life to find out” *The phone buzzes* “Shit… who the fuck is Andy” *You answer the phone* “Yo…Bro…whats up” “Finally got the FaceTime to work” “Hey dick heads” *Two spotty faces appear on the screen, one is your old face* “Yep, it’s us, those little nerds” “Just not so little anymore” *Both you and your buddy flex your new muscles* “We had no idea it would be so easy” *You inhale your cigarette deeply* “And smoking is bad for you” “But this body is addicted” “Gonna have to break that habit” “But back to the issue” “We stole your bodies” “Because you are both cunts and don’t deserve to be hunks” “So we stole your bodies…” *You lean back to show off your chest for the camera* “And now we are gonna steal your girls” *You hang up the call and start the car* *Such a dork you mock yourself mentally, you’ll have to practice being Leon some more before making anymore social contact*
  5. “That was Underworld Guardians” the announcer echoed through the microphone The audience splattered out a small applause. Sam and his buddies who made up the metal band quickly fled the stage. He knew they’d screwed up, the drums were out of pace with the rest of the band and Sam knew his own voice wasn’t at its best. It was the nerves of performing in public for the first time ever, also the added weight of the first performance taking place during a Battle of the Bands. “We suck” Craig the drummer sighed loudly “Let it go” Sam muttered “We tried” The four boys in near matching black clothes all looked crestfallen, all knowing they weren’t going to get the big break they’d dreamed of today. Then a tall slender man in a black pin strip suit approached. He smiled with an unnervingly inviting grin. The man waved and his dark eyes flashed with a friendly light. “Hello boys” the man greeted “I very much enjoyed your performance” The band shared a look and then with a lot of doubt in the man’s words thanked him. “Really, we thought we were terrible” Sam replied The man waved away his concern “No, a little rough yes, but terrible no” He then flicked a black business card seemingly out of nowhere from between his fingers. He offered it to Sam. The singer took the card and scanned it. Mr. H. Styx Hellfire Studios Founder, CEO, CFO, COO, Agent, Receptionist, Janitor… The job titles actually continued for two lines and then seemed to continue off the card. “One man operation I take it” Sam asked Mr. Styx chuckled “I have had to down size yes” The man’s eyes flashed with a burning light, Sam decided not to ask any questions about that. Craig who was looking over Sam’s shoulder added “You got a great name for a rock music agent” Mr. Styx laughed in an oozing chuckle “It’s a little on the nose I must admit” He then clapped his long skeletal hands together. “I’ll get right too it, I want…” He paused, mentally correcting himself “No, I need, a desperate need to sign you boys” “You’re joking” Olly the bass player asked Mr. Styx shook his greasy head of black hair. “I’m DEAD serious” he said and he chuckled like he’d made a joke “It won’t cost you a thing, if anything all you’d have to do is look pretty and play great music” Look pretty and great music were not phrases that the Underworld Guardians had heard used to describe them. Like most people desperate for a shot at fame and fortune, the four young men didn’t think about it and they all in unison agreed with a somewhat dismissive ‘sure’. Mr. Styx’s smile widened, large tombstone like teeth appeared between his thin lips. Suddenly he held a bundle of papers, it was a contract. He slapped the papers onto a table and offered Sam a glittering silver pen. “Just sign on the dotted line” Mr. Styx oozed Sam took the pen and quickly wrote his name, the pen’s ink was a deep red and flowed unlike ink should. The others followed his lead. “Excellent boys” Mr. Styx smirked cramming the contract into his black suit jacket “Now, I’m gonna have some words with the band organiser, fighting for you already” Mr. Styx vanished into the dark of the backstage area. “That was weird” Sam said “We didn’t even read the contract” Craig shrugged “It’s not like we sold our souls or anything” The bands laughed and Sam slipped away to use the bathroom before their new agent, manager and thanks to them not reading the contract probably legal guardian and attorney Mr. Styx returned. As he walked through the ill maintained toilets the tiles beneath his feet seemed to enhance the thuds of his footsteps. Like he was thudding hulking boots onto the floor and not the small sneakers Sam thought he was wearing. Sam was muttering a tune to himself as he took a spot at the urinal, reworking the tune as he repeated it over and over. He didn’t even notice the guy at the urinal next to him look down and gasp at Sam’s meat as the singer heaved it out of his pants. The guy actually fled, but Sam didn’t noticed. He finished up quickly and redid his black pants. His hands felt more hefty and heavy than normal. Thicker feeling fingers reworking his junk into a comfortable position. Sam smirked at the bulge ‘The Leviathan’ made in his pants. Sam felt the world shake a little as he patted his bulge. Like a glitch, like something has changed. But Sam was too busy smiling down at the name shake for the bands Number One song Leviathan, not that many people knew that the bands debut single was named after Sam’s insatiable horsecock. Sam stepped up to the sink and washed his oversized hands. They looked off to him, but then he remembered his meaty digits overflowing the mic as he boomed out his bands latest song. He wiped his hands on his black shirt, it flowed beneath his fingers as if his torso was moving under the fabric, reshaping itself into something more fitting for the image Sam and his band wishes they had. An image that the boys now had thanks to Mr. Styx. Sam rooted through his bag, trying to find his phone. He pushed passed the signed copies of the bands album. The album the band hadn’t even recorded yet, which had somehow appeared in the bag that he didn’t even quite remember walking in with. He found his phone, he pulled it out, ignoring the black leather sleeveless jacket that he now remembered was his signature look. Sam always performed with his heavily tattooed arms on show, and with his abs glistening under a spot light. Or at least he now remembered that he had always perform like that. Sam popped on his headphones and flicked on his latest song, he was mentally critiquing it while he snapped a few selfies in the dirty bathroom mirror. He puffed out his chest, making sure his pecs strained the shirt. His meaty fingers clicked out a few more photos. Sam picked out the best one and posted it to his Instagram. Nearly 5 million people’s phones buzzed as he posted, their hungry eyes eating up his muscled arms and artistic ink. Sam stomped out of the bathroom, his styled hair being pushed flat by the doorframe. His band was missing, but Mr. Styx was waiting for him. “Sammy my boy” Mr. Styx slapped his hands together “There you are” “Here I am” Sam answered His voice boomed outwards in a window pane and knee shaking baritone. Mr. Styx actually shuddered, like he was surprised by how deep Sam’s voice was. Even though Mr. Styx had been with the band for nearly 6 years and had made them a global sensation. “Damn boy” Mr. Styx said in shock, then he corrected himself “The boys are on the bus, we got to get you on the plane” Sam nodded, they’d hung around in their hometown for too long. Performing for the locals and judging the Battle of the Bands. It has been a nice trip down memory lane, but the Underworld Guardians had a sold out gig at London’s O2 arena, the start of their 3rd European tour. Mr. Styx guided Sam to the band’s bus, the other boys were already waiting for them. They were just as big and beefy as Sam, all with different tattoos and hairstyles. Each of them had their own legions of fans, but Sam was the face of the band. The bus started for the airport with the boys joking and swigging down a few beers. Mr. Styx just stood and watched with a pleased expression. “You ok boss” Craig asked, almost breaking a beer bottle in his massive hands “I’m very good” Mr. Styx said feeling the nearly forgotten feeling of worship flowing though his body The millions of fans across the globe worshiped these boys, who in turn worshipped him, their manager and mentor. “So you boys ready for your gig” Mr. Styx started his voice rising “WE ARE” the band shouted, the buses windows shook Mr. Styx could feel himself getting drunk on the admiration flowing into him. “Are you not the biggest band in history” he asked his voice echoing with an eerie chant “WE ARE” the band boomed again The air grew cold inside the bus, Mr. Styx’s dark eyes glowed with a ghostly light. “Who is the Lord of the Underworld and keeper of the DEAD” Mr. Styx asked again, the entire bus shaking “YOU ARE” the band replied Hades slapped his hands together and the road behind the bus fell into a gaping fissure. “DAMN RIGHT” he smiled
  6. “Yes sir, that voucher is still valid” the smiling receptionist explained ripping the tatty voucher into two pieces “Thank you, sorry about that, I forgot I’d been gifted it” Jay said Jay felt really out of place in the Spa. It was bright friendly environment, but all the staff and most of the customers were either gorgeous model types or hunky athletic types. Jay was a short and skinny guy, with messy dark hair and a youthful face that still had outbreaks of spots. The receptionist was a hulking brute who look like he’d been poured into the bright blue spa uniform. His face was a squared brick, yet his smile and eyes were very friendly and kind. His chest was heaving out of the uniform, a mass of hairy pec muscle on show, only the outer edges of his pec shelf being held back by the struggling uniform top. Jay was watching his thick hairy forearms twitching as he typed in the voucher information. “So you want to use the voucher today, or can I book you in for a later date” the receptionist asked “I’ll go for today please… if you have a free session” Jay quickly added politely The receptionist smiled even wider “Sure we do, I can book you in right now” There was a couple seconds of silence between them, only the receptionists heavy tapping on his key board. “There we go sir, I have you down for a full body massage, all expenses covered” The receptionist said, a thick arm pointing to a doorway “Just go through there, you are in room 7, you have Stanley as your masseur today” Jay nodded and thanked the receptionist. The doorway he was told to head through was opened by a tall model like blond who smiled down at Jay just as brightly as every other member of staff. Jay counted out the doors, seeing the big gold numbers on each. He opened the door to room 7. It was just like every other room in the spa. It was bright, airy and calming. A small water fountain splashed down a cliff of rocks at the far side of room, a few potted plants and the quiet sound of flute music completed the rooms look. A large massage table dominated the room, the only other furniture was a single chair next to a small table. It was were Jay would have to leave his clothes, a couple hooks on the wall were ready for Jay to hang his clothes. The door opened again and a tall slender man came in. He was gorgeous with lush dark hair and beautiful bright eyes. His skin smooth and his body very lightly muscled. His forearms look very strong, with thick veins running up them and his hands looked a little too large for his body. “Hello sir, I’m Stanley, your masseur” He explained He shook Jay’s hand, Jay winced at the strong grip. “Please make yourself comfortable” he pointed to the hooks and the chair “Shoes off please, you can keep your shirt and underwear on, but its easier without pants” Jay started to do as he was told, leaving his shoes by the chair and beginning to pull off his jeans. “You can be naked if you wish” Stanley stated matter of factly as he prepared the massage table Jay replied too quickly, he answered with a stern “NO” He was sure Stanley was chuckling under his breath at the speed of his reply, but he ignored it and climbed onto the table and tried to relax. He was face down, his body stiff and uneasy. “Ok, so we’ll do back first them” Stanley said politely Jay was shocked by how sudden he was relaxed. Within seconds of Stanley’s big hands kneading the fibres of Jay’s shoulders he let out a sigh of relief. His body went slack and the tension was pouring out of him. “You have such big shoulders, so firm” Stanley said in all seriousness His big hands were struggling with the suddenly immense cannon ball sized shoulders he was massaging. Jay didn’t answer, he was too involved with the bliss he was feeling as Stanley’s hands moved down his right arm. The muscled inflating as Stanley’s fingers flowed over the boney twigs Jay had for arms. Stanley moved across the table to massage Jay’s left arm, the right arm fell down over the table’s edge. The hand slapping the floor, Jay’s right arm now much too long for his short body. Within seconds the left arm was the same, a long gorilla sized limb stacked with muscle. Stanley moved onto Jay’s back, the lats flaring out to match the wideness of Jay’s boulder like shoulders. The tabled front legs creaked a little as Jay’s weight started to rise with all the muscle his upper body was packing on. Jay’s shirt was skin tight over his back, the shoulder bulging out and the sleeves filled to near bursting. Jay’s neck was laced with thick cords of muscle, leading to a squaring off jawline. “Amazingly wide back” Stanley cooed “Must of taken a lot of work” Stanley moved down Jay’s body, his hands bending one of Jay’s legs so he could massage Jay’s small foot. Stanley was soon struggling to hold the foot, it was growing in his hand. When he let it go so he could massage the other foot it was hulking size 17. Jay just groaned with pleasure at Stanley moved on from his massive sock clad feet to the thin stick Jay called legs. Stanley hands caused the lean calf muscles to explode outwards, Jay’s thighs following suit. The bones stretching and growing, pushing Jay’s feet towards the end of the table. “Meaty legs too” Stanley chuckled, his hands working over the inflating thighs Stanley’s strong hands began to knead at Jay’s flat boney ass, his fingers tracing along the flat surface. Each cheek began to inflate, pulling at Jay’s loose grey briefs. Jay didn’t react, still knocked dumb from the relaxing massage. Stanley chuckled as the underwear started to vanish between the two boulder like ass checks. He gave one cheek a heavy slap “That it big man, time to massage the front” Jay did as he was told without a single word. The table creaked as he rolled over, his big hands thudding onto the floor again as he laid limply on the table. Stanley let out a whistle of appreciation. Jay’s chest had inflated into two massive slabs of muscle, the poor grey shirt was being pulled thread bare over his pecs. The buttons on the shirts collar could pop up to the ceiling at any second. Stanley could even count the cinder block sized abs beneath the shirt, all eight of them. The bottom of Jay’s shirt was ridding up his toned and chiselled midriff, giving Stanley the full view of the arm sized root of Jay’s still growing cock. “Damn…” Stanley muttered quietly at his own handy work. Jay had really taken to the Mass Massage. His underwear was tenting upwards, a growing wet patch spreading from the apple sized tip. It was completely normal for these session to end with the massage having to jerk off the newly grown muscle man, but rarely did Stanley wonder if his big strong hands were enough for the improved cock of his client. Stanley knew that Jay wouldn’t be going anywhere till he shot a load, and he couldn’t have the big lug waiting all day Stanley had over clients to see. “Lets get this over with” Stanley said slapping his strong hands together Suddenly Jay’s peanut sized balls exploded into orange sized bull nuts, both full to the brim with scolding hot cum. Jay let out a grunt and his grey briefs tore apart. The pouch shot off his swollen horse cock and landed with a wet splat at Stanley’s feet. “Thats new” Stanley said looking at the impossibly big cock He stepped pass Jay, leaving the huge cock to lube itself with the faucet of pre-cum it was leaking. Stanley opened the door and leaned his head out into the hallway. “I’m gonna need another pair of hands in room 7” he looked back over to the hulking man on the table “Actually, make that two pairs of hands”
  7. Hello everyone, no sexy pic or story. Just wanting to ask what sort of stuff do you want to see more of? Do you want more chronivac universe stuff, body swaps, role reversal, anything you want? Comment here, or message me.
  8. Now that I think back it I should have been worried, I mean who gets clipped by a laser that had just bounced off Superman and not worry. But I got checked out at the hospital and interviewed by the Daily Planet, and no one was worried about me. The doctors said I was fine, actually better then that they said I was in perfect health, like my asthma didn’t exist anymore. Which it turned out it didn’t, I was never short of breath again. Pretty soon I was never short again, I just thought my genes were finally doing their job. Everyday I was taller and thicker, soft flesh turning into hard thick muscle. Within a month I was unrecognisable, I wasn’t a little nerd anymore. The sudden growth spurt didn’t bother me, I was too caught up in the praise and wonder my new body got me. All it took was one gym class and suddenly I was Mr Popular, I beat the best wrestler in the year, beat the school record for track and lifted more weight then a guy twice my size. Then the weird stuff started, I’d wake up hovering above my bed, or accidentally crush faucets or door handles. The worse one was then I shot my load and it broke through the ceiling, thankfully no one lived above me. It took me a while to get the hang of my new powers, but now I can fly and do everything Superman used to do. You see I think I might of drained Supes powers when that laser clipped me, I don’t really know if it was true, because Supes hadn’t been seen since I shot up over a foot and gained over a hundred pounds of muscle. I figured I really should replace him, and I did. I created my own suit, just jeans and a hoodie. And don’t get me wrong the super hero game is sweet, I get all sorts of acclaim and all the good looking girls want to sleep with me, and I let them. Though having to replace my bed every couple days was getting annoying, not even the steel frames were surviving my jack hammer like thrusting for long. The villains are even more annoying, always dragging me away from bed and the girls I brought back for the night. The worse thing though is this reporter, she’d always trying to talk to me and keeps getting herself into trouble. But I keep saving her, can’t let Metropolis down can I. It really all hit home a couple days back a parcel turned up for me, it was Supes suit. He’d passed on the mantel to me, which was sweet. Surprisingly it was small on me, I had to do some huge changes to it, especially around the crotch area. So barely six months after getting clipped by that laser I’m now a grade A stud, king of my school and Superman. Not bad for a gamer nerd.
  9. Saturday 16:34 A picture of a freshly washed bright red muscle car flashed up on my phone. Greg- U like Harry- Of course, who wouldn’t Harry- U need to stop drooling over them, u cant afford it Greg- LOL, thats my car man Harry- No its not, its one u saw at the car wash while u were washing your trashy rust bucket Greg- 4 that your never getting a ride to school again Harry- Fuck off and hurry up, we’ve got Dan’s party tonite Greg- Why’d u think I’m at the car wash A new picture popped up, it had the same car, but this time the manly face and broad shoulders of some guy. Harry- Who the fuck is that Greg- Me Greg- U think I found a guy built like a football player at the car wash wearing the same clothes as me and asked for a picture LOL Harry- Shit that is the same shirt Harry- Whats going on Greg- I splashed out on the premium wash for the car Greg- And now I have this pussy magnet for a set of wheels Harry- How did that change you Greg- It was on a deal three for two Greg- So i washed myself and now I’m a fucking god Harry- That can’t be real Greg- Man its real, all 6ft6 of it Greg- Get down here and see for yourself Harry- Ok, but if your fucking with me Greg- I’m not fucking with u Greg- Just get down here, I still have one wash left with your name on it
  10. “What the hell do you mean I’m too small” Drake shouted at his coach “I’m 6’4” The coach held his hands up to calm Drake, he was a short man compared to the young athlete. “I know, but you just can’t compete with the other teams at your size” He explained The other teams in the league had all undergone a change. One by one the teams were all rocketing up in height. It had started with the richer schools first, but it was working its well down to the poorer schools. It was an open secret that young athletes were being dosed with some sort of gene therapy as a test for the professional athletes, but Drake wasn’t one of the lucky guys to get it. He wasn’t compatible with the therapy. He’d been the basketball star for years and now he was failing at every hurdle. The other teams were dominating, he just couldn’t go up against guys who were a foot or more taller than him. Some were even thickly built, beyond what a basketball player should be. Drake thought that some gene therapy for heavy weight wrestlers or linebackers was being mixed in with the basketball stuff. “But I’m a good player” Drake complained The coach nodded “Thats very true, and you’d be unstoppable if you’d gotten the therapy” The coach was leading Drake out of his small office to the run down gym. Their school was one of the poorest around, and even though it didn’t look it the athletics programs got a healthy share of the minuscule funding the school had. “You can be at practice today… if you want” the coach offered “Tomorrow we can talk about getting you onto another team, theres room elsewhere for a guy of your talents” Drake looked down at his big size 14 feet defeated. He didn’t want to be on another team, he loved basketball, it was his main interest, it was his life. He could maybe get into football, or swimming. Then again the school didn’t have a pool and if Drake’s suspicions were correct then he’d be outgrown on the football team soon enough. Drake left the coach to order around the other players, he moved to the side, a little separated by the now much larger players. Some of them hadn’t been on the team last week, they’d be recruited because the therapy would work on them. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to suddenly have the body of an athlete with the prospect of a lucrative sport career. Drake was the last of non-changed original players and the only black player who hadn’t been compatible, some had changed and were now towering over Drake, and some saw the writing on the wall and left the team before they were pushed. Coach was explaining some plays, having to bring all the new guys who’d never touched a ball up to speed. As Drake waited for his final humiliation to begin one of the players stepped up to his side. It was Adam, he’d been the water boy only two weeks back. He’d got himself tested and when he found out he was compatible with the therapy he got it straight away. Adam was now over 7ft tall and built like lean, but solid muscle. He was also a natural basketball player. He’d been learning how to play from the side lines and now that he had the body for the game he was ruling the court. “I hear your leaving us” Adam asked down to Drake Drake just nodded, his eyes still looking down at his big feet. He noticed that Adam’s feet were gigantic, looking like they were double that of Drake’s. “Too bad, you were a good player” Adam said, the ‘were’ made it sound more an insult Coach called for the players to get ready for some exercises. “You know the water boy position is open little guy” Adam said with a laugh as he jogged off Drake just sighed and jogged after the bigger guy.
  11. “So today we will be learning about the industrial revolution” Mr Harris announced to the already bored looking class One student didn’t look bored. His name was Morgan. he was an average student, someone who never really got noticed. Mainly because Morgan didn’t seem to want to be noticed, he shied away from the crowd and would barely react even when you spoke to him directly. He wasn’t a nerd or geek at all, he wasn’t a social outcast either. He was just quiet and kept to himself. He wasn’t even a bad looking kid, he had a goth look going for him. Black hair, pale skin, lean and tall. Morgan did have a large hooked nose and a raspy voice didn’t do him any favours. But Mr Harris was slightly put off by Morgan’s smiling face. For once he was looking up from his desk and staring directly at Mr Harris. Morgan’s dark eyes twinkled and Mr Harris felt a shiver run up his spine. Mr Harris started his class, describing how society was before the industrial revolution. His eyes kept going over to Morgan who was still staring directly at him, but then he realised Morgan wasn’t looking at him. Morgan was looking above him to the clock on the wall. Mr Harris then noticed Morgan’s leg was shaking, his foot tapping at the floor. Like he was nervous or excited. The clock struck quarter past the hour and Morgan’s smile widened massively. Mr Harris shook off a sudden migraine and returned to writing up some of his points on the board. He stopped for a second, he could have sworn he’d just been lecturing about the industrial revolution, but instead there was a very detailed diagram of a penis on the board. “You ok Mr Harris” one of his students asked He turned, rubbing his temple “Yes, I’m fine, ummm, what was I talking about” Another student replied “The importance of regularly cleaning your penis” There were a few sniggers, and a louder burst of laughter from Morgan. “Oh yes” Mr Harris said returning to his lecture This was a sexual education class, he had no clue why he thought it was a history class. At this time every week Mr Harris led what for some was a very detailed Sex Ed class, but thankfully Mr Harris lived in a liberal state and they agreed that young people in their final years of high-school needed to know what was what before they left for college. As Mr Harris started on a drawing of the vagina, with the class shouting out names for the various parts while he did so, he heard Morgan’s foot start tapping again. The clock hit 20 pass the hour and Mr Harris turned from his diagram to tell Morgan to stop the tapping, but he stopped dead. Morgan gave him a quizzical look with his dark mesmerising eyes. “What’s wrong Sir” Morgan asked Half the class quivered as Morgan’s deep knee shaking voice shook the room. The other half turned green with envy at the power Morgan showed even as he used a submissive term in ‘sir’. “Nothing Morgan, just… just watch the tapping” Mr Harris said, his voice shaking He felt like he was insulting Morgan. How could he a simple teacher order Morgan a high-school hunk who barely fit his meaty muscle ass into the classroom chairs to do anything. “Oh, sure I’ll quiet down” Morgan said, his voice hushed yet it still shook the glass in the window frames Mr Harris returned to his lecture, trying not to look in Morgan direction. His eyes though kept falling onto Morgan, tracing out his anvil like jawline which was barely hidden beneath a rich dark beard that no high schooler had any business having. Or he’d look over the ridges of Morgan’s pecs, which fought against the dark blue t-shirt that Morgan had poured himself into today. Morgan’s breathing caused the chest muscles to flex and they even bounce in a movement that Mr Harris hoped was involuntary or it would mean Morgan was showing off for Mr Harris. Finally he looked over the heavily tattooed arms that Morgan wielded like two battleship cannons. The patterns of ink worked their way around his overdeveloped biceps. “Mr Harris, you sure you’re ok?” Morgan asked. Mr Harris realised he’d been staring and had actually stopped talking. Morgan smirked and bounced his pecs and then winked at Mr Harris. “I’m fine…” he replied as the clock struck half past the hour The door suddenly opened and a tall, broad shouldered golden blond student in a lettermen jacket swaggered in. “Oh Drew…why are you here?” Mr Harris asked He was surprised the schools biggest athlete, biggest womaniser and biggest bully just entered his class. For one he was year too old for this class, and secondly Mr Harris was sure that Drew needed no sexual education at all. “I’m here for the class” Drew smirked giving a wink towards a few of the girls in the class “I’m your class model” Mr Harris nodded, remembering that athletes had to work as Sex Ed models if their grades fell under a certain level. Drew always made sure his grades hung just on that line so he could get away with fucking in school. Drew clapped his hands together “So who’s the lucky lady” Mr Harris chuckled and lifted a bowl of names from his desk and offered it to Drew. With a wide smile Drew pulled a folded piece of paper out of the bowl and handed it to Mr Harris. Mr Harris unfolded the paper and gulped. He should have known that Drew’s luck would run out sometime. He couldn’t fuck a girl every week. “Morgan” he said Every boy in class sniggered and Drew face paled. Morgan stood up, a shadow fell over the students closest to him. Both Mr Harris’ and Drew’s eyes rose up to mess Morgan’s. Mr Harris actually heard Drew gulp nervously. The floor shook as Morgan stepped up to the front of the class, his humongous feet thudding and his pecs bouncing. Mr Harris’ eyes fell to the surprisingly flat front of Morgan’s shorts, he’d expected to see a pendulum like one from a grandfather clock swinging side to side in Morgan’s baggy shorts. “Can I pick again?” Drew asked as Morgan stood a foot way Drew’s eyes were only just pec level with Morgan, and Drew was at least 6'2. Mr Harris desperately wanted to ask how tall Morgan was, he remembered wanting to ask the second he saw Morgan ducking into his class at the start of the year. “No” Morgan ordered in reply to Drew’s plea With one massive hand Morgan forced Drew onto the floor, his ass crashed to the ground and he was forced up against Mr Harris’ desk. “Please, no this today…” Drew begged Mr Harris realised as the clock hit 35 pass the hour that Morgan had decided to tick skull fucking off the list of sex acts that they had to cover this year. Though Mr Harris wouldn’t complain about being on the receiving end of Morgan’s sexual fury he understood Drew’s worry. With one hand holding the desk in place Morgan used his free hand to heave out the largest, fattest most scary looking soft cock that anyone in the class had seen. Though Mr Harris was sure every male in the class had run away from that beast as it swung ahead of Morgan in the locker room after gym class. “So Morgan has decided to show us a good skull fucking……” Mr Harris started to narrate as Morgan begun to stuff Drew’s mouth full of his hardening horse dick Drew gripped the legs of the desk as his head was bounced off the hardwood, his throat already bulging. Morgan’s hips started to work, pulling a jaw breaking 6 inches of his cock out of Drew’s mouth before slamming it back in. Drew spluttered and gagged, Morgan just grinned ear to ear. He was muttering under his breath. He was talking about things that Mr Harris knew couldn’t be true. How could Drew cram Morgan into a locker, for one Morgan was way too large for a locker. Mr Harris wasn’t sure what a Chronivac was, but it seemed that Morgan had set it to do various things through this hour to get back at Drew. Mr Harris would have a word with Morgan about bullying after class, though he still couldn’t imagine Drew giving Morgan a wet willy, he’d need a step ladder, but then again as Morgan fucked Drew’s throat like he owned it Mr Harris realised maybe a wet willy meant something different now days.
  12. “You two enjoying the sun” Eric the red short clad surfer asked The two guys he was talking too didn’t look like they were enjoying the sun. They were both very overweight, fat thighs and bulbous asses were overhanging the struggling deck chairs they were sitting on. Both were sweating under the hot sun, yet were fully clothed. Both with dark sweat patches spread across their shirts. One of them had the stains from a long gone ice cream littered over his chest. Eric though was tall, ripped and a surfer god, as was his buddy Pete. Both of them slick from having just erupted out of the ocean after catching a few waves. “Not at the moment no” Adam the ice-cream stained one answered Tom sitting next to him just nodded, his flabby arms crossed over his expansive belly. Pete ruffled Tom’s messy hair, his hand still wet and soaking Tom’s sun dried hair. “Come on Tom, time to switch” Pete said somewhat reluctant Tom moved faster than any of them had seen before, he was out of his chair and chasing after the tall hunky surfer towards the beaches changing room. “Never seen him move so fast” Eric laughed, rubbing his abs “Its almost my turn” Adam reminded Eric just nodded, picking his surf board back up and brushing some of the sand off it. “Yea, yea” Eric laughed, turning back to the ocean “I have another 20 minutes” Adam grumbled as he watched Eric’s muscled ass jogging back into the sea with his surf board under his arm. A few minutes later Pete returned. A hand down his shorts and his other arm shaking outwards. “Bodies all stiff” Pete complained rolling his arm around to loosen his shoulder “Takes a minute to get used to it” Adam muttered trying not to look at Pete’s crotch It was almost unbelievable how Pete and Eric could be so good in the water with the massive anchors that were their horse cocks weighing them down. “Come on” Adam chuckled “We are in public” Pete laughed and pulled his hand out of his shorts. Adam was half surprised he didn’t sniff it. “Sorry man, but having all this… weight… down there you know” Pete laughed Adam rolled his eyes “You are wasting your time” With that Pete was off down the beach, scooping his surf board up in his strong arms and vanishing into the ocean. A couple minutes later Roger came lumbering over and taking Tom’s seat. He like Tom and Adam were very overweight, Roger though had the benefit of being taller, so he carried it a bit better. “I don’t think we have many more uses yet” Roger said to Adam Adam nodded “Yea, I think three more” “We’ll have to work out how we are gonna make it so they stick to us” Roger said watching their two friends riding a large wave The four fat friends had pooled their money and brought some second hand body suits. Pete and Eric were hunky surfers, but only known to Roger and Adam were didn’t have long left till they became permanent. The two friends, who’d been friends since birth were plotting to make it so that they were stuck inside Pete and Eric. Unbeknownst to them Tom and Sam who was currently wearing Eric had worked out that something was wrong with the body suits. It was getting harder and harder to pull themselves out of the suit when their turn inside it was up. Even if they hadn’t set up a rota on who would wear who and when, each of the friends was struggling to give up the taste of the good life. Being a tall hunky surfer with a big cock and a hot face was too good to give up. “I still feel bad about this” Roger said to Adam Adam nodded “Yea, I do too, but they’d probably be planning the same thing if they knew” Adam was right, Tom and Sam had been friends since birth. The two friendship couples had become a friendship group in college. Tom and Sam would be planning the same betrayal if they knew, but they did know and they were plotting. Only time would tell who’d end up stuck forever inside the hunky surfers.
  13. It was meant to be theoretical, or that’s what the soldiers thought when they were rooting around the old base. They were only meant to be doing regular patrols, making sure no kids or activists were roaming the grounds. But after Pvt Willis found that one of the doors leading to a Top Secret Lab had fallen off its hinges the entire base decided to have a look. They never had any officers around, the base was deemed important enough for a military guard, but not important enough for any ‘authority’ to waste their time on. So the lads had a look, there was some amazing stuff lying around. Documents talked around Neutron bombs, space lasers and there was even a model of giant floating military base. It was Corporal Rhodes who found it, a small canister with a rainbow sticker on it. Just a rainbow sticker, nothing to warn anyone that this was really dangerous. Rhodes thought it was some scientists lunch and popped it open to see how much 20 to 30 years had changed the chicken soup within. Within seconds a light pink mist spread out from the canister, all the soldiers coughed and spluttered, all but Pvt Hall. Instead he was reading one of the reports. “Guys listen to this” Hall announced as the others stopped coughing “The scientists here made a gay bomb, it got cancelled after the generals got a little concerned about turning their own soldiers gay accidentally” “That’s interesting” Willis replied, slightly confused as to why he was staring at Rhodes so intently “There is more” Hall continued “The gay bomb started as a way of making super soldiers, it had a really low success rate though, it only effected gay soldiers” “So it would work for you Hall” Rhodes chuckled, his hand rubbing his throbbing ass, his cheeks feeling larger then they should Hall blushed, he was gay and all the guys knew it. They didn’t care, but Hall always felt odd around the hunky soldiers, whereas he was wimpy and only in the army to try to make something of himself. He read though the rest of the report as quickly as possible. The gay bomb would turn straight men gay, but it also destroyed any chance of them fighting back an army, which was why it had been changed from a super solider serum into a bomb. It turned out that the small success with the serum had been a huge success. There were pictures of normal looking men and the after pictures of huge mountains of masculinity. But there was also images of the failures, normal soldiers turned into these tiny elfish boys. And some images that were pretty pornographic, it looked like some of the failures had jumped one of the successes. Hall had never seen so much cum in one place, the boys were covered in it and it looked like they loved it. Hall decided then and there to find the gay bomb, he didn’t notice how thick his forearms were as he dumped the report back onto the desk though. Hall hadn’t even heard the sounds of his uniform tearing, the fibres snapping as growing muscle pulled them apart. He was shocked when he turned to the others, Rhodes and Willis were kissing. Their uniforms looked baggy on them. Johnson had King bent over a desk, his face buried between King’s swollen ass cheeks. Hall knew all the guys bodies very well and King ass had never looked like that. Hall quickly put two and two together, he grabbed the rainbow canister. It crumpled as his giant hand wrapped around it. He recoiled, then noticed he was crouching, his head rubbing against the lab’s ceiling. He looked himself over, his entire body was bloating and growing. Muscles appearing from no where, a thick forest of hair working its way up his arms and legs. Hall surprised himself as he moved towards the doorway when he tore lab’s roof off. Now free from the ceiling he rose to his full height. “Wow” a soft chorus rose from below him The other soldiers having completed their own transformations gazed forward. Their shrunken bodies eye level with Hall’s arm sized cock. Hall chuckled at the hungry looks on the tiny boys faces. He dropped onto his muscled ass and spread his thick furry legs. The boys quickly gathered in the space between them, some climbing over Hall’s giant thighs. Hall sighed with pleasure as a storm of lips and tongues started working on his huge dick, one solider buried his face between Hall’s swollen nuts. Hall bounced his pecs as the final hairs pushed through his skin. He flexed his biceps and watched the last veins throb into being. He marvelled as his cock reached its full size, even with near a dozen mouths and hands working the shaft there was still loads of room for more. And that’s what Hall needed, he looked down at the crushed canister. He needed more. He scratched his chin and chuckled as he felt the thick beard that had appeared. “Sir” one of the soldiers asked Hall looked down at the boy, it looked like it may have been Rhodes. But they all looked alike, with their elfish bodies and long blond hair, even their ears were pointed. Lil Rhodes held another canister aloft “Do you think this will make you bigger, we want you bigger” he then smiled, his big tongue licking his thick lips Hall took the canister gently, he didn’t want to break it. “Where did you get this” Hall asked, his voice so deep now Rhodes pointed to a cupboard, the door ajar. Hall could see that it was full of canisters, each with a rainbow sticker. Hall stood up, the boys stood with him still working his giant dick. “Find some clothes boys, we’re heading into town” Hall ordered “I think there’s a football game on today” he gently bounced the canister in his huge palm with a smirk on his rugged face
  14. “God Stan, are you just going to stew in your own juices all day” Martin complained seeing his roommate lounging on the couch again Stan just shrugged his wide shoulders, a hand rubbing at the ridges of his ripped abs. He was spread out on the sofa in just his underwear, the same pair he’d been wearing for several days. They probably reeked, and looked near to falling apart. Small holes having appeared throughout the fabric, the strain of holding back the gigantic horse cock Stan had been gifted pulling it apart at the seams. Martin wondered how much money he could make if he started stealing the clothes Stan was ruining on a daily basis and sold them online. Enough to make rent at least. Martin passed Stan, ignoring the hulking beast as he let out a burp which shook the entire room. He moved to the small kitchen on the far side of the open plan apartment, the mess from Stan’s breakfast, lunch and last nights dinner was littered around the kitchen. Stan ate nothing but junk food, last night being two X-large meat feast pizzas. Yet he was still a mountain of chiselled muscle. Of course nothing to do with Stan’s body was natural. About six months ago Stan had been working as a factory worker at some chemical plant. Unlike Martin who’d been to college and got himself a decent paying office job, Stan had barely made it out of high school and had been working for minimum wage since he was 18. Stan had been at the plant for just over a year and was actually doing pretty well. It was keeping him busy and giving him responsibility. Martin had noticed that Stan had been cleaning up more and looking after himself better, the nearly 30 year old had finally grown up. Then the accident happened. A vat of something had fallen over, covering Stan in thick green goo. He’d been quarantined by the company and the CDC had been called in, even the FBI got involved, something to do with biological weapons. A couple weeks later Stan returned to their shared apartment a different man. He was tall, having to duck through doorways, built like a bull and hung like one too. The chemicals had mutated his DNA. From how Stan had described it to Martin it sounded like the chemicals had washed his DNA of all the bad stuff and left him as human perfection. His gut had vanished, his greasy hair was gone and his high risk of heart disease was a thing of the past. But his old lazy left had made a return. While the FBI investigated the spill Stan had been put on medical leave with full pay and there was talk of a massive pay out from the company. So Stan had just been laying around eating junk, playing video games and stripping the paint off the walls in his bedroom with all the cum he was coating them in. The guy was shooting like a cannon. Martin hated it, Stan had been gifted the body of a god and all he could do was jerk off and get rank with sweat. He didn’t pick up after himself at all, Martin had even had too venture into Stan’s room to gather his clothes up to wash so that Stan wouldn’t be walking around naked all the time. There was only so much meaty cock slapping Martin could listen too. It wasn’t that Stan was a bad guy, he always got Martin food when he ordered in. He’d always been respectful of Martin’s space, he’d never let his mess spread into Martin’s room. Martin had even found his own clothes which Martin had left drying on the rack neatly folded in his room once or twice. Martin knew these small actions were all to keep him sweet, it was Martin’s apartment after all and Stan didn’t want to get kicked out. Even if Stan was now a stud he was still a shy and massively introverted loner who’s only friend was Martin. Martin spent the rest of the night picking up after Stan, throwing out trash and cleaning the kitchen. Stan had vanished to his room, the sound of flesh slapping echoing through the door. Stan had broken his bed last month, his thick muscle ass grinding into the mattress as he jerked off that splintered the slats beneath it and the entire frame came crashing down. The ruined wooden frame was still in the room, Stan being too lazy to throw it out, not that he wasn’t strong enough to lift it now. Martin finished his cleaning, he knew it would be just a messy tomorrow night. He fell onto the sofa, his body collapsed into the imprint that Stan’s thick ass and wide back had made. Martin was sure the sofa’s frame was bent or broken from the weight of Stan’s heavy muscles. He turned the TV over to something he’d watch and not reruns of some science fiction show Stan liked when there was a massive crash from Stan’s room. Martin shot out of the sofa, having to throw himself out of Stan’s imprint. He was a few steps from the door when it swung open. The tops of two massive pecs only just visible at the edge of the door frame. Rows of cinder block sized abs dominated the view ahead of Martin. It was Stan, suddenly bigger and thicker than before. His cock was now soft and hanging like a baseball bat between two thighs which were each the size of Martin. Stan’s face appeared at the top of the door as he bent his legs. He smiled weakly, but looked very worried. Martin was shocked and nearly passed out. The shock was caused by Stan’s size, the passing out from the musk pouring out of Stan’s room, it was thick enough in the air that a knife could cut it. “Martin” Stan asked, his voice deeper then before “Could you call that doctor from the CDC….” Stan suddenly grew a little bigger, his head banged into the door frame and the entire apartment shook. Martin stepped back, his phone already out and his fingers rushing to dial the CDC number he’d memorised in case of any medical issue with Stan, not that sudden growth was ever mentioned as a side effect. “Ouch” Stan said rubbing his head, pulled away from the door, leaving just his abs and cock for Martin to look at. Stan groaned again, the CDC leaving Martin to wait in a queue, elevator music playing. “Uh oh” Stan said, he sounded pained “I think its happening again” The room shook as Stan’s head grew into the ceiling.
  15. “Hey, are you Tai?” Wyatt asked the stick thin Asian boy in the bright yellow top. He’d jogged after him down the street. He was sure the guy had hurried his walk out of fear of the 6'4 platinum blond jock chasing after him. Wyatt forgot how intimidating he was sometimes.But than Tai looked more like a middle schooler than the college student Wyatt knew he was. Tai stared up at him with wide scared eyes and nodded. His bundle of books shaking in his hands. “Oh good, I’m Wyatt” he offered a hand, which Tai took with his own tiny fist “I heard you do tutoring, I really need some help” “Oh” Tai replied, some of visible nervousness vanishing “Yea, I can help, I charge hourly though” Wyatt smiled and nodded down to the barely 5'5 black haired boy “Yea I can pay, if you’re free tonight” “I’m actually free now, if you want to get started” Tai asked “Do you have your stuff” “Yea in my bag” Wyatt said excited and relieved his shoulder bag bouncing off his hip Wyatt hugged his new pint sized tutor “Thank you, thank you” He’d been desperate, his grades were terrible. This gratefulness made him forget himself, across the street a gym buddy, a brick wall of chocolate muscle, gave him a confused look, which Wyatt ignored. Tai’s face was pressed between Wyatt healthy pec shelf, Wyatt’s thick arms bear hugging him a little too hard. Before Wyatt could end the hug someone somewhere made a wish that completely changed history. Suddenly every stereotype concerning Black people Asians and was switched and made completely true. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Wyatt inhaled deeply, his nostril full of the musky scent of Tai. He quickly pulled himself away when he realised he’d had his face between Tai overdeveloped pec shelf for a little too long during their hug. Though Tai hadn’t hugged back, his thickly muscled arms had just been held away from Wyatt, he appeared slightly embarrassed by it all. Wyatt noticed the black boy across the street moving as quickly as he could. His tiny frame hurried escaping the vicinity of Tai the campus Asian Bull. “Sorry about the hug” Wyatt mentioned Tai just smiled and gave Wyatt a thumbs up, his bicep bulging. “It’s cool little man” his voice boomed, so deep you couldn’t even hear the local girls panties dropping “So you want to come back to mine” Wyatt blushed, he was little worried about being alone with Tai in his place. He knew of Tai’s reputation. “Ummmm, ok” Wyatt said a little reluctant Tai offered Wyatt his bundle of books and said “Come on you know what my tutoring would cost you” Wyatt nodded and took the monster Asian’s book. Tai started down the street, his long legs quickly causing Wyatt to fall behind. The sight of Tai’s well formed thick muscle butt pressed tightly against the Asian’s jeans caused Wyatt to blush. He remembered his buddies joking about how big and round Asian boy’s asses were, though they never said it in front of an Asians. They didn’t want to get punched through a wall for being a racist. “Here we are” Tai announced stopping outside a very nice townhouse “Wow” Wyatt said “I know right, an Asian living in a white neighbourhood” he chuckled deeply Wyatt noted that Tai left his door unlocked, but then who would steal from Tai, the guy was the biggest Asian he’d ever seen. “Dump your books on the table” Tai said pointing to a large dining room table “And email me and essays and stuff later, so I can get a sense of your writing style” Wyatt nodded, he knew what Tai considered tutoring to be wasn’t tutoring to anyone else. Tai would write all your essays and you’d get great grades, exams were up to you, though he’d offer a study plan. The guy was genius, he was on an academic scholarship for physics, the guy was meant to be the next Einstein, just one who could bench press over 300lbs. Wyatt did as told and tried not to choke on the smell of muscle and sweat that hung in the air. He also tried not to pay attention to the piles of unwashed clothes and even torn clothes that littered the large living area. He did though stare with awe at the weight bench that had a bar bending under the weight of the plates that Tai had loaded onto it. Tai suddenly reappeared, now shirtless. His heavy pecs bouncing as he walked with a two naked girls tossed onto either shoulder, a bundle of clothes in one hand. He passed Wyatt and dumped the girls and their clothes outside the front door. He returned and noticed Wyatt’s confused face. “Oh, I tutor those two” he said not even explaining why he’d just dumped two very well fucked girl outside He then undid this jeans and forced them down his tree trunk legs. He was going commando and to Wyatt the world went into slow motion as the campus legend flopped out. Tai just gave his oversized bull nuts as scratch and smirked. “10 inches soft” he explained “And 13 hard, when you suck me off the closer your chin gets to hitting my nuts the closer you get to an A+” Wyatt just gulped, he knew having Tai as tutor was going to be struggle, but he’d never thought the stories would be true. Though he’s seen so many Asian men naked, he knew they were all part horse. Tai took a seat on his sofa and spread his legs wide. His cock hung over the edge of the cushions. He turned his tv and games console on, his controller in hand and the music of Star Wars started up. “I’m gonna play some Battlefront and you’re gonna milk my dick” he ordered, not even looking at Wyatt “If you well then you’ll spend the night as my cum dump and you’ll get the perfect grade you want” Wyatt without a word stripped, he felt scrawny in presence of the sculptured muscles of Tai. He sunk between Tai’s legs and stared at the Asian’s horse cock in its massive helmet head. Wyatt started to lick the soft wrist fat cock. It began to harden after a few long lick of Wyatt’s tongue. Wyatt started to work Tai’s churning bull balls with his hands, each nut nearly too big for Wyatt’s fists. “Good” Tai said with a slight moan Wyatt smiled, but then Tai’s hand wrapped around his head and forced his open mouth down on the baseball bat sized dick. “Better” Tai said Wyatt spluttered, trying to force himself down the cock so he could get at least a B on his next paper.
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