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  1. Thanks it is the story I was looking for
  2. I am looking for story that is online somewhere. I don't remember the name of it or where I found it to begin with. The story is about two guys that are either friends or roommates. For right now I will call them Dave and Scott. I think it is told by Dave. Dave is a hung top and Scott is a huge bodybuilder. Dave spends a lot of time on some video chat room. He has some sort of video software a friend gave him. It makes Scott look like a 98 pound weakling. On this chat room Dave tells everyone that he is a bottom but is rarely treated as a bottom because of his huge cock. Scott is portrayed as a former bodybuilder that developed cancer or some disease and is now super small and weak. Dave and Scott at the beginning of the story are talking to each other about this guy I will call Ben. Ben is a guy that has talked with the two for a while and has sent them a lot of money. They are hoping that they can get more money from Ben and the can't believe how much a fool Ben is. Ben is online and they turn on the software. Scott coughs and acts sick like usual. Dave laments that he is so hung and wishes that he had a small cock so men would take him as a serious bottom. Ben tells him he has a surprise for him. He tells Dave to bring his huge cock to the computer screen. Dave does that and it becomes glued to the screen. There is a ruler showing his cock to be 10 inches and the ruler starts to shrink and so does Dave's cock. It keeps getting smaller and smaller. The truth finally comes out about Dave being a top but no matter what his cock won't come off the monitor. Something happens and the software making Scott a weakling fails and Ben sees the real Scott. He asks what else they have been lying to him about. The two come clean but Ben somehow drains Scott of all his muscles. When Dave's cock is down to the one inch mark it gets unstuck from the screen, Scott is as weak in real life as the software portrayed him. Ben logs off.