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  1. monkeymajic

    Brother asks to grow from Santa

    Ya, the only reference I can find to it is this post below, but the link in the comment is now a dead link 😕 :
  2. monkeymajic

    Brother asks to grow from Santa

    Thanks for the story suggestions, enjoyed them. But not the one I'm looking for. It was definitely called 'Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is' - he wakes up with his christmas wish granted, and his parents go to a family friend for an hour or two. During that time he takes revenge on his brother by humiliating him in front of his girlfriend, who finds herself lusting for him. He later starts to fuck her in front of his brother.
  3. I am looking for a story called 'Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is'. Its about a brother who is being bullied by his older brother so Santa grants his xmas wish, and he takes his revenge on his brother by taking his girlfriend and humiliating him.
  4. monkeymajic

    Dick strength

    Getting Used to Bring Unstoppable by Londonboy has a very hot scene in it with dick strength, in Chapter 3. https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/18759-p1.html
  5. Top Secret by Londonboy is somewhat in this field - deals more with after the growth but has some amazing strength scenes https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/43617-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/66803-p1.html
  6. monkeymajic

    Londonboy's "My Protector"

    You can find a lot of his stories on the old forum here https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/24081-p1.html
  7. monkeymajic

    Friend becomes powerful after eating enhanced food

    Got a link to it?
  8. Looking for a story about two friends who are in this town (could have been derelict). One of the two had grown and become super strong after eating food he found somewhere. Cant remember if the food was designed to do this or if it had become irradiated or something like that. It opens with the strong guy telling his friend about how powerful he is now and deciding to show him some of what he can do - one scene that particularly stands out is they are sat on the curb and he reaches his hands between his friends legs and digs his hand into the pavement and just lifts a chunk of the pavement up with his friend sat on.
  9. monkeymajic

    Stories of Strength

    I messaged it to you. I don't know who the owner is so probably not right to post it here.
  10. monkeymajic

    Stories of Strength

    Looking for some recommendations of stories of super strength. Not just 'John weights 450lbs of muscle and picked up a car because he can'. Or cos he's 9 foot of pure muscle. Or sex stories. Stories just describing pure super strength. If they happen to include the latter, well and good, but its not the purpose of the story. Strength is, and describing it. Stories like Little Mikey, Thunderboy, Father's Pinkie Stronger Than Son's Body, The Wimp, Getting Used To Being Unstoppable - stories describing the feats of strength in details.
  11. monkeymajic

    Father's Pinkie Stronger Than Son's Body

    This is still one of my all time favourites
  12. monkeymajic

    Looking for strength related stories...

    Got link to his stories??
  13. monkeymajic

    Son drinks father's experimental concoction...?

    Anyone know what this one is?
  14. monkeymajic

    New Story: Empowerment - Part 1

    When can we see part 2 of this!

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