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  1. tjsunk

    The assembly line : Station Six

    Man what a GREAT story. The only part that was strange is that you had a separate chapter for going from station 2 to three. On your 3 to 4 station you did not have a separate chapter. Where does 4 start? Keep writing for guys like me that are unable to write HOT stories. I am 73 and was not able to be muscular guy due to health problems. Now all I can do now is lay in bed and dream. Could you also tell how BIG they get in pounds or Kilos as it helps the minds comprehend the size better? I did not mean to write a long reply. But I truly love this story. Thanks again
  2. tjsunk

    Dominant Muscle Master

    Your story is very HOT. One thing, I wish you would tell how big the guys in pounds are. It make it easier for the readers mind to imagine how big the guy is. Keep writing for the people who can not and this way we can lay in bed and dream. Thanks alot
  3. tjsunk

    Enhancements (Pts 1-4)

    Hi again I was wondering when we will get to read chapter 9 . It is hard to wait to see how Trevor get to do the change. Please keep wring and I hope that I have not bugged you too much.
  4. tjsunk

    Enhancements (Pts 1-4)

    When do we get to read part 9? I can't wait to read about Trevor getting BIGGER. Also can you put it in Part 3 so I can read it in bed and DREAM. Thank you and GOD BLESS
  5. Hi again, I did get chapter 7-8 but how to you print 5-6?

    Part one only lets you print 1-4 and Part 2  only 7-8

    I love this story a whole lot

    Thanks again for writing it

    1. tjsunk


      Hi  again. I did get all the chapters. Now it is hard to wait for chapter 9.  I will be great to read about Trevor getting bigger. One thing Can you add it in Part 3 so it will be easier print. Thant way I can lay in bed and read and DREAM. Thanks for the story is super HOT


  6. How can I print part 5-6 of Enhancements part  5-6-7?

    The title says Enhancements ( pt-1-4) and it will not let you print the other parts. It is such a Hot story. That way I can read it in bed at night.  Hope you can fix it for me

    Thanks a lot


  7. tjsunk

    Enhancements (Pts 1-4)

    WOW what a hot story. I wish I was Mark in this story. He sure got his money worth. When I was born I only weight 3lbs 5oz and was 6 months pre-mature. I spent 3 months in a incubator. When I graduated high school I only weight 135lbs at 6ft1'" My folks hat to move from Michigan to Arizona to keep me alive. I always want to be a big bodybuilder but was not able to due to size. I am now 74yrs old. All I can due now is print your stories and read them in bed and DREAM. Sorry this is so long. Even if you do not get a lot of replays keep writing for guys like me that can not so I can keep dreaming
  8. tjsunk

    Second service.

    What a HOT love story. I sure wish I could take some special pills and get BIG. Please keep writing for all of us that are unable to do. I love to lay in bed and read the stories and dream about getting bigger. Thanks again
  9. tjsunk

    Plane Muscle

    Great story. Keep up the good work for the guys like me and others who are not able to do so. At my age (73) it is fun to lay in bed and read and dream ( if you know what I mean ) about being one of your guys. The bigger the better. Thanks for all of us
  10. tjsunk

    Resident Muscle

    Please continue with this very HOT story. I want to thank you for doing it for guys like me that are unable to do so. I sure wish that I could have muscles like you write about but due to my age (73) and health all I can do now is read and dream. For this all I can say is thank you again
  11. tjsunk

    Unbound Beast Inc: Side Effects May Vary

    Wow I agree it is one HOT F****ng story. Thanks for writing stories that other guys like me are unable to do. It gives me something to dream about at night and wish I was their size due to my age now. Thanks again and keep writing. The bigger the better.
  12. tjsunk

    Do. Not. Open.

    Great story. Let the guy get huge. Thanks for writing stories for guys that are unable to
  13. tjsunk

    The Day I Became A Muscle Freak (Part 3)

    Great story. The only thing is I wish I know how many pounds or kilos Tobey is and how tall he is? The reason I say this is it makes the mind comprehend the size better. I can't wait for the next part. Thanks again for writing stories for guys like us who are unable to write. I was sickly when younger and now I can only wish I could be like the guys you write about
  14. tjsunk

    The Impossible Discovery

    Great story. I have one thing to say. When you tell how big Will and Skye are can you say it in pounds? The reason for this is that it makes it easier for the mind to comprehend how big they are. Thanks for writing such hot stories for men like me and others that are not able to. Can not wait for the next chapter
  15. tjsunk

    Muscleman GROW Pt 1

    I forgot to tell you is Thanks for using my name in your story. I feel it is really GREAT. I can't wait for the next chapter. Remember the BIGGER the BETTER. Thanks again