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  1. CANNONSboy


    Olá a todos. Gostava de saber se há aqui outros portugueses viciados em musculos. skype: newcyber24
  2. CANNONSboy

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    DAMN sir, HUGE everywhere!! WOOF
  3. CANNONSboy

    Oil, Implants and silicon abs

    Its a matter of own decision. It was weird for me too, but then i decided to start oiling my guns for freaky peaks. Then the upper abs to get a hard 8 pack, and so on. Its no easy task, and if you want it well done you have to eat, workout and roide huge time to fill the empty space as the oil gets off the muscle. For me, the best thing i ever did. As for implants, i dont know, never got them, but since i never did, i will not say a word
  4. CANNONSboy

    Am I too sexually addicted to muscle?

    Am i too sexually addicted to muscle? For me no because there is no "too much" for me in this aspect, since it doesnt bring me any bad side effect, only pleasure. The more muscle the better, and i only have sex with muscle guys, but i do need SEX. For me muscle and sex dont exist separated, its the combo that makes me have a happy ending
  5. CANNONSboy

    Speedos and their stigma

    Well, i always wear as few clothes as i can so i always use speedos or extremily short trunks. Is perfect to show my legs and adonis belt. I usualy use calvin klein or aussiebum. They are simply awesome and realy makes my muscles look the best, great designs too
  6. CANNONSboy

    Muscle Camshows

    As a long cam model myself, i still think that the best option is do your own private thing. Skype cam, half price payed before the show and the other half after - via paypal. DONE
  7. CANNONSboy

    Needing a friend

    Im more a cam 2 cam muscle action guy, but we will see
  8. CANNONSboy

    Ready for bodybuilding competition

    Já tenho viagem marcada pela TAP, chego a 15 de Março Desejando fazer muscle worship outra vez contigo gigante
  9. CANNONSboy

    Chris "Freaky Peaks" Jackson (Self Muscle Worship Story)

    Thanks for making a storie about me and my cannons Very hot
  10. CANNONSboy


    As a bodybuilder i would love that others would do the same, cause i love other muscle guys too. So in a world that almost 99% are admirers only, i try to push them, but normaly its a lose case, since going to gym and workout everyday is too much for normal people...
  11. Your avatar is incredible Pedro! :)

  12. CANNONSboy

    Needing a friend

    Thanks guys !!
  13. CANNONSboy

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Same here, love to pump my cock and my muscles!!!
  14. CANNONSboy

    Needing a friend

    Hey guys, CANNONSboy here (real name Pedro Hercules as many of you already know). Just decided to contribute with a storie, since i have so many worship sessions, i decided to just share one, lets see if you guys like it. All feedback is welcome. KEEP PUMPING !!! NEEDING A FRIEND 1 - Hey Pedro, man you are a bit late mate. - Sorry bro, you have no idea how this last week has been. - Oh i know you bastard, you post shirtless pics on facebook daily haha. Man you get even freakier when you are roiding!! - Hehe, you know i love muscles Tom, fuck i love all this power and cant stop flexing !!! GGGGRRRrrr... And with that i hit another powerfull double bicep pose. Tom is my best friend, and thank god is a nurse too. You see, being a nurse myself, i inject roids on alot of big muscle guys, but when im roiding i need help from some one to inject me, since i cant reach my ass and i hate needles when the target is me This was the last week from a 8 week roid cycle. Already 20lbs bigger and i knew it was pure muscle, since i was more ripped than ever. Not also a friend, Tom is a muscle worshipper and i know how to pay for his services - Pedro those biceps are insane! Man let me feel them, fuck you know i just want to grab those fuckers. - Haha you know i love even more, come here you bastard. Still holding a double bicep i look at Tom while he starts massaging my right peak. His lust for my muscles is as huge as mine, and nothing turns me on more than being worshipped. Feeling my horse cock getting hard i start licking my left bicep. Oh man, im turning into a real muscle god, its amazing how round, hard and veiny my biceps are. - Fuck Pedro i just cant live without worshipping your cannons anymore!! - Dont worrie man (lick) ... i will get this cannons even bigger for us !!! (lick) When i start licking my biceps nothing more matters until i cum. Tom starts licking the right one and i continue to lick and kiss my left cannon. God, this cycle has been amazing and damn, this last week i was swoling by the second. Almost every night i woke up extremily pumped, veins engorged, my 9 inch horse cock HARD. Always need to flex and grunt to calm down and go sleep again. This growth spurts have been so intense this last week that i always cum hands free. I love hitting all poses and then at the end hold a massive most muscular pose till my piss split shoots huge waves of roided cum. - Bigger Pedro, please pump this freaky arms BIGGER !!! - Fuck yeah Tom, GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr... - Yeah!!! Those veins... mmmmmm... god i need to cum to your muscles!!! - Fuck i need to free my cock from my pants! Wait a sec man I simply cant wear anything when my cock starts getting hard, i CANT. Is just too huge and it hurts as hell. I take all my clothes off and Tom just starts breathing heavily. - You fucking muscle freak, fuck Pedro you are unreal... - Please Tom lets get the injection done and then we have fun. I told you this last week has been crazy, thats because not only im growing fast but my growth spurts are so intense and violent. - Oh man, would love see that Pedro!! - Roid me up then, its easier for me to hulkout after the injection - Lay down bed then! The roiding, the growing, the growth spurts, the worshipping... i love everything except the needles. But all i can think now is the amazing show i will give Tom this time. - Fuck, look at the size of your back!! - Come on Tom, carefull dont waste any drop. - Everything is inside the serynge already, is just that, fuck... - Haha, ok let me spread this wings a bit... Mmmm... (grunt) - Oh yeah Pedro, fucking massive lats, oh fuck yeah - GGRRRRrrrrrr... fucking wider!! Grab my lats! And so did Tom. Laying on bed and facing the pillow, i spread my lats as wide as i can till i feel the stretch marks of my lats almost rip the skin. - OMG Pedro, its insane!! I wonder if its even possible to get any wider. - (grunt) hope so man, bigger frame means more room to build muscles! - Fuck i cant wait to cum, relax, im gonna inject now. And so he did, and as always i let a little grunt out. But as soon it was done the fun started... - Its done Pedro! Now let me see the beast inside you! Stand up please!! - Haha you know i love to give... mmmmm... - Yeah feel those roids you freak - Fuck Tom you have no idea... mmmmm.... how it feels like (grunt)... - Hulkout Pedro, fuck cant stop precuming!! FLEXXX !!! - GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... !!!!!!!!!!!! (grunt) Grunting like the beast i am i start flexing all my freaky muscles, feeling the roids inside my engorge veins. Biceps swolling to 20 inches, pecs contrating and expanding, my back stretching to inhuman size!!! - WORSHIP ME Tom !!! - Fuck yeah, bigger, BIGGERRRRR !!! (lick) (lick) - Yeah grab my cannons and suck my horse cock! - Yeah... (gulp) mmmmm... fucking freaky... (gulp) BICEPS! - Fuck yeah dont stop, need to feed you with my roided cum Pose after pose i force all my muscles to expande, making them freakshily veiny. Tom cock cries rivers of precum, while his hands and tongue try to feel as much muscle as they can - Fucking freak you are Pedro, i love your muscles oh god i cant hold much longer... - Yeah i can make that cock cum in seconds, here fuck my bicep!!! - Ah fuck yeah, oh fuck i cant hold it!! I hit a side chest and Tom slaps his cock on my veiny cannon - Yeah i want a big load of cum on my bicep!!! Tom cant even speak now, just moans and tries not to faint. - Yeah fucking hard rock muscles Tom, these is what roids and huge amounts of steell do to my hulking body!! - OMG Pedro!!!!!!!!!!!! - Now fuck my freaky bicep from inside!! Yeah!! Between my elbow and my freaky PEAK!! MMMMMmmmmmmmm... - Oh GOD, OH GODDDDD!! AAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh... And with that Tom shoot 1 minute of waves of thick cum all over my bicep and swoled chest. - Ah fuck yeah, come to my muscle!! Gonna unload too And with that i took two steps back and hited a massive most muscular pose - I AM A MUSCLE GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD !!! FUCKING HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! - God Pedro im gonna cum againnnnnn... OMG - CANT STOP FLEXINGGGGGGGGGGGGG !! GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr All covered in thick veins and ripped muscles, i shoot huge waves of cum as my muscles expande one last time... THE END

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