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    Massive and extreme muscle growth and hulk outs in others. Roid guts, garden hose veins, super strength, massive biceps. I tend to date guys much larger than me I really like the size difference.
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    Im masculine solid strong broad shouldered stocky recently cut from 195 to 177 and once I get to 170 let the bulking begin.
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    Ultimately looking for a life partner that I can help grow into the most Massive Tren Rolling Deca Dosing sleeve ripping button popping bus lifting muscle monster the world has ever known, any one out there? I finally have realized that any meaningful relationship needs to have the above component in some way. Until this forum I really thought I was the only one that had these specific interests in other men. Thanks to this form and some great guys Iv met I don't feel so alone in the universe. Thanks to all who maintain and enjoy this forum I absolutely love it. I have dated my share of bodybuilders and powerlifters so I know the drill.
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    Justin the Bigger the Better
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    Craig Golias<br />
    Denis Cyplenkov
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    Extreem super human barbell bending car benching strength, huge biceps and massive powerful chest. Huge men that want to get huger.

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  1. Sup Bro , MASSMANN here , you can find me on yahoo messenger as massmuscle1, I'm lookinn for huge muscle growth RP !  I love BB contest scenes 2 big guys being arrogant & cocky with each other ,.. Flexing and wrestling getting in each other's face with proving who's the champ as they FLEXXX they start to grow bigger & BIGGER 

  2. Welcome to the forums lostnspace :)

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