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  1. Thanks so much! I was worried it wasn't as good as the other amazing posts.
  2. Story is posted. Here's hoping it's good.

    1. flamedelft


      It was more than good!

    2. cutlerfan


      Thank you. I'm not trawling for compliments I really doubt my work.

    3. Bjort


      Really fucking good, and a nice follow to my own submission! :D


  3. Story is posted.
  4. Not a problem. I hope Timesplitters is going ok.
  5. Loved it! Bullies to lovers... great change!
  6. Amazing as ever! More to follow in pm!
  7. It is BJort's day and he posted a great story. I have had past issues with formatting problems with my stories. Since this is my first one I have posted in a quite a while I felt a test post was in order. It was not my intention to upstage anyone hence there is no actual story posted yet.
  8. METAMORPH GYM BY Cutlerfan. Based on many roleplays with Scot158f With added inspiration from MuscleAce and GiganticBeast No one knew who bought the dilapidated 6 story former office building but most people thought the improvements that were made were high quality. It had an ultramodern solar panel exterior along with gold and glass embellishments inside the main lobby. When the completion date approached a sign appeared to announce a new METAMORPH GYM coming soon. Three months later everything was ready including staff and trainers hired for the first floor gym. A contest for free memberships was run and soon the positive responses from the winners and other clients drew dozens of people to join. The gym got a reputation because of its amazing ability to break people through plateaus, slumps, and to grow despite difficult life circumstances. One of the new owners was on site it seemed at all times. His partner supposedly also his husband as well was not seen by anyone for several months after the gym opened. Rumors abounded describing him as a Beast of Pure Muscle, a Titanic Muscle Man, and Bigger Than The Hulk. Most of these were assumed to be exaggerated but no one knew for certain. Anyone who actually met this shadow partner seemed to be on the fast track to growth and transformation. Such was the case of 36 year old Ian James Mathews. He was one of the three contest winners of a free two year membership including training, nutritional support, and full spa privileges. A rotund man with a degree in the Biological Sciences he has signed up for the contest on a lark and was amazed and embarrassed to have won. He couldn’t really afford a luxury gym membership but the idea of walking around in his obese body lifting weights horrified him. He didn’t mind the lifting but being on display like a fish in a tank worried him. Did he even belong at a gym with fit people? Would they jeer or laugh at him or worse; murmur and point from the sidelines. He knew he didn’t belong but the meeting with the owner had convinced him to try it. The owner had a warmth about him that made Ian feel relaxed and at ease. The man gave tremendous hugs and always seemed to have just the snack Ian was looking for. He was always kind but did try to steer Ian’s choices to more healthy ones by letting him try many free samples until he found supplements and snacks he liked. It was now the second week and time to begin the actual training but Ian didn’t really want to go. It had been a monster weekend. His mother called again asking why he wasn’t seeing some young lady completely deaf to his past comments about being gay. His boss had called on Friday evening and wanted him to prepare a presentation on the newest methods in genetic analysis...by Monday. Between personal and job stress Ian had overindulged in comfort foods on Saturday and Sunday and felt like a complete loser that Monday evening before the gym. All that changed when the owner said it was time to meet the other owner and get started on his training. Afterward Ian knew he had met someone incredible but his memory was a bit blurred about the incident. A warm soak in some kind of tub and a feeling of growing strength was all he could recall. Images of other things popped in his head from time to time but he couldn’t remember anything specific. He began lifting with different trainers of varying body types. From Ectomorph to Endomorph and even Mesomorph he was passed along over the next few weeks to determine who would be his main trainer. It ended up being Max. Max was a former pro bodybuilder and Ian idolized him. He was over 50 but still looked like he could win Mr. Olympia if he chose to compete. He had a thick powerlifter’s build, a masculine face, lightly hairy body, and a substantial bulge in his exercise shorts. Ian admired Max from a distance and he would love if they got close but feared how Max would react if he knew he was gay. Max gave incredible massages after workouts and Ian was in his spell. He started to look forward to the gym which surprised him but he couldn’t deny his attraction to Max. Ian looked forward to workout sessions with Max and would even watch Max training alone. Just seeing the 6’6” 380 pound behemoth demonstrate exercises made Ian get hard. Seeing his sweating glossy bulky muscles heaving the metal up and down was amazing to watch. Ian hardly noticed he was losing weight . His eyes were on Max whenever he was in the gym. He had even showered next to Max a few times and he felt no embarrassment in his presence. “Don’t worry that belly will get smaller fast with me training you Big Man!” For the first time in his life he felt good being called that. Max was so kind and thoughtful and all around nice that Ian started to imagine the two connecting. It was pure fantasy he knew but It did make him work even harder in the gym to please Max. In only a few weeks his waistline got smaller and smaller until he could wear clothes he hadn’t fit into for a decade. Weeks passed and Ian noticed a change in Max. He could have sworn he saw him giving him the eye but assumed he was probably imagining it. Another time Max winked at him while flexing and again Ian dismissed it as something platonic. Ian just couldn’t believe studly muscle bull like Max could be attracted to a tub of lard like him. Ian resigned himself to enjoy looking at Max’s hyper-masculine body and tried to be content with that. He enjoyed the weekly massages Max gave him to keep him flexible. The caress of Max’s big hands was enough to arouse Ian but Max never seemed to notice. More than once Ian had a wet groin but Max never commented on it. Max was very skilled at massage but there were mishaps. A few times Max’s hand had lingered just a moment too long during deep tissue massage around Ian’s erogenous zones. His nips and quads and glutes developed a heretofore hidden sensitivity to touch. Ian worried that one day he might actually cum during a massage so he tried his best to downplay any reactions as being caused by the Max’s warm hands or a lack of sex. It came as a complete surprise when he learned Max was gay. It was not obvious to Ian anyway; Max was a disciplined trainer. He had neither the roaming eye some trainers had nor the slight sneer other homophobic trainers showed at times. It was during a massage that Max revealed himself. Max was massaging Ian’s shrinking but still ample belly when his hand ‘slipped.’ The brawny hand rubbed against Ian’s cock and startled him. “Whoops sorry there big man.. that oil is slippery.” In his usual relaxation mode Ian thought nothing of it until he felt the steel table shake slightly and a source of warmth getting closer. He opened his eyes and saw the colossal form of Max just over his body. Max was now just above him! Was this some weird massage technique? “OH Shit” Thought Ian. “What if I get hard? Damn!” That did it. Ian’s cock became engorged and began to stiffen but fortunately Max didn’t seem to notice so Ian closed his eyes quickly and pretended to be zoned out rather than stop Max’s movements. Max continued to massage as Ian’s body quivered from his touch. The sensation was an exquisite blend of hugging and groping. Max moved down even more until his bulging speedo touched Ian’s now full boxer briefs. Leaning down Max’s chest rubbed against Ian’s and a pair of lips brushed against his. Max was..KISSING HIM? Not wanting the moment to end Ian allowed Max to kiss and touch and grope him. Was it possible Max was attracted to Ian? Mentally Ian shook his head. No, it was a gesture of pity he was certain but he couldn’t deny how Max made him feel. A huge slightly sweaty set of jumbo pecs was directly above his face. Ian took a quick peek to confirm this then formulated a plan. When Max’s pecs were over his face again he lifted his head and sucked on one of Max’s finger thick nips. The right nip and piercing went into Ian’s mouth and he sucked as hard as he could. He heard Max moan and opened his eyes. Max smiled back. “I thought you’d never react Big Man..I thought I was being obvious in my attraction to you but you didn’t respond so I had to try something more extreme.” Ian blushed as Max explained his feelings for him. “I know I could have just asked but...what can I say? I’m shy. “ Max chuckled. “You could have fooled me” replied Ian and leaned up quickly to hug and kiss Max. In moments they knew they were a couple. “You’re so hot” Ian began as he rubbed Max’s pecs. “Damn that sounded dumb didn’t it?” Max just smiled and replied “Sounds great to me” then Ian spasmed. “What’s wrong?”questioned Max becoming alarmed. “I don’t..errr know..ohhh FUCK! My body feels so tight..AUGHHH!” His body seemed like an overfilled balloon. It was like every part of him was inflating “What the hell!” As Max watched amazed Ian’s body firmed up becoming a lean thin waisted figure. “You got thin Ian!” Max cried out but Ian couldn’t hear him. The beating of Ian’s own heart drummed in his ears and he could only hear that as his body stretched and transformed. Ian growled as his breathing became louder and the growling got deeper as his voice dropped several octaves. “Fuck me it feels so good!” he managed to bellow shocking Max who was in awe as his new lover expanded in height and mass. Ballooning to 420 pounds and 6’8” Ian’s chest was over 75 inches and his quads were 50 inches around. His waist was small at only 30 inches but his shoulder span was over 42 inches across. His cock began to snake down past his knees around 2 feet long. The head plumped up as thick as a small orange as the foreskin regenerated. Now the size of big lemons Ian’s balls began pumping out testosterone making his cock get hard. He moaned as pre began to flow and Max couldn’t resist sucking the glistening member. In seconds Ian erupted into Max’s mouth as he orgasmed and Ian moaned loudly instinctively pressing his cock further into Max’s throat. This movement make Max cum as well and soon both men were lying heaving on the floor together since the table had finally collapsed. A bond had formed that was sexual and yet beyond sexual. It just felt right to touch and feel and kiss one another. Over the next year both Ian and Max continued growing together in love. They became partners in the gym and in the rest of their lives. Both powerfully built lifters who had a fire of love burning in their hearts. They felt the need to quench the heat in bed together nearly every night. Finally, nearly a year later, Max asked Ian to marry him and Ian agreed. The sight of the two huge musclemen in tuxedos was quite surprising and delectable. Ian started working for the company full time in the Research and Development section on one of the upper floors after their honeymoon. Max remained a trainer and mentor and both were the happiest they had ever been. One night Ian dreamed about meeting the owner’s partner and the profound change he had caused in Ian. Snuggling closer to his husband Ian happily snoozed. Meanwhile at the gym the owner closed up as usual. Turning off most of the lights and locking the door he then went into his partner’s office. Smiling at the muscle behemoth in front of him He shook a group of take-out menus and asked “Asian tonight hun? Italian? American? Or All of the Above?” A deep voice seemed to come from the shadows “You know me too well babe. Of course All of the Above! I need more fuel to grow! Now how about a kiss for your husbear?" The owner who was a huge man himself walked over and tenderly kissed the big bearded bear who was his mate and relaxed in a hug in the even more gigantic man’s arms. “I think the gym is a success babe” the owner stated. “When you’re involved I always know it will be fantastic babe!” replied his lover. The two enjoyed a deep slow kiss before moving on to other activities that night.
  9. Awesome story! I hope there is more to come! Reality changing stories are great!
  10. Loved it! A fantasy of many fat boys and men!
  11. I would probably use the feature. It would depends on any topic limitations.
  12. Great Story! He should be in infomercials... I'd buy whatever he was selling!
  13. A perfect fantasy! Loved it! I hope you write more of this one day! I hope I meet a guy like him soon!
  14. Super! It was great to hear from the Hunter's point of view. This was a 'growing' mystery. Nice twists in plot! A great read!
  15. I'm hoping he gets back to his previous height so he can lift anything!