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  1. Can't fucking wait. You are a great writer and a great storyteller. Two different concepts, and you excel at both.
  2. Exactly. He's going to find that book of spells and curses and put the hex on his brother.
  3. @joeysilverado, even though the feedback you may have actually seen might indicate to you that you have only a few fans, believe me, you have a ton. I, for example, tend to be one of the quiet ones on the sidelines, but only out of respect to you and your privacy. I also don't want to come across as demanding something from you without being able to compensate you in some way. But believe me, there are a lot of us silent fans out there. I know I crave your written word the same way your characters crave to be worshipped!
  4. I feel like I got as hard as Ben did. Great writing, @MuscleWorshipID. You tapped right into my brain and got the best of my imagination.
  5. I think the next chapter will feature the other bro saying, "You're welcome."
  6. This sounds like the genesis of a hot story. A good many members of this forum dream of either being the sponsor or sponsee.
  7. Hey ctico.  I stumbled across your profile and I'm really impressed by your pic.  Your muscles are outstanding; I want to have your build so that I can be the hottest stud in Atlanta.  I'm still on the skinny side, but since I love working out and get a natural high off of it, I figure that it's only a matter of time.  I guess there's no secret to you getting your body, just hard work.  My problem is probably that I'm not eating enough of the good food.  How much do you eat to maintain your muscles?

  8. Alright Joey Silverado. I keep telling myself not to beg you for more of the Twenty, I know that good things take time. But I'm ready for your excerpt!
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