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  1. FittnesBel

    Inspiration for Bodybuilding?

    Dragon ball Z the transformations uff so good
  2. Hey FitnesBel, I just sent you, in error, an old comment to you that I had written to Alpha edger a while ago. So don't be confused.  Anyway, looking at your pics, I see that you have great potential.  Eat correctly and pump a lot of iron.  And most of all, have fun with your new muscles.  Having muscles, no matter how big or small you might think you are, is thrilling. 

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    2. FittnesBel


      Hahaha also Americans ;)

    3. FittnesBel


      Spanish and Japanese(but I haven't learned all the kanjis yet)

    4. Muscleinatl


      We Americans are a mixed bag; some are hot, others not so much.  I just hate how they like to circumcise the baby boys here. 

  3. Hey alpha edger.  I stumbled across your introduction.  Welcome to this forum.  I'm new to the scene, so I'm not nearly as big as you probably are.  But your name caught my attention.  Edging has become a new step in my muscle growth, in that when edged I become the muscle man I've always imagined, with a huge, rock hard cock that eventually explodes hands free because it knows it's a muscle cock attached to a muscle man.  At least in my mind at the time I'm a muscle god.   I don't know if I am able to explain it any better, but the sensation is out of this world.


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