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    Reading and writing muscle growth stories, biology, genetics, archaeology, history, science fiction, classic Doctor Who, botany, LEGOs, dollhouse miniatures
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    I don't lift.
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    Friendship, roleplay, chat, to encourage others' growth.
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    7'4" 600 pounds
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    Jay Cutler, Jeff Long, Art Atwood, Branch Warren, Jean-Pierre Fux, Todd Jewell, Evan Centopani, Fouad Abiad, Lee Priest, Bob Cicherillo, Milos Sarcev, Steve Kuclo, Dennis Wolf
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  1. Wow! More red skinned doctor magic! I'm glad to see the Dr isn't immune to his patients changes! Loved it! Peace, CF
  2. Members must also be aware that staff may use the old 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' concept. It is better to get involved sooner rather than later.
  3. I created a super hero group that had various abilities. One was a mechanical genius, another could manipulate light and create holograms. One was a linguist who could instantly speak any language she heard. One was the super speedster. A pair of twins from England could time phase meaning they move at an accelerated rate of time so everything seems to slow down to them. My favorite was a guy who could heal and create force fields. He also had the ability to copy anyone's powers if exposed to them enough. That's not all of them but I'd need to look at my old paper files to remember more. Peace, CF
  4. You mean in a story or real life?
  5. Sorry should I delete my rant? Peace, CF
  6. I am trying not to be on Facebook so much. My interest in muscle has definitely decreased. I feel unsafe and vulnerable so exploring my love of muscle is less enjoyable. I still click and save hot muscle pics but it's like adding to a collection instead of fantasizing. I feel my soul being sucked out by listening to the GOP lovers asking us to all get along. I can accept political differences but reposting the complete garbage comments of a waste of a human life named Trump is beyond belief. These people have no souls no respect no conscience. I finally unfollowed one person after I asked them flat out "You just don't get it do you?" They replied "I guess not" and continued to post more pro Trump slime. Although I want to physically smack these people to try and bring them back to their senses I realize it is pointless to try and change their minds. My faith in humanity has plummeted to record low levels in the last 6 months. It is a new Dark Age for Humanity. Sorry for the rant. Peace, CF
  7. I need maximum time so could I have April 26th? I figure I can post my story just after GiganticBeast's audio post. Hiding under a mountain of Beast. Peace, CF
  8. Alan Ritchson is pretty hot. I might just let him lick me.
  9. A Forum Hook-up app? Will we become a new Grindr or Growlr?
  10. Thanks for the upgrade CMiller!
  11. I love Sean's continuing discomfort at being a big guy. He is still so introverted and sweet. I hope he doesn't become a jerk. Lots of new things coming in the story as far as I can tell. Hope to see some more amazing changes! Thanks for continuing this story! Peace, CF
  12. It is GMT so I think I am 6 hours behind in Central Time Zone so 6am 1/11? I think that sounds correct.
  13. Great Story! Would love to see more guys transformed by the curse on Aaron. Peace, CF
  14. I want to create a category of Best Slimdown 2016 and I nominate Godofjurai!
  15. Yeah thanks! Couldn't remember his name! Peace, CF