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    Reading and writing muscle growth stories, biology, genetics, archaeology, history, science fiction, classic Doctor Who, botany, LEGOs, dollhouse miniatures
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    I don't lift.
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    Friendship, roleplay, chat, to encourage others' growth.
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  1. Thanks for the upgrade CMiller!
  2. I love Sean's continuing discomfort at being a big guy. He is still so introverted and sweet. I hope he doesn't become a jerk. Lots of new things coming in the story as far as I can tell. Hope to see some more amazing changes! Thanks for continuing this story! Peace, CF
  3. It is GMT so I think I am 6 hours behind in Central Time Zone so 6am 1/11? I think that sounds correct.
  4. Great Story! Would love to see more guys transformed by the curse on Aaron. Peace, CF
  5. I want to create a category of Best Slimdown 2016 and I nominate Godofjurai!
  6. Yeah thanks! Couldn't remember his name! Peace, CF
  7. Great pics! I forget the name of the guy in deep purple posers. Any idea who he is? Peace, CF
  8. A wonderful collaboration! You and Aardvark are incredible writers! This was a terrific story! I hope you combine your talents again some time! Thanks for sharing!
  9. An interesting take on the Guardsmen Universe.
  10. I totally agree with Xyggurat!
  11. hey stud!  appreciate the props on my 'mile high' pic..always nice to hear some of that gym sweat has turned into some visible muscle!

  12. A wonderful final ending to the story. I'm glad both men could be winners!
  13. Terrific! It's a tiny bit sad to see the jocks shrink but some seem to be discovering the joys of twinkdom. The muscle growth is hot and huge! I await the next part with gusto!
  14. Happy Birthday! Muscle hugs!

    1. Lidort


      *Engulfed in the warm muscles*

  15. Happy Birthday!

    1. MuscleHulkPup
    2. cutlerfan


      I wish I could gift you ten pounds of muscle for each year of your age!

    3. MuscleHulkPup


      Fuck yeah! that would be ace!