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    fantasy profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Macro, Hyper, Muscle, Males in general, not interested in muscle females of any kind. Normal ones are fine. I was actually a member of the original website. Changing my name now so you can find me and commission art work if you like. I have a blogger with the same name.


    I love to role play and I'm damn good at it because I love to write. I have no issues RPing with fantasy, sci-fi, or even furry stuff. I'ma say this now, I like actual build up in the plot, not pure smut, so don't even bother, it gets boring. And before you ask, I am a switch, though I am very picky on who can dominate me so good luck lol.

    I mark myself as a fantasy profile due to the love of role play. I am not seeking a relationship, just saying that now. Just want to have some fun if you want to as well. And finding some good friends here.
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    Whatever the story entitles. But if you want an imagination, Blackfoot ((Native American of the states/African American male mix long jet black hair, golden yellow and brown eyes, fairly dark skin, at 6'5 and 300 pounds. There you go.
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    I am seeking people with similar interest to have fun and role play with. Or people willing to commission me for art work in the love that is muscle.
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    No idea haha, it always changes.
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    A lot of the ones from the original forum. I'll have to find them again. But regular books I'd say Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Dark Series are some of my favorites.
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    Bulges, Growth, Men taller then me, Men smaller then me, Gay Male interaction stories, Thick muscle, Primal Tendencies.

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  1. Something about the way you wrote this made me feel like he's developing a beasts hunger if you get my drift. heh. Anyway Love the new installments as always. I especially liked how they were chillen under the stars together.
  2. JGMacroCreations


    Wow... For once I said "Oh no!" when someone was given something to grow. I guess it's cause as person who draws for hours myself I feel for him. Like a chief, an artist hands are their treasure, that's why he doesn't wanna grow. I don't think a lot people understand how impactful it is that he's going to change. You certainly reached the inner artist in me in how much dread this is going to be for him to adjust to. I look forward to reading more as I go. I also want him to beat the crap out of the Dave.... Karma for actions.
  3. Love the installments as always. But ironically my sister and I used to play soccer for many years growing up so I'm kinda face palming and laughing at the try outs ha! It's great seeing him with James as well.
  4. Dang.. Makes me hope for a happy ending. Very hot descriptions :).
  5. I really like how this is going, the different personality perspectives and interactions with people who are "normal" and still come out as an everyday conversation is great as well. As much as I love cocky dominance I enjoyed them just sitting and talking equally.
  6. Alright I'm addicted. Please, please, please continue. I'm not even into PD stories, very picky about them, but what you have made is magical and well thought out. And as someone said before, don't apologize for the length, it just shows your passion in your writing. Thank you for this amazing story.
  7. Oh my god... yes this is sexy but that ending to the chapter had me rolling in laughter. Its a very fascinating way to make someone grow, Love it.
  8. Working on a more clean variant of a sketched out muscle comic. It's also a gift to two friends of mine. Got page 1 done, working on page 2 since you know I can't sleep heh.  As for written stories still planning on those. It's just sometimes when you draw you question if you can still do it lol. But yeah just had to back away and deal with life, shit happens. 

  9. sigh...I swear some of the things in the story hit home with me. Pete has way more patience then me. Also why is it college dorm rooms don't have locks on them? come on now lol.
  10. When you binge read the whole thing over days lol. I don't know why I never saw this story and I'm from the old forums heh. Awww well nice to find an old but gold.
  11. Bro I can tell you for as long as I've been around on this site I didn't always read the stories for growth or body building. Love stories, humor, Super hero relations. Sure we enjoy the specific theme of muscle but it doesn't mean the people here can't appreciate a well thought out story. You have made / written something unique and be proud of that, cause as you can see you have made a lot of us addicted heh.
  12. OOOF....I felt that one... like I don't know what to say. Which is a good thing because epic writing skills.
  13. I mean I kinda saw it coming. I'd have to read back but didn't Dane's father run his own business? So I was wondering what was gonna happen with that. His father did say he's the man of the house now which is true. Thanks for yet another great update.
  14. Thank you for the double chapter. The cliff hanger though! This is such a great story.
  15. UGHHHH It's killing me! I need to know! This mystery with Dane is killing me! lol. This is such a fun story by the way I love all the descriptions and interactions. All the unique personalities. It's great.
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