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    5'10 190lbs 17%bf
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    5'10 210 5%bf
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    Growth with effort, flexing, showing off in fitted clothing and gym gear.

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  1. Tine to train legs! Not my favorite  honestly,  but a must to achieve my bodybuilding goals! Ready to push it hard to grow these wheels!

  2. Can't sleep..protein shake it is! I figure i hit the iron hard today...another shake won't hurt, right? Maybe throw in some creatine for good measure! Haha

  3. Looking jacked in the new profile pic!

  4. It's 5am. Never been more motivated to crush my workout and achieve my goals! Got to put in the work to get big. Time to grow!

    1. NeverEnough


      Biceps, abs and some cardio! Thx bro!

  5. Just another lovely day to bust my ass in the gym and grow! Loving the process even if it takes longer than I'd like. Time to get that pump now!

  6. Chest day. Going to be a damn good day. Some early morning cardio completed, preworkout drunk Nd now time to focus on one thing for the next hour. Pushing my pecs to failure with each rep, forcing nutrient rich blood into them as i push to failure and then keep going. I wore this stringer for a reason and it is for those to glimpse the pumped up beast inside who is focused on becoming the bodybuilder of his dreams!

  7. Gym time! Ready to push to failure and get a sleeve busting pump in my bis and tris! Hot some 21s, heavt bb curls, skullcrushers amomg others lined up to really push it this morning!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. polomuscle


      Going all the way bro no turning back

    3. LeoMassBuilder


      Push it! Awesome motivation.

    4. weebairn


      Grow, brother, grow!

  8. Crushed legs today. Tomorrow morning it is biceps and triceps! Got to show up pumped to work wearing a fitted polo shirt!

    1. rggenie


      Thanks for the follow!  Arms for me today, too + shoulders. Let’s crush it! 

    2. NeverEnough


      Heck yeah bro! Its gym time!

  9. time to smash some iron and hit back and biceps! pumped to train!

    1. cg12345


       Hell ya stud, get fuckin MASSIVE!

  10. I don't but please share if you do!
  11. Had a killer workout on monday!



  12. Not even hitting back, but it is looking pumped anyway!


    1. cg12345


      Gonna tear out of that top!

    2. NeverEnough


      Soon my friend!  At least that is the plan as i keep growing!

  13. Pumped af after my workout! 


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