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    friends with growth mindset, i'll take any advice I can get and ifd love to share stories. let's chat about how to get huge! LA friends
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  1. whoa nice progress dude more pics pleas!!

  2. Thanks for following me.

  3. I love your artwork! This is the kind of stuff I signed up to the forum for.

  4. continuing icf 5x5 tomorrow. weakling over here

    1. ThickRick


      You're no weakling.

  5. I'm too lazy to move this to the archives. If anyone wants to feel free haha
  6. This is one of my all time favorite stories that was on the old forum. I took the liberty of posting it here in the hopes that you all might be able to find more stories like it. I would love to see an illustration of this as well. Just putting that out there haha. Also if you're wondering why the text looks funny, trust me it looks a lot worse on the archive. ....................... `Backfired Spell` by slave4life `Part 1` `` `Darren was a complete asshole. He was the most arrogant guy I had ever met with a sadistic streak that he took out on me. ` ` ` `My name is Paul. I had just started my junior year of college and was living on campus. I went to a community college my first to years at home and was living in the dorms for the first time ever. I had a few friends at the school but they already had living arrangements so the student housing office paired me with Darren. I was immediately attracted to him. He was 5’9 a lean muscular build dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He has very little body fat and weighed in at 17` pounds. He loved spending time at the gym. He was not a bodybuilder by any means but had more of a boy next door look. In high school he was on the wrestling and lacrosse team. In college he began playing rugby for fun. ` ` ` `However, at first meeting he wanted nothing to do with me. I was below average in every way 5’6 and a 13` pounds wet. I was never into working out but liked running so have a very slim build. I am also extremely shy so am very quiet and have a difficult time making new friends. I did not fit anywhere into his social standing.` ` ` `At first he just ignores me but then things got progressively worse. At first it was small things like intimidating me with his size over me to get his way. Then he began to slap me around. When he realized I was too afraid to fight back he began threatening me to do tasks for him like cleaning his clothes, making his food and completing his homework (except math which I was terrible at). He stopped using my name. He simply referred to me as slave or bitch. ` ` ` `One day he came home drunk and woke me up and told me he noticed the way I stared at him every time he took his shirt off. He said he knew what faggots like me wanted and proceeded to shove his cock down my throat. He threatened to hurt me if I didn’t take it. I was so afraid of him I let him do what he wanted (though in the back of my mind enjoyed it). Soon I was not only his house slave but his sex slave. He never showed any kind emotion to me though. I was just a thing to him. I hated living with him and tried switching roommates but the student affairs office said there was no openings. I was too embarrassed to tell them what was really happening. I also thought about dropping out and moving home but my parents were so proud of me for being the first in the family to attend a University. On top of that they would have been out of a lot of money. I was stuck in hell.` ` ` `During Spring break my parents had dragged me to an estate sale. My father had purchased a large crate of old books. When we got home he left them on the counter to search though later. I was curious and began searching though it. At the bottom of the crate there was a very old, dusty and torn book. When I opened it I quickly realized it was a book of spells and magic. I of course thought didn’t believe it was real but was still curious so I snuck it up to my room. Jokingly I read one of the spells out loud trying to turn my blonde hair dark brown. When nothing happened I laughed and went to bed. ` ` ` `When I woke up the next morning to pee I was astonished when I looked into the mirror and had a head full of dark hair. Shaking I ran back to the book flipped to the spell and recited a counter to reverse it. Bewildered I watched in the mirror as my hair reverted back to blonde before my eyes. This book was for real! My mind began to focus on Darren and the revenge I could reap onto him. ` ` ` `The book contained several spells that could be fun to use but one caught my eye. The spell was a strength stripping spell. The victim of the spell would be stripped of all their strength and muscle leaving them a weak and powerless. It was a permanent spell. So even after it was cast they would not be able to gain strength even by working out. It was meant to strip warlords and kings of their power an authority. It would be perfect to use on Darren. The spell seemed very complicated and the faded and torn page was hard to read but I was desperate to make it work.` ` ` `I returned to school like nothing had changed. Darren was already there and when I opened the door exclaimed “On your knees and suck my dick faggot” I complied but laughing in my head that things were about to change.` ` ` `The next day when Darren left for classes I began to prepare for the spell. The spell had called for black candles but I couldn’t find any. I did not want to use white but figured red candles would be fine. The spell had called for some very specific herbs. When I went to the herb store to get them I was having a hard time locating them. The teenager behind the counter did not seem interested in helping me. I located what I believed to me most of them but one. When I asked the worker where it was he rolled his eyes and walked me down one aisle. They were out of it. I told him it was an emergency and need it now. He grabbed a packet near the empty space and told me that it pretty much was the same thing. Again in my desperation for revenge I ignorantly accepted the package not realizing that the teenager simply did not want to deal with me and simply handed me a random package of herbs.` ` ` `Frantically I rushed back to the room. I began mixing the necessary ingredients into a bowl. As I was cutting one of the roots I was shaking and I accidentally knocked my finger with the knife. A few drops of my blood leaked into the mixture but I kept working. I had to place symbols on the ground. I used a can of spray paint. In addition to several other symbols I had to make a large circle on the ground that he had to step in. I put it a few feet in front of the door. There was supposed to be some sort of symbol in the middle of it but that part of the page was so faded I could barely make it out. I had noticed a symbol drawn near it though that looked like a sideward 8. I figured that was it and was happy someone was nice enough to document the faded symbol. I painted it onto the ground. ` ` ` `I knew Darren would be home soon so I took my place. The spell had an enchantment I was supposed to read. It too was very faded. So I copied it onto a piece of paper so I could read it easier. I thought I had copied it correctly.` ` ` `Nervously I waited for what seemed like an eternity when the door handle began to jiggle.` ` ` `Darren walked in and kicked his sandals off. Then he looked around. He looked down at the circle with the sideward 8 that he was standing in and looked at me and said “What the fuck”?` ` ` `Everything was going as planned. I quickly read the spell out loud perfectly. Darren tried to walk toward me angrily but when he reached the end of the painted circle he was unable to exit it. He had a look of terror and bewilderment in his eyes.` ` ` `With my hands shaking I lit a match and threw it into the mixing bowl of ingredients I had placed on the ground a few feet before me. The bowl burst and smoke began to rise from it. It was not normal smoke it was an eerie yellow color.` ` ` `Suddenly like a bolt of lightning the smoke separated into two flew into me and into Darren. The force threw me onto my back. It seemed to hit Darren with the same force square in his chest but he remained standing. There was an odd sound and a slight rumbling and then the black symbol under his feet began to glow a bright yellow. The glow radiated through Darren’s feet up his legs and then radiated all over his body. “This is it” I thought. I thought Darren would be in pain but instead he began too smile and moan as if he were having an orgasm (I would know that face anywhere). ` ` ` `The light then faded. There was no change to him. He then came back to reality and a look of anger came to his face when his focus came back to me. I was screwed. The spell failed. I immediately felt like an idiot. ` ` ` `What the fuck are you doing faggot” Darren yelled at me as he began to walk towards me. He was no longer bound to his circle. “What the hell have you done to the room you are going to pay motherfucker.”` ` ` `I rose to my feet but then suddenly I was hit with an extreme pain that started in my gut then radiated across my whole body. I dropped to my knees moaning in pain. Darren saw my pain and laughed. “Serves your right you little shit. But you are about to feel the pain of my fists you little homo” He raised his arm to punch me as he approached me when all of a sudden I screamed as I had a sudden sensation something had exploded out from me. “What the fuck” Darren said in shock as he stared at me. I looked down at my hands and there was a soft glow all around them. Then I realized it was all over my body. An aura of light flowing softly all around me. The light began to grow brighter and brighter. It was coming from inside of me. Whatever it was I could feel it being pushed out from inside my own body. ` ` ` `“Dude, what the hell have you done,” Darren asked as he began to back up and the light brightened even more. All of a sudden a burst of light separated from the aura around me and hit Darren square in the chest. His whole body flashed. His eyes went wide and his whole body stiffened as he gasped. He stood there looking confused. Another burst of light then flew from me to him again this one longer. As it hit him he threw his head back and began to moan. Then another burst hit him and another. He was smiling again as if he was in the grips of an orgasm. ` ` ` `I did not feel so wonderful however. As each burst left me it felt as if I was being punched but from inside my body. I wanted to run but I couldn’t move. I fell to my knees in pain. What the hell was this light around me, why was it going to him and what happened when it absorbed into him?` ` ` `“That feels wonderful!” Darren exclaimed as he came back to reality. “More I want more!!” Three more bursts flew to him. “Fuuuuck” he screamed out in joy as I screamed out in pain. “uung” he bellowed as he gripped the front of his shirt and then ripped it open. He kept ripping all the way down. And then he flung the shirt off of him. His body was shaking. Not him, he was standing perfectly still. But it was as if his muscles were vibrating. He was watching in disbelief. “ ` ` ` `“Please” I begged you are scaring me. “and it hurts”` ` ` `“I don’t care fucker” he snarled at me. “It makes ME feel good and I need more. Besides I didn’t do this, you did. So I’m just taking what you have freely offered. Now more faggot.” He had an angry tone in his voice. “I SAID MORE” ` ` ` `Suddenly he threw his chest forward. As he did this I could feel the light around me reacting as if some force were pulling at it. It was Darren. Before the light was flowing to him by its own accord. But know it was as if he was pulling it to him. As if there was an invisible force between his chest and it. I screamed out in agony as all of a sudden the light exploded and began to rush towards him. It was absorbing into his chest. Darren threw his head back and screamed loudly. There was so much light it seemed endless. He then brings his hands to his chest and then rubs them down to his stomach. As he does this his hands are glowing and streams of it follow them from his chest and absorb into where he touches. It is as if he is grabbing the light somehow. He then brings his hands back to his chest and pulls some light over his biceps and then down his arms. He looks as if he were cleaning himself in the shower. He is literally bathing himself in energy. He then bring his hands back to his chest and then up to his face. When he takes them away I can see light flowing into his mouth and eyes. His eyes momentarily hold an eerie glow. As they fade back to normal I can see he is looking at me dead in the eye. ` ` ` `“What is he thinking” I wonder. He can tell I’m in pain maybe he will stop. But then all of a sudden he says “You haven’t even begun to feel pain yet” as he brings his arms up into a double bicep pose and flexes every muscle in his body. I don’t know how but the force of the light becomes stronger. The light that is absorbing into his chest begins to radiate out to cover his whole body. ` ` ` `His muscles begin to flex over and over. Then all of a sudden something very scary begins to happen. I notice it first on his bicep. It seemed to flex and then from its flexed state it seemed to flex again. Then all of a sudden his shoulders begin to broaden. Darren notices too. “I’m growing. Holy shit my muscles are growing. I can feel the power feeding them. Yes more feed me more faggot.” As I look at his hamstrings it is obvious he is becoming aroused as his cock begins to tent in his shorts. As his body begins to broaden the only thing that is getting smaller is his waist I watch as his already six pack begins to tighten and form into an eight pack. ` ` ` `“Yes Yes.” he says excitedly. There is such an enthusiasm in his voice. I wondered what he could be thinking of and what sensations he was feeling. Whatever he was thinking I was obviously the last thing in his mind. He seemed not to care what was happening to me. I was in so much pain at this point I was crying. At first it was like a hot hot fire within me but then it as more light left me I began to feel cold inside. As it continued my body began to feel exhausted. Whatever was making him stronger was definitely weakening me and the light around me began to dim more and more. What would happen if he took it all? Would I die?` ` ` `Darren was a sight to see. His legs were spread wide his chest jutting forward still pulling at me his arms were outstretched at his sides. His head was slightly tilted back. His whole body was glowing in light waiting to be absorbed into him. It was swirling all over his body, flowing into his mouth. He muscles still growing larger on his 5’9 frame. He just kept moaning. He appeared to be in a state of total ecstasy. I wondered what in the world could be going through his head. His thoughts were obviously focused on himself. ` ` ` `Suddenly the light around me began to fade even more and the stream to become intermittent. He threw his chest forward more and it strengthened back for a second but then stopped. I fell to the floor. I felt so tired and sore. I couldn’t even pick myself up. I was still alive though. There was still an ever slight aura around me. Maybe there was so little left he couldn’t maintain the stream.` ` ` `My eyes were focused on Darren as the last of the energy absorbed into his skin. His body had grown quite a bit. He wasn’t body builder huge though but he was large. His body had put on maybe 25 pounds of muscle but he looked very bulky for his height. Suddenly Darren looked at me as if he had just remembered I was in the room. His eyes had a dazed look to them as if he buzzed. Then he began to run his hands all over his new body admiring his engorged muscles. He looked down at his body as he flexed into a most muscular pose. Then he held one arm to his side and stared at his bicep as he flexed it over and over. ` ` ` `Then while still flexing his arm he looked at me coldly. “Look at me” he sneered at me. “LOOK AT ME” he then screams and then pulls his other arm into a double bicep pose. He was imposing. Of course it was a very unreal and I still had no idea what exactly happened. It was also a scary thought that someone who already treated me like shit had gained so much power. He could do so much more to me now.` ` ` `“This is incredible” he said. Still admiring his new physique he was in total awe as if he thought it was a dream. “But how. I mean once it started it was like instinct kicked in and I knew what to do. But what the fuck did you.” I was still in shock and was only able to stutter. Darren then began to look at the symbols around the room, the herb bowl on the floor and then noticed the spell book still open on the counter. “Magic?” he said in disbelief. “You cast a spell?” I could tell something didn’t feel write to him. “But I make it a point to make your life a living hell. Why would you make me more superior to you then I already was?” He then walked over and stared at the book. I could see the realization in his eyes when he read the title “To weaken an enemy.” ` ` ` `“You little shit.” He said looking at me. “You were tying to hurt me” He then put his attention back at the book. Then he began to laugh evilly. “But you messed it up didn’t you. Tell me exactly what you did.”` ` ` `‘Darren…” I began to say. But then he walked over to me and grabbed me by the hair. ` ` ` `“Let’s get one thing straight fag slave.” He said coldly. “You don’t have the fucking right to use my name. You will show me the respect I deserve and address me as Master. Am I clear?”` ` ` `“Yes master” I said timidly.` ` ` `“Now tell me what you did.” He said “Every detail.”` ` ` `So weakly I proceeded to tell him every detail of the ritual. He began to laugh hysterically when it was done. “You fucktard” he bellowed. “Did you really improvising would work? You made so many mistakes it hard to keep track of. You can’t just go around changing ingredients. And that symbol I stepped on. Where did you get that” I pointed out the sideward 8 drawn on the page. “I’m sure that was a huge mistake cuntrag. Didn’t you ever pay attention in math? That is the sign for infinity. That was probably the last symbol you wanted me on.” He began to laugh again. ` ` ` `I felt awful. I mean I figured if I messed it up that just nothing would happen. What a cruel trick that it would do the exact opposite of my intentions.` ` ` `“I guess destiny is on my side.” He said proudly. “I can’t wait to try out my new body.” Then he looked down at me. “But I don’t think we are quite done.” I realized that I still had some aura around by body. ` ` ` `“Please no” I begged. “I already feel so weak. ` ` ` `“Of course you do.” He said “I just drained you of most of you life force.” ` ` ` `“What” I exclaimed` ` ` `“What the fuck do you think that was faggot? I could feel it as it coursed into my body. It was your life energy why do you think you are so weak. I can still feel you inside me.”` ` ` `“But I could die” I began to cry.` ` ` `He stared at me for a moment. “Not my problem. You have already offered it up to me and now it is mine to take. I want it all! You have no idea what you have done fagslave.` ` ` `He then reached down and picked me up by the hair bringing me to my feet. He places one of his meaty hands around my neck. “Why the hell would you think for one second I care about you? This isn’t about you, you disgusting piece of shit. You are nothing more than scum to me. This is about ME about what I want. And right now I want to feel your energy inside me. Making me grow”` ` ` `I then felt a wave of heat at my neck and then a coldness filling my body. Light flowed into his hand and up his arm began to course all over his body like electricity. He moaned as he brought his free arm up and flexed his biceps. I again watched as the flexed and inflated. He was looking at me directly in the eyes. His were full of lust and intoxication. “Yes faggot watch me grow before you eyes.” His body began to pulse in light. I was getting very dizzy and the room darker. ` ` ` `He began to groan loudly “So much.. ugh so much energy I can feel it trying to cram into every cell of my body. Then something strange happened. I felt increased pressure at my neck and then my feet began to rise of the ground slightly but his arm was staying perfectly still. It wasn’t just his muscles that were growing it was his whole body. He was actually growing taller. “YES” he screamed in excitement. “This is really happening. Make me grow you little bitch. So amazing. I feel so amazing.` ` ` ` ` `The energy in me began to deplete and his growth slowed. He began to shake me. He wanted every last bit of energy I had. As he shook I could see small dots of light flow to him. I was hanging on by a mere thread and could feel one last bit within me. He pulled my face his then he screamed. “You belong to me now.” And still holding me by the neck he threw his arms straight to his sides, threw his chest forward and his head back and flexed every muscle in his body. The very last of my energy flowed into him and he glowed brightly and screamed louder than I have ever heard. ` ` ` `When it was over he threw me in disgust to the ground before him.` ` ` `“Kneel” he commanded.` ` ` `I have no idea but I rose to my knees before him. His muscles had grown even larger but he had also grown a few inches as well to about six feet. It made his muscles seem more proportionate to his taller and wider frame. There was something else different about him but I didn’t know what.` ` ` `I had no idea how but I was. He had drained all of the life energy I had. I could feel it. I felt empty inside. All I could focus on was him standing proudly before me. I was his. I don’t know and couldn’t explain the feeling within me but somehow I knew that I was now his property.` ` ` `“Do you have enough materials so prepare the spell again slave? He asked me with no emotion in his voice.` ` ` `“Yes Master” I said meekly` ` ` `“Good.” He said “I’m not done growing.`
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    Work Shift

    Yes, please add more to this! I've read this story so many times it's one of my all time favorites. Muscle theft is one of the hottest themes in my opinion. Fantastic work!
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