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  1. OH yeah, nothing like showing off my guns to the world But i realy love grabing some good cannon peaks myself. Mutual muscle show off is always the best, but making a guy gasp to my BICEPS is so fun too 😛
  2. Just helping here, all opinions count
  3. Funny thats exactly the problem. Pumping my muscles, selfworship, cum to muscles, flex hard til cum, thats all natural to me and im proud of being a bodybuilder. The problem is that many worshippers just hide their lust for muscle, living almost like 2 separate lifes, ashamed of what turns them on. So when they are in front of a muscle guy, they dont know how to deal with their desires. The bottom line is that a muscle guy is proud being a muscle guy, most worshippers are ashamed of being worshippers, and that reflets in muscle worshipping A TON!! Sad but very common...
  4. Actualy a few… Too much craziness, too feminine ( nothing against but not my taste ), crazy ideas of strength tests, irrealistic/strange behavior… the list goes on...
  5. Well, as an escort myself for many years now, i can tell u for sure. Just tell me what turns you on and i will tell how far you can go with my muscles. If we both are insync and if you dont disrespect me, YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST DAY IN YOUR LIFE
  6. And this is why i grow so much. MUSCLE SON for MUSCLE DAD!! WOOF
  7. Olá a todos. Gostava de saber se há aqui outros portugueses viciados em musculos. skype: newcyber24
  8. Its a matter of own decision. It was weird for me too, but then i decided to start oiling my guns for freaky peaks. Then the upper abs to get a hard 8 pack, and so on. Its no easy task, and if you want it well done you have to eat, workout and roide huge time to fill the empty space as the oil gets off the muscle. For me, the best thing i ever did. As for implants, i dont know, never got them, but since i never did, i will not say a word
  9. Am i too sexually addicted to muscle? For me no because there is no "too much" for me in this aspect, since it doesnt bring me any bad side effect, only pleasure. The more muscle the better, and i only have sex with muscle guys, but i do need SEX. For me muscle and sex dont exist separated, its the combo that makes me have a happy ending
  10. Well, i always wear as few clothes as i can so i always use speedos or extremily short trunks. Is perfect to show my legs and adonis belt. I usualy use calvin klein or aussiebum. They are simply awesome and realy makes my muscles look the best, great designs too
  11. As a long cam model myself, i still think that the best option is do your own private thing. Skype cam, half price payed before the show and the other half after - via paypal. DONE
  12. Im more a cam 2 cam muscle action guy, but we will see
  13.  Happy Birthday!

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