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    Bodybuilding, men's physique
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    72kg 1 78cm
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    Friends hopefully in Europe to train and hopefully meet up one day, flew and compare
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    90kgs, 8%bf
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    Irl stories and sightings
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    Jay Cutler
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    Muscle growth, muscle worship, flex and compare

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  1. Hey FitnesBel, I just sent you, in error, an old comment to you that I had written to Alpha edger a while ago. So don't be confused.  Anyway, looking at your pics, I see that you have great potential.  Eat correctly and pump a lot of iron.  And most of all, have fun with your new muscles.  Having muscles, no matter how big or small you might think you are, is thrilling. 

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    2. FittnesBel
    3. Muscleinatl


      Awesome.  Frenchmen are hot, but so are Dutchmen! :P

    4. Muscleinatl


      What is the 4th language you know?  I'm assuming you know French, Dutch, and obviously English.  Is it German? 

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