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    Working out; growing; muscle sex and worshiping
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    Other BB who can relate to how growth changes your outlook.
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    So many out there. The competitive pros, of course, along with the crews at Muscle Hunks, Power Men, Muscle Matt, etc.
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  1. Muscleinatl

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    Well put. I'm not a really big guy, at least with regards to the big guys in the gym, but I do try to get every guy I'm with to go over my muscles first before they get to my cock. Hell, usually I'll make them back off of my cock and make them go back to my muscles. And like you pointed out, @Gaizer, you have to go for the guys who you can tell love to work out. They won't be competitive level, but they appreciate muscle, both theirs and yours. It's with these guys that I have the best time. The actual orgasm is an afterthought that you really aren't searching for, even though you're both hard as a rock.
  2. Muscleinatl

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen - British Actor

    Yes, he's incredibly handsome. I wish he would bulk up, too. Then he'd be perfect.
  3. For me, it's changed me fundamentally in two distinct ways: physical and mental. My biggest hangup with sex prior to my beginning on my weight lifting journey was that I was not good enough to be naked in front of someone else. This feeling came about from relentless bullying during my formative years. With a changed body not only do I feel normal when naked, I also love the reaction when people see me naked for the first time. It's always something like, "Damn, I didn't know that you had all that under your clothes." The other way it's changed my sex life is physical. I have the stamina to go for long periods, knowing how to pull back from the edge of orgsasm. Sure, some of that is simply from practice, but I'm also able to stay hard fucking, yet remove my mind from the pleasures of my cock by flexing and thinking of the pleasures from lifting. Thinking of lifting removes me from immediate orgasm yet does not diminish one iota of my erection. As for the sex addiction part. Yes, my desire and need for release is high, so I find that I have to do a lot of releasing by myself. But this actually allows me to concentrate at work and not treat others simply as orifices for my cock.
  4. Muscleinatl

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    @dredlifter, @CentralNJmuscle, and @RosieWorships, all three of y'all really have made my day, or week, or even perhaps more. I know I identified as gay on this site when I registered, but as I have developed my body more and added on muscle, I find that my sexuality is determined more from the feedback that I get from the other person. And I've had some wild and fun times with the ladies, too, and it all starts from how the scenarios begin and how they progress. Even though you all haven't really expressed it in that way, what you all describe is how my mind thinks in this stage of my muscle growth. Thanks!
  5. Muscleinatl

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    I have always been in the camp that believes that it's the body, not the face, that determines the level of fun in the bedroom. Your gf sounds like top-level fun and hotness. If you ever decide to scratch that itch, find a top-level bodybuilder. You deserve no less.
  6. Muscleinatl

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    It sounds like you have a keeper, @CentralNJmuscle. I wish we were all so lucky. By the way, she also sounds hot as fuck!
  7. Muscleinatl

    Americanised Stories

    As someone pointed out earlier, using non-american terminology when the story does not take place in the US makes the story more believable and does, indeed transport the reader to the other land, whether it be across the pond, across the Pacific, or north of the border. There are 4 major spelling categories to look out for: our vs or, as in colour vs color; re vs er, as in metre vs meter; the doubling of the letter L when adding suffixes, as in travelling vs traveling, and the use of s vs z as in analyse vs analyze. Then there are a few one-offs that make it interesting. Someone already pointed out defence vs defense. Practise and license are always verbs, and practice and licence are always nouns. It's storey when referring to the floor of a building. And there are more that the casual reader won't even notice. Oh, and it's stone without the s when plural. 1 stone = 14 pounds. 10 stone = 140 pounds.
  8. Muscleinatl

    Americanised Stories

    Please, please, please continue to write in non-American English. I'm an American who loves to read stuff from the British Isles and Australia and New Zealand. I can even usually pick up when a writer is Canadian. I have an Oxford dictionary printed in England that I keep handy to look up words that are new to me. Believe me, there are a lot of Americans who share my affinity. We're sometimes referred to as Anglophiles. I wish that more Americans would open their eyes and see the beauty of the English language as it was meant to be written.
  9. Muscleinatl

    (un)identical twins (1)

    Exactly. He's going to find that book of spells and curses and put the hex on his brother.
  10. Muscleinatl

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    I would be totally for this, @MLMuscle
  11. Muscleinatl

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    I have to agree with @Welshyon this one. His point is that bodybuilding shows are not foreplay for muscle orgies, as a lot of us, including myself sometimes, fantasize about. While I have never competed, I had an ex who did; a lot. I've been back stage and have experienced the nervousness and tension in the room that you could cut with a knife. As for the situations that you've seen on film or in person when a guy looks like he's popping a boner, he's probably popped a Cealis pill to help with showing vascularity. As he flexes his groin area, his dick might rise up, but he's not feeling aroused. He's aware of it and grinning, but believe me, he's not thinking of sex. He's worried about whether or not the judges see his muscles popping.
  12. Muscleinatl

    Foreskin Fascination

    My guess is that you learn to control it, but you're controlling a more intense sensation. The skin of the sensitive parts of a circumcised penis is thicker and dryer, resulting in fewer nerve receptors than the corresponding skin of the uncircumcised penis.
  13. Muscleinatl

    Foreskin Fascination

    I wish that I had mine still, but when I was a teenager trying to simply fit in with the regular guys, I was glad that I was cut like most of the other guys. It was one less thing to have an anxiety attack over! I know that a lot of circumcised guys say that an uncut cock is gross and nasty, but it's not about what they think that is important. It's what's most pleasurable for the guy with the penis. The reality is that the head of an uncut cock is multiple times more sensitive, and as a bonus you have the underside of your skin being just as sensitive. So you have twice the surface space of extreme sensitivity. That's why I'm jealous of a guy who's still intact.
  14. @joeysilverado, even though the feedback you may have actually seen might indicate to you that you have only a few fans, believe me, you have a ton. I, for example, tend to be one of the quiet ones on the sidelines, but only out of respect to you and your privacy. I also don't want to come across as demanding something from you without being able to compensate you in some way. But believe me, there are a lot of us silent fans out there. I know I crave your written word the same way your characters crave to be worshipped!
  15. Muscleinatl

    My Friend Got Jacked - And I'm Uncomfortable

    @ipsen, you mentioned that at times you had asked to feel your buddy's muscles. So he KNOWS that you are attracted to his muscles. That's why he asks you and only you to cop a feel. If he's asking you to feel his muscles only when the two of you are in front of others, you may want to ask him not to do that when you have him alone. He might be doing so to embarrass you as a joke and not realize that it's really bothering you. You may want him to feel your flexed bicep and ask him for tips on improvement. Of course what you're really wanting to know how comfortable he is when feeling another guy's bicep. He might just be looking for someone to muscle worship him, but he doesn't know how to go about and ask. I read it somewhere else here about having the sexual orientation of "muscle". A lot of otherwise straight or even gay guys here have said that they are more about muscle than traditional gay or straight sex. That might be a good description of you.

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