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  1. I sat on the adjacent machine marveling at him. I think every time I saw him he was bigger and not just a little bigger, but more vascular and a Hell of a lot stronger. He was one of the most dominant lifters in the gym, with the fucking body to back it up. A true Alpha. If he wanted a machine or weights anyone, even those bigger then him, just gave it to him. No confrontation or questions asked. His name was Rod (yeah, I know) and even though he was a complete Alpha, he was never rude or threatening in a physical way to anyone. It was just...well...just HIM. He just exuded testosterone and authority. He didn't need to act it out, because his body just showed it. He was a complete MAN!! There wasn't an ounce of any feminine traits about him. The smell of him, made you want to please him, of course in that way, but also just to do whatever he wanted you too. That was exactly why I was in awe of him and, I knew, that there was no hiding how I felt for him. He was a Muscle God to me and I had always yearned to worship him. There were other guys that swooned over him, but they did it in a really high school girl way and I could tell he didn't like that. I just showed him respect and complete admiration. I think that's why he picked me. Today was no different than any other day in that I lifted and concentrated on my routine, but I was always watching him as well. Not fawning over him, well at least not on the outside, but inside, I was a wreck. Strange thought that as we lifted, I noticed that he was watching me too a lot more today. It was like he was studying me. At one point he told me to spot him and, of course, I obliged. During my time spotting him, I felt very uneasy as the entire time he watched me, not really paying attention to his benching, but more giving me the once, twice, three times over. When he was done benching, he looked at me, grabbed my face and said, "Stay close today...I think you will do...you'll do very nicely. It time!" So I did, I stayed right with him during his entire workout, but I still worked out too. Something about him made me want to better myself. So there I was on the adjacent machine to him, just marveling at I lifted. I watched him and then for some reason he called my name and I stopped lifting as he was doing a rep. I looked over at him and this time, my body reacted completely different; my heart actually swooned and I got hard instantly. Then he stopped lifting, gave me a very serious look and pulled his shorts up to show off his legs. Almost instantly a silent “FUCK” came out of my dropped open mouth as I saw the insane vascularity of his legs. It was incredible. They just jumped out from under his skin when he flexed and while that in itself wasn't too out of the ordinary, what was honestly very odd was that I immediately felt hypnotized by him. All thoughts in my mind went blank, every thought gone except for my admiration and desire for him and his road map leg. God, how I wanted to trace every vein with my tongue...Hell, I wanted to feel his blood pumping through them and in wanting him beyond anything else, I licked my lips in a very seductive way, because in me doing so, he let out a chuckle and then pulled his shorts even higher causing his plump cock poke it’s head out from under the hood and then his cock presented a large drop of precum out of the slit that was almost gel like in its viscosity. It just clung there, in place, about as large as a Dots gum drop, right on the tip of his cock and it shined this amazing translucent color. Immediately, I became insatiably thirsty. Then, Rod took his other hand and dabbed the blob of his life juice with his middle finger, brought it up toward me, presenting it as if to say it was feeding time as the trail of the thick clear goo began to ooze down his finger. My eyes got huge and a very loud “wanting” moan and sigh escaped me. My heart was pounding in my chest and my cock was even pounding harder in my pants. Rod, quickly stood up, definitely sporting some of his own major wood, walked over to me, put his lubed finger on my lips, pushing it into my mouth and I sucked on it, grabbing his hand like a starving baby as I took in his nectar. As I nursed, my mouth began to tingle and the muscles all over my body twitched slightly. Rod looked down at me, noticing my reaction and said, “Shower stall 4, NOW!!” then he pulled his finger out of my mouth, lifted me up and kissed me right there on the gym floor. He then broke our embrace and walked over to Rito, the gym owner. I gathered up my composure and I began to head toward the locker-room. As I passed Rod and Rito, I heard him tell the owner that everyone was to get their shit out of their lockers NOW and that in 10 minutes, no one was to be in the gym for the rest of the day, no matter what. He said that the other insignificant boys were not allowed to be in the building when what was about to happen...happen. He told him that we were not to be disturbed under any circumstances or else...and the owner nodded. Then he told Rito that he and only he was to stay at the gym in case something went wrong. As we continued to walk into the locker room, I heard the owner make the announcement that everyone was to get whatever they needed from their lockers and to leave immediately and that no one was to be in the gym after 8:40pm. Then in a flash, I felt Rod behind me and once we were in the locker room I felt Rod's hand on my ass as he pushed me past the other guys cleaning out their stuff and into shower stall 4. Rod closed the curtain and turned me around and kissed me, hard. Then he literally ripped off my clothes and his as well and I stood there, again hypnotized by him. He grabbed my face and as he kissed me, he began to whisper, in between our passionate kisses that "I've been looking for a special man..." "I need an apprentice or student..mmmm", "someone to teach about my life...who I am..." his tongue buried deep in my throat...then he released his lips from mine..."some to be my equal...I need a partner, Steve...I think you're it..." then he bit my lip sending orgasm pain waves straight to my cock. It was taking every once of my will not to cum. I started to talk "I can't believe..." and he shushed me, telling me not to speak until he told me I could. He said that we can't really begin until everyone was out of the gym. I nodded in agreement. So for the next 7 minutes, we kissed and explored our bodies with our hands. I noticed that his body was filling up more and more with his incredible veins. What once was just his leg had now covered his entire lower body including his cock balls and ass and was beginning to rise up his torso and arms. As well, everywhere that his veins were popping out, so too were his muscles. Rod was actually growing; getting taller, wider and thicker second by second. He was now about a whole foot taller then me and he held onto me tight against him as my feet left the ground. I could literally feel him growing against me and his body got thicker, harder, stronger, larger, hotter, with veins that were like hard rubber tubing under his tight skin. Then he stopped and we listened...no noise, no one was around. He looked at me as he held me, now a full 2 feet off the ground, and said, "It's time, Steve!" That's when I felt it. It felt like electricity coursing through me and my skin became tight as Hell all over my body. The electrical feeling wasn't one of shock but of a feeling of immense power and strength filling up my body like that of a continuous muscle pump. My entire body and soul were in a constant state of orgasm and even though I couldn't see, I definitely felt myself cumming uncontrollably all over both of us and the shower. After my explosive orgasm, I began to feel my own veins begin to push out against my skin. It wasn't painful, but more of the feeling you get when get a cut and you can feel your heartbeat in it, but instead of just a small cut, my entire body felt my heartbeat. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, my body pulsated and with each pump I felt stronger and my powerful, until a new feeling came over me and at first I thought I was feeling an echo to the heartbeat feeling, but then I realized it was another heartbeat, but not in sync with mine. It was Rod's. I could actually feel both of our heartbeats and I could tell he felt it too. A rush of another impending orgasm over took both of us and I looked up at Rod and he looked back at me with a look of pure unadulterated love. I felt his cock surge as he came in between us and again, he kissed me. As he kissed me, I felt my own orgasm and I could feel our bodies begin to sync up as our two heartbeats became one. I not only felt us becoming one in our heartbeats, but I began to feel like I was filling up with something else. It felt like I was being invaded, but not in a bad way. It felt like Rod's body taking over mine. I opened my eyes and I could see that his face was starting to melt into mine and I into his. Instead of horror a feeling of warmth over took us and we completely welcomed the merging of us. We were actually becoming one body as our muscles and veins, bones and organs meshed from our own into something else. It wasn't like we double things, like 2 hearts or 4 lungs, but rather each part of us grew with the addition of the other. It was as if we were becoming one super human being. As well, both of our own individual souls, feelings, experiences, power, strengths, in truth, every single part of what made us ourselves, was fusing together to make an even more amazing being. Our thoughts and minds were becoming one as well, we immediately knew what the other was thinking, in fact, we could tell that our minds were increasing in knowledge and ability. Both of us began to levitate off of the ground and I could feel Rod, stopping time as the beads of water coming around us from the shower stopped in mid air, hanging there like in the Matrix movie. Also, I could here Rito all the way out at the desk as our change was affecting him as well. I could feel and hear him cumming in the most amazing orgasm, caused by something that was omitted from Rod and I and took over Rito's body. But it wasn't as if Rod and I were doing it separately, it was as one and it wasn't one taking over the other, rather that we were building up our two beings into a better one. I could feel Rod and Rod could feel me. We finally became one in a kind of sonic boom that knocked out the shower walls and half of the locker room. Then that instance, we knew we were no longer human. We still looked humanoid, but more: Bigger than anyone on the planet, we stood over 11 feet tall and our shoulders and back were about 7 feet wide. We were, for lack of a better word, Colossal!! Or collective bodies advanced to something more than just human. We could still feel each other inside, but there we were together, completely in sync and as we looked down at our body it was like a road map, filled with knowledge, power, strength and vitality above all others. We also instinctively knew that we had to procreate our species, so we thought of having Rito come to us and within seconds he stood before us waiting to be planted with our seed. After we came inside him, filling him with our life force, he became a smaller version of us, more powerful than any human, but a complete subordinate to and of us. We had Rito open the gym the next day and even though the locker room area was destroyed, the insignificant human gym robots flocked to return and to become our subjects.
  2. Being a gay man, I know all about the “Nasty Pig” line of clothing. I even have a few pairs of their jocks and shorts. I like he feel of them and the way that they are cut really accents your...um...features. I'm in pretty good shape, so without sounding conceded I looked damn good in sexy clothes like Nasty Pig and I wore it a lot. Being in shape and fitness conscious really runs in my family, dad was a professional rugby player, mom was a tennis player and my brother played for the Minnesota Vikings for 2 years. I myself was an all state collegiate wrestler and I was in training to try and get into Professional wrestling, but I just wasn't big enough yet. Hence the intense training I was doing. Then there's Grandpa. This man was a behemoth powerlifter. Stronger than anyone I knew and a world champion strongman about 10 years ago. Growing up in a family like this was incredibly hard, always having to keep with each other, but Grandpa was far ahead of everyone. He was my idol and my lust object even to this day. So, when my grandfather, who I’ve yearned after for years, asked to join me and help me get huge for wrestling, I definitely accepted his offer. We had a large gym in the basement of our house and today, everyone was gone except for me and Gramps was to be over shortly, so we could begin. I was, at first, nervous and very thankful to the muscle gods, that he wanted to work out with me. Although knowing my "admiration" of him, I wore an extra supportive jock, from NP of course, to contain my absolutely imperative hard on I was gonna get when we were going to work out together, in the hope that Gramps didn’t know how hot I was for him. No one in my family, knew of my sexual orientation. When he came over to the house, he was in a nice tight wife beater, which gave me a chubby right there, since I could see a lot more of his hairy muscled body, and a pair of very loose fitting sweats. Whew, thank God!! He grabbed me and gave me a big hug that felt like a vise of a God. I did the best I could to keep my hardon away from his body as he hugged me. He finally let go and then he did something really odd...he grabbed my left hand and kissed the palm, licking it as well...then he said, "Yep, this is gonna work out perfectly. FUCK YEAH!!" I stood there looking at him and he just chuckled and grabbed my head under his arm and gave me a noogie, saying, "all in good time, my boy...all in good time!" We got down to the basement and he said, “I’m gonna get more comfortable to workout,” and then he stripped off his wife beater and my cock certainly replied with a involuntary jolt of hardness with the feeling of precum shooting out of my piss hole. Thank God for the NP Jock. After he took off his wife beater, he proceeded to reach into his gym bag that he had with him and he popped open a pill bottle and downed whatever was inside. Then he took a swig of water and yelled, "FUCK YEAH, let's do this!!" Then in a moment of jaw dropping shock, he took off his sweats to reveal a tight pair of “Nasty Pig” workout shorts…AND NO UNDERWEAR!! “Mmmmm, yeah that feels better,” he said as he began to fondle his crotch so that his super thick hot cock was pushing against the fabric showing me every scrumptious inch of him. The light meshed fabric let nothing to the imagination as it clearly outlined a cock as big as a roll of cookie dough, you'd find in the supermarket. Fuck, soft, the man was about 7 inches long and thick as fuck. In fact the short shorts weren't enough to keep him all inside as the head of his cock poked out the right side of his shorts. I stood there in sheer amazement and fear of this colossal man before me, but I did manage to speak asking him, “Aaaah, Grandpa, do you know about the shorts your wearing? I…I mean they are…well…” “Sure do my boy...and I mean boy in many ways...there a gay line of Pig clothing meant for men to let other like minded men, know that they are in the mood for some hot nasty pig sex…Yeah….I know about it. I have a closet full of this hot fucking shit…Now let’s get to working out…I want you to see something that's gonna knock you out. Oh Yeah, Jimmy, I know your gay, my Gaydar went off on you about 2 years ago and it's taking me this long to get up the courage to let you know I am too. So know that all that pussy ass feelings shit is out of the way, lets fucking lift and then when we’re done and all pumped up and horny, you can serve your Muscle God Gramps here and get the hot nasty ass pounding you’ve been yearning for the past couple years. The pills I took are gonna make me grow, so just don't freak out, because when we're done, your gonna get my cum injected in you and then your gonna grow and be that big fucker you've always wanted to be for the WWE. Mmmm, fuck yeah, I can feel it starting to work already." Then I watched in amazement as Grandpa picked up 2 80lb dumbbells and stared to curl them like they were nothing. With each flex up I could see his arms keeping the flex and then increase in size with each flex. He started to grunt really hard as I could tell that it was getting him off. Also, his cock started inching down his right leg like a python. Then he threw the dumbbells down and went over to the chest press, yelling to me to put ALL the weight on it. I did as told and he pressed it like it was nothing...500 fucking pounds of nothing!! His chest did he same as arms did, increasing in size with each rep. His cock, now stood straight up and was at least 11 inches long. Precum was oozing out of it and I licked my lips. He must have seen me do this because he ordered me, "IN FACT, fuck you working out right now, you can do it even more after I fuck you and you get huge, instead get on your fucking knees and service me, BOY!!” and I did exactly as I was told. As Grandpa lifted inhumanly, I sucked his cock like Pro and then he told me to turn around and ride him. For the next 15 minutes I rode his huge cock as he worked out and continued to grow. Soon I heard his grunting getting super loud and I felt him push himself completely to the hilt inside me as I felt the gush of his hot cum filling me up. Shot after shot went up in me and before he even stopped shooting I felt myself cumming, not out of my cock, but rather inside my whole body and then a super pumped feeling came over me and my entire body heated up as I began to sweat like crazy. Then it happened, I began to grow, taller, thicker, bigger, stronger and all while still on my Grandfather's rock hard cock. Both of us yelling and grunting the entire time. After I stopped growing, I stood up, a whole 2 feet taller and about 2 feet wider. I was a fucking muscle God, with thick power running through me. Of course I was huge, but I needed to feel something more, so I walked over to the overhead barbell and put all the weight that would fit on it, around 900 lbs and then I lifted it...up and up...and when I finally pushed it over my head, I came, but not normal, more like a burst of cum flowing in arc out of my cock and covering the floor in front of me. When I finally stopped and looked over at Grandpa, he nodded and said, "Not too old to show you a thing or two, huh?"
  3. Thanks man. I love the comments and it only makes me wanna write some more. Thank you very much.
  4. Thanks Man. I hope to keep em coming and to keep you cumming too.
  5. It was around 8:55pm and the GNC store at the mall was just about to close. I walked in to get a Nitro Booster and as soon as I saw him, I was smitten. He was the sales guy, all of 18, maybe a bit older, but not over 21 and he was HUGE!! I’m a big guy myself, but he was literally massive for such a young kid. I stood there for a moment with my mouth open and he looked at me and said, “Stores closing soon sir…” he paused, noticing my amazement and he smiled and chuckled, continuing, “Umm…Maybe you can stay after I close and...I’ll give you a show? I can see that your really into…or maybe shocked by my body. I love to show it off and I’d be glad to give you show…maybe even a little worship action or more…if your into that? Sound good…sexy?” His frankness was refreshing. No him hawing about it. He just told me what I already knew and wanted. I just looked at him, mouth still agape, and nodded yes. He smiled again and walked over to me and than he gave me a pat on my ass as he told me to go to his office in the back and wait from him. Even though I was older, I did as I was told, which was weird because I was usually the one in charge, but I couldn’t help but to want to please him. I went into the office, my cock as hard as a rock and I looked back out into the store as I saw him take a handful of something and than he went to the front of store and pulled down the gate. Once it was locked, he pulled down the inner “garage” style door, so now we were alone from prying eyes, just me and this young Alpha. That’s when he looked back at me watching him. He got this look of sheer cockiness as he took off his shirt and began rubbing his nipples, tweaking them and then he did a double bicep pose. I think I gulped. He was incredible. Not superhuman, but just so fucking amazing that I felt my knees weaken and all I wanted to do was worship this young God. After he finished a few more poses, albeit it about 30 feet away from me, he walked toward me in manner that told me he meant business. He kicked off his shoes and grabbed a protein shake, tearing it open as he swallowed it down. Once he got up to me, he looked down at me...yes, he fucking looked down at me and I know for a fact that when I first came in, he was just under my height. Now he stood at least 6 inches above me, and I was 6'2". The muscles under his skin seemed to be increasing in size too. It wasn't happening quick, but there was no doubt the he was bigger then 10 minutes ago. “Take off my pants…and make sure you use your mouth as well!!” he ordered to me. I did as I was told and it was a struggle to get the super tight fitting black khakis down over his huge thighs. As I pulled them down, I felt and licked his legs all the way down. I tried to get a quick lick on his crotch, but he pushed my head away and down telling me that I was to only do as he said or else. I got his pants off and then he told me to move back against the wall and he began to pose again. With every pose and flex of his muscles, I could swear that he looked bigger and bigger as he went on. This fucker was actually growing right in front of me. Within only a few minutes he was at least 3 inches taller then before and his underwear was so tight on him, that he grabbed them and shredded them off of him. His hot plump cock and balls busted out and they both looked like that were engorged and pulsating. He was about 9 inches long and his balls were actually turning around in themselves. He told me to take off all my clothes down to my underwear. When I told him, I wasn’t wearing underwear, he bellowed, “Then fucking get naked…Faggot!!” I did as I was told and was happy to do so. As I shucked off my pants and socks, my cock sprung out in front of me with it full 10 thick inches as I stood naked before this beast. Now it was his turn to look shocked. But the surprise only lasted a second, because it was replaced with a carnal lust in his eyes. He grabbed my face, lifting me off the ground and kissed me hard. Our tongues encircled and our hands traveled all over each other. When I felt his fingers begin to play with my asshole, I moaned which only turned him on more. Then he took his right arm and put it on the back of my head and pushed my face into his chest. I felt like I had hit a brick wall with my face. “SUCK THOSE TITS…PIG!!” he commanded. Of course I immediately took one of his thick firm nipples in my mouth and began to suck, lick and nibble on it. He growled loudly in appreciation and lust and then I felt his other hand leave my ass and go around the front of me, under my groin and he lifted me up off the ground, pushing my legs up in the air and gravity took off as my face began to slide down his chiseled body and it came to rest on the top of the base of his cock. “SUCK IT, FUCKER!!” Which I did as he held me at a 45 degree angle. His other hand grabbed my lower leg as he started to raise me up and down face fucking me. After about 10 minutes of this he pulled me off of him turned me around, still in mid air and landed my ass down on his rock hard cock. It took a few times to try to get in, but soon he was deep in my chute and fucking me like a crazed God. Without even touching myself, soon I started to cum all over the merchandise and then he grabbed my hips and forced me completely down on him as he emptied his god juice inside of me. I had never felt someone cum so hard and for so long. After we both calmed down and he kissed me tenderly and told me that he had found, what he called, “magic pills” that increased his size, strength and musculature. He said that he wanted to share them with me and that best way to share them is to “Impregnate” a person with his cum after he takes a dose. Then he kissed me again and suddenly I felt very warm…all over!!
  6. NYBear

    Uncle J

    Uncle Jarrod just sat there in the kitchen, naked, with his hand over his junk as he told me that since he and I were gonna be all alone together for the entire day, that we should just stay naked all day. My cock jumped at the thought and the sight of him. You see, I had a crush on Uncle J since I was a snotty little kid. Of course, as a kid I thought he was a Superhero, as he was this beastly bear of a man, full of thick muscle and strength of 3 men. He was so fucking strong that when I was 12 I actually saw him lift up the front of Dad's pickup truck, with one hand. Oddly, enough, this was the first time looking at him that I got a funny feeling in my groin and my cock got hard. It also didn't help that I noticed his own crotch got bigger and longer, inching down his hip and left leg as he lifted the Ford Ranger. It was the most impressive thing I had ever seen at that age. Then I looked over and what was even weirder and sexier was that I noticed dad was getting larger in his crotch watching Uncle Jarrod. He grabbed his crotch and tugged on it. Uncle J, noticed this and began to press the truck up and down and then I saw a wet spot in front of Dad's pants, like he had pissed himself. When Uncle J, put the truck back down he and dad told me to go eat dinner and that they would be in shortly as they had some work to do in the back shed. As I walked back in the house, I turned around to see Uncle J, actually carrying dad in his arms and his one hand was wiggling around under dads butt as dad was starting to moan. I stood there for a moment and after they went into the shed, I heard a boom and I heard dad yell out, but it sounded like it was a happy yell, not a bad one. I went inside and sat at the dinner table and mom asked where dad and J were and I said, the shed. She nodded and said that they would be in shortly. After about 15 minutes, they both walked in, and they sat down. The look on dad's face was strange, but he was smiling and Uncle J actually looked a bit bigger than he was before. My cock got hard again and stayed hard until after dinner. As I got older and found sexuality, Uncle J was my first jerk off fantasy and still is to this day. I've had sex with other men and most all of them are as close as I could get to Uncle J, but none of them ever measured up to my admiration of him. Today as he said that we should spend the day naked together, my cock got as hard as it did that day with the truck. Seeing him naked in front of me, of course my cock was getting harder and harder in my shorts and since I am part of a family of "gifted" in size men, there was no denying my excitement. I was so horny for him, but yet so embarrassed. He noticed this…and my hardon…and he took away his hand and to my shock and happy amazement, I saw that he was getting hard too. He said to me, “It’s cool Reggie, take off your briefs so I can see you, too. I’m really excited about seeing you as a man and well..as you can see!!” His cock was now rising up and up and getting thicker than a beer can. It was almost up to his belly button and precum was starting to ooze out of his piss slit. He was at least over 11 inches long and his cock was literally pulsating the larger it got. I took off my underwear and my rock hard, 19 year old cock, smacked against my hard abs. Uncle J, began to stroke his cock and even more precum lubed him up and his entire cock glistened with his love juice. I couldn’t help myself and I asked if I could service him. He nodded and I knelt in front of him and spread his thick muscular legs as I took him in my mouth. He put his thick hand behind my head guiding me down all the way on him until my nose rested on his pelvis. I had become and expert cock sucker and I knew it was all for Uncle J's benefit. Still he was so large and it wasn't easy, but I had taken all of him inside me and down my throat. Both of us moaned and I rose back off of him and then I pushed my mouth back down all the way. He yelled out in joy and for the next 15 minutes, I gave my uncle the best blowjob I could give this incredibly large super strong man. At one point he showed me his strength by putting his hands on my waist and he stood up lifting me off the ground as he used me like a human Fleshlight guiding my body back and forth as my mouth worshiped his cock. I must’ve been good at it as his human sex toy as I welcomed his thick creamy cum down my throat as he held me on him so I got ever last drop of him. I hadn’t even realized it, as I was so into pleasing Uncle J, that I had shot all over the kitchen floor and his feet, as he had exploding into me. Then Uncle J, lifted me up and kissed me hard. I sat on his lap and straddled him as we continued to kiss and I felt that he was still rock hard. Soon I felt him playing with my ass with his hand as he inserted one finger, then two, then I felt him push his thick cock against my hole. Slowly, he pushed and pushed and with a pop he entered me and I screamed in pleasure and pain as I felt more full and whole than I ever had my entire life so far. Almost immediately, I was overtaken by such a feeling of pure orgasmic bliss that I pushed myself all the way down on him and up again. I began to ride Uncle J like a pro whore and soon he was filling up my ass with more strong bursts of his cum. Again, I came as he came, but this time he had been jerking my cock as I rode him. I shot all over his thick hairy chest and lower face. Uncle J, took his finger and wiped up my cum off his chin and licked his finger. For the next 9 hours we fucked and sucked until there was hardly a spurt out of either of us, but the preverbal seed had been planted and Uncle J and I become lovers for the next 2 years until I moved away for college. Uncle J, still comes to visit me and we picked up right where we left off. I will love this man forever.
  7. When I saw the new guy on the swim team in the locker room, I couldn’t help but notice that the fabric of his trunks were soo pushed to the limits, I just had to see what was under there. There was no denying my amazement of him and he smiled when I asked him if that was really all him in there. Then he asked if I wanted to see his cock. He told me, that he had noticed me when he first joined the team and that he was able to show his true self to only those he wanted too. To everyone else, his crotch was just a normal crotch in a tight speedo, but to me, the one he wanted, he showed me his true form. I kind of didn't believe him, but it was true that no one else was fawning over his enormous budge. My mouth and my hole were watering. He told me to join him in the showers after the swim meet and after everyone else had gone and that he would change my life. I was so energized by the thought of him, that I did my best time ever in my relay. Our team won the match and then after waiting for about 1 hour and 45 minutes for everyone else to clear out of the locker room, I realized I was alone there. I looked around for him, but did not see him. I was crushed, but then I went into the shower. There he was, with his trunks still on, looking like they were going to explode off of him. He told me to come to him and I did. No thought to it, I just did as he asked. I realized that I no longer had my own will, but it was only his will that I wanted to obey. He looked at me and kissed my on the lips, ever so lightly. Instinctively, I knelt before him and began to lick his cock and ball through the fabric. He moaned and told me to undo his tie and then pull his cock out. When I pulled it out, it was the biggest, thickest, longest cock I had ever seen…and it was still growing. He was at least 14 inches long and thicker than a Pringles can. Thank God, it was smaller at the head and just got wider and wider closer to the base. His ball sack was about as big as a large grapefruit with 2 huge testicles each about the size of an extra large egg. I immediately began sucking him and put as much of him in my mouth as I could. I could feel my own trunks, since they had dried over the long waiting period, were soaked in my precum. Amazingly, the more I sucked him, the more I was able to fit him in my mouth. Within a few minutes, I was almost shot off of his cock as he exploded in my mouth with the force of a facet turned fully on. Cum oozed out of the sides of my mouth as I tried to swallow all that I could, but it was just too much to be able to get it all down. As his cum rested in my gut, I could feel the warmth of him spread through me. My entire body felt more energized than ever and I felt my own cock getting harder and harder than I had ever been. In fact, it got so hard, it pushed my speedos out and away from my body. That's when he tore them off of me, causing my cock to smash onto my stomach and then the floor, but instead of hurting it only made me hornier. Still I did not yet cum. When he stopped cumming, he pulled out of my mouth, still hard as a rock and he told me to bend over. I couldn’t believe it, but he wanted to stick that club into me and even more so, I wanted him too, more than anything. It took a good 15 minutes of slow pushing, but when he was finally inside me, the pressure of him against my prostate made me go crazy and I was begging him to fuck me as hard as he could. I could tell that that was all he needed and so he began to ram into me like a sledgehammer. The strength and stamina of him were incredible and after about 5 minutes of continued assault on my prostate, I couldn’t help it as I began to cum uncontrollably all over the shower floor. Honestly, it was the most I had ever cum in my life. Literal pools of my cum were on the shower floor. He pushed my head down and told me to lick it up, which I did with earnest as I lapped up my own cum and swallowed it down. That's when I heard him say he was about to cum. When he began to shoot off, he held my hips tight on him or I know that he would have shot me off of his cock. I felt him shooting a super stream of cum deep into my gut as my stomach began to fill up more with this God Cum. That's when it happened again, but this time as the warmth again travelled through me I felt myself growing with the warmth. My arms hardened and my chest expanded with muscle. I was getting as large as a semi pro bodybuilder before I stopped growing. As I grew I had also pounded my fists into the floor smashing it, creating two large holes. As he exited my ass, he told me to stand up. I did and I towered over him, by at least 2 feet. The feeling of such immense power coursed through me and my love for him was even stronger. I grabbed his hard, bigger than average swimmers body and I hugged him. I felt me cock under his ass and it felt so good, but I didn't want him fuck him, instead, I knew he was still my master and when I looked down, barely seeing over my pecs, I could see that I was still only above average in the cock department. I was proportioned to my new size with a 10 inch thick cock, but I was still no match for him. When all was said and done, he admitted that I had been only one of 3 guys, ever to be able to take him and that he hoped we could do it more and more. I told him that I had never heard anything more wonderful than him asking me for more. He said, I was his new boy and that I was to serve him. I agreed completely. We both showered, but as hormones would have it, we stayed there and he fucked me once more. We are now an item and everyone knows we are a couple. He fucks me daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I’ve never been happier in my life.
  8. LOVED your story. Really got me going and wanting to rub that all over my chest. My nipples are completely wired, bigtime!! So much so, that I can have multiple orgasms when they are played with.
  9. That was one of the hottest father / son stories I've ever read. You had me cumming twice!!
  10. This was one of the hottest stories I've read on here. You literally had me tearing off my clothes to get at my cock. It was like I needed to cum with both of them at the same time. Holy Fuck, what a ride you put me on?! Loved every word and hot image you gave. Can't wait for the next chapter!!
  11. Chapter 2 should be coming out by the end of the week. Here's the few paragraphs to get your mind going and your juices flowing: As my mouth touched the head of his cock, while the heat of him traveled slowly towards my open willing mouth, the anticipation of changing even more and becoming like Jake was getting increasingly overwhelming, but so excitingly welcome. I grabbed onto his ass as tight as I could, my fingers barely making a dent in his granite cheeks. I could feel his whole body tightening up, muscles expanding, then contracting as his body began to pulse with his heartbeat and a slow low roar began to omit from deep inside him, sending an electrical charge deep into me. This began my own body to start involuntarily expanding and contracting along with his and each time as my muscles did their cycle my whole body felt like it was having an orgasm. Drool poured out of my mouth, in anticipation and instinct, soaking my already sweat soaked torso. The moan inside him began to turn into a low roar that came from out of his mouth, shaking everything around us. It sounded like the loudest of fog horns and felt like an earthquake. Pictures fell from the walls, furniture moved across the floor and you could hear glass and items breaking as stuff crashed to the ground, because of his seismic screams. I too, overcome by what I was experiencing, left my oral seal against him as I began to yell out from the shear bliss that I was coursing throughout my entire existence. My legs contracted even more around Jake's torso as I yelled at the top of my lungs, but my voice didn't hurt, it was just a naturally blissful feeling as both of us screamed like Bulls in heat. This lasted for about minute, as the world shook around us. Instinctively, I stopped my vocalization as I sensed it was time for me to get as much of his cock into my mouth as possible. My mouth stretched and stretch just enough for my lips to I was just beginning to taste the first pre-flow before his eruption, as his cum began to gush into my mouth. I held tight as the first of several waves of hot cum shot down my throat with the velocity of a fire hose. I felt as though my stomach was expanding at an alarming rate, but I wasn't scared, instead I felt full and satisfied. After about 3 minutes of him emptying his God essence into me, the flow abruptly ended. It was at that moment that I noticed a numbness in my body, mainly around my lower body. As fast as the numbness came, I felt Jake's large hands grab my arms and even though was holding him still in a strong vise, he easily tore me off of him rising me in the air and sitting me atop of his cock head that was not pointed straight up. Still holding onto me, he slowly descended me upon him. Inches down and inches up into me. The feeling was more than I could imagine. I know I had said I felt numbness, but that was wrong. I could feel, but pain wasn't there at all. Instead, with every moment of penetration of him into me, the feeling was intense but orgasmicly intense. As inches of him disappeared into my body, I began to rise in voice to again meet Jake's thunderous noise. Both of us were blaring from our mouths, but not shouts of pain, but of bliss. Then my eyes, for no reason, opened wide and I looked up at Jake's eyes. I could tell that he looked like he was going into some sort of trance as I looked deeply at them, just in time to see the whites of his eyes as his pupil rolled back. The shear clear whiteness of them shined as I couldn't look away feeling myself slipping deeper and deeper into his trance. I could still feel my body and Jake pulling my up and then down on his cock, as he began to cum inside me again, but all that started to become the background of my existence. Peace and warmth over took me. All I could see was the whiteness of his eyes expanding and filling up my own sight and thoughts. Soon, whiteness was all I could see and that's when I felt the power, but not a physical power...a mental power. My mind was expanding, much like our muscles had, but instead of my actual brain expanding, it was knowledge, insight and wisdom. Suddenly, closed doors of my human mind swung open giving me complete use of my brain and it's awesome power. I knew why we existed. I knew the who, what, where and why of life. I knew how to make things happen. I knew how to fly. I knew I could see, hear, and smell things no human could. I knew how to control my body and to change my appearance. I knew what he was thinking and I knew he knew what I was thinking. I was now Omnipresent. I was now a God. That's when the front door flew open and several military men busted through.... Hope your looking forward to, what I think is my most exciting story yet. See ya soon...
  12. Thanks a lot!! I really appreciate it. I am already almost finished with part 2 and have ideas for 3 more chapters for a total of 5 chapters. I hope you continue to like the story and let me know what you think? I am also on tumblr as M.assive M.uscle M.en. The url is http://massivemusclebears.tumblr.com/
  13. As I slowly opened my eyes I also began to wake up. Yes, there's a double entendre there...well let me explain. He was sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at me. To say this beast of a man was huge was belittling any word that would be akin to describing his immense presence. Colossal is another word that is an injustice to him. He was the size of a God. Yep, like the ones in mythology, or the latest superhero movie. He was literally bigger than any man I had ever seen anywhere, let alone have known...and I'm all about huge muscular men. He was the size of the largest of grizzly bears and almost as furry as one. Even though he was, sort of, hunched over and sitting, I would fathom that he was at least 7...no...maybe closer to 8 feet tall. He upper body, which is what I could instantly see because his sleeveless flannel shirt was completely open , exposed a series of enormous hills and valleys of muscle that were swollen, comic book style, that seemingly took over half of the room. The weight of his chest made his nipples point toward the floor...and his nipples, Jesus; they were literally the size of a baby bottle nipple, but dark and covered with hair. My mouth began to water as I studied and began to imagine sucking on them. As I said, his plaid shirt was open, but I imagine it was for comfort more than showing off his body to me, since I would imagine that most clothes would barely fit this God. Even his pants were "mostly" loose, but I'll get into that in a moment. His arms and torso were covered in tats under his thick coat of fur and they lifted and shifted like images making love every time he moved or even breathed. I looked at his face, only for brief moments in between my raping stares of his body, to see one of the thickest, darkest beards where my tongue would get lost in its forest of density after sucking and kissing his plump thick lips and large mouth. His eyes were dark and intense as they seemingly bore a hole through me, deep into my soul. I could see that his forehead and the rest of his exposed skin had beads of moisture over him as he seemed to gleam with perspiration. As I watched one of the beads begin to trail down his neck, then to his chest and down the pec valley toward his navel, another sense...the sense of smell reminded me of the pure sexual nature of this beast. The musky smell of him was incredibly overpowering, but not offensive. He smelled like a man in every way, but not a dirty unclean man...more like a man who had just finished a huge workout and his testosterone was in overdrive. But this was not a normal man; I had to remind myself that I was not in the presence of someone normal. He was more, so much more. In fact, to retrace my thoughts a bit, as I woke up I had taken a large inhale of him even before my eyes were open and his pheromones hit me like wall which caused me to moan in an orgasmic bliss that took over my body and caused my cock to lightly shoot precum onto my belly. As of now having the realization that I was naked, spread eagle with my legs and arms tied to the bed posts. My cock was already rock hard and pulsating from the normal amount of inhaling his scent while I was unconscious. I also realized that I must have been precuming a lot since I could feel the wetness of small puddles that my pubic hair was soaking in. The fact that I loved bondage was only heightening my thrill and euphoria. My hole puckered on and off as well, begging to be violated, which like my cock was entirely uncontrollable. There was no denying that I was already under his spell with only two of my five senses being taken over. I longed to hear him speak, taste his body and feel him inside me. As I looked down further on him, he had on a green belt that was holding up blue nylon workout pants. While they were very loose around his mid-section his thighs and calves pushed the nylon fabric to a taunt unwrinkled smoothness, even showing the definition of them through the fabric. I exhaled out a hmmpf as I realized that his nylon pants looked more like spandex on him. My asshole puckered again. As I looked closer at the fabric, I noticed that the threads were beginning to tear, but not so much in a burst out of the clothes sort of way, more like they had been stretched to their limits so much that the nylon was beginning to unravel and rip. I'm sure if he would have wanted to, he could have just flexed and exploded out of them, but as with his shirt, i believe he wore these, not to impress, but to actually live in. By the looks of it, the shirt and pants might have been what he wore most all the time. As I said, I just can't imagine where a God like this would find normal clothes to wear. He was much larger than a 5XL or even an 8XL...Hell; I bet his actual size was more of a 15XL. But ALL of that wasn’t even the most amazingly and scary thing about him. Coming down his left leg, from his crotch, like a fully fed python, was a tubular mound that was at least as round as a 2 liter bottle and close to 2 feet long, possibly 20 inches. There was no mistaking that it was his cock, as it’s thick bulbous head could be seen through the fabric, but an even more amazing thing was that the nylon pants at the end had a wet spot that continued to become moistened by a flow coming from his cock head. The threads here were the most worn and I could literally see skin beneath. Following up the Drain pipe I marveled in the size of his balls that filled his crotch area, like a small animal in a bag that moved and pushed its way to get out. I imagined that the production of sperm was enough to fill a gallon jug every time he came. I took another large breath in as I gasped at the size of his cock and the thought of the amount of sperm and it hit me, like a train. My asshole clinched hard, my stomach tightened up and I screamed out in ecstasy as I convulsed in the strongest and longest orgasm of my life. A large glob of cum hit his left pec, dripping down onto his nipple and then down onto his massive thigh. The 2nd shot arched up and over my head, while the 3rd, 4th and 5th shot covered my face, “covered” being the optimal word. The last remaining ropes landed on my legs and torso. As I came, I knew that I had never had such an intense and copious amount of cum in my life and I continued to cum a strong flowing river, as my orgasm took almost a full minute before it was over. After I calmed down, even though my cock was still as rigid as a board, he began to speak and the sound of his low booming, but non-threatening voice satisfied my third sense, and possibly forth sense, as I could feel the vibrations of the words resonate inside my body. Every consonant, hit me like an inward motion of a fuck thrust penetrating me and filling me with warmth and I realized this was yet another way that he could literally make me cum if he were to speak louder. After the last orgasm, I was in need of a rest. He told me his name was Jake and, thankfully, he softly continued as he told me that he had found me floating in the river behind his house. It seemed I had crashed my car into the ravine and had been thrown from it. I tried to remember what had happened, but with 3 or 4 senses being controlled, my mind was not in much use to remember anything other then what was in front of me. Jake said he pulled me out of the river and had stripped me of my clothing so he could look at me to see if I had anything broken. When he realized that, physically I was okay; he picked me up and took me inside his house. Since he had already taken off my wet clothes, he noticed that my cock began to harden and he knew what was about to happen, so he put me in his bed. As soon as I was in bed he said that I began to flay about with my arms and legs as I began my "state of bliss" as he called it, so he tied me down, so I wouldn’t injure myself. That’s when my cock began to shoot precum and he couldn’t help but stare at me. He said he was sorry that he was getting excited watching me and that his body pours a very heavy amount of pheromones into the air, when he gets horny, which he slightly moaned and said was almost constantly. That moan, caused electrical currents racing through me and my cock began to fountain again. This time, luckily, it wasn't as huge of an orgasm as before, but nonetheless, it was the second most powerful one I had ever experienced. When I finally calmed down, he turned to look away from me and then, he looked down, as if he were almost sad and said that he knows he is an outcast and that no one would ever be able to love him. Jake said that they only use him and he hates them for it. I asked him if he could tell me more about it. He told me that he has lived alone for the past several years and that his only outlet is when they come to take him to the base to use him. I asked him why and he hesitated, but then began to tell me that about 5 years ago, he used to work at the biochemical plant over the mountain ridge and there was an accident one day. He told me he was one of their chemists and they were working on a new formula using the sun and some airborne chemicals from space and animal, most Bull, Bison and Bear hormones, to help grow plants to provide added nutrients for the world hunger population. They were crossing it with a new type of laser that breaks down the space and "3B" particles when there was a leak in the containment unit holding the particles, sunlight and hormones. He was asked to suit up and go in and fix the leak before the continued. He said that when he went into the containment unit there was an explosion and he was exposed to the combined elements, which must have changed his chemical makeup and caused him to grow to be like he was now. From the moment he awoke after the explosion, he could feel his body changing, but he wasn't sure what was going on as he was still very foggy and his vision was clouded. He got up and walked over to the exit of the containment unit but that his colleges wouldn't open the door to let him out. He said the look on their faces were of awe and fear. That's when he realized he was naked and huge. He said that almost instantly, his sight improved and he could feel the power inside him rise. Jake said that every sense, emotion and physical trait that a person could have, accelerated and gained 100 fold inside him. He became smarter as his mind and thoughts expanded. The first sense that he realized was at a pinnacle was his vision. It was so good, that he could see through things as he realized he was able to see his follow colleges though the steel wall separating them and he could see them looking at the monitor as they watched him. Jake knew his brain was at about 85% enlightenment, unlike that of only 10% of what a normal human would use, as he actually felt what his three friends were feeling. Alex was in shock, but also in bewilderment. He was envious of Jake and his new body, but he was also fearful. Johnathan was frightened as well, but he was sad and upset about what was happening to Jake. He was immediately thinking of ways to reverse what had happened. Then there was Stu, who was Jake's best friend. Stu was feeling awe and fear as the other two were, but Stu also had a huge desire for Jake. He could feel Stu getting aroused and he literally felt his own cock harden as Stu's did. Even though Stu had a wife and 2 kids, he couldn't help his attraction as he reached full erection and came in his lab pants. Jake looked up at the camera and smiled. He knew that he had caused this and he wanted the other two to feel the same. That's when he felt the power of inhuman strength course through him and knowing that he was strong, probably stronger than anyone on Earth, that he grabbed the door, pulled it off like a piece of scotch tape and flung it aside. He walked out into the same room as his colleges and noticed that even though Alex and Jonathan had begun to run away, they had to cross in front of Jake and his scent hit them. Immediately the two men fell onto the ground, writhing in orgasmic bliss as they both exploded their seed. Jake as well as his colleges had never been homosexual before, but at least for his colleges, there was no escaping Jake's pheromones and sexual dominance over them. Jake himself, hadn't turned gay, but was now Omnisexual or better yet for a lack of word, Alphasexual as there would be no one in the world that if he was attracted to, was completely under his spell and willing to be his sexually. He literally could make someone cum on command either using his mind, body, or scent. After Alex and Jonathan came, both men passed out. Because Stu was so infatuated with Jake, he walked up to the new Alpha and asked how he could please him. Jake decided to use Stu as his first lover. Over the course of the next 3 hours, Jake gave Stu numerous orgasms and was in complete control over the man. That's when he decided to change Stu as well. He now, instinctively, knew that his cum would change Stu to become more like himself, but he knew that if he were to fuck the man, that he would kill him. That's when he began, 'the process" as he called it. He would regulate the amount of cum that Stu would ingest orally causing Stu's own chemical make up to change and grow, making it possible for Jake to enter Stu and fill him with a full load to change Stu completely. After Stu's last oral intake, he was ready to receive Jake's cock. Just as they were about to begin, Jake felt a small pain in the back close to his kidneys. Then as the room began to go dark, he saw a group of military men with Hannibal rifles, which are enough to stop a rhino and he knew that they had used them on him, to tranquilize him. As his powers were still novice, the tranqs seem to do their job. When Jake awoke, he was undergoing a series of tests and over the course of several months; he was the military's guinea pig. They probed him and took samples of his blood and cum. Most of the time, they used machines to get the samples, as Jake's body and existence caused any human in the room to become his plaything. Sure he couldn't fuck them, but it was fun for Jake, when a new soldier had to go in the same room as him and they'd lose all their ability to resist him. He would make them cum over and over, until someone could pull them out of the room. When they had realized that he would cooperate, they released him from his "prison' and began testing "the process". Within a week, the military had been using his cum to grow men at their compound. In less than a month the had an army of over 1000 of Jake's "minions". The one thing that they couldn't do was control them. That was completely up to Jake. He is still larger and he was their master. When he would stay at the compound for a week at a time, he would constantly be "upgrading" his men...upgrading was the word the military used for fucking them and filling them with his growth cum. This also benefited Jake, to which his sexual appetite was always in overdrive and if it wasn't satisfied almost every day, Jake would become easily agitated and his anger would cause issues...broken equipment, broken jeeps, broken building but most importantly, broken humans. You see, when Jake wasn't physically and sexually satisfied, he was an unstoppable fucking machine, fucking and killing those that have not gone through "the process". That's when Jake realized he wanted or needed a partner, a lover, someone to care about. He hadn't seen Stu since the fateful day he changed and as far as he knew, Stu had left the area. Jake wanted someone that actually was in love with him and that he could return that love. That is why he was sitting on the edge of the bed, when I awoke, looking at me like I was his. I would be the one that would be with him and love him and he loves me. It was just that way. Plainly, he just knows things and he knows that when he saw me, that I was going to be his partner. It's just as simple as that...or so he thought. I looked up at him and I was angry. Angry to what had happened to him, but angrier that suddenly, I felt as though I was his project. I was the one that was going to make HIS life better. What about my life? Did he even care about what I wanted? Were my desires and wants in life going to even matter? Sure, I was completely smitten over him, but Hell, I had a mind too. I wasn't just going to be his love slave, his concubine. I wasn't just going to be his Cum Reliever!! FUCK THAT!! And then I began to do my best to get out of the restraints that he had me bound with. At first nothing happened and Jake just looked at me and smiled. I figured he knew that he had me, but it only made me angrier. I began to tug and pull on them and began to hear wood beginning to splinter. I surprised myself when I was able to tear off one of the bed posts with my left leg. Then the right one broke. A new feeling began to take me over; A feeling of strength. I felt a power in me rise and I felt my body expanding. Snap, the left arm tight broke off. I could feel my muscles growing and I looked at myself as my body began to transform. My cock was expanding as well, in length and girth. What once was a proud 8 incher was now already 11 inches long and about 8 inches thick. I felt my testosterone level go through the roof and SNAP, the right arm broke free. This one snapped like I had just broken a spider web, there was no effort involved. Then, Jake put his hand on my chest and held me there as I grew. At this point, even with all the strength that I was gaining and the growing size I was having, I couldn't move out from under him. Then he leaned down to me and kissed me. Electricity ran through my entire body, charging me up even more, causing me to grow even more and faster. Immediately I began to uncontrollably cum again as I had never felt so close and in sync with someone in my life. It was his bare skin against my skin and that's when I knew, I loved him. He took his hand off of me and as soon as I was free, I climbed onto him, feeling his immense cock below my ass and we embraced. My newly rock hard ass was quickly drenched in his precum as he began to shoot it out and I moaned again as I reached a third climax, covering our torsos between us. I told him, that I wished that he could fuck me, and he smiled. He said that he would, but first he asked if I would put my mouth over his cock to take in his cum. He said that he had given me my first amount when I was unconscious and he needed to complete the process so we would be able to make love after I did that. I climbed off of him so that he could take off his pants and his shirt as well. As he did, I kissed and licked his massive muscular arms and I sucked on his nipples, continuing to take in his musky scent causing me to almost lose consciousness this time as I shot another load. At this point, my growth had ebbed, but not my desire, which only increased. I began to cum without stopping. It wasn't spurt after spurt, but more of a consistent oozing pouring out of my cock hole. Still, internally, I was completely in a constant state of orgasm. Jake sensed this and he picked me up off of him so he could get his pants off and he laid me on my back, with my face under his crotch. Before removing his pants, he chuckled and said “poor defensiveness boy, as soon as you take my 2nd load of cum, you’ll be able hold your orgasms until you want to release them.” He added, “I’m going to change you and make you grow, not with just the muscle and size that you have already, but your mind will expand and your body will be do things no other human on Earth will do...not even the men at the base. I have held this back for the one who will be my partner. I know you think you will be my slave, but I do not want that. I want you as my equal. I want us to be the only God's on Earth. Even though you are now much stronger and bigger and you could take me inside you, I want you to have the complete enlightenment that I have. Yes, like the men at the base, you will become mine...a part of me will be you and all of you will be me. But, you will be different than them...you will be more...more of everything. More like me...more than just a human....more than a human...you will be a god and anyone who comes in contact with you will desire you. But you will be my mate...your life as you know it is no longer. We are omnipotent. I will control you and in turn you can control me...all of you!!! Do you wish this?” I nodded yes as I asked him, how this is even possible. That it felt like a dream or some wild fantasy of mine coming true and he laughed as he pulled down his pants showing me his massive cock as it sprung out showering me with his juice and the second it hit me, I again, orgasmed uncontrollably. By this time, I was just about dried out and only small darts of cum escaped my cock. Still the feeling was just as incredible. A steady flow of clear liquid came from the huge mushroom head, dripping down onto my lips. Then he asked if I was still dreaming. I told him....no...I pleaded for him to let me complete the change. He told me to open my mouth as wide as I could and I did. I tilted my head back and up and put my mouth over the slit in his cock head as he lowered it into my mouth. The slit was so large that my lips barely covered it with my open mouth. Then he told me to brace myself, by hold onto his ass or legs and to not let go. I did and soon I could feel heat rising up his cock shaft... ...Chapter 2 begins below
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    You're correct. Have no idea why it was doing it. If you can correct it, by all means, thank you!!
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    Thank you very much. I'm really excited to continue this as I begin my journey to Become!
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