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  1. I added the last part after some inspiration yesterday so it hasn't been checked. I will correct errors at some point if needed. All characters are 18 or older. Losing Control By Cutlerfan As I think back to how this mess all began I still can’t believe it was I who became the master of a new world My name is actually Ian but I go by a different name now. I’ll get to that later. I remember seeing The Hulk for the first time around age ten and wanting huge muscles. By the time I was 14 I would stand in front of the mirror and flex my arms demanding “Grow! Aww Come on guys just grow a little, please?” It never happened. Turns out I got my wish, but not in the way I wanted. When I was in my last year of high school I discovered I had an amazing ability. I could grow people. Yeah I know what you’re thinking… that’s impossible, right? I didn’t believe it at first either. I put off the idea as coincidence or wishful thinking for a few months after my 18th birthday. Eventually I had to accept the reality. I had grown people and a lot of them didn’t even realize it. My ability started small and, like the guys I changed, it grew. My first recollection is of a kid named Mark in my Biology class. He was kind of a jerk, but he was pretty hot. He was straight but that didn’t matter because I wasn’t out at that time. I remember staring at his rear when he got up to help the teacher with a display. He stood there with his pert ass looking great. I wished it was bigger though and suddenly… it was! A bolt of pain seared in my head as I saw his glutes expand slowly to become a thick bubble butt. The fabric of his pants was stretched but they didn’t tear. No one seemed to have noticed the change. I was astonished, but that was just the start of the fun. Mark went back to sit down when we all heard a loud <Ripppppp>. His pants had split in the back and his newly voluminous ass had been revealed. He had chosen an unfortunate day to go commando to school. Things got wilder when he squirmed in his seat and something slid out of his ass. I think it was a short, thick dildo but to this day I’m not sure. He flushed red and hurriedly stuffed it into his backpack. A few kids chuckled then things went back to normal. Two other guys started surreptitiously rubbing their bulges but otherwise it seemed like a non-event. I had never imagined Mark was into dildos but I assumed he was. I assumed he had a secret fetish, but wasn’t sure. I forgot about Mark until much later. The next incident occurred in the bathroom between classes. I walked in on a school bully, Jake, harassing a short skinny kid named Kyle. Kyle was cringing in the handicapped stall as Jake punched him in the stomach. In my mind I wished Kyle grew some balls to stand up to Jake. I was in the stall and a stronger jolt of pain flashed through my cranium. I couldn’t see what was going on, but I heard it all. Kyle began to moan and his voice seemed to get a bit deeper. A minute or two later Jake said “Aww come on man why won’t you fuck me? You know I need your cock!” “Whining won’t get me horny Jake. You know what to do.” It sounded like Jake began sucking Kyle’s cock and after a short while Jake began to moan and I hear the unmistakable sound of rhythmic thrusts reverberating in the room. Not wanting to intrude I waited until I heard orgasming then left the stall. As I washed my hands the two left their stall. Kyle looked taller and beefier. Not a huge difference but noticeable. Kyle was now wearing jeans a blue tee and a leather jacket that I knew was Jake’s. Jake looked the same with perhaps a bigger ass but his whole manner was different. He followed Kyle like a puppy now and he was wearing a polo shirt and denim jeans instead of his usual white tee and leather pants. “Can you fuck me again after school Kyle, sir?” asked Jake as they left. “Eh maybe… depends on my mood. We’ll see ok my boy toy?” “Yes sir!” replied Jake, and then they were gone. I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard, Jake? The most macho guy in school being submissive to Kyle? My mind was blown and I didn’t think about it again until PhysEd. I enjoyed exercise especially with Mr Pearson. He wasn’t the biggest man at 5’9” and a slightly paunchy 180 pounds. He was only 37 but looked older.His hair had begun to go grey and his face was lined with wrinkles. He was friendly though and didn’t favor the jocks which is something they resented. As I entered the locker room I heard a 6’3” jock teasing a shorter kid. Mr. Pearson came out of his office and approached the muscled eighteen year old. “Jenkins, what have I said about harassing other students? I won’t tolerate that kind of behavior!” The jock, named Roy, smirked and spoke loudly. “Sorry Mister Penison. Get it? It’s ironic because you’re so small down there. I saw you in the showers last week after class.” A few other jocks laughed and Mr Pearson went red. I shook my head and so wanted Mr. Pearson to show up Roy. The anger I felt expanded in my head to a migraine and my vision blurred for a moment. As it cleared I saw Mr. Pearson expanding; growing to an impressive 6’8” and towering over Roy. The front of his groin inflated as a huge package grew in. Mr. Pearson ballooned up past 400 pounds and all of it was muscle. He grew a thick red beard and his clothes shifted to be form fitting. His hair vanished at the top of his head giving him a really strong bald stud appearance and his feet must have been size 16 now. As the ache subsided I heard Roy speaking again. “Sorry Mr. Pearson. I was just kidding. Bobby and I are buds, right Bobby?” Bobby smiled “Yeah, it’s just the usual comments we say to each other back and forth. It doesn’t mean anything, sir.” Mr. Pearson replied sternly.“Well, keep it to a minimum I don’t want you to set a bad example for others. Lots of kids are bothered by comments like those. Ok?” His visage relaxed as he said “Now finish getting dressed and I’ll see ALL of you in the gym in 5 minutes. Got it?” “Yes Mr Pearson” echoed the other boys. They quickly finished dressing and left for the gym. “Hello Ian, how are you?” Mr. Pearson blinked his eyes. “Wait a minute, did that just happen? Since when do the kids listen to me and how did I get so huge? He muttered. He looked around the room and saw the trophy case now had a few trophies and awards with his name on it. ‘Best High School Linebacker’ and ‘Physical Education Teacher of the Year’ with a date of last year. “Everything changed..but no one seems to have noticed it.” he mumbled. “Ian, do you notice anything different?” he queried. “You mean other than the fact that you’re a giant muscle stud and the guys are actually listening to you? Yeah I can tell things are not as they were.” I said smiling. At this point mr. Pearson’s cell rang and when he looked at the ID he said the name out loud. “Hubby? I have a husband?” He quickly answered. “Hello?” In the short conversation that followed Mr. Pearson learned he was married to a Pro Bodybuilder and had been for almost a decade. Mr. Pearson told me about it after. He asked me not to mention the changes to anyone and I agreed. I got dressed and had gym class. Mr. Pearson was energetic and supportive during the P.E. hour. He urged the guys to do their best without being negative. Even the smallest kids were happy with him. After class I got back in my regular clothes and headed to lunch. Even after being amazed at the transformations so far lunch was going to be a circus of muscle growth. After the events at lunch I began to theorize about my abilities. I got to the cafeteria and it was in its usual state. Separate cliques were grouped by table like competing armies. I walked up and used my lunch ticket and got a meal. It was pizza burgers. I love those things so I figured I’d just find a quiet spot to devour my food. It was not meant to be because a jock on the wrestling team had winked at a cheerleader for the football team. This enraged the big beefy linebacker who was her boyfriend. He waddled over looking powerful with his heavy chest and slight gut. “Were you winking at my girl?” He demanded of the lithe wrestler. “What if I was?” replied the smaller teen. “Then I’m gonna have to kick your ass.” The football player nicknamed Tank was already annoyed but the wrestler, named Sean, kept taunting him. “Like your fat ass could take me! You’re so damn bulky I’d easily avoid you, punk!” Sean stood up at this point and a battle royale seemed to be starting. Tank’s girlfriend seemed thrilled at the idea of two guys fighting over her and just watched without intervening. Tank’s hand curled into a fist and started moving towards Sean. Time seemed to slow down and I wondered “Geez, why can’t the two guys be friends? Maybe even lovers?” I winced as more pain pounded in my skull. The world seemed to become ethereal for a moment then reality seemed to reform. Sean’s body swelled with muscle and size. He grew to 6’5” with a huge ball belly. He was immense; almost as big as Tank now. Time seemed to resume as Tank’s swing continued but instead of a hard punch it was just a gentle nudge in Sean’s enlarged belly. “Look who’s talking babe. Your gut is even bigger and sexier than mine.” The two kissed and I realized Tank had a beard now and looked even more handsome. Another guy I recognized from the football team just chuckled. “Guys save it for the locker room, okay? You two just can’t keep your hands of each other can you? Hurry up and eat we have practice soon.” ‘Whoa? Sean and Ben, Tank’s real name, were lovers? What had I done? Apparently Sean was now on the football team now and Tank’s former girlfriend ignored him. Did I make them gay? This is so weird.’ My head was still hurting but the pain was easing. I ate my lunch and headed to my next class. I pondered things later that night. I theorized that my changes could only be noticed by gay men like me. ‘I guess Mr Pearson was bisexual since he sort of understood that things had changed but then seemed to forget it. Sean and Ben were both straight before so they were unaware that reality had shifted. In their minds they’d always been gay and had been a couple for a while. ‘So if I get massive headaches when I change things does that mean I’ll eventually have my head blow up if I keep using my power?’ I wasn’t sure but I decided to test out voluntary control of my ability. The next day. Back at school I wandered the halls practicing my talent. I’d make a guy taller or shorter or add facial hair or bulk him up. My ability didn’t seem to work on women. The headaches got better the more I used my power. I got better at controlling the energy. I was making good progress when I ran into another bully. Mike had a reputation for being kinda crazy and his anger blew up from the smallest things. I just happened to be in the bathroom when he exploded and I had no idea things would turn out as they did. I was washing my hands when he stormed in and shoved past me to a bathroom stall tearing off his tee as he did so. Mike was really muscled. He had a huge round set of traps and 24 inch biceps. His gut was pretty roided out and his pecs stuck out as far as his waist. I found him kind of sexy in a scared-for- my-life way. In the stall Mike seemed to be jacking off. I could hear him edging but then he stopped. “AW Fuck not again!. Why can’t I get off? Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” he yelled. I tried to use power on him to give him a huge orgasm and he came. A small pool of his seed flowed under the door as Mike moaned loudly. “AW Fuck yeah that’s it! GAWWWD!” I felt something from Mike, like a connection. I could feel his body in my mind inside and out. ‘Oh hell he was impotent?’ I thought startled. I checked his body out medically. I could tell he had an enlarged heart and gyno. I shrank his heart back to normal and cured his bitch tits. I removed all the negative side effects of his steroid use. His skin became clear and his hormones were all at the right levels. I wasn’t sure what would happen when he came out of the stall. He looked healthier and less swollen. He stared at his pimpleless face in the mirror and tried to speak. “I feel amazing… what happened? I look different to you right?” He asked me doing a turn so I could see his shirtless body. “Uh yeah you do. Your belly is flatter and your bacne is gone.” I commented. He looked at me and made a connection. “Did you do this to me?” Then he smiled. “Yeah I know it was you. Not sure how but I know.” “What? How could I change you? I mean that’s pretty fantastic, right?” I stumbled through my words trying to deflect attention from myself. He smiled again and walked closer. He wrapped his arms around me and… hugged me! “Thanks man! I feel so good. I wanted to be huge since I was like ten but lifting wasn’t enough so I did roids. I did a lot of roids. I was huge but I was miserable. So moody and angry that everyone thought I was nuts. I was often really depressed and eventually I couldn’t even get off! But you fixed me somehow!” “Mike, are you gay?” I asked quietly. He blushed but responded. “Yeah I am. I built up my body to protect myself from bullies and I ended up being a bully myself. I’ve never beaten anyone up but I blew up a lot when the other guys would joke about gay stuff. I got angry to hide being gay. I was homophobic because it helped me fit in or so I thought. I don’t have to be that way now. I can come out… thanks to you!” He put on his shirt, hugged me, and left. I stood there stunned and then realized my theory was intact. Since Mike was gay he knew things had changed. I wondered if in this new reality he already had come out. I then remembered the purple shirt he now had on. It was for the school’s LGBQT support group. Yep Mike was out and it was okay. I hoped I’d do good with my new power so I tried to suppress it for a few days. That turned out to be a disaster. I had managed to control my power for several weeks. I was looking forward to graduation. I had my gown and cap and we had already had the rehearsal. I went to bed that night and I dreamed of guys exploding out of their gowns. A very pleasant dream, or so I thought. Turns out it was a premonition. Graduation day was exciting and we were all gathered and ready to do our procession to our chairs. I looked around and spotted Ben and Sean kissing. ‘Mmmm wish more guys were huge gay muscle studs.’ I thought. I didn’t realize it but the power overload had already begun. My energy spread through the group and every guy was hard at once. Several people moaned, but then it seemed okay again. We received the cue to begin walking and all of us headed into the arena that was being used for graduation. Along the way the moaning returned and even louder. A dozen or so guys strained in their gowns and I began to hear fabric straining. Guys were bulking up all around me and I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t. My control was gone. We managed to get seated and they began calling our names to get our diplomas. It was a sight to behold. As each male student accepted his degree he ballooned in size to a pro bodybuilder size or beyond. Gowns were shredding left and right and many guys ended up clad in only ridiculously tiny posers. After the initial growth more changes began. The muscle men began to become a variety of body types and styles. Some grew thick beards and body hair. Some grew roid guts or ball bellies. Others became preternaturally handsome and masculine. Still more had their forehead ridges thicken along with their jawline. From bears to beasts to angelic muscle gods it was a feast for the eyes. Nearly every guy started jacking off and when they all came a new wave swept through the room. The female students and faculty vanished as the school name changed. No longer John. F. Kennedy High School it was now Muscle Prep. Every student was gifted in size, strength, and manliness. Every student except me that is. I was the sole person unaffected by the changes. I gazed at the bountiful eye candy and sighed. I knew I was a token average guy but everyone treated me the same. Guys offered to suck me off or let me fuck them. I was a top apparently. I was an alpha male among muscle studs. It was a pity I would only be so for that day. At the post graduation all night party it was a wild bacchanal of food, sex, and muscle worship. Threesomes abounded as well as every other imaginable grouping for sex. Not everyone was into the orgies. Established couple groped and kisses intimately. I saw half a dozen couples who I could never have imagined being together in the old reality. I ran into Mark again and he looked amazing so I fucked him several times at his new size of 6’10” and 420 pounds of beef. Several teachers were enjoying each other and there were a few faculty-student connections as well. It was an amazing night. The next morning everyone began to clean up the cum encrusted floors and the gym locker room was where everyone showered to clean up after the sexathon. I changed into my extra set of clothes and went home. It was a good thing all students were told to bring clean items to wear home. My parents asked how it went and I replied . “It was great. Very fun.” If they knew or suspected what had actually happened they didn’t show it. It had been an incredible event but I wondered why I lost control. Theorizing could wait. I was exhausted. I fell into bed and slept until late afternoon. Time passed and the graduation chaos faded into memory. I had hoped that that was my last unintended blast of power but I was wrong. That summer I went to the beach of the small lake near my home many times. I loved swimming and watching the tan lean men frolic in the sun. I knew the regulars by name after about a month. I used my ability a few times. Enhancing bulges and asses and chests of all kinds. One day in mid July I was enjoying a swim wearing my usual trunks having slathered on SPF 50 on my pale skin. I did not tan… I burned like I was a lobster in boiling water so I was careful when I was in the sun. I was walking along the lake in chest deep water when I heard a gasping and gurgling sound. In the middle of the lake a man was struggling to stay afloat. His head popped up out of the water then back under so I knew he slowly drowning from water getting inside his lungs. As I started to swim out to him I saw a figure in orange shorts racing toward the drowning man. It was Matt the lifeguard. I relaxed thinking he would save the day. He reached the panic-stricken man and started to help him to shore. The man suddenly latched onto Matt to stay afloat and would not let go. He was tangled around Matt’s torso and legs so Matt couldn’t swim well. The man kept trying to get up out of the water on Matt’s shoulders like he was a buoy or something. Matt was strong, but the crazed man’s mass was slowly pushing him under the water. Matt fought to get the wild man off of him but soon they both disappeared beneath the water. My heart fell; I liked Matt. He was kind and sweet and best of all gay. The thought of him drowning scared me and an idea burst from my mind making my head flare in pain. Seconds later Matt’s head rose above the water. As his chest was revealed I saw how round and huge his pecs were. His traps bulged and his biceps were swole. I assumed I had bulked him up to give him the strength to save himself and the man. I quickly realized that was not all that had been changed on Matt. As he shoved the unconscious man onto the beach a glint of light reflected off something in the water. It looked like a giant fish tail. Putting two and two together I theorized Matt was now a Merman. If so he could breathe underwater and that’s how he survived to bring the man on shore. His huge cobalt blue and aqua colored tail splashed in the water as he performed CPR on the water logged man. The man turned on his side and coughed up a lot of water. He turned to Matt mouthing “Thank you” even as he coughed more. Other people on the beach had joined Matt and they brought the man up onto dry land where an ambulance took him to the hospital to make sure he was okay. After this Matt swam toward me as I was still in the water. “You saved me man. You made me a merman, right?” “I think so.” I said nodding yes. “Is this permanent? Can I ever walk on land again?” he wondered. I think the answer is ‘yes’ to both.” I replied. “Just swim to shore and think of legs or walking I guess.” He grinned. “I will, but first a thank you to my hero.” He swam close and kissed me pulling me under the water and we embraced in the lake. After the kiss he held my hand and I found that I could breathe and even speak underwater. “How did you do this? I mean me not drowning?” I questioned. “Dunno, just seemed natural. I have read in merfolk myths that holding a mermaid or merman’s hand gives you the ability to breathe underwater as long as you don’t let go. He went deeper in the water while still holding one hand and gave me an amazing fellatio. After I cummed and we embraced again we returned to shore. As I had expected Matt’s legs reformed as he hit the shallow water and we both walked in. No one batted an eye as this happened. One guy approached Matt and gave him a slap on the back saying. “Great save again Mr. King of the Sea!” Matt smiled and he knew everyone knew he was a Merman and they were fine with it. I chuckled as I realized Matt’s shorts were full to capacity both in front and back. He blushed and said he’d wear bigger ones next time. I spent the rest of the afternoon with Matt on shore and in the water. It was good to know I had a new friend and swim buddy. I dried off, kissed Matt goodbye, and got on my scooter to head home. When I arrived there I saw that my skin was not burned at all; just a golden tan. Another gift of having a Merman for a friend I supposed. I had dinner and went to bed dreaming of Mermen. The next few weeks passed quickly as I started to get ready to leave for college. That fall I left home to start my classes at the university . More incredible adventures awaited me there. I was pretty busy in college. I took all my required classes plus a Literature Honors course. I had to focus to balance all my classes. One thing I took time out was to watch the athletic teams work out in their weight room. It was separate from the regular weight area and gym. There was a plexiglass partition that allowed me to see all the pumping muscles and hot bodies. One guy in particular caught my eye. I think his name was Dave and he was a lineman on the football team. He was the biggest man I had seen close up in my life. He stood at least 6’5” and around 320 pounds. He was pretty lean for a linebacker. He was really strong too. I’d see him hefting 500 pounds deadlifts and 350 pounds bench presses. One night I was on a walk to clear my head after a long study session when I passed the team gym. There was Dave in all his powerful glory. Dressed in just a stretchy pair of spandex sweats and a string tee he was pounding the iron. As was typical for a Saturday night he was alone. The coach gave him a key to work out whenever he wanted to. I was enjoying the sight of his pumped muscles when he shook slightly. A pained look spread across his face and he suddenly dropped the barbell. It landed on his chest and he began to gasp for air. Being a pretty bulky guy it was near impossible for him to maneuver to let the barbell roll off. It was pinned and held on his mighty pecs. I saw the door was open so I ran inside asking him if he needed help. “Yes, please.” was all he could manage to say between gasps. If only he was stronger he could just lift the bar off him. A terrible pain seared through my head and he began to expand. His biceps swelled to 32 inches and his quads were close to 60 inches each. His enlarging body bent apart the bench and it quickly collapsed under his increased mass. Finally he could pick up the bar with ease. He launched it across the room where is crashed into a weight stack spilling the heavy flat discs everywhere. He stood up and peered quizzically at me. “You saved me?” he asked. “I, err, well, maybe.” I said slowly. “Yes you saved me admit it! That was amazing! Can you grow me more?” I grinned and replied. “We’ll see.” He flexed for me for a while and showered. A few weeks later we got an off campus apartment together and we were officially a couple. He was a sweet guy; he looked like a bear but was gentle with me. We settled into a sort of academic housekeeping scenario for the rest of college. It was difficult to be parted from him 3 years later but he had been recruited for the NFL and I didn’t want to hold him back. A year after that I relocated to be with him and pursue my Masters in Biology at a university near where his team was located. It was great. I met some of his teammates and even enhanced a few. I was getting pretty good with on the spot alterations. My favorite times were alone with Dave; tweaking his face and body to perfection. I was sad sometimes because I couldn’t grow myself but I had Dave and that was all I needed. After completing my Masters I considered going for my doctorate. I took a couple years off to be with Dave a lot more before heading back to study and do research. Dave’s 30th birthday happened during that time and we had a great party. I turned thirty a year after Dave and finished my Doctorate. We went on a cruise to celebrate. It was a special Gay ’Muscle’ cruise. The ship was brand new and specially constructed for men of size. A plethora of men sailed on the ship. Chubs, gainers, daddies and their cubs, single twinks and studs, and many gay couples enjoyed the trip. Now I suppose I should tell you that it didn’t start out a Gay Muscle cruise. We had booked passage on Norwegian Cruise Lines and boarded the ship as expected. Our cabin, though a suite, was a bit small for Dave but we enjoyed the rest of the ship. We found some gay men and couples to spend time with but there were few. It was a cruise to Straightsville. It was actually a Caribbean cruise but you get my point. It was a nice trip until the third day. We were enjoying the jumbo pool on the Lido deck and we kissed much to the disgust of the assistant purser who happened to be passing by. “UGH you people with all your public displays of affection. Get a room!” Dave smiled and replied. “We did, on this ship! Got a problem with that?” The arrogance of the purser triggered an expanding bubble of power from my head and things began to change. First the purser’s uniform turned into a pair of rainbow spandex shorts and a pink polo. He slimmed down to a svelte 140 pounds on his 6 foot tall body. His rear expanded and his libido with it. All around the ship reality twisted to expand the ship in size and proportion. Average ceiling height was now 20 feet with all corridors tripling in width to accommodate really huge men. The ship’s weight room now took up an entire deck. Hot tubs, saunas, showers, and bathtubs enlarged to handle gargantuan males. The typical passengers on the ship seemed to fade away as a wide variety of gay men appeared. The ship’s colors became brighter as several Rainbow banners materialized hanging from tall flagpoles and the ship became a blaze of colors in all shades from forest green to cherry red and baby blue. The pool we were in was now 5 times bigger and we were surrounded by men of all sizes and shapes kissing and groping one another. Several couples held hands as they sat in deck chairs while others seemed ready for sex. One guy we knew began to moan as he grew a lot taller and muscle piled on his bearded hyper masculine body. He passed 12 feet tall before he cried out “ OH GAWD! Fuck Me! I Wanna GROWWWWW!” His expanding body broke the guard rail and he disappeared into the ocean for a half a minute. A huge explosion of water geysered out as he emerged like Poseidon King of the Sea. He was an incredible 500 feet tall and still growing. His dense red beard now fell to the middle of his waist. He was impossibly muscular but so huge he had full mobility. His colossal cock dangled down dripping gallons of pre onto the ship. It was a very arousing scene. I assumed that he was now the official escort for the trip and he relished his size and power. He dipped underwater and pulled up a sunken sub and played with it like a bathtub toy. A great white shark that he grabbed looked like a guppie in his immense hand before he let it go. Noticing the mens’ jaws dropping he came closer. A steady line of men then crawled up his cock to rub it or into his megalithic chest and beard. He moaned as the small men stimulated his body and a 1000 gallon load of his seed soon flooded the deck. Apparently used to this occurrence a dozen 12 foot tall crewmen in different color speedos arrived and collected his bounty and swabbed the deck. I was very tired at this point so I asked Dave to take me back to our suite. It was completely upscaled and it fit Dave perfectly so he helped me onto the quad King sized bed and I passed out. When I awoke I looked at our boarding information and indeed it was now a Gay Cruise for MuscleMen and Giants of all sizes. By the next day I was reenergized and we enjoyed the buffets, sex spa, and the usual shipboard weight lifting contest. Dave won of course but it was close. By the night of the last day of the trip I had forgotten about the real world. As we sat enjoying the ocean Dave smiled and said. “You did it again babe. You’re amazing!” I smiled back at him but I worried I’d really lose control one day. I managed to keep things on a small scale for a number of years after the cruise but I knew my next outburst was inevitable. It happened when Dave and I were attending a American Hercules Strength competition that Dave was a contestant in. He had retired as an NFL pro by this point and was enjoying strongman competitions. The adjustment was easy since he really just changed his training schedule and used bigger weights and props like Atlas stones and monster truck tires. He was the number one strongman competitor in the world. The contest was being held in a city named Anderson in Texas. The contest was over and Dave had won like always. His rainbow string tee looked painted on his impossibly muscled body. The judges had just awarded Dave the winner’s trophy consisting of a 20 pound chunk of rock shaped like Texas when a group of people showed up with placards and a banner. The Banner read ‘Say No to Gay Marriage.’ The signs were the usual ‘Homosexuality is unnatural’ and ‘Gays will burn’ variety but I had no idea why they chose that time and place to protest. Two big men seemed to be the leaders and they were yelling at Dave calling him a fag and other insults. I shouted “leave my husband alone!” This triggered one of the guys to rush over and punch me in the face. I saw stars and felt woozy. The next thing I knew a halo of pain gripped my skull and a literal rainbow fired out of it and into the sky. I passed out but Dave told me what happened when I regained consciousness. The rainbow had exploded into an aura of color shimmering down over the city. The structures seemed mostly unaffected with a few buildings shifting color to closer to the pink and violet spectrum. The female protesters and placards disappeared and the men began to swell and transform into big bulky bearded beefcakes. The banner now read ‘Gay Pride’ and the former protesters were now obviously couples. The two former leaders were now opening kissing. One wore a leather vest, shorts, and Muir cap.The the other wore a leather kilt and a harness over his greatly expanded chest with a locked chain around his neck. Both were now tattooed and pierced. We enjoyed the celebration and Dave and I won an award for ‘Cutest Couple’. We stayed a few days for the festivities then drove to the airport in our rented HumVee. As we reached the terminal I noticed a sign. It read “Welcome to Androgen! Gayest City in the US.” I had changed an entire city this time! Dave was thrilled of course. He chuckled saying. “Making America Gay Again, One City at a time!” I was less amused. What if I really lost control one day? I didn’t have any right to do this to the people I’d changed. I snuggled next to Dave on the flight home trying to relax. The warmth and power of his mighty body helped me fall asleep. As my eyes began to blink and close I wondered what would happen next. Months later I was recovering from a long day. I’d seen news reports of anti-gay protests in Russian and Africa. The world seemed to be becoming less safe. That night thought I felt safe in bed next to Dave my mind wandered. My eyelids became heavy and I was soon asleep. The thoughts in my mind fashioned a dream. It was another world. Standing on the shore of a new continent I could see nothing besides nature around me. I imagined shelter and supplies and they appeared. Testing the limits of my power I built a city like I was playing SimCity. Various buildings and structures appeared like homes and stores. I filled the stores with items I would need and some luxuries. A beautiful super futuristic city was complete. I realized it lacked people Rather than create Sims I thought of Dave and wished he was with me. He materialized and I quickly imagined other friends joining us. A glowing portal appeared and then Mark, Ben, several Chrises, Max, Scotts, Tony, James, and others I knew online popped into existence. They were just getting over the initial shock when a new arrival distracted us all. With a sudden tidal wave of water the giant from the cruise trip landed in the water. “Need to… GROW! He exclaimed. “ So full of desire... of need to get huge... wanting colossal muscles… power… a huge roid gut! Pecs that touch my chin! OH Gawd yes I can feel it happening my body stretching, inflating, expanding to the beast I truly am.” He grew completely muscle bound then he gained height so he could gain more muscle. The process continued for a few minutes and, as we watched in awe, he became at least a thousand feet tall; a literal mountain of a man. The others watched and felt energy flow through them. They began to transform. Ben grew to twelve feet tall with green skin, a hairy body, powerful muscles, and tusks. He was a massive muscle Orc. One Chris became a huge bodybuilder at 9 feet tall while the other grew huge but his cock expanded to match the length of his body. Beach ball sized testes finished him and he began to moan and pre. Another Chris got insanely muscled; so huge his head seemed hidden by his titanic chest and traps. One Scott didn’t grow much muscle but he thinned out becoming a fine assed lithely muscled man who looked around and smiled at the muscle man buffet. James grew taller and perfectly proportioned with an athletic build, impossibly handsome features, and a magnificent bubble butt. Tony ballooned in size and hair to a 20 foot tall colossal muscle bear with a deep black beard and fine pelt of hair on his body. His huge round ball belly stood out far from his frame seeming defying gravity. His pec were like sofa cushions but dense and powerful with fat pierced nips that he pinched and they balanced his belly perfectly. Finally his glutes swelled with muscle, fat, and hair giving him the biggest ass of everyone besides the giant. They all began to grope their bodies and feel each other. I smiled but it faded as I realized I was still the same fat, weak, unsexy me. The others turned to look at me and after thirty seconds of jacking off shot their loads onto me. Nearly gagging from the gallons of cum from the giant I staggered back and sat on the sand. My body expanded in a thousand ways at once. I transformed into a variety of bodies. I became a 30 foot giant, a 5 foot immobile bodybuilder immobile with muscle, a handsome hunk twink, a colossal Orc, a muscle bear daddy leatherman, and more. Finally I became myself again and I realized what had happened. I had gained not only the ability to change my body but to become whatever I imagined. I rushed over to my friends and turned into a 16 foot giant to hug and them all. I had to jump to kiss Tony and fly to twist one of the gigantic beast’s nips to make him moan. We all went for a swim where those who desired grew tails like mermen. After the swim I made a banquet table with a feast appear and we ate happily. I could see the portal to the regular world but I didn’t imagine I would ever go home. I would gather more friends to this new paradise and we would be happy evermore. I was jokingly called the God of Change which I found humorous and ironic considering how many times unexpected changes had troubled me in my life before the existence of this new world.
  2. Fair enough. It would be interesting to see what Fair enough. It would be interesting to see what Mitch had to go through in his trials. True. None of my 'disasters' were done with my best interests at heart. I do not believe in 'tough love' for nice people.
  3. I do understand that our experiences shape our character. I, however, am not "grateful" for any of the disastrous events or people who have come into my life. The ends don't justify the means.
  4. Ok, seriously. How is picking fights and being abandoned by your friend supposed to make you tougher? Seems kind of effed up. I hope he stays pissed at his "friend." I just can't see how he could possibly be grateful to his "friend" after he pulls this kind of crap on him.
  5. A great story! Far more generous an ending than many Genie stories!
  6. I imagine a whole range of flavors. maybe in the next part?
  7. cutlerfan

    m/m The Hiker

    Awesome start! Please continue!
  8. It was an amazing read. I could relate to the self doubts Brad expressed as he viewed the behemoth hulk in bed. Tender, loving, and honest emotions. It flowed well and was most enjoyable. Your stories have heart and this installment is no different.Wonderful imagery and it had a natural feeling of true life. Excellent work!
  9. Awesome profile pic!

  10. cutlerfan


    Thanks for the positive comments from everyone.
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