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    real profile.
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    Building more muscle size. Muscle worship, forced muscle growth. Roids.
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    6'1", 220 lbs, 48 pecs, 17 biceps
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    Other muscle men-bodybuilders, Men who are into MUSCLE
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    6'1", 250+, 50 inch pecs +, 20 inch biceps ++
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Muscle Growth. Forced growth

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  1. Force me to grow bigger

    1. GROW4me


      I definitely wanna see you blow up even BIGGER!

  2. Hey bud, muscle guy here. Working to grow bigger. Never too big. Into muscle worship, growth,huge muscle fetish



      Hey man, how's it going?

  3. Thanks for the follow, big guy.  Nice profile!

  4. cheers for the follow

  5. I'm looking to grow huge.230 lbs now, next step 250, I want to hit 300 ++. Looking for guys who want to watch me grow huge. I can't get too big.

    1. Maxgrow11


      I love a man with no limits! We should definitely chat sometime!

  6. Welcome to the forums bigpecs :)

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