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    Minnesota, USA
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    real profile.
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    Reading and writing muscle growth stories, biology, genetics, archaeology, history, science fiction, classic Doctor Who, botany, LEGOs, dollhouse miniatures
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    I don't lift.
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    Friendship, roleplay, chat, to encourage others' growth.
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    7'4" 600 pounds
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    The Hunter series by Aardvark
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    Jay Cutler, Jeff Long, Art Atwood, Branch Warren, Jean-Pierre Fux, Todd Jewell, Evan Centopani, Fouad Abiad, Lee Priest, Bob Cicherillo, Milos Sarcev, Steve Kuclo, Dennis Wolf
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    Muscle growth, massive pecs, muscle miilk, shrinking/growing, huge cocks, huge balls, sex, roid guts, ball bellies,daddy/boy scenarios[not incest], leather, piercings, some tats[not all over body tats], hypermasculinity, twinkification, dom/sub play, gentle colossal muscle giants[not into squishing or digesting people.] superheros, AP, AR[but not below 18], hairiness, bears, bodybuilders, sex toys, huge feet and hands[but not foot worship] straight to gay, world change, alter reality, mpreg, dumbing down, jocks, mind control, and romantic love and marriage, tenderness. Punishing homophobes and gay bashers. Cock shrinking[for them].

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  1. Please continue this! Would be cool to see if Clint can absorb size now too!
  2. Nice profile pic!


  3. Awesome story! I hope Lorcan makes a few more love connections of big muscle giants!
  4. No problem. I can wait for the next part. Quality is worth the wait! Glad you are feeling better. Don't push yourself too much!
  5. I hope you can continue this some time. I hope you are well.
  6. A muscle dream cum true! Building tension and hopeful glances leading to mutual attraction and a bonding culminating in muscle sex. A great couple! Loved the story!
  7. Amazingly hot awesome story!
  8. Nice Story!
  9. Brofication is cool! I hope there is more to come!
  10. muscle theft

    I hope there is more to come.I have a feeling there is.
  11. Super story with great potential for more muscle fun!
  12. Wonderful Story!
  13. No worries add more as you can! No sense getting stressed about a great story right?
  14. You should all read this... time permitting.
  15. muscle theft

    I'm not sure where to begin. I just binge read from part one through part 20. It kept me hooked so I kept reading just a little bit more and a bit more and so on. It is a wonderful saga so far. I hope it has a happy ending at least for Curtis and Conner! I would say more but I don't want to give away any plot. Amazing story! I hope you complete it one day!