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  1. Thedemon1906

    Humiliation, domination, strength

    Literally just wrote this
  2. Thedemon1906

    Dominant Dad (humiliation and rape)

    WARNING: INCLUDES RAPE AND ABUSE. I still remember when years ago I was a normal kid. I played with other boys, was very good in sports and was truly happy. The problem started when I hit puberty. My father and I had always been close. Maybe too much. I remember that sometimes he would grab my ass for a long time and then he would have a raging erection but I was too innocent to notice. He made us take bath together until I started to change. When I became 15 my body started to change. I started going to the gym a lot and gain huge amounts of muscle for my age and I had my first girlfriend. I was 6.2feet that was much more than my father's 5.8. I had a big and defined chest and a cut 6 pack. I became hairy, i had dense black hair in my arms and legs, it even appeared in my chest. I was turning to be really masculine. The problem was my father. When my butt started growing (that was the first thing to grow because of the legs training in rugby) I remember he started grabbing it more often. But instead of just a normal slap or something like that now he would grab me by the waist and rub me his cock. Although he never did that naked I could still feel the hard on behind in his pants. Also as we showered together he would touch me all over. When I had my growth spurt I told him to stop. When he tried to touch me again I hit him hard in the face. You have to understand, my father was tiny compared to me. So I started to take over the house. I would bring my girlfriend to bang her as loud as we could. It was all fine, my pervert father was not longer an issue. Until one night. I remember my father my father cooked us some soup, i guess that were he put the potion and i went to sleep. While I was in my bed I could started to feel someone touching my butt. I only sleep in boxers and I could feel as they were lowered. Although I was conscious while this happened I couldn't move. -It worked- I remember my father said as he laid his hands on my ass cheeks. I tried to scream but no sound came from my mouth. Then I felt it. My father's tiny cock against the rim of my ass. No, I'm not gay, this is not happening I thought as his dick penetrated me. The he started to thrust faster and faster. I would have cried if i could but I only could feel his dick tearing my hole. I couldn't breathe and i couldn't shout. I wanted to run but my legs didn't work. Heat started to run through my body as i felt my dad fucking me. Then cold, then black. I remember waking up the next day and feeling that i was dead. But in a weird way I knew exactly what had happened although It was impossible. I walked to the bathroom to see the extent of the transformation. I cried way to much. My body was now little, I was totally emasculated. I had no more hair and muscle, my skin was whiter than before. My shoulders had narrowed and my hips widen a little bit. My face looked like a cute twink, you could tell it belonged to a boy but any masculine trait had disappeared. My dick, It was almost non existent. I was like one inch long and my balls looked like grapes. But the worst of all was my ass, it was big and perfect. It was begging to be fucked, with no hair and perfect skin. My father had turned me into a fuck toy. A usable twink. I had a mental breakdown and started crying with all i had. My voice came out high pitch and soft. -What is happening son?- I felt as everything trembled as the man pronounced those words. I looked up. I could still recognise it was my father but now he was the biggest most masculine guy in earth. The 7,2 feet tall naked man stood on the door of the bathroom as I dried my tears. He was huge but perfect. Big beefy pecs covered with hair hanged over a tight 8-pack with a trail of black hair. His arms were crossed just below his chest and showed his huge biceps, the size of my head and broad masculine hands. His neck was wide and strong as a pillar and his legs seemed to be able to break the earth in half. His feet were large and hairy. And on top of all of that his face was perfect too. A pure black beard covered his face and big squared jaw. His eyes were bright blue that contrasted with his dark hair. Looking up to him was like seeing a greek god. -You… fucking faggot- i said in a quiet soft voice. -What did you just said?- -Faggot- I said this time with more strength. I think he saw I fire in my eyes that got him angry. - I think you are not quite understanding your position right now- I looked down and he made me stand up. A huge blow of strength hit my head. He had with and open hand hit me and now i was in the floor. Bleeding. I saw stars. -You will start to call me sir from now on- he said. His big strong hands grabbed my limp body and carried to his bed. He threw my body to the bed and got on top of me with each leg on each side of my body. I had my eyes closed but then I felt a slap on my face. I saw what i was avoiding to see. A one foot long fat cock was slapping his mouth. I could feel blood starting to run throughout my my face from my nose. -Open- he said in a commanding voice. I gestured no with my head. Another hit in my face. I felt the heat and a strong pain in my face. Tears started to run from my eyes. -Open- I wouldn't open my mouth. His big and took my neck and started strangulating me. I couldn't breathe, i felt like i was going to die. I saw the calm face of my father and his piercing eyes watching me from above. I started to see dark and opened my mouth to breath. His huge cock entered without warning, raping my head as fast as he could. I could feel it stretch my neck, and even if it's not biologically possible I took the entire thing. I had my nose in his pubes. He started grunting in a deep roaring voice as he got faster. I could feel his dick like an anaconda going down my throat raping me. Tears started to form again. I realized there was nothing I could do I was his possession now. -Turn around- this time I didn't complain. I turned and my ass was exposed. I now what was about to happen but I didn't feel alive anymore. He grabbed my cheeks and without lube impalated me. I screamed in pain he hit me in the waist and started thrusting so strong that I thought that i was going to get bruises. I felt only pain but the whole cockgot inside in one thrust. -Do you realise? I made you a bitch and I am your alpha. You can't say no to me, your life depends on me. You are for my use… No, for every man's use. I made you the perfect sex toy and I made you in such way that every man would like and will fuck you. Even if they are straight. But at the end of the day you belong to me, you will obey ME. You will wash my clothes, cook my food, clean my house and most importantly you will be in my bed every single night for my usage. No questions. Did you get that?- I couldn't answer as I was in so much pain and shock. He hit me with great strength in my ass, I thought he had broken something on me, afterwards I would learn that one of the effects of the potion was to regenerate but still feel the pain. -I said DID YOU GET THAT?- -YES, YEEES PLEASE IT HURTS- I was begging and crying. I feel his thrust get faster and he cums. What seemed like gallons of cum entered my asshole as he shouted in victory. I was his woman now. ______________________________________ Next day I woke up to the smell of eggs. I stood up, I thought i wouldn't be able to move but instead I felt fine. I saw if i had any cum left but there was nothing. I went to the kitchen to see my huge dad naked cooking. -sit- he said. I took a seat on the table and waited. He turned around with a plate of eggs and bacon. -eat, you will need the energy- -Am i going to school?- -Yes you will, all your friends and professors have been very understanding when I explained your change and why you were two days absent- I had been at sleep for two days! M- This is a special occasion, tomorrow I want you cooking my breakfast- I eat with real hunger. But i started to get anxious, I remembered my father had said all men will want to fuck me. Maybe it was an exaggeration but still I remember that I was still afraid at the possibility of that happening. When I arrived to school everyone was looking at me but not talking. My father had bought me new clothing that really accentuated my ass. Everything was normal throughout the day except for a few weir instances. When I went to ask something to my biology teacher I remember he was checking my ass constantly and rubbing his hard dick through his pants. Or the math professors that made me go in front of the class to resolve a problems and as he corrected me he massaged my ass with his hand. At lunch my girlfriend came over to break up with me, I wasn't surprised. She said I had changed a lot. The thing that was really strange was that my best friend Javier with whom i played rugby was avoiding. Everything changed for the worst at gym class. My class was made by the coach run and train the whole hour. Except me, he made me sat on his lap and touched me all of the time. -A boy like you shouldn't be playing sports- he said to my ear. Three day prior to that I was the best rugby player of the school, but at that moment I was only a bitch. The class ended and everybody went to the showers. I stood up and saw the stain of cum that had formed in the coach's shorts. I went to the changing room. I started undressing and someone whistled. I got red and continued as nothing happened. -So you are a faggot now?- the familiar voice of Javier sounded behind me. -..no I'm not gay- I said truthfully. I still wasn't gay. -LIAR, you are a bitch now your father told us- -No i am…- he threw me to the lockers and I hit my face. I could feel his naked body pressing behind me. I could remember I was taller than him and bigger, but now I was much taller and muscular. -Fuck, I want your ass so much- He started slapping my ass and penetrating me. His dick was much smaller than his fathers but it still hurted. He hit his ass as he fucked him. -GOD, YOUR ASS IS SO GOOOD- He turned me around to see my other classmates they were watching, and many jerking or with a hard on. One of them stepped forward and took his dick out and pressed it to my mouth. I opened, to afraid of the consequences if I didn't. He fucked my skull with strength. I was being raped from both sides, and it hurted. I had become by all like a woman. They didn't last very long. They both cummed and left me there, the bell rang and everybody went to their classes. I cried again and thought how I used to never cry. In the cold floor, covered in cum I stayed there to the end of the day. Will continue, maybe?
  3. Thedemon1906

    Father and son (part two)

    I'm glad you liked it. But a don't if i can do what you want hahahaha i already have the story planned ahead. Ps: i love growth incest too
  4. Thedemon1906

    Father and son (part two)

    Michael woke up hugging his son from behind. Clothes were prohibited in the experiment so his hard dick was poking his ass. Disgusted he took his arm away and turn around to look at the ceiling. His son and him never had a good relationship. When his mother was alive the little wimp was always with her. It is not that he didn't try to have a good relationship with him. But the thing is that every time he wanted to go fishing with him or for them to play football, his son never wanted. Also there was the masculinity thing. When he was young and even now people always told him how masculine he was and how big he was. With lots of hair that covered his big pecs and huge arms, his 23cm fat cock and muscular definition he always assumed his son would be like him. A stud. But when Nicholas grew up to be a wimp, with a soft jawline and no hair at all, he was quite frustrated. The thing that bothered Michael the most wasn't that his son was small, but that the only thing big that he had was his butt. He looked like a woman. Mike had to hear his friends “jokingly” saying that he looked so much like a girl that they would fuck him. Now he was lying on his bed, with his morning wood looking to the ceiling, wondering what was this experiment about. His son turned around, still sleeping, and put his left hand on top of his dad muscle chest. Mike closed his eyes, Barbara was there besides him. He turned around, facing his son still with his eyes shut. Then he opened them. Nicholas looked different. He didn't know exactly what was different but something certainly changed. He looked a little bit bigger, maybe it was the poor lighting but his shoulders seamed a little broader. A thought flew quickly through Mike's brain, maybe his son was finally growing. His son hand travelled from his chest to his muscle ass, Mike felt a shiver. ____________________________________ -Hello dad- Michael was cooking completely naked while gently dancing to no sound. -You know that the shower doesn't work there is only one of us?! This fucking rats, they can even pay water for two showers! TWO!- His father seemed moodier than usual. -the pills have arrived, we have to drink them together- Michael placed two plates filled with bacon and eggs. They both sit at each side of the table. Little glasses that contained two pills sat on the table, one said Nicholas and the other Michael. Nicho grabbed his cup and opened it. This time the pills were different. The one that was previously light blue was now triangular and had a deeper ocean blue colour, and a white pill was also added. He looked up and saw his dad had the same white pill but also a deep pink circular pill. -They warned me that the white pill was full of hormones. Side effects included constant “excitement”- he said as he looked down at his cock trying to express what he meant to his son without talking. Nicho understood perfectly. They both eat their breakfast and approached to the mega computer. The scanning began as the day before. -Subject one: Nicholas. Male Male, 1,81m tall, 65kg, muscle development 7%. Completed superficial analysis, proceeding with profound observation. Testosterone: mild , Happiness levels: Low, Penis size: 15cm erect, anus:not sensitive- Both father and son stood shocked to discover that Nicholas had gain 3cm, 6kg, and 3 cm of cock in less of a day. Michael glanced at his son and indeed he look bigger, and more masculine. He prepared to say something but the machine started talking again -Subject two: Michael, Male Woman, 1,86 cm tall, 87kg, muscle development 50%. Completed superficial analysis, proceeding with profound observation. Testosterone: Mild, Happiness levels: Low, Penis size: 18 cm erect, anus: midly sensitive- A cold shiver ran through Michael’s body. Maybe he was expecting to grow like his son or maybe was the fact that he only now heard that the computer had said “Male Woman”.what did that mean? -WHAT THE FUCK?- He shouted, he had lost 3 cm in one day, 13kg, and 3 cm from his cock in one day. He wanted to cry, and he had already taken the second pill. In the screen appeared a new position someone was in all fours, and the other guy was behind him, pressing his cock to his ass. He turned to look at his son that smiled and made a gesture with his hand like asking him to be the one in the floor. Michael got really angry really fast, he wasn't a woman. He wouldn't bend. Angrily he walked towards his kid and punched him in the stomach. Nicholas lost all air and bended because of the pain, that's when Mike blind by anger and shame hit him hard in the face. Nicho fell to the floor his nose was bleeding. Mike took the opportunity and grabbed his son by the waist and got him into position. Nicho tried to walk away but Mike with his stronger body hold him down and hit him in the back. -I AM THE MAN- He shouted as he grabbed his son's ass. He saw his erect cock, much smaller than before and got angry again. He was going to prove it. He was bigger, manlier than his son. Nicho felt as his dad's unlubbed fat cock entered his virgin ass. The pain was so big that he shouted a little bit. He was still confused by the punching and blood was running from his nose, but he could still feel his dad penetrating him. One thrust, two thrusts, Mike was getting faster he slapped his son's ass very hard. -You are my bitch, YOU ARE MY MOTHEFUCKING BITCH- Michael continued raping his son. Nicho could feel his father's cock stretching his ass with a lot of effort. He was a beast, fucking him like an ape. His son started crying and that only got him hornier. HE WAS THE MAN he thought HE HAD THE RIGHT TO FUCK THIS CUNT. Michael’s cock exploted inside his son’s asshole. But almost no cum came off. Suddenly he came back to reality. His son was bleeding in the floor, about to pass out and he, his father and only parent, had just raped him. -You wanna shower?-
  5. Thedemon1906

    Father and son (part one)

    The experiment had started. Nicholas drank the pill as his father. He noticed the one his father had was pink while his was blue, but he didn't give it much importance, they had orders to follow. The last few years the world has fallen into war and suffering. High ranked officials demanded his Dad (a veteran militar) to get into this experiment. They would have to live in an isolated shack while being watched the whole time by cameras. Nicho remembered how he had asked his father many times what the pills they were going to have to take did, but his father truly didn't know. After taking the first pill they would have to take the first exercise lesson. They stepped to the room were a tv that covered the entire wall turned on out of nowhere. -Hi - the highly robotic voice said- Welcome to the program “Fathers and sons” where we are going to analyse your data and responses to exercise and medicine. Now we will start with basic exercise, in this part of the program we will observe the changes in your body while training. The “Microlive” will be analysing from inside your brain your whole body. But for us to watch the external influence we need you to get naked. Please undress completely- Nicholas got red immediately, he was really ashamed of being naked with his dad. But he undressed anyway. Both straight males stood side by side looking to the tv avoiding eye contact. -Recognizing subjects. Subject one: Nicholas. Male Male, 1,79m tall, 59kg, muscle development 5%. Completed superficial analysis, proceeding with profound observation. Testosterone: Low , Happiness levels: Low, Penis size: 15cm erect, anus:not sensitive- Nicho’s face turned completely red. He couldn't believe his father had just heard that. -Subject two: Michael, Male Woman, 1,89m tall, 100kg, muscle development 59%. Completed superficial analysis, proceeding with profound observation. Testosterone: High, Happiness levels: Low, Penis size: 19 cm erect, anus: not sensitive- Michael was proud of his stats, he was 50 years old and he was in better shape than his puny kid. He was by not means a supermodel, but he had the body of a man. Broad shoulders, big arms, a little gut and hair. Lots of hair. He always thought of his kid as a little too effeminate, he knew he was straight but he didn't look like a man. In some ways he look to much like his mother… -Lets begin the exercises- the machine said. The training started normally, both Father and son were uncomfortable of having to do push ups and other stuff while being naked. While Michael completed all the tasks, Nicholas couldn't finish many of them and he was really tired of the end. -Now for this I need you to come together. You will recreate some poses that are being displayed. This is for gathering data of how they affect you- As the first image appeared in screen both men got really nervous. In the screen appeared and old muscular man grabbing by the wrists a teen and pushing his arms behind his bended back. The biggest problem however was that as the teen lowered his back ninety degrees, his butt was against the older man’s pelvis. Nicholas wasn't going to do it but his father gave him no option as he grabbed his arms and got him into position. Nicho could feel the heat of his father cock against the crack of his ass and felt disgusted. -Excellent now keep the position for two minutes- as the computer said the last word in the screen appeared a clock. Nicholas felt his hand hold in place by his father bigger hands and strength. Michael felt how his cock rubbed his son's ass hair and closed his eyes to not vomit. He would never do anything like this with his son if he didn't thought he was obligated. The soft skin of Nicho’s ass rubbed his fat dick and he not knowingly pressed his pelvis a little more. As the smell of his son entered his nose he remembered Barbara , Nicholas was really similar to her and that was hard to him sometimes. Distracted on his thoughts Michael started rubbing his cock against his son's ass that was starting to feel some movement, he didn't say anything because he knew not to mess up with his father. He felt this muscle man's fat cock rubbing and pressing harder against his butt and said nothing. He felt a real man behind him, he felt castrated in comparison, like a woman or a chick. His dad was now rubbing everything against him and the time went out. -That was perfect, now before you go to sleep lets do one more- The robotic voice woke Michael from the trans. He let go his son and backed. They both could see how his cock has swelled and said nothing. The next image was the same two people but now the grown man was grabbing the teen by his ass and pressing him. And the younger one had his hands on the shoulders of the oder man. Their whole body was touching each other. Again Michael took the lead and graved Nicho's but and pressed against him. Nicho on the other hand nervously got his hands on his father's muscle shoulders in what from the outside looked like a really romantic position. They both looked at each others eyes. Nicho has the eyes of his mother thought Michael as he cupped his son's bubble butt. It was big, bigger than what he thought, his fingers caressed it a little bit, and soft. His semi soft cock was pressing against his son's abs and it was getting harder. He closed his eyes, it was like hugging Barbara. His strong fingers entered his son's crack and explored the whole outside of his ass. Just like Barbara he thought. Nicholas meanwhile could feel the precum of his father running in his stomach. Again he was feeling castrated. He was standing like a woman, being touched by his father like one. Why couldn't he be more masculine? Have those broad shoulders, his hands travelled through his dad's torso imagining how it would be like. Masculinity, power, that dick that he was feeling. His cock was as hard as his father's. That's how two straight men ended up hard by being with each other. The training ended and both have to sleep. There was only one bed for two people. They would have to sleep together.
  6. Thedemon1906


    I can't access the story
  7. Thedemon1906


    Im looking for some father and son action. Muscle growth, theft, fantasy, anything really. Some hot stories please
  8. Thedemon1906

    Father and son (ch 1)

    If you like it let me know and i will continue making it. _________________________________________ A muscular white man was sitting next to a sleeping baby. He had a dark red beard and hair and bright green eyes. He sat with crossed arms wich made his big biceps bulge and wide open huge legs. His eyes looked tired but he kept a beautiful happy grin. -Markus, darling- a beautiful woman entered to the room. She put her hands on top of his husband huge shoulders. -Matthew will be fine don't worry- - I know i know, sorry. I was just wondering how he will be when he grows up, you know?- - I bet he will be as hung as his father- she said as one of her hand travelled past his balloon like pecs and grabbed his enormous package. Markus laughed in a deep manly voice. - not in front of the baby darling!- he stood up and kissed his wife in the mouth and as he lifted her he said - let's go to bed- ------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 1 Matt woke up from what had been a horrible nightmare. He didn't remember the details but it had to do with his mother. He walked to the bathroom with a slow pace, it was saturday. His 5.6 feet body felt tired although he hadn't made any exercise the day before. He stood in front of the mirror, his deep blue eyes were the first thing that you would notice in his face. Then short hair black as coal and a cute face structure. His body was lean and hairless, he was what you would define as a twink even though he wasn't gay. He entered the shower and started washing his puny body. Today it was his 17 birthday but there was not going to be any celebration. When he had finished washing his 6 inches dick he dried his hair and went out of the shower with the towel on his waist. Matt felt his stomach rumble and decided to grab something to eat. He went down the stairs to the kitchen and opened the door. There he found his father ,Markus preparing a sandwich. Although he was already 45 years old he was still huge. His arms where as big as a basketball and his thighs looked as if they could break the world in two. His shoulder were really broad and his pecs covered with manly dark hair, looked gigantic to any human beings. He was just wearing boxer that could barely contain his round big ass and huge crotch. He didn't have the abs he had before but his belly was still flat and looked hard. -Hello dad- Matt said walking rapidly ro the fridge. Markus didn't answer he just growled. He was as gloomy as always since matt’s mother died. They never talked to each other a lot, just some “hello” and “goodbye” now and then. Markus sat his 7feet tall body in his couch and scratch his bulge obscenely. The doorbell rang and suddenly Matt was excited. He opened the door and as planned uncle Henry was coming to visit. He was younger than his dad, 35 years old and plays rugby with younger men. He is 6.5feet tall of raw muscle and masculinity power and much more fun than his dad. Golden grows over his head and his body stretches the rugby uniform. He has the greatest ass Matt has ever seen and although he is not gay he always thought about how it would feel to grab it. -we are going on a road trip- the visitor said ------------------------------------------------------------- -So I got two rooms one for you and your father and the other one for me- Markus didn't really know how they had gotten there. He had asked his brother to come to celebrate his son's birthday so he wouldn't to do it himself and now the were on a cabin in the middle of nowhere going to share a room with his son. Is not that he doesn't love his son, it’s just that he could never relate to him and when his wife died the bond just… broke. But his brother seemed really excited about it so he wasn't going to say anything. As the sun hided behind the mountain they decided to go to sleep. There was an awkward moment when Mark and Matt entered the room and saw that they will be sharing the same queen bed. Markus undressed and got inside the bed, a little bit afterwards he felt his son doing the same. As he slept he remembered how he used to sleep with his wife. His dick got hard. ------------------------------------------------------------- Matthew was woken up at 8:00AM by the smell of bacon and eggs. His dad's arm was on top of him not letting him stand up. He grabbed his powerful bicep and with a lot of caution he moved it. He stood up and glanced the sleeping body of his father, he was occupying most of the bed with his muscle. Matt wasn't prepared for what he saw in the kitchen, his uncle was standing naked while cooking and singing. -Oh! You are awake come here!- Henry turned around to receive his nephew. For his age he had a tight six pack and beautiful pecs. He looked like one of those 25 year old rugby players but with the face of a model. But the most shocking thing was his huge dong and 8 inches flaccid monstrosity that hanged between his hard rock legs. It was a fat cock and Matt couldn't help but wonder how it would feel to have its weight on his hands. Henry hugged Matthew and grabbed his ass pressing his cock on the young’s man abs. -YOU HAVE A NICE ASS SON!- Henry said. And he was right, a precious bubble but steached his pants and bounced with each step. - what are you cooking?- Matt said trying to ignore the awkward moment that he just lived. -Oh this?- Henry said as he stood behind him and grabbed his shoulder to get him closer to the cooking pan. -This is my special recipe- now he pressed his huge cock in Matt's butt and moved his mouth closer to his right ear as he whispered in a deep voice. -Uncle Henry's recipe- now Matt was uncomfortable, he could feel through his jeans the hard pressing hot roid of his uncle starting to move. -what are you doing?- Markus had woken up and he was standing confused as the sight of his naked brother with his son. Henry jumped scared by the voice and took a step away from Matt. -Nothing I was just showing your son the breakfast aaaaand i think its ready! Let's eat!- As they were eating in the table Matt felt Henry's hand touching his leg and crotch. It will be a long weekend
  9. Thedemon1906

    My gigant roomate pt3

    Thank you! I already did chapter 4 but i didn't like it. Mabye if you have an idea you can message me and i will put it in the story
  10. Thedemon1906

    My gigant roomate pt3

    Marcos had just woke up. He was lying on his bed confused. He felt the heat of the huge body next to his own. This was the first time he woke up and John was still there… sleeping. Slowly he turned his head and faced the back of the giant. His right hand touched the hard wall of muscle that was his back. It was twice as big as his and huge amounts if power surged from it. John's body wasn't covered by any blanket and by any clothes. For Marcos (that after all is a straight man) it was a beautiful sight, a kind of admiration someone has to a well done painting or a gorgeous statue. An aesthetic appreciation, but Marcos was starting to feel something else that he couldn't quite figure out. Marcos took out his hand and continued to look at the giant. His eyes wondered through John's entire body. He already knew his roommate was tall, but seeing himself side by side to the giant it made him feel small. -Are you going to take shower?- Marcos felt the bed bend as John turned around his massive body. When he finished the little guy was facing to monstrous pecs twice as big as his hands. - Yes… why?- His eyes and John's met when he said that. The little guy had forgotten how gorgeous he was. -I have to take a shower too- he said quite demanding -well… but i have to get to school and- John grabbed Marcos’ right hand and his left arm and pinned him down. He put himself on top with only one meter between the two. Marcos was surprised by the move, he now had the giant on top of him, completely dominating him. He could see his gigantic arms tensed keeping his body up but that wasn't the weirdest thing. John moved forward closing the gap between him and his submissive friend. Marcos could feel the one feet cock of the muscle beast pressing his abdomen. ------------------------------------------------------------ Marcos could hear the running shower as he got undressed. His body had changed the last few weeks. He had gotten much leaner maybe with a little bit less muscle. He had an athletic body thought. Perfect cut muscle with thin arms like the ones you see in models. But his bulging physique had disappeared as all of his body hair. All is all, it would seem like he shaved all of it away. Although all of these changes are really noticeable the most prominent feature of his body was now his ass. A perfect bubble butt with round gorgeous cheeks. His pants now stretched obscenely every time he walked and the street. He opened the shower curtain revealing John's body at its peak. Water runned through his huge muscle and 8pack. To his lemon size balls and tree trunk legs. Marcos got in the shower pressing himself to the giant's abdomen. -this thing is getting huge- the rumble of his low voice made everything trembl as his huge manly hands grabbed Marcos’ ass. His hands ,that were as big as the little guy's cheeks, pulled up the small body without effort till the two of them were face to face. - You need to learn to obey- Marcos felt a thick finger enter his ass and he grabbed to John's shoulders for support. - You are my tiny bitch- as Marcos cummed all over his roommate a little smile appeared in John's face.
  11. Thedemon1906

    My giant roomate pt2

    Here ir pt two! This is for you @Palver! As always if you have any idea for the story please leave ir in a comment. It makes my job easier and let me write this faster. Thank you! Pd: if someone can help me to calculate the weight of the characters i would be really grateful. I know that meny people like to see the weight but i dont know how much someone weights according to his muscle. Send me a private message _________________________________________ Five days had passed since John moved to his house, and Marcos wasn't happy about it. Every time he wanted to complain, to ask him to stop touching him or even to demand him to wear some clothes, he felt stopped by the intimidating presence of the beast. He only felt safe in his rugby club. Henry and Marcos had been punished to clean the field after they talked too much during exercise. Now that they had finished Marcos was taking a shower in the locker room. While the water run through his meaty pecs he started thinking. He was still kind of uncomfortable with John around but it was much better this days. He was kind of funny and cool, his dad on the other hand was acting a little bit weird. That was maybe cause because he caught them fucking… no he did not, he thought. John and dad would never fuck. Did they fuck? He wasn't sure, he wasn't sure about a lot of things these last days. His thoughts were interrupted by Henry entering the shower on his side. He was quite handsome Marcos thought. He was 6 feet tall and 170 lb. Henry had a dark red hair and bright blue eyes. His body was beautifully sculpted though not as big as Marcos’. -I am getting a little bit hard- Henry said while laughing -Do you smell that?- -smell what?- Marcos asked nervously -I don't know… like, like women- Henry started massaging his dick until it was hard. It was 6.5 inches long and quite thick. It wasn't huge but big. Henry got behind Marcos, until he could feel his breath behind his back. -you are getting bigger. Your pecs…- he put his hand on top of Marcos left pec while the other one stroked his own dick. Marcos closed his eyes and tried to move away but he felt it. The presence of John was around his body stopping him from moving. He felt the heat and force of the giant all around his body. He opened his eyes and stopped trying to move. -your abs- Henry continued down with his hand. His fingers traveled across Marcos abs admiring his physic. Henry moved to be in front of Macos and he knelt. His tongue touches his six pack and made Marcos get goosebumps. The water was falling on Henry’s head while his hands explored his friends body. -why… so hot…- he said stroking his own dick. Henry stood up now they were face to face. So close that Marcos could see his eyes perfectly. His friend hugged him tight, Marcos hugged back for some reason. While he was trying to process what was happening he felt how Henry's hand traveled through his back until it reached his ass. Marcos instinctively curved his back leaving his asshole out. A strong flash of energy entered his eyes as his friend finger slowly entered his asshole. A wave of pleasure filled his mind and he cummed on his friends abs. -Sto...stooo..p- he said while he experienced what had been his strongest orgasm. At the same time his friend that had been jacking off this whole time cummed too. Like of they just woke up from a dream they both look at each others eyes with Henry's finger still up in Macos ass. ------------------------------------------------------------- Both friends now cleaned and dressed up were sitting still at the bench of the locker room. Both looking straight to the front avoiding eye contact. The first one to break the silence was Henry. -I don't know what happened to me… i am sorry- he said close to crying - i have a girlfriend and i am happy with her. And i am happy with you as a friend. I promise i never thought about you in this way. Heck! I never thought of any men this way. Till now i thought that i was straight…- - and now?- Marcos turned around to look at his friend face. He seemed confused and anxious. - well now… now i am not sure- -did you like it?- -i cummed all over you, what do you think?- - yeah i know, but now that we calmed down. What do you feel?- - i feel… i feel that your ass looks hotter now! Omg whats wrong with me- -Nothing, nothing at all. When you, ehem well… when you entered my asshole with your finger i saw something- -what do you mean?- - my cousin moved to my house a couple of days ago. Since then everything has been weird. I have been “examining” my ass every day…- -like masturbating?- - no hahahahaha- they both laughed this time and it gave Marcos a final push to finish his story -like measuring it and stuff and i notice that is getting bigger. Not only that but i am also forgetting things. I have the impression that my cousin is doing something with me at night but i can't remember- - Like raping you?- Henry ask full of concern - no, no i don't think so. But is changing me, when you started touching me i tried to move but i felt him stopping me from doing anything- -but did you like it? DID I JUST RAPED YOU?- -Well i guess that's the weird part. I was uncomfortable the whole time. But the moment your finger entered my ass i felt something change…- They both sat quietly uncomfortable but slightly aroused. Henry moved his erection under his shorts to a more comfortable position. -i don't know what is happening but i know is caused by my giant roommate- ____________________________________ By the time Marcos left the locker room the sun had gone. It was a beautiful night and Marcos was walking in the middle of the street looking at the sky. A gentle and cold breeze refreshed the teenage boy’s mind. He wasn't in a hurry. He didn't remember almost anything that happened this last days and he was afraid of what could happen. Something told him that he had changed and now he wouldn't forget. Or that was he hoped. His feet moved almost independently as his mind wandered thinking. He still didn't feel attracted towards Henry but the thought of his ass being touched got him really aroused. He had reached his house. He put his right hand on top of the doorknob and the other touched his ass. He was prepared for whatever thing he would find inside. ____________________________________ He was inside of his house and nothing seemed out of place. He took a deep breath and felt the fresh air filling his lounges. There was something in it, something animal, like pheromones or something like that but more intense. His dick got hard immediately and he followed the smell ,like a wolf, to the living room. -Dad?- he asked disgusted - what are you doing. Martin was completely naked while cleaning the tv. Marcos noticed that he looked younger and thinner but what caught his attention was his huge bubble that moved graciously as he walked. He had gotten smaller too. Marcos’ dick was pressing really hard against his pants. - John told me to clean the house- - and why are you naked?!- - he told me to do it this way- Marcos barely heard what his father just said his ass was making it hard for him to concentrate. - why… why are you doing it? You could just say no! Where is him?- - He went outside, he said he needed to walk- Marcos got close to his father. Martin was facing his back towards his son as he picked up a consumed beer can. Marcos couldn't take it anymore more, he took out his throbbing dick and abruptly entered in his dad asshole. His dad let a little scream as he tried to move but he was much smaller than Marcos. His son put one hand in his wrist and with the other he grabbed his dad hair to accommodate his dad’s back. He slowly pull out while his dad panted. Then with the power of a bull he entered again. He felt how his muscular pelvis hitted his dad's gorgeous ass. His dick was pressed tightly by the walls of his asshole and he felt the warmth of his body. He started thrusting his cock faster and faster and his Martin’s complaints turned to moans. His ashole streatch to welcome the new intruder and his dick got hard only by the feeling of submission. His own muscular son was fucking him as a woman and he loved it. He could feel the hard hot cock moving inside of him. Marcos threw him to the wall and pressed the smaller guy with his entire body. The he grabbed hi hip and fucked him as fast as hi could. His dad was almost crying because both the pleasure and the pain. Marcoa felt like he was regaining his masculinity and started thrusting with more power making his body hit even harder his dad’s ass. He was ready, with a last swing he cummed inside of his dad’s asshole filling it with cum. He pull out and he let go his father who fell to the floor. He was exhausted. -that… that was amazing- he said between breaths. -clean it- Marcos said putting his cummed dick in front of his dad’s mouth. Martin cleaned his son cock with his tongue leaving it without any semen. - I won't eat today. I will be in my room- Marcos said as he went up the stairs-
  12. Thedemon1906

    My giant roomate

    i already know what will happen in part two, i just need "inspiration" hahahahhaha. Mabye tomorrow, but i dont promise anything.
  13. Thedemon1906

    My giant roomate

    Hello! I havent correct it yet so if you see any errors please comment where it is. English is not my first language so be patient. Sooooo if you liked the story tell me which part because i want to make a second part and your ideas might be useful. Thank you! _________________________________________ Marcos was just arriving to his house. Today’s workout session was the hardest he ever did and his legs were killing him. Since last year the coach had changed. He was much more strict and made them workout like professionals. Because of this Marcos has grown bigger and more muscular. Having just turn 17 he had a grow spurt and now he was the biggest guy at School. He was 6,2 feet tall and weigh 210 lb and was happy about it. He likes the way girls look at him now, especially his girlfriend Amanda that was always touching his body. All of this makes him feel pretty confident and among other men of his class he feels dominant. A black car in front of his house told him that his father was home. He walked inside of the house and closed the door with the lock. -Dad! I am here!- he shouted as he walked towards the living room. He was shocked when he saw a huge shirtless man doing push ups in the floor. -do...do you know where is my dad?- The gigant stood up and got uncomfortably close to Marcos. He was 8.2 feet tall and really muscular. His arms were like small cannons ready to fire up. His pecs were the size of a human head and were touching Marcos forehead. 8 meat bricks were covered in sweat and hair, while his legs seamed of the size of a small human being. Marcos couldn't see his face till he bend his neck to the fullest. A black beard covered his squared jaw and two bright green eyes were looking down at him. Marcos noticed that his beautiful mouth curved in a friendly smile. -Hello, i am John. Nice to meet you, yo must be - Marcos felt the vibration that the strangers deep and powerful voice made -your dad is upstairs in his room- -thank you- said Marcos looking at the floor. He walk quite fast, almost running and went upstairs. His heart was beating fast an he was sweating. In that moment he couldn't tell what was causing that reaction, but it was fear and submission. He wasn't gay, and he wasn't attracted to John in any way but he had just been in the same room as the person that must be the biggest and most muscular men in history. As he walked to his dad’s room he started to regain confidence. Now with a clear head he couldn't believe the way in which he reacted. Filled with anger he opened his dad’s door with a lot of force. -Who is down stairs?- he asked almost shouting -Is your cousin John. He is staying with us for a while- only covered by a towel Martín was , at the eyes of his own son, a runt. He was only a 5.2 skeleton covered with skin. He even seemed younger than his own son. There was nothing special in his looks and nothing interesting in his personality. Marcos thought of it for a while, his house was really small. A livingroom , a kitchen, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. Only two bedrooms! And a giant like that would need an entire house for his own. -Where is he going to sleep?- he asked impatient -Well… i showed him the house and he seemed interested with your room- -WHAT?!! I only have one bed! Will he sleep in the floor?- His dad took more time to answer with that question. He was afraid of how his muscular teenager would answer. -well… i thought you two could share a bed- The only thought of that situation got Marcos’ blood boiling. John was way too big to share a bed with, even when that bed is king size. -No, that is not going to happen- - well then you should talk that with him- Marcos was furious. As he went down the stairs he was thinking what he was going to say to his new cousin. But when he reached the living room he freezed in his place. John now had a huge t-shirt that was pressing hard against his body. Every movement of his arms made his biceps press against the fabric near to destruction. It was like his shirt was being tortured. ------------------------------------------------------------- At night they eat pizza, it went by peacefully as John talked about his home country in germany. Marcos was still thinking about what happened earlier, how he got to afraid to complain to John. He was also bored because even though John was right across the table his legs and enormous feet were reaching his side. Back to his room was were the problems started. -so… this is my side and that's yours- -yes- Marcos timidly answer - do you mind if i sleep naked? Marcos was shocked by that question. He wasn't going to sleep with a naked man. -I will take your silence as a yes- John said and before Marcos could say anything he was already naked. A 8 inch cock was hanging between the pillars that the gigan had for legs. It was as thick as Marcos’ arm and it looked like it could destroy a wall. -...omg- Marcos whispered. John got in the bed as if he hadn't heard anything and Marcos slowly followed. He could feel the heat that the enormous man emitted and they were shoulder to shoulder. Marcos faced his back towards the giant but he could feel that John was facing him. Just before he slept he felt John’s big hand grabbing his ass. ------------------------------------------------------------- Marcos thought that rugby practice was easier today. They trained the upper part of the legs and triceps. He talked with Henry at lunch. His friend was getting bigger but he wasn't near to Marcos. The house seemed empty so he went directly to his room. He opened the door and jumped to his bed. He was alone, and that made him happy. His hands felt a small depression in the mattress and a shiver ran through his back. The beast he had for roommate had caused the mattress to give in to his weight. He felt a weird sensation in his ass and he put his hand on it. Did John grabbed my ass yesterday?, He thought. He wasn't sure if it had been a dream or maybe an accident. He took out his phone and started chatting with his girlfriend. A loud moan came from his dad’s room. Marcos thought he was alone. Was his father with a girl? That wasn't possible, Marcos has never seen his dad with a girl. The wall started shaking and what he now recognized as his dad's moans were getting louder. He step up furiously and walked to his dad's door. He pushed and… John was naked standing in the middle of the bedroom naked , with his dad in the air grabbed by both of his hands and a 12 inch cock up in Martin’s ass. Thrust after thrust the humongous piece of meat stretched the little guys whole body. Like a machine each muscle of his sweaty body was pulsing with energy. It was godlike, he was lifting Martin’s entire body and moving it up and down his dick with no effort. Marcos looked at his dad face that was both filled with pleasure and pain. His limbs moved freely as a doll used by his owner. Marcos closed the door and ran to his room. What he had just seen?. Two hour had passed when Marcos decided to go out of his room. He had been thinking. Was his dad gay? And more importantly, is really John a human? When he watched them fuck he saw true perfection. It wasn't a gigant, he was a god. Every enormous muscle, that perfect dick, the way sweat covered his chiseled abs and his manly though handsome face showed domination and security. He was still straight and that didn't make him hot. But he had to admit that what he saw was the most perfect human being. He was down stairs and went to the kitchen. In there he saw his father naked cooking and John also naked grabbing his ass just behind him. Marcos wanted to shout but he couldn't. -Look who's up- John said as he approached Marcos till they were touching body. Marcos felt how the beast’s flaccid dick was pressing against his abs. He tried to move backwards but John stopped him by grabbing his ass. -Looks you have been training this- John said while he explored with his big hands Marcos’ ass. Grabbing, touching, Groping. He pressed Marcos tight to his body. -stop… please- - Okay! I am just being friendly hahahaha- Marcos sat in the table i little bit nauseous. He was going to sleep with that monster.
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    Achilles _ heroes of greece

    The great heroes of ancient greece were not what we think and their stories have been changed through time. But i can tell you the whole truth as it is, with their thoughts and experiences as they lived them. Are you ready? Today we are starting with… -Achilles!- the high pitch scream was ignored by the little five year old -stop running around naked, you will catch a cold- his mother said as he ran around as he came to this world. Almost all of his childhood until the age of 10 was like this. He was not a calm boy and sadly because he wasn't invincible he did harmed himself several times. But it wasn't at his childhood were this hero's story starts. His life as a five year old boy was like everyone else. It wasn't until the age of 10 when he found out that he was different, worst , much worst. He failed all of the practice examinations and all of his classmates mocked him. He was training to be a warrior but he was as useless in the field as one can be. Chiron (his human teacher and not the magical creature the myth said) didn't see him that way. One day when Achilles had been pushed and kicked by his classmates Chiron found him outside. His golden hair had blood on it and his body was bruised and cut. -when i grow bigger and with more muscle i will kicked their ass- he had said passionately as his teacher cleaned his bloody face. Chiron watched him in awe and then laugh. This make little Achilles really angry. As the time passed he grew on age but not much in size. At the age of nineteen he was only 5’6’’ and was scrawny as hell. He had failed in becoming a soldier but he helped Chiron anyway. But then something changed. -Chiron i am here- Achilles shouted. Although he was way smaller than everyone else he was way more handsome. His perfect olive skin, profund blue eyes and sharp nose were the distinctive traits of his face. His short blond hair formed curves above his head and he had little bit marked jaw in a really lean face. -Chiron? Where are you?- the pupil was asking a little bit more worried. He head back into his master room and found the door closed. He put his ear against the wall to check if everything was okey and heard his teacher screem. He rapidly open the unlocked door and freeze instantly. There was his master. With his dark curvy long hair that touched almost all his neck. His broad shoulders and thick neck. His great jaw and stunning pecs. His little gut and thick legs. All his 6’3’’ body covered with sweat and his big and masculine hand jacking off his 8 inches long monster dick. - hey Achilles. Umm sorry about this i was not expecting your visit- he said comfortably when he noticed his presence. Chiron just pulled up his loin-clothed that barely covered his enormous dick. He walked over Achilles and put a hand over him and told him to joined him while he ate. They were faced to face while Chiron ate a roasted bird. -can i ask you a question?- Achilles asked taking his master for surprise. -anything you want pal- he answered in a deep and confused voice -what was that that you were doing in your room?- -are you kidding with me?- -no- Now for understanding why Chiron bursted into laugh we need to understand that greek society at that time was very open in subjects like sexuality. Sex wasn't considered a taboo, even more it was recommended in the teacher student relationship. -you must be the only eighteen greek boy that doesn't know what jacking off is- his laugh made the entire house vibrate. -jacking off?- - here, let me show you- he stand up and place himself behind Achilles. He put his hands in his little shoulders and he bend so that his dense beard touched his face. From the front you would be amazed by the difference of size of master and student. While Achilles couldn't see it he felt is and got a boner. -yeah that will help- said Chiron lowering his muscular and hairy arm to his students crotch. He passed his toga then grabbed his 5 inches cock and start stimulating it. Achilles let a small groan as he felt the massive arm of his teacher. Chiron started going faster and faster until Achilles had a sensation like he had never experience, an orgasm. - tha...thank you- -we are not finished yet- he said as he placed his hands below Achilles body and lifted him. The now amazed by the strength of his master Achilles was carried to the bed while he masaged his carriers hairy and meaty pecs. Chiron threw his pupil in the bed and shredded his own cloth. With one hand he hold his throbbing cock and placed into Achilles butt. He placed himself on top of him with one arm in each side and started thrusting his massive cock as fast as he could. Achilles was being pressured by the gigantic beast that he had above that he barely breath. He left a scream as he felt his butthole being torn apart. With every thrust he felt his entire body being cut in half until he started to feel some pleasure. -Stand up- Achilles complied immediately to his orders and slowly stand up with his weakened legs. Chiron grabbed his waist by the back and pushed him to the wall. Now his dick was going completely inside and the gap between each thrust was getting shorter. Achilles started gently moaning and his dick got hard again as he started to feel a new found pleasure. Chiron placed his hands over Achilles and with a final thrust he blew his cum inside his pupil and his Achilles cummed himself. Chiron hugged him before getting into bed. With his head above the hand of his flexing bicep he sighed. Achilles got into bed next to him and placed his hand over his chest. - you know kid? That was very good for being your first time- -the..thanks he said blushing- Chapter two Being fucked by his teacher had become something normal in Achilles daily life and he didn't complain. He used to walk naked in Chiron’s house and he would often have his butt grabbed or entered by some fingers. But the best parts for him were those nights when Chiron would call him to his room, fuck him and let him sleep in his bed. It was those moments when he could sleep with his arms around his teacher when he would feel safe. Chiron didn't let him do nothing romantic while they fuck or even afterwards. Not even a kiss, a hug or anything. He always told him that that wasn't something of warriors, it was being ass fucked and nothing more. So only those nights when Chiron would sleep first he had the opportunity to hug him. -we have to go- Chiron had said one day Achilles didn't make any questions and the next day he had everything prepared. When he got out of the house Chiron was expecting him with a horse. Achilles placed himself behind his master on the horse. -You have permission to hold on me to not fall off the horse- Achilles put his arms around his master holding tight. Chiron let a sigh feeling the boner of his pupil. They rode until de twilight and stopped when they reached a mountain. Chiron tied the horse and placed the rope in a tree. He turn around and head north following the cobblestone path that went all the way up the mountain. From behind Achilles could see the moving muscular butt of his master and the long legs that soon left him behind. When Chiron looked around and saw his pupil was so far he was annoyed. -Come here- he said -I will carry you- Achilles placed himself behind him and Chiron lift his legs and started to run. Achilles hold tight to his master fist for fear and then for pleasure. It didn't pass so much time until they reach the top of the mountain. There was a light blue lake with crystal water and in the center of it a pillar with a statue above of a man with big and perfect muscles and an even more massive dick. Chiron sat down and Achilles , that was so thirsty, run to the water. -Dont touch it!!!- he shouted- at least not yet. The oracle told me to bring you here and get you in the water when the moon light is right above us- he said while watching the sky probably calculating how much time was until then. - do you know why?- - No, before yesterday i thought every man that touched this water died. But they told me it is the will of the gods- he said hiding his concern behind humor - i never been here, what an amazing statue- he said placing his hand on his forming bulge underneath his toga while he clearly craved the man of the statue. - I wonder who is that statue of… he is so big, so tall, so masculine… with that huge dick… i mean i would like to fuck him and nothing more is not like having a beautiful woman...I Would like to have a woman to suck my dick- -suck… suck your dick?- - yeah you know, it's great- - Umm- - Oh my god you don't know! How can i be so stupid!- he laugh and when he stop he watched his bulge and squeezed a little. - I guess that if it is for the purpose of teaching you i can break the rules. Come here- he said as he laid down and Achilles sat besides him -give me your hand … aaaand put it here- he placed Achilles hand on top of his bulge. The pupil started rapidly massaging Chiros dick over the toga. - let me take this of the way- Chiron said leaving himself totally naked. Achilles started jacking off his master’s now nude dick until it was rock hard. Suddenly he felt Chiron’s hand on his head pushing him down to his dick. -Open your mouth- And Achilles did so obediently. The musky taste fist shocked him but he learn to crave it. He started licking the shaft and soon he had the whole 8 inches monster in his mouth. Chiron started grunting and pressing Achilles all the way down suffocating him. The students hand started to wonder over his master’s body and in short time Chiron reach an orgasm. Achilles mouth was filled with cum and he drank it all. He fell over his master really tired. - How can you hard by sucking another person's dick?- he asked and answered himself - it's because you are my bitch. My woman- Achilles hug him even tighter and started crying. But not because he was sad or hurt, it was because he was happy. They rested in that position for an hour or two until Chiron got up. -Well it's time- he said with a little bit of sadness in his voice - i must admit i will miss using you- Achilles stood up and started to walk to the water. As he approached his destiny he looked up to the moon and cursed her. “Why wouldn't you just let me be a little bit more with Chiro” he thought. As he felt the water on his feet he prepared himself to die. But he didn't . He continued to walk until he was needing to swim to avoid drowning. He watched the shore how Chiron was waiting for him with his arms crossed and his dick still hard. He found that view calming but then some force drag him into the bottom of the lake. Chiron tried to save him but an invisible force stopped him to do that. The water turn gold and it started to shine. The moon was brighter than ever and it illuminated everything like the sun. The statue fell into the water and it was quickly disintegrated . The moon turned black and the earth started to shake. Then all of the sudden it stopped, from the now blue again water the unconscious body of Achilles emerged. Chiron's big body fastly swimmed to his rescue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- i dont know if i will continue with this one but i am thinking of starting a series of stories of greek heroes.
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    Nieve carmesí III

    Jajajajja muchas gracias. No estaba seguro de lo de adan y eso pero bueno. Todavia no me gusta mucho. Pero en el momento me parecio entretenido y lo escribi que se yo jajajaj tomaré en cuenta lo que me decis. A mi tmb me gustan las comparaciones no se porque no las incluí...

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