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    Muscles and muscle growth obviously. Hot guys. Science fiction . Movies and television. Gaming.
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    Not big enough.
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    Just to be big, really ridiculously ripped and huge. Other guys like that.
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    Bigger than now. Would love to be huge.
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    Muscle Theft and Sci-fi.
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    Eric Janicki, Steve Cook, Tom Coleman, Ryan Terry and Abel Albonetti.
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    Belly stuffing, clothes ripping, domination and body swapping.

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  1. DejimaStation

    My First Post

    Thank you, you’re very kind. It took a lot to write this, but it’s genuinely how I feel about my situation. It’s something I wrote for much wider internet views but I’m really glad that I moved it here. It means more to me to be able to share with people like yourself who understand the love and desire for muscle growth, but also understand the difficulty or Impossibility of obtaining it. I think characters like the Hulk (nerdy scientist becomes powerful muscle beast) , Captain America (skinny weak bully magnet becomes muscular strong super soldier) and many others speak to this desire to become what we want to be even if we can’t, which is why I think that they remain so popular.
  2. DejimaStation

    My First Post

    This is a re-posting of something I wrote on Tumblr. Now that I’ve shut down that account I thought that I would share it here instead. Sorry it’s screenshots but I’ve had difficulty copying it over.
  3. DejimaStation

    AJ & Noah

    A fantastic chapter yet again. I’m so pleased they’ve told each other about how their feelings for one another developed and that we’ve gained insight into AJ’s sexuality. Great character development as usual.
  4. DejimaStation

    AJ & Noah

    Thank you mate! we finally got there and I’m so happy! I’m all hot and flustered too and I love it 😊 I also want to say how much I appreciate the fact that you spend so much time replying to the people commenting on your wonderful story. I’m surprised that you find the time to write lol! 😜
  5. DejimaStation

    AJ & Noah

    Thanks again for another fantastic chapter! The continuation of this story is brilliant and the writing is first class as usual. I think it’s possible that it’s one of my favourite stories ever. I’m especially impressed by the way you’ve made the characters use of texting so integral to the story and realistic. I’m really glad we’ve reached truth time with the guys. I just love it mate!
  6. DejimaStation

    AJ & Noah

    That was fantastic, it just keeps getting better! I love Noah’s nan 😁
  7. DejimaStation

    AJ & Noah

    Really loving this story, it’s amazing. So real and so genuinely sweet. found this and had to share lol
  8. DejimaStation


    That was a fantastic story. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was written really well. I hope there’s more to come.
  9. DejimaStation

    Americanised Stories

    I had many female teachers during my education here in the UK and always referred to them as “Miss”. It didn’t even matter if they were married or not, it was always what we called them. You might have said “I’m in Mrs Walkers class “but you would definitely call her “Miss “. Another thing to note is that most all British schools require their pupils/students to wear a School uniform, whether or not the school is public or not. I know from the American tv shows That I have watched that school uniforms, are mainly restricted to private schools. (on a funny side note I had a teacher called Mrs Wally and one called Mr Pratt, who both taught at the same school)
  10. DejimaStation

    Big, Brawny and Blind

    I’m very impressed with this story and very interested to see how it progresses. And as someone with a disability it is unusual to see muscle growth stories featuring that subject very often. I especially like the fact it comes from a caregivers perspective and that it is partially based on real people and their experience makes it especially effective. Keep it up it’s fantastic!

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