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  1. Muscleinatl

    (un)identical twins (1)

    Exactly. He's going to find that book of spells and curses and put the hex on his brother.
  2. Muscleinatl

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    I would be totally for this, @MLMuscle
  3. Muscleinatl

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    I have to agree with @Welshyon this one. His point is that bodybuilding shows are not foreplay for muscle orgies, as a lot of us, including myself sometimes, fantasize about. While I have never competed, I had an ex who did; a lot. I've been back stage and have experienced the nervousness and tension in the room that you could cut with a knife. As for the situations that you've seen on film or in person when a guy looks like he's popping a boner, he's probably popped a Cealis pill to help with showing vascularity. As he flexes his groin area, his dick might rise up, but he's not feeling aroused. He's aware of it and grinning, but believe me, he's not thinking of sex. He's worried about whether or not the judges see his muscles popping.
  4. Muscleinatl

    Foreskin Fascination

    My guess is that you learn to control it, but you're controlling a more intense sensation. The skin of the sensitive parts of a circumcised penis is thicker and dryer, resulting in fewer nerve receptors than the corresponding skin of the uncircumcised penis.
  5. Muscleinatl

    Foreskin Fascination

    I wish that I had mine still, but when I was a teenager trying to simply fit in with the regular guys, I was glad that I was cut like most of the other guys. It was one less thing to have an anxiety attack over! I know that a lot of circumcised guys say that an uncut cock is gross and nasty, but it's not about what they think that is important. It's what's most pleasurable for the guy with the penis. The reality is that the head of an uncut cock is multiple times more sensitive, and as a bonus you have the underside of your skin being just as sensitive. So you have twice the surface space of extreme sensitivity. That's why I'm jealous of a guy who's still intact.
  6. @joeysilverado, even though the feedback you may have actually seen might indicate to you that you have only a few fans, believe me, you have a ton. I, for example, tend to be one of the quiet ones on the sidelines, but only out of respect to you and your privacy. I also don't want to come across as demanding something from you without being able to compensate you in some way. But believe me, there are a lot of us silent fans out there. I know I crave your written word the same way your characters crave to be worshipped!
  7. Muscleinatl

    My Friend Got Jacked - And I'm Uncomfortable

    @ipsen, you mentioned that at times you had asked to feel your buddy's muscles. So he KNOWS that you are attracted to his muscles. That's why he asks you and only you to cop a feel. If he's asking you to feel his muscles only when the two of you are in front of others, you may want to ask him not to do that when you have him alone. He might be doing so to embarrass you as a joke and not realize that it's really bothering you. You may want him to feel your flexed bicep and ask him for tips on improvement. Of course what you're really wanting to know how comfortable he is when feeling another guy's bicep. He might just be looking for someone to muscle worship him, but he doesn't know how to go about and ask. I read it somewhere else here about having the sexual orientation of "muscle". A lot of otherwise straight or even gay guys here have said that they are more about muscle than traditional gay or straight sex. That might be a good description of you.
  8. Muscleinatl

    My Friend Got Jacked - And I'm Uncomfortable

    What about option 4: tell him that his muscles are awesome and that you'd like to grow some, too. If he sees that you appreciate what he's done for himself, he probably wouldn't put you on the spot in front of your straight friends, and once you start to grow yourself, you won't be so startled whenever you're in the company of muscle.
  9. Muscleinatl

    Can you scratch your back?

    My kind of bodybuilder!
  10. Muscleinatl

    Destiny - Worship My New Muscular Roommate

    I feel like I got as hard as Ben did. Great writing, @MuscleWorshipID. You tapped right into my brain and got the best of my imagination.
  11. Muscleinatl

    Am I too sexually addicted to muscle?

    Well said, @BigIslandGuy
  12. Muscleinatl

    Gym Confessor

    I'm on the small size of muscle guys, and I get that sort of commentary, too. I NEVER start a conversation about working out with a guy who does not work out, but I have had A LOT of guys in the past who bring up working out, not by talking about what they do in the gym, but rather the fact that they don't work out for whatever reason. While I know, as @kymuscleboy pointed out, that it's a compliment in that the other guy is taking notice of my physique, part of me gets a little defensive because I realize that I'm intimidating someone who might somehow strike back in his own way. Then there's the guy who likes to twist it around and tell me that he has so much excitement in his life that he could never waste his time in the gym like I must certainly do. Keep in mind that I don't bring up the fact that I work out. It's these guys who are actually beating themselves up inside who bring up the topic.
  13. Muscleinatl

    Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    Fun pic, @tomofutah
  14. Muscleinatl

    Am I too sexually addicted to muscle?

    @pasidious, your story sounds quite similar to mine, from feeling strange around the sight of muscle at quite an early age to being underweight and being a hard gainer. I think that the topic as presented, that is, being "sexually" addicted verses not being sexually addicted, but perhaps being addicted to muscles without a sexual component (or perhaps thinking that you cannot fulfill your own sexual potential unless you, yourself, have big muscles), is a little tricky if you think about it. What I have found that works for me is to first do what you can to build up your muscles to how you want your body to look. You also need to be honest with yourself as to what your genetic potential is. Look at your brothers and male cousins if you have any. Not everyone can look like a linebacker or professional bodybuilder. Once you have reached your primary needs for your own body, you just might find that what you thought you needed in others might not be so demanding in the muscle department. There are a couple of websites the I found to be helpful for hard gainers. I don't think we're supposed to reference other websites in the forum because there may be links to viruses and such. Send me an email is you'd like a link. One of the biggest things I've learned is that the way that a natural bodybuilder should work out is incredibly different from how an enhanced bodybuilder would work out.