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  1. Hiring a Personal Ptrainer

    I've worked with two in the last 3 years. It's definitely a worthwhile investment. A good PT will nicely point out how you can improve your form, show you some tricks, help plan your diet and most importantly push you to get those extra two reps when you'd normally quit. That's when the growing happens. It's an investment, like buying a good suit, but of you can't invest in your own body and health, then...
  2. Some of you may have read, I've recently come out of the bodybuilding closet to my husband. We've both been going to the gym for more than 8 years now, but we both have different ambitions: he lifts to stay slim, and I've usually lifted heavy, meaning we usually end up working out separately. A few months ago, after he was talking about the bodybuilding contest being looped on the TVs at the gym, I confessed that I'd quite like to look like that. Instead of saying something like 'those guys are too big', he was super supportive, and basically wants me to look however I want to look. He was full of suggestions as to how we might achieve this, especially hiring a bodybuilding PT. Maybe it sounds strange to some, but it really turns me on that he's open to me growing. I even just love hearing the word 'bodybuilder' come from his lips. We've both become more open to flexing for one another. I cannot wait until I'm bigger and have more muscle for him. I think he's really getting more into muscle worship, and I've got all sorts of fantasies about what he can do for me while I'm flexing. How have others partners reacted to them coming out of the muscle closet? What does your partner think of bodybuilders in general? I'd love to get to the point where we could watch bodybuilding clips online together.
  3. United Kingdom General Election 2017

    I'm personally hoping a lot of Remainers will jump on the Lib Dem bandwagon. Labour is, unfortunately, a lost cause thanks to Corbyn's spineless leadership. May keeps trying to pretend that the country is unified. Personally, I blame Cameron for proposing such a binary question to address such a hugely complex system.
  4. London GB Bodybuilding Show

    I'd love to go to the NABBA Show on 29th February in Hayes, which is almost London! Be even better to go with a couple of guys into muscle who know what they're on about. Would anyone like to join? http://www.nabba.co.uk/competitions/
  5. Any vegetarians here?

    Hello, yes, this is me. Indeed, it can get to the point of 'death by pulses and beans'. That said, meat eating bodybuilders seem to always be on the chicken - maybe it's just something bodybuilders need to put up with, a lack of variety. I'll be interested to check out the link above, however.
  6. veganism and bodybuilding

    I can't say I agree with the way the article tries to make a conclusion regarding the worth of veganism by trying the amount of time required to grow almonds, rice etc. There are far too many studies which show that, were the world to simply turn vegetarian overnight, hunger across the planet would disappear. The amount of space required to graze cattle, and the amount of water required by them personally, as well as to grow feed, is an environmental nightmare most people would rather ignore. I'm not a vegan - I'm a vegetarian. It would seem that the only reason that people like me get a bad rap from meat eaters is simply because meat eaters don't have the discipline.
  7. Hey mate - where are you located?

  8. You should be able to access the Unfiltered section now

  9. Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    I'm now really intrigued at how big a role lifting in a bodybuilding gym vs lifting at most 'fitness centres' plays. It got me thinking - I'd probably get a whole lot more riled up, too, if I was surrounded by meat-heads and ripped guys screaming to get that last rep. When you're surrounded by old women walking on a treadmill, it doesn't quite have that communal brotherly feel about it, does it?
  10. My husband and I have completely different goals in the gym. He's all about keeping his waistline under control. I'm all about growing big. We didn't realise this about one another until we started working out together. He complained that I pushed him too much, and I complained that he didn't encourage or help me, and forgot to spot me etc. when I really started growing, he'd comment on how my shirts were too small for me, and he did used to mention on how hunky I was getting. I really would like it more if he were into muscle worship however. Only minor stuff, like flexing for him and dominating him. He's not into bodybuilder physiques,, but I kind of get off watching YouTube muscle in front of him. I'm about to enter my next stage of growth and am going to make my commitment to lifting very clear, in the hope that he notices me more. I probably should just sit down with him and talk to him about this, but like many on here, discussing our love of muscle isn't always easy.
  11. Sci-MX X-Plode Hardcore

    Your experiences with X-Plode Hardcore? Apart from spell correct issues. http://www.sci-mx.co.uk/shop/x-plode-hardcore
  12. Calorie intake

    I'm hoping this won't be dismissed as a stupid question: What happens if you're lifting very regularly (5 days/week), but not taking in a huge number of kcals? Let's say around 2,500. I'm guessing you won't grow much, but what are the chances of burning off fat in your workouts and developing a leaner, as opposed to a huge, physique?
  13. Gents are any of you intending on going to the above show in Hayes, Middx on 30 April? http://www.nabba.co.uk/competitions/
  14. Hey mate

    Love your profile. Where are you?

  15. Can't quite find a perfect forum fit, so I'm going here! Does anyone else have this experience? Part of me (the horny part of me) wants my guy to love muscle as much as I do. I've watched bodybuilding clips around him, read muscle mags next to him, but his ideal physique is a rugby boy, not the massive dudes we love. My fantasy is to watch his cock grow alongside a massive bodybuilder in the gym shower room, or for him to have to drop everything to have sex with me the minute I walk home pumped from the gym. I wouldn't say our sex like is at all bad, but I would like to share the same fantasies, and have him be more into my growing body. Does anyway else share this? I know I can't change what he's into, but I want to share my muscle lust with him.