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    fantasy profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Macro, Hyper, Muscle, Males in general, not interested in muscle females of any kind. Normal ones are fine. I was actually a member of the original website. Changing my name now so you can find me and commission art work if you like. I have a blogger with the same name.


    I love to role play and I'm damn good at it because I love to write. I have no issues RPing with fantasy, sci-fi, or even furry stuff. I'ma say this now, I like actual build up in the plot, not pure smut, so don't even bother, it gets boring. And before you ask, I am a switch, though I am very picky on who can dominate me so good luck lol.

    I mark myself as a fantasy profile due to the love of role play. I am not seeking a relationship, just saying that now. Just want to have some fun if you want to as well. And finding some good friends here.
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    Whatever the story entitles. But if you want an imagination, Blackfoot ((Native American of the states/African American male mix long jet black hair, golden yellow and brown eyes, fairly dark skin, at 6'5 and 300 pounds. There you go.
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    I am seeking people with similar interest to have fun and role play with. Or people willing to commission me for art work in the love that is muscle.
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    No idea haha, it always changes.
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    A lot of the ones from the original forum. I'll have to find them again. But regular books I'd say Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Dark Series are some of my favorites.
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    Bulges, Growth, Men taller then me, Men smaller then me, Gay Male interaction stories, Thick muscle, Primal Tendencies.

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  1. you have captured my attention, by the way the images are so well done. The skin and cloths are very realistic and I love the lighting. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Wow... this is legit. I love the design of the symbiotic bio suit by the way, very cool. So I'm guessing while they are linked they will basically live in each others minds while being controlled?
  3. That conclusion on this chapter though! I also agree this is one of the best stories I've read in a long while. Not just the growth obviously, the story as a whole is amazing. You have done an amazing job bringing all of the characters to life as well their experiences.
  4. Not gonna lie I have been waiting in anticipation for a new audio. I am excited to have a nice lay down and listen. Thanks for all your hard work on these man.
  5. I love your stories and I am forever impressed with all the art style work you put into it.
  6. "I don't need that anymore, I experienced" I admit I laughed my ass off at that. This was and is a great story. No idea if there's more but I would love little spin off stories. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  7. I have the sneaking suspicion this is going to hurt Aron the most....
  8. This story update gave me so much satisfaction but it also made me want more! Thanks for the read.
  9. whow...bro I'm...I'm speechless at how amazing of a short story this is.
  10. Don't get me wrong Bianca is a nice girl but I like Edmund and Aron together and I hope he claims Aron soon. Also, is it bad I want them to force Steven's fantasy on him and force him to admit he's gay! Cause regardless of how you look at the situation, hacking and basically breaking and entering robbery like what the fuck!? Dude's got issues. I think it would be fun if Steven became the house slave and Aron basically got promoted to boyfriend. Like he's still there to do everything he's been doing but he could even order Steven around like a Work lead and co-worker relationship. Anyway you are doing great story telling all around, thanks for the update and can't wait for more.
  11. yeah I'm addicted. I love all the perspectives and even the drama with the dude trying to take down the club has needing more of this story. I'm really enjoying how Edmund and Aron's relationship seems to be evolving.
  12. Ok you had me dead at the butter thing lol. Not gonna lie...I cheese it with vegan butter whenever I want some. Anyway, as always this story is amazing.
  13. Thank you for all the amazing writing. I love the lust in this one but also the subtle romance attached. The interactions you put into your characters is always fun to read.
  14. JGMacroCreations


    Right!? that's why I was saying before...wow I actually don't want someone to grow. I could especially relate because he was a painter. When you're an art person you revel in simplicity most days to just relax and enjoy doing your work.
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