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    Muscle growth, massive pecs, muscle miilk, shrinking/growing, huge cocks, huge balls, sex, roid guts, ball bellies,daddy/boy scenarios[not incest], leather, piercings, some tats[not all over body tats], hypermasculinity, twinkification {but no lisps], dom/sub play, gentle colossal muscle giants[not into squishing or digesting people.] superheros, AP, AR[but not below 18], hairiness, bears, bodybuilders, sex toys, huge feet and hands[but not foot worship] straight to gay, world change, alter reality, mpreg, dumbing down, jocks, mind control, and romantic love and marriage, tenderness. Punishing homophobes and gay bashers. Cock shrinking[for them].

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  1. cutlerfan

    Big Boys and Their Toys

    More please!
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    Journey with Journals - Part 4 Added

    Great start! *Writes 'MuskyMuscle will write more of this story' in the journal and closes it.*
  3. cutlerfan

    Any fellow Christians?

    I have a friend who is an Episcopal priest. She is a good example of the openness of the American Episcopal church.
  4. cutlerfan

    Muscle Scent- MGSS

    A muscle growth epidemic! Love it!
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    The Internet Stalker pt 2

    Please do continue!
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    Hope Springs

    No, the sheriff is single.
  7. cutlerfan

    Hope Springs

    Thanks Scot158f!
  8. cutlerfan

    Hope Springs

    Hope Springs By Cutlerfan [Somewhat based on RPs with Scott158f and MuscleAce] James and his roommate Ian were happy to have found a cheap way home for weekend but the trip was irritating. The two jocks they carpooled with were completely obnoxious. They kept calling them fags despite the fact that neither had said they were gay. Requests to suck them off were made by the athletes that did not help the situation. “I just assumed two fag boys like you loved cock,” said the Junior wrestler named Brice. His cohort, Rod, a football player was just as bad. “Yeah I bet you’d just love it. Everyone knows twinks like you love jock juice!” “Thanks but we’ll pass.” they said at the same time. They were only thirty minutes from their destination when the car started to act up. “You put gas in right?” asked Rod. “I thought you did.” replied Brice. “Damn we need to find a station A SAP!” Rod looked around and saw a sign saying ‘Hope Springs-2 miles’. “Okay let’s go there. I bet they have gas. Might get a snack too since I need protein.” Rod flexed his big bicep as Brice nodded. In a few minutes they we on the outskirts of the town. “What a shit hole this is!” whined Brice. “Yeah but they should have gas I hope… hah I made a funny I said ‘I Hope’ and we’re in Hope Springs!” Rod laughed at his little joke. They found a gas station just a few blocks down the road and filled up. “Okay fags that’s twenty from each of you for gas now hand it over!” Not wanting to be stranded the two guys coughed up the money and got out to look around. Across the street was a small marble fountain with a tulip shaped spout. As they walked over and looked closer a sign read “Hope Springs” with the word ‘Eternal’ underneath it. Nearby was aforementioned spring that appeared from the ground with pipes drawing water to the large tulip and drinking fountains, Taking it to the fountain. A small bridge was over the spring leading to the woods. A huge man in a sheriff’s outfit drove past and stopped by the fountain where the the young men now sat. “The water is great for quenching a thirst,” he said, ”A wide variety of thirsts.” There was a small drinking fountain on the side of the fountain so James and Ian decided to have a drink. The water was cool and refreshing. “Great water,” said Ian to the sheriff who pulled his huge arm inside his patrol car and drove off after he stated: “Enjoy the full benefits of the water… think of how you want to be.” The two men walked onto the bridge and stood over the shimmering water. “Think how you want to be?” Ian said out loud. “I don’t get it. We just imagine how we want to look? Some kind of self-actualization?” James frowned. “I have no idea but I do know I wish I looked better.” “Well I think I look okay but I’ve uh… kinda had this dream for huge balls. I think they make a guy look more masculine you know?. Sorry if that weirds you out.” Ian looked unsure of how James would react. James shook his head. “Nah I’m all for looking more manly… always wanted a beard but I can’t grow one to save my life!” Ian smiled and looked into the clear pool of water. Something was off. A ripple in the water distorted James’ reflection and when it stopped the reflection had a light beard and looked quite handsome. “It’s gotta be an optical illusion” thought to himself. He looked up at James and he looked the same as usual so he looked in the water and the reflection now had a full beard and looked like a model. Confused he looked at James again and… he still hadn’t changed. “Holy shit!” Ian uttered as he checked out his own reflection and saw a huge bulge in his package, at least double its original size. The sight of the reflection’s swollen groin so surprised Ian that he lost his balance and fell into the spring. It was surprisingly deep but Ian was a good swimmer. James extended an arm to help pull him out but Ian was hard to pull. It was like he had gained weight in the water somehow. James reached lower but lost his balance and tumbled into as well. The water seemed to envelope them pulling them down. A maelstrom of suction dragged them deeper and deeper and the light began to fade. James assumed this was the point where he would drown and he lost consciousness. Ian coughed as he crawled out of the water. Next to him James was lying on his side in the sand slowly breathing. Ian looked around and it looked like they were on some kind of tropical island. ‘How the hell did we get here? ’Ian wondered. “Hey James… you okay?” he gave his friend a few gentle pats on his back. James coughed a few times and got up. As he turned Ian realized something was different. James was gorgeous! “Where are we man?” he questioned Ian as he stood up. “No flippin idea.” was his reply. “Some kind of island… it’s pretty warm which is good because our clothes are ripped up.” “Hey Ian… I thought you said you wished you had huge balls. Yours are huge… like baseball size.” “What no mine are just… Holy Shit! They’s so big and heavy! GAWD, I’m getting hard just from their weight. Ian covered himself and blushed. “Quite the package you have there!” James smiled and stood up.. You know you’re so handsome and sexy with that beard too!” Ian rubbed James’ face and growled quietly. .“I don’t have a beard.. I mean … whoa I do!” exclaimed James “My hair is blond now too!”. “I mean err… you’ll attract a lot of women with those looks and beard.” muttered Ian. “So since we’re stuck here we might as well make the best of things, right? Said Ian looking around. “Yes we should find water and build a shelter then look for food.” added James. The two set off to find their necessities of life. They searched mostly around where they had exited the water but they made some interesting finds. Hours later they had found a stream of clean water and had gathered some small shipping containers that were labeled as containing MREs-Meals Ready to Eat. They feasted on some of the meals and had a short nap then a rinse in the water to refresh themselves. As night fell they shared a small survival tent and blankets found with the MREs. The tent was quite small but both were so tired they barely said goodnight. James smelled an interesting aroma and realized it was Ian’s musk. Inhaling the scent he relaxed next to his friend and they both slept well. The next day they continued to look for supplies. Their bodies continued to change as the masculinization process seemed to speed up. As the days passed they went farther and farther from their encampment. They found a variety of useful and enjoyable items that had fallen off cargo ships over the years. Everything from furniture to protein drinks to survival food and more. All still in pristine condition due to the excellent packing everything was in. They used several shipping containers to fashion a home using welding supplies they found in yet another lost shipment. Ian was enjoying the work of hauling crates. He had his shirt off and his body quickly gained a dark tan from the light exposure. Both men were blind to the changes in their own bodies but they were intrigued by the rapid changes in the other’s body. James stayed lean and gained muscle Ian began to grow more muscled and broader developing a tight round belly.The game of hiding their erections was getting difficult as they had begun outgrowing their clothes. A crate of fabric allowed them to make bigger outfits but Ian leaned more toward just a sling for his growing cock. They enjoyed one another’s company and learning new ways to make a life for themselves here. There was even time for fun. One day, Ian laughed as James showed him a crate of LEGO sets from several years ago still encased in plastic.”Ooo these look fun!” Ian said excitedly. Weeks passed and the couple grew closer. The shared their personal histories in depth. It turned out that both had no close family and only casual friends. Their bond grew stronger but there was a barrier for both of them. The barrier was broken one day after sunset when James found Ian fiercely jacking off in the jungle. James stared in awe at Ian’s huge cock. It was over 2 feet long erect and the head was as big as a small onion. “Ahem” said James quietly. Ian was shocked and before he could cover up he shot a thick load across himself. “Fuck! I didn’t think you were….” Ian flushed with embarrassment. “I mean I didn’t err.. I.. well... a guy has needs right?” James just smiled and began to stroke Ian’s huge member. “Yeah and it looks like you needed release. Two guys helping each other out is okay I hope?” James asked nervously. “Hell yeah… I mean... sure you… you can help if you want.” “You’ll return the favor I hope?” James grinned. “Sure thing buddy!” Ian smiled and soon he had cum again. Now it was James’ turn. He sat on the ground and undressed; removing his few pieces of clothing. His cock, although smaller than Ian’s was still immense and Ian hesitated before touching it. “It’s okay really! I want you to help me. Those huge hands of yours won’t take long to get me off.” replied James to Ian’s unspoken thought. Ian began rubbing and stroking James’ cock. It got erect but instead of rubbing more Ian massaged James’ neck then shoulders, chest, abs, and quads. “Mmm you have wonderful hands Ian.” Ian blushed again as he worked his friend’s body hoping James didn’t notice the sweatiness of his hands. Ian continued to massage his friend and he relaxed completely. The massage was so good that James fell asleep so Ian carried him back to his his own bed. Ian then rubbed his own cock again as he remembered the look and feel of his friend’s body. The next day they did a lot of work modifying their cargo container home. They cut out sections of the metal to let in light and closed them with a rough glass they made from sand melted deep inside the sleeping volcano. It was hot and sweaty work and by the end of the day they were exhausted. After their usual evening swim Ian suggested that he give James a massage again. A weary James agreed but not halfway through it James was again asleep. Ian continued to massage and delicately rubbed James’ glutes. They were so round and tight and sexy but Ian resisted doing more than touch them. And again for 3 more nights James got a massage and fell asleep leaving Ian desperate for release. He kissed James as he slept and walked off into the jungle and stimulated himself. Finally a week later James again found Ian pleasuring himself; this time with a large rubber tube in his ass. Embarrassed Ian stopped but he was sweaty and his musk was appealing to James. “You need some help again buddy?” Ian nodded ‘yes’ so James walked closer. He gave Ian a massage that made his body tremble. Ian wanted to respond to James’ ministrations but he was afraid. ‘What if James rejected him or worse… what if he hurt James in the throes of passion? Ian slowly pushed James off him and feigned sleepiness. “Ian, you’re gay yes?” Ian nodded. “ You have a huge sexy body yes?” again a nod and a tiny smile. Are you worried about hurting me if we go further?” Ian’s head bowed down but he indicated in the affirmative once more. “Don’t worry I have a solution. How about we get more intimate and what happens will be natural Ok? Ian grinned widely as they lips moved closer and in an instant Ian lost all fear. They kissed deeply for over a minute and settled onto the sand to make love. It was slow and pleasurable each man getting what he needed. The sex sessions, physical work, supplements, and fruit of the island were having a profound effect on them. James grew tall and muscled like a bodybuilder. Ian grew even taller becoming a powerfully built hairy bear of a man. They were happy in their private eden and they forgot about where they came from until one morning a few years later. James awoke from a dream of another place and time. He slowly released himself from his lover’s body curled around him and went for a walk. Ian was awake when he returned. James smiled at his wonderful 9’4” 1600 pound mate. “I think we have to consider some things Ian.” “Oh like what? Ian replied in his deep bass voice as he split a coconut in half with one hand and drained the milk into a goblet he made out of a chunk of crystal. “This whole place is amazing but it’s not real.” “I know. We’ll have to go back sometime. I have no idea how or when so let’s just enjoy our time here babe okay?” “Sure thing my stud bear.” James rubbed Ian’s massive belly and pinched the fat nips on Ian’s chest making him moan loudly. It was many years later when their time came to an end. By now Ian was a behemoth over twelve feet eight inches tall and almost four thousand pounds. James was smaller at a mere ten feet tall and 1800 pounds but his strength equaled Ian’s. Both were looking incredible. James was still trim but had hypermasculine looks and a striated muscular body that would make some men faint. Ian was James’ massive hairy mountain of a man. He could crush steel with his bare hands but he was a teddy bear with his lover. Both had thick beards and they planned on getting some piercings when they got back. It was a few months later when the couple were out snorkeling and looking for lobsters. They enjoyed the swim. Ian’s dark hair had a few flecks of gray but James' was the same as it was when they first arrived here; a rich golden hue. Diving down for another load of seafood they were caught unaware as the water got churned up blinding them with silt. A powerful vortex formed and drew them in. They resisted at first but realized their time in their private eden had come to an end. Spinning wildly they were propelled into darkness. They squeezed out through the fountain and stepped onto the pavement. Ian’s mass made the cement buckle. Standing next to them with a large bundle was the sheriff. “I figured you might need some clothes.” he said handing the clothes to the men who quickly eased into the jumbo spandex shorts; green for James and blue for Ian. Their powerful bodies stretched the material to its limit but it held together.“I can’t wait to reveal ourselves to Brice and Rod!” growled Ian. “I suggest you go into the woods behind the fountain and I’ll tell your nasty friends where you are. It should be quite interesting.” The massive men walked off into the woods and the sheriff went to the two jocks who were becoming impatient waiting for their passengers. “Where the fuck are they? We should just ditch them!” Rod bristled in annoyance. “Yeah those two fags are gonna make us late.” added Brice. The sheriff spoke at this point. “If you are referring to your friends they went on a walk in the woods. Just go find them and you can go.” “The two little fudge packers are probably off fucking in the woods!” yelled Rod. “Gross man, we better show them who’s boss!” stated Brice. By this point the sheriff had walked off so the two jerks ran into the woods to find James and Ian. Where are they? wondered Brice out loud. “Dunno” replied Rod.”I can’t see much through these thick trees. They’re weird and veiny almost like..oh fuck! They’re legs… enormous hairy legs!” Both the jocks looked up to see a smiling bearded hairy mountain of a man looking down on them. “Need some help boys?” bellowed the behemoth. Brice and Rod screamed and run out of the woods as fast as they could. “There’s a monster in the forest! He almost got us!” yelled Brice.They were so desperate to escape that they slipped off the edge of the little bridge and fell in. They struggled for a few moments and then a familiar whirlpool took them into blackness and they vanished. “Looks like they’ll have only each other for company. Quipped the sheriff. “I wonder what will happen?” James and Ian just stood by the fountain kissing. ‘I think we should start a gym babe.” said Ian to his husband. James nodded his agreement and they kissed again. The End?
  9. cutlerfan

    Any fellow Christians?

    I have social anxiety so going to Mass is difficult. The actual Mass is good just not all the other church stuff.
  10. cutlerfan

    Any fellow Christians?

    No, i didn't think you were looking down on anyone.
  11. cutlerfan

    Any fellow Christians?

    Yes, many gay men are Christian but a lot of us just don't shout it from the roof tops. Like I won't hide my sexuality from my Christian friends I won't deny being a Christian with other gay men. This does not mean I look down on others who are silent about being Christian or vocal about being Gay. Yes, 'Worship' has an entirely different connotation for me. I won't worship a guy but I will show him how much I love and appreciate all the hard work he has put into his muscles..
  12. cutlerfan

    Any fellow Christians?

    Catholic but lapsed Catholic. I haven't been to Mass in a long time. I just couldn't accept the hypocrisy in the church. I am still a practicing Christian and I pray etc. It is often difficult to be both Gay and Christian.
  13. cutlerfan


    Super! I hope this relationship and story continues.