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  1. Biceps at 14.5inches. Small progress is any progress!

    1. viennabeef


      Nice work, bro. One day you're going to look in the mirror and see that all those "small" bits of progress have transformed you into a BIG muscle dude!

  2. When back to the gym for the first time in a few weeks due to uni and other shit going on. Leg day has killed me. 

  3. Leg day done, still to yet approach the squat rack since it's always busy >.> Do you even have to use the fully size barbells or can you use little ones for squats?

    1. Mdlftr


      Any resistance is good. Try lunges as a change up.

    2. musclenerd


      You don't have to but its pretty much the norm 20kg barbell so would stick with it get use to what you will be useing down the line when your a bigger guy

  4. So I finally joined a gym a few weeks ago, and bought some protein powder, I just need to work myself into the freeweights section; having somebody to show me would be wonderful but I don't know anybody D:

    1. musclepuppi


      Good for you! Don't rely on someone to teach you the ropes. Teaching beginners is both time consuming, awkward and difficult. Do some research and emulate what you see :)

    2. Mdlftr


      Ask the staff at the gym to show you some of the equipment -- that's their job!

  5. Not anything specific but I'm looking for any stories where there's a considerable plausible size difference between the two characters. Romance, sex, growth etc. Thanks!
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