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  1. Great posts, Sannog! Look forward to following and trying these supps myself.
  2. I've never had an orgasm at the gym. I can control the urges while doing ab work. I do my "exercising with benefits" at home. The feeling of pushing your muscles and your body to the point that you orgasm spontaneously is pretty darn amazing. But I agree with you, Derrick. I like the feeling of aggression and power that comes from a pump at the gym too.
  3. Thanks, Muscleinatl and tomofutah. I agree with you Muscleinatl. In many instances you do get in touch with your whole body, how you feel and see it and how others feel and see it when it comes to getting aroused by muscles. I chose BodyandMind as a handle cause they go together. Sounds like you've got the the right bod and the right mindset
  4. Hi, Muscleinatl and billyr89. Yeah, it's definitely more "inspiring" to work out surrounded by muscle bulls and ripped guys. But when it comes to "HFO's" from working out doing leg lifts, pull ups or dips it's not from friction, rubbing, being cut or uncut or sexual arousal. It's almost all internal - sustained and increased muscle tension and body movement connecting with whatever is inside our bods that trigger orgasms. I've looked on the net for a medical or physical description of coregasms, and I haven't found one. There was one explanation that suggested ab exercises and pull ups put pressure and tension on certain core nerves, muscles and organs that lead to orgasm. But it's different from person to person and different for men or women. I think some people are wired this way and others not (though I think some can do it with practice). I was wired this way from an early age, and from this thread it looks like others were, too. People don't really seem to know how this happens, but for me I'm sure glad it does
  5. New to the forums and caught this thread. I learned I could orgasm without touching myself while climbing a big oak tree in my yard, doing pull ups and leg lifts in my early teens. That was before I even knew what an orgasm was. Even after I learned I could use my hand, I still "got off" that way a lot up through my 20's cause it felt so freaking good and it was good exercise. Hadn't done it in decades. But seeing posts from other guys who can do this on the net, I tried it again and I can still pump out handsfree loads doing leg lifts and dips. Still feels great - "exercise with benefits"
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