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    Guys with the genetics to grow big, round, veiny muscles all over their body.

    No offense to anyone but I don't RP anymore. I just don't have the attention span to do it and it takes away from my creative side. :P
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    Average, nothing special!
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    Buff nerdy men with a sense of humor and isn't necessarily all about themselves. They know how to separate the gym from their everyday lives.
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    Not too overly big and a bit furry! :P
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    The entire SouthernSuitor collection; SeaMusc; and achilles
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    See the 'About Me' tab for this list!
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    Muscle worship, hulkouts, muscle growth, sexy accents, were muscle

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  1. ravenweremuscle

    Incredible Hulk

    Ugh, I can't watch these in my country it says.
  2. ravenweremuscle

    Real Life Bullying in Gyms

    THIS is why I think there should be personality tests for gyms. Of course that can be taken the wrong way especially if you were to ask a guy who is buff if he used to be heavy or fat. Put all the douchy guys in one gym and all of the decent guys who have experience dealing with weight or diets in another to help mentor the newbies into becoming bufflings like them.
  3. ravenweremuscle

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    Okay guys relax. There are those in the bodybuilding community that DO in fact get turned on when they are complimented and love having their egos stroked. That is called exhibitionism and the sensation of being cheered on or being massaged whether physically or mentally by others is perfectly normal. Some guys LOVE it thus they get the erection in their posers. Others are the other way and find it distracting after training and prepping for weeks even months in advance of a competition. You are either in one camp or the other, there is no wrong answer here. I have to say that MLMuscle sounds like the most chill bodybuilder and would freely enter an alternative competition where the guys go poserless or are required to hold erections longer than others. Maybe one of the requirements would be for the audience to make the most noise to conjure a response from the guys. Anyway, back to the original topic. I don't want to see another thread hijacked by negative comments.
  4. ravenweremuscle

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Jim, you really know how to get the blood boiling. It is as if your package is SWELLING along with the rest of your lower body. Muscle growth come to life!
  5. ravenweremuscle


    He was born with such power running through his genes. Lucky bastard.
  6. ravenweremuscle

    Fat Acceptance - A Social Movement

    Guys relax, we all know this isn't going away anytime soon. Better education on obesity would help.
  7. ravenweremuscle

    Another school shooting... Here we go again

    I can give you one reason why people won't give up their guns: the Nazis. I can't tell you how many people I have talked to say that the reason why the Nazis took over was because people didn't have a way to defend themselves in Europe. Americans are deathly afraid of that happening here so they will not give up their rights to have a weapon of some kind. The school shootings will likely never stop now because people have gotten used to them. They cry about it for a few days and then move on. It has now become normal and that is terrible.
  8. ravenweremuscle

    World's Strongest man 2018

    He is a hunky man!
  9. ravenweremuscle

    Comedian Trae Crowder

  10. You seem to be into this guy quite a bit. Maybe you could find the full videos of him somewhere. :)


  11. Hey beastie, can you send me a message as soon as you read this. (Hopefully, I'm on!)

    I need to talk to you.

  12. I just wanted to let my tumblr followers know that I have been terminated on tumblr. I am currently shopping for a new home for both my pictures and stories.

    I might end up on metabods for my stories, who knows.


    1. cutlerfan


      I'm sorry to hear that. Any idea why you were terminated?

    2. ravenweremuscle


      They told me copyright infringement. I violated the DMCA guidelines so they shut me down. You can thank OnlyFans for this because since that place has become popular, it has screwed people like me. :/

    3. cutlerfan
  13. Thanks for the follow mate.

    1. ravenweremuscle


      I should be thanking you! You are looking incredible! ;)