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    Muscle growth, massive pecs, muscle miilk, shrinking/growing, huge cocks, huge balls, sex, roid guts, ball bellies,daddy/boy scenarios[not incest], leather, piercings, some tats[not all over body tats], hypermasculinity, twinkification {but no lisps], dom/sub play, gentle colossal muscle giants[not into squishing or digesting people.] superheros, AP, AR[but not below 18], hairiness, bears, bodybuilders, sex toys, huge feet and hands[but not foot worship] straight to gay, world change, alter reality, mpreg, dumbing down, jocks, mind control, and romantic love and marriage, tenderness. Punishing homophobes and gay bashers. Cock shrinking[for them].

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  1. cutlerfan

    Like Father Like Son

    Eh, I felt bad for the kid. He didn't do anything wrong except have a different dad. I think he should have kept his full Alpha looks and body. He would then be able to be an example of a good Alpha who is kind to others. His brother and "dad' have shown they don't deserve to be huge.
  2. cutlerfan

    Fair Trade

    Oh no the new muscle stud wouldn't have to give his muscles. That's why it would be a slow exchange. More of an energy transfer so the muscled man would stay huge and make the other guy grow as big as he wanted. As he lost more will to the tall guy the former muscle stud would not be able to resist his new dom making him bigger and bigger! Could be an exchange during sex to make the small guy grow again but each fuck would make him more and more submissive and yet he'd crave size.
  3. cutlerfan

    Fair Trade

    Great Story! How about a compromise? Over time with good behavior the former bodybuilder will regain his muscle and add some height but in exchange he has to give all his will to the other guy. That way when he is a huge tall bodybuilder he is subservient to the other guy.
  4. cutlerfan

    Knowing When to Throw in the Towel

    We'll miss you and your stories RPJ. Hugs.
  5. cutlerfan

    Story Bits

    Thanks for the comments and reactions!
  6. cutlerfan

    Story Bits

    Mr Olympia By Cutlerfan David was nervous. He had won a Meet and Greet backstage pass to the local bodybuilding competition. It was an all access pass so he could see the pump room, the bronzer area, and even the showers. Just the thought of these huge muscle men naked made him hard.he approached the main door to the arena and a security guy asked his name. “David… David Beck.” The man consulted his list and allowed him in. He walked around and found his way back stage where he was again requested to show ID. He showed his pass with his photo on it. “Age 22 and already helping the behind the scenes prep huh? Good luck with growing!” The beefy guard smiled as he walked past. David was confused. “I’m not 22… and I don’t even lift so what’s.. Whoa.” He said stunned as he passed a mirror. “Is that really me?” He bent his arm and a noticeable bicep bulged. His pecs were bigger and his legs were too! At this point a staff person yelled “Hey David, right on time We need some help with the bronzing room! “UH ok sure I’ll go there now.” he replied and his body began walking as thought it remembered something he didn’t. Entering the bronzing room a blond man with a handsome face looked at him. “You here to get bronzed? ‘Uh no I’m here to help out.” David managed to utter. “Oh great we’re understaffed. I thought you might have been a contestant. Can I see your pass?” David handed it to him and he read it . “Hmmm age 26 with a body like that are you SURE you’re not a contestant? OH wait here’s your number same as your age Number twenty six” He handed David the stick on contestant number. “ Don’t worry I’ll get you dark enough for every muscle to pop!” Looking in a nearby posing mirror David was shocked. The reflection was a big bodybuilder maybe 6’4” and 320 pounds. His ID said he was in the heavy weight muscle class. He inhaled deeply and almost popped a load when the he saw his huge pecs swell with each breath. The Man whose name tag said was Dan got him slathered in a dark skin cover cream to accentuate his muscles. “There you go… good luck in the contest!” “Thanks” David responded and walked into the next room; the pump room. A dozen huge guys were lifting to make their muscles bulge. The guys turned as he entered and frowned. “Damn he look huge and lean!” one said out loud. A spotter offered to help him pump up and set the bar at 320 pounds. ‘I know you can do a lot more big guy but this is form pumping not growing ok?” David smiled and tried to life the big weight and he could. It was so easy. Lifting so much weight made his erection return. The spotter commented “It’s okay man we all get hard when we lift. You uh need any help with that?” He winked and David grinned and followed him into the showers. He walked through the cloud of mist and found his new friend naked under a shower. David estimated he was maybe 5’5’ and a very dense 280 pounds. David towered over the man. “Name’s Ian… pleased to meet you.” “Oh hi I’m David… David Beck.” Ian smiled ‘Oh I knew who you were when you walked in. Never had a super heavyweight bodybuilder show any interest in me even though I’m ’6’5” and 380 pounds.” “But you have a great body and a big cock and balls… they’re enormous!” “You’re being kind… thank you. I know I’m nowhere near your size and my package is pretty small compared to you big man.” David walked to another mirror by the sinks and wiped the fog off it and he gasped. “A huge bodybuilder at least 480 pounds looked back at him. He returned to Ian. “If you’re 6’5” how tall am I?” ‘Well your website lists you at 7’4” and 640 pounds in the off season. I’d say you’re a very lean 580.” “Oh fuck I’m huge! Oh sorry…” he stammered. ‘I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk. I just never realized…” “Shhh” said Ian putting a finger over David’s mouth. “I know you’re a gentle and kind man babe. I wouldn’t have gone out with you two years ago if you weren’t.” “Oh Uh Right we’re dating.” replied David pretending he was aware of that fact. “So now babe time to let you go onstage and win another contest ok?” Leaning up Ian kissed him on the mouth and helped him dry off and dress in his royal purple poser. Ian made sure to grope the bulges all over David’s body. After a final quick embrace Ian watch David head for the stage. “And now” said the announcer “ladies and gentlemen our special guest for tonight’s competition. Eight time Mister Olympia who recently retired from competition… I give you David Beck! David walked out on stage in a glamorous pinstripe suit that looked big enough to cover a sofa. “I am happy to be here tonight to share my retirement in the place I first won a competition some 16 years ago. I have had an incredible career but I need to leave to make room for the younger guys and I want to spend more time with my husband of four years Ian Pierce. I’ll be back later to announce tonight’s winner and then I’ll see you at the after party. Thank you all so much!” David stepped off the stage and into the arms of his lover. “Babe did I do good?” he asked. Ian smiled and whispered “Of course you did hon. Just like all the other times you’ve been on stage. Now let’s head to the suite we booked and have some quality time. I love being married to the biggest bodybuilder ever!” The two walked off holding hands and got in their courtesy car which was a gold extended cab HumVee. A night of love was in their future. The end
  7. cutlerfan

    Story Bits

    Low Battery By Cutlerfan Brian was having a lot of fun with the chronivac he found. He assumed it was just a simulator so he fooled around with the settings. He made his best friend Matt into his huge bodybuilder gay lover and himself in to an immense hirsute muscle bear. He made himself a billionaire selling body enhancement formula. He made the average man’s penis two feet long hardening to three and doubling in width. Most men had grapefruit sized balls in his creation and just wore speedos. He made sure that he and Matt were the biggest and most well hung men on the planet. The device beeped and showed “Low battery Do you wish to save? All changes will become reality if saved. Brian was confused. “Become reality? It can’t be true… I mean it’s just a gimmick I think. “ he said as the battery level dropped more. It reached 5 percent then 4, 3, 2 and at one percent the display altered. It showed EMERGENCY SAVE IN PROGRESS….PLEASE WAIT. “Save? No I was just kidding I don’t really want those settings.. How do I…?” The unit said CHANGES SAVED and then it ran out of power as a blast of white light engulfed Brian. “Hon? You okay? You need some pec worship?” Brian opened his eyes. Standing in front of him was a massively muscled man. Dressed only in a red speedo his bulge sagged heavily as big as a beachball. “Uhm.. Matt?” he asked uncertain. “Yeah it’s me babe. Let’s have some fun okay? The man helped Brian to the bed. He looked up and saw a colossal hairy bear of a man in the overhead mirror next to the now mammoth Matt and realized it was him. He felt bad.. Matt was a great friend and he was straight but Brian knew there was nothing he could do. The chronivac had disappeared so there was no way to restore things. Brian settled against the heavy pillows on the bed as Matt licked and sucked his nip piercings making Brian moan. ‘Well I should make the best of this new reality’ thought Brian and he kissed his lover and they snuggled under the sheets.
  8. cutlerfan

    Story Bits

    Liqueurs by Cutlerfan The two men stood at the bar uncertain why they came to this ladies night at Bennington’s . ‘Five bucks to get in’ thought Rod ‘and no blowjobs yet’ Rod, the bigger man was 6’2” and 240. The smaller man was 5’10” and 170 and his name was Dan. Dan also was unsure about tonight. He wasn’t really looking for ladies to pick up but Rod had talked him into it. He didn’t want Rod to question his sexuality since he was secretly gay and Rod had actually bashed guys in the past for that. A short lean bartender set a drink in front of the pair. “On the house guys. You look so bored maybe this will spice things up. He handed Rod his drink. “It’s a French Whiskey called Suceuse. Yours is Baise Maitre.” he told Dan passing him the glass of dark liquid. Rod swallowed his in one big gulp and egged on Dan to drink his down quick as well. Dan did so and realized the flavor was excellent… almost like...fruit punch. The two men stood by the bar for a few minutes before taking a booth. Rod felt strange and asked for some water which Dan got for him. Rod felt his stomach aching so he lifted his shirt and he saw his slight paunch be absorbed into his body leaving an eight pack of abs. His average pecs swelled a bit and then suddenly tingled. “What the fuck?” Rod got up and tried to leave the booth but his ass was somehow a lot bigger and more round. He moaned as the booth pressed against it then managed to remove himself and headed to the bathroom. Dan followed and realized he felt a bit ill as well. By the time Dan got in the bathroom Rod was moaning loudly and rubbing his ass. His pant suddenly split as a huge bubble butt ballooned out. Dan saw Rod trying to finger the enlarged butt and realized something else. Dan was looking down at Rod!. He was taller than him by a good 8 inches. “Oh I need something in my ass… soooo bad. Help me out man!” Dan aggressively pulled the now smaller Rod into the handicap stall and helped him strip .As his clothes hit the floor they changed. His jeans became light blue stretchy short shorts and a pink tee with the words “I like to be wild” on it. His size 13 tennis shoes became a size 5 pair of black rubber booties. Piercings appeared on Rod on his ears, nose, and eyebrows. He swooned against Dan’s body as his cock shrank down to a hard 3 inches and his balls became marble sized. His hair grew a bit longer and was styled and dyed blue. Reaching a height of just 5’4” he turned his ass to Dan who grinned and pushed his cock inside. Dan grunted as he entered him and with each thrust Dan become bigger and tougher looking. Slam! Slam! Slam! Dan was now a very beefy 6’6” and 320 pounds and still growing. Dan looked older and more mature as a thick beard grew in and he got a thick round roid gut and hairy chest and arms. Inside Rod his cock elongated to a thick 16 inches as his now grapefruit sized balls began to churn. Dan’s head cleared for a minute. “Uh Rod, I have a feeling that if I cum in you were permanently like this. I can pull out now before I get horny again if you want.” Rod’s answer was immediate. “No, please! I want you inside me! It feels so good. I wanna be your hot twink lover forever. Fuck me hard! I deserve it!” Reluctant to ignore his friend’s need and almost at the point of no return anyway Dan thrust hard and fast and his seed erupted inside Rod who moaned wildly. Rod’s little dicklet spewed out a good sized load as they both orgasmed and fell to the floor. Dan stood up first and put on his jockstrap, leather pants, leather vest, and long rubber boots before pulling out a big cigar and lighting it. “That was really good Rod. You sure are one great cum bank!” Standing up beside his huge lover Rod smiled as he got dressed. “Call me Dickie since that’s what I have now.” ‘Okay Dickie call me Daddy Dan. Now let’s head home for some sling action, ok?” he grinned as he blew a puff of smoke in Dickie’s face. Dickie tugged on his daddy’s nip piercings and sucked on them before replying. “Sure thing daddy Dan. I can’t wait! I love you Daddy!” “And I love you too boy!” said Dan and lifted his petite lover in his arms and carried him out to the applause of the all male customers of the bar. No longer called Bennington’s the sign now read ‘Bear’s Den’. The couple got in their Bumblebee Yellow HumVee and drove off as the bartender, now dressed in leather, smiled. “Another happy pair of customers.” The End.
  9. cutlerfan


    It just gets better!
  10. cutlerfan


    AA great start! I hope there is more soon!
  11. cutlerfan

    Star Light, Star Bright

    Your story transcends simple muscle theft. It is a slow alteration of reality that I love. The protagonist gets his wish to be huge but his new lover is happy in his new existence. The gradual change from friends to lovers was hot. In the end both men have new lives; nothing is taken... reality is simply reshaped. I love happy endings.
  12. cutlerfan

    Star Light, Star Bright

    Oh thank you! I loved this story but I couldn't find it! Yayyyyyyy!
  13. cutlerfan

    Story Bits

  14. cutlerfan

    Story Bits

    It was nearing the last week of Boot Camp for new recruits and Master Sergeant Bill K. Peterson, nickname Buff, was not happy. One of his recruits was not passing so far and it was dragging down his efficiency rating. He ordered the guy Alex P. Thompson to a private work out with the Sarge. When he arrived he had him strip naked. ‘Look at you! You are a disgrace… so fat and weak! Pathetic! Now boy I’ve got something for you and you’ll drink UNDERSTAND?” Alex nodded “Yes Sergeant Peterson.” The sergeant handed him a filled plastic mixer shake. Drink it all down like a good piggy.” Alex drank it down and it didn’t taste too bad. When he finished he burped “Excuse me.” Alex started to feel dizzy “UH Sergeant can I sit down… I’m not feeling well.” “No boy we’re gonna wait and see what that experimental muscle supplement does to you!” “Experimental but Sergeant I don’t..” “Shut your trap boy! It will either fix that disgusting body of yours or kill you and I don’t care which!” Alex felt his stomach groan and heave and he felt weak. He tried to remain standing but collapsed in a heavy sweat. His gut swelled out like a balloon but then his pecs expanded to match.’”UGHHHHH IT HURTSSS SARRRGE!” “Suck it up boy! No pain no gain!” shouted the drill sergeant. He watched the boy gain muscle all over and his cock and balls grow to monstrous size. “Looking better boy.” “ROWWRRRRR” bellowed the convulsing man in a far deeper voice than before. His feet wouldn't fit in his shoes anymore as he grew past 7 then 8 feet tall and become a huge man with a powerlifter build. Finally the growth had stopped and clad in only rags the transformed man stood up tower over his sergeant. “Now I had no idea this would happen. Maybe I should see if there is an antidote.” A huge hand grabbed the sergeant by the shoulder. “I don’t think so… BOY! You see I like my new size and I plan to keep it. Since you’re the only one who knows what happened I’ll take care of you first!” The drill instructor paused scared for the first time in years. “What are you gonna do to me boy?” He asked defiantly. “OH I’m gonna make you my happy cock loving bitch! Get over here boy!’ he demanded. “I knew you were a pantywaist when I saw you! I don’t fag shit and I’m not about to start now! “MPs ! Get in he…” A colossal hand clamped down over the sergeant’s mouth cutting off his yell. “OH no boy! I’m not done with you yet!” In a quick move Alex tore off the sarge’s clothes exposing his firm bubble butt. “He he you look good enough to fuck so I think I will!” Alex slammed his cock into the sergeant’s round ass and began fucking him hard. The military stud resisted with all his might but he was powerless against Alex’s new strength. Eventually Alex let go of Bill’s mouth as the yells of pain became moans of pleasure. “Yeah that’s it boy you love taking daddy’s cock don’t ya?’ “I… I mean…. Oh fuck yes uh sir!” cried Bill. “I knew you would. Now boy I’m gonna cum and when I do two things will happen. The first is you will become my submissive bitch cock whore. The second is you will get all the fat from my body making you into a sexy cub while I become a lean muscle god! How does that sound boy?” “UGH.. won...Wonderful Sir!” the moaning was growing louder. “Okay boy brace yourself! I’m gonna cum now so enjoy your last seconds of life as a straight dominant stud! Alex bellowed and unleashed a geyser of cum that inflated Bill’s belly like a water balloon. His ass enlarged and he lost years. The wrinkles around his eyes faded and he looked like he did at 18 when he joined the military. A fat hairy ball belly and tiny cock were obvious now as were his jumbo bear balls. Nowhere near as big as his new daddy’s but a good size to produce semen and testosterone. Alex began to orgasm as he lost fat and grew even more huge muscle. His hairy barrel chest attested to his new status as a muscle daddy bear and that thought made him cum several more times until his former leader became absolutely fill with his seed. His face aged to a mature 40ish sealing him in his new role as a daddy. Finally he regained control and his cock softened just enough to slip out. The new cub looked around amazed and as he stood up he realized he was now only 5’3” and fat as a bear. He began to cry but Alex hauled him up to his massive chest and kissed him. “It will be okay now boy. I’m a gentle daddy to my cubs. You’ll do fine okay cub?” “yes sir” said the new Billy in his more alto voice and he snuggled closer to his daddy’s chest inhaling his incredible musk. “Now boy why don’t you call those MPs… you could use some cub brothers right boy?” Billy smiled and agreed. In hours his daddy would literally command the base. The End
  15. cutlerfan

    Story Bits

    Here is the first very short bit : The man sat up in bed and saw the two huge men next to him. They were both past 6’5” and 300 pounds but compared to him they looked like teenagers. He stood up to his full 8’4” 680 pound hairy ball belly muscled body and smiled at the sleeping men. He was an Alpha among Alphas. He was happy in his life but something was missing. He was walking along the beach when he saw something lying near a pile of driftwood. It was a person! He rushed over and scooped up the small figure and held him against his hairy chest to warm him. The man, perhaps 22, was lithe and handsome with a gymnast’s build. The smaller man’s head rose and his eyes opened. “Hello boy… had a bad day?” The sexy athlete smiled and nodded. “It’s okay boy… daddy’s here. You’re safe now.” The younger man smiled again and snuggled in his new daddy’s arms and fell asleep. The End

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