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  1. God this is so fucking good, arguably your best work in my opinion. Maybe i'm biased as a fan of the base story, but wow. Can't wait to see more.
  2. This story was done as a commission for creatively-bankrupt on Tumblr. It contains some pretty heavy (for me) BDSM stuff towards the end, big time daddykink and masculinity kinks, but also LOTS of growth and fun. If that all sounds good to you, read on. ------------------------------- “Not Too Naughty?” Tommy Hanson sighs, staring at the blinking neon sign above the dated, 80s-era sex shop his boyfriend has dragged him into. “Can’t I just wear a pin like last year?” “Babe. It’s three days to pride and you’ve been working out. We’re getting you something slutty.” Zack, Tommy’s boyfriend, sifts through racks of brightly colored jockstraps as he tries to encourage his nervous (some might say repressed) beau. “I don’t work out to show off though! I look good for myself.” Tommy grimaces at the racks of toys and lube, briefly acknowledging the bottled blonde sitting at the checkout counter. She’s on her phone, and doesn’t look up as the two pass by. “And for me.” Zack chuckles. He’s moved toward the back of the store, where the more exotic gear is hiding. “What about some leather? You’d look good in leather.” “Guys like me don’t wear leather.” Tommy keeps his distance from the cuffs, straps, and other fetish pieces surrounding the pair. “I don’t have the body for that at all.” “Confidence, youngling. Oooh, what about this?” Zack pulls out a black studded harness, metal pieces clinking as they dangle beneath. “Maybe pair it with a jock or something and you’re set!” “I’m not set. I don’t even have a set, I have bird chest.” Zack cranes his neck down and kisses his boyfriend’s forehead, locking eyes with him. “Well I think you’re sexy as hell.” “I just don’t wanna look stupid.” Tommy slumps his shoulders, looking dejected. “Tommy. You’re the only person who would think that. Remember the outfits we saw last year?” “But what if I get sunbu-” Zack cuts Tommy off. “I’m hearin’ lots of excuses. Just try it on. For me.” “No fitting rooms.” The woman at the register chimes in, curtly. Tommy shrugs. “Ah, no fitting rooms. That’s too ba-” “Tommy.” The two stare at eachother, Tommy’s arms crossed. “Just put it on over your shirt or something. I wanna see it on you.” Tommy stretches his arms outward, sighing as his boyfriend wraps the harness around his chest, twisting him around to fasten it. Zack tightens the straps around Tommy’s chest, letting it pull Tommy’s shirt taut around his lean frame. His toned pecs are nicely outlined in the teal fabric, nipples hard from the cool air. Zack weaves around Tommy and the surrounding racks to get in a good look. “And just like that, you’re even sexier.” Tommy’s face reddens. “Ey, there a mirror in here?” Zack motions to the cashier. The blonde wordlessly points to a floor-to-ceiling mirror towards the side, which Zack eagerly drags his boyfriend towards. Tommy looks at his reflection, scanning the straps of the harness down his frame. Zack ducks out from behind him and grins. “Now you see? Sexy as fuck.” Zack grabs Tommy’s ass, making his boyfriend jump in the process. “… you’re killin’ me babe.” A slight smile crosses Tommy’s face as Zack’s hand runs up his back to his shoulders. Soon, Tommy feels Zack’s hot breath against his ear. “You’d look even sexier if you were buried balls deep in me.” Zack whispers to his boyfriend as he pushes his crotch into Tommy’s thigh and kisses his neck softly, massaging his partner’s shoulders. Tommy stiffens at the thought and takes a breath, his jeans tightening. “Maybe tonight, you can see for yourself.” Tommy turns his head and kisses his boyfriend. The two start to get handsy, Zack’s hand running down Tommy’s chest as he grinds into his companion’s ass. “Ahem.” The pair looks up to see the cashier staring at them, stone-faced. Giggling, Zack unfastens the harness and Tommy pulls it over his head, mussing his blonde hair and making his shirt ride up to expose the smooth V shape he’s been working tirelessly to maintain. “S-sorry, little uh… excited.” Zack chuckles as he pulls out his wallet, Tommy tugging his shirt back down when he realizes his excitement is, well, visible. He shuffles back behind his boyfriend, pushing his denim-clad hardon into the crevice of Zack’s ass. Zack hisses, elbowing him away. “Save it for bedroom, baby.” - - - - - - - - The door to Tommy’s apartment opens, the pair sloppily making out as they stumble inside and slam the door behind them. Zack drops his pink shopping bag and pulls Tommy down onto the couch, sucking at Tommy’s neck as the blonde moans aloud. Zack pops open Tommy’s jeans and reaches into his black briefs, pulls out Tommy’s rigid hardon, and licks a stripe up the shaft with purpose. Tommy bites his lip as his boyfriend tongues the head of his cock, eyes fluttering as Zack wraps his fist around Tommy’s member. Tommy thrusts into his boyfriend’s hand, groaning, when the vigorous pumps of his cock come to a stop. He cranes his neck upward and watches Zack strip, his partner making a show as he tugs his shirt over his head, his pants falling to the ground exposing the tented boxers beneath. Zack cranks his cock through the fabric, the two young men watching eachother jerk. “Babe?” Zack pulls his boxers down and lets his hard cock spring upward, precum slicking the tip. “Yeah?” Tommy moans out, thumbing the head of his hardon. “I wanna break in that new harness of yours.” Tommy shuts his eyes, laughing. “Already with the harness… jesus Zack.” He pushes his blonde locks back, shaking his head. “You’re going to look so sexy in it… fuck, can just imagine riding your cock with you wearing it.” Zack saunters over to his boyfriend and tugs his jeans off, Tommy’s briefs sliding down his smooth legs. Tommy sits up, his arms out. “Get the harness.” Zack twists toward the bag and bends over, tugging his asscheek back to expose his pink, tight hole to his boyfriend. He slaps his ass, thrusting it back towards Tommy, and ruffles through the shopping bag to grab the harness. “Get on up, babe...” Zack grabs the harness as Tommy stands up. He drapes the straps across Tommy’s shoulder, pushing his cock against his boyfriend’s and feeling the slick of their precum mixing. With a few clinks and snaps, the harness is in place and Zack steps away, admiring his handiwork. “Oughta call you daddy, fuck.” Zack jerks himself at the sight, the studded leather straps tight around Tommy’s lithe frame. “You can call me whatever you want, I just wanna stuff my cock in you so fuckin’ bad right now.” Tommy pants, his hand migrating to his right nipple and twiddling with the pink nub. Zack tugs Tommy by the harness towards his bedroom and falls back onto the bed. He spreads his legs, thighs opening wide as his companion retrieves a bottle of lube from his dresser. Tommy squeezes the clear lube on his palm and slicks his fingers, tossing the tube away to stroke himself as he steps toward his waiting boyfriend. Kneeling to the mattress, Tommy pushes his index finger into Zack’s opening, watching his cock jump as he’s penetrated. Zack pulls his arms back behind his head, thrusting his chest upward as another finger follows, Tommy working his entrance carefully. “C’mon daddy… want you to fuck my hole so fuckin’ hard...” Zack’s cock bobs with each flex of Tommy’s digits, a third entering him as Tommy teases Zack’s prostate. Precum bubbles from Zack’s cock as Tommy prods at his most sensitive space, Zack bucking upwards with a moan. Tommy pulls his fingers from Zack’s opening and positions himself, his hands on Zack’s torso as his wet cock kisses Zack’s hole. Zack shivers, bucking up once again. “Do it stud… f-fuck me...” Zack practically gasps as Tommy enters him, eyes closing as his beau eases in. With his full length inside, Tommy takes a breath. “Don’t you wanna watch daddy fuck you?” Tommy purrs. Zack’s eyes shoot open, meeting Tommy’s predatory gaze. He nods, taking a breath as Tommy starts to rock into him. The two are silent for the most part, only their harried breathing audible, when Zack begins to moan. “F-fuck… c’mon daddy.. fuckin big, sexy fuckin stud…” Zack groans between his deep breaths, Tommy’s pace quickening with the encouragement of his bottom. Tommy clenches his teeth, his thighs beginning to slap Zack’s ass as he fucks his lover in earnest. Zack’s eyes begin to droop once again, his head tilting back as his cock bounces with the rhythm of Tommy’s thrusts. Tommy reaches down and scoops up Zack’s legs, pulling him toward the edge of the mattress and spreading him further as he pistons into him, his balls slapping Zack’s cheeks as he fucks him. “W-want you to cum in me daddy, fill my hole babe...” Zack moans, strings of pre stretching from his dick to his shaved torso. “Y-yeah? You want me to breed you?” Tommy snarls. “Gonna breed your tight hole, daddy’s gonna fuckin’ fill… fuckin’ fill you up, fuck… fuck…” Teeth still clenched, Tommy bucks into his boyfriend as he feels his release bubbling up within him. Hunching over, Tommy thrusts vigorously into Zack, mouth opening as his groans of pleasure crescendo. “Fuck yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Tommy’s body quivers as he cums deep within his lover, pumping into him with labored thrusts as hot seed fills Zack’s hole. Zack’s eyes widen, rolling back as his cock sputters and pulses white strings across his stomach, veins of his cock pulsating as Tommy cums inside of him. Sweat beads down Tommy’s chest, veins rippling across his shoulders and pecs, his body stiffening as he orgasms. Zack opens his eyes, in orgasmic bliss but locking onto Tommy’s shoulders, watching them spread outward beneath the light of his bedroom. “T-Tommy.. Tommy… f-fuck...” He tries to call attention, but Tommy’s lost in lust as Zack watches the unbelievable sight above him. The crevice of Tommy’s pecs deepens, black hairs sprouting across his chest as the V of his waist deepens, the smooth, toned surface of his abdominals tightening into hard, squared shapes. Zack stares at his boyfriend, his orgasm tapering as he sees Tommy’s jaw clench and stretch, tightening into an angular silhouette. With a deep groan, Tommy collapses on top of his boyfriend, his chin sprouting fur that scratches at the surface of Zack’s pecs. Wide-eyed, Zack stares at the ceiling and listens to Tommy’s huffs of pleasure, the moans deeper than he’s ever heard from his partner. He feels Tommy’s orgasm tapering off and reaches across his boyfriend’s back, poking him. “Tommy… holy fuckin’ shit, dude… wake up, babe…” Zack pokes Tommy’s shoulderblade, surprised by the firmness of the skin and muscle. Heaving, Tommy pushes himself off of his boyfriend in a daze. Up-close, Zack notices the fuzz that now trails down his chiseled jaw and across a vascular neck, his eyebrows thicker. “Am I crazy?” Zack blinks rapidly, trying to make sense of the sight. Tommy runs his hands through his hair, black fuzz across the back of his palms leading to strong, hairy biceps. In the span of a few moments, Tommy looks as if he’s aged ten years.. and gained twenty pounds of solid strength in the meantime. “Fuck, babe. I’m breathless.” Tommy gets his grips as Zack scans Tommy’s body, whispy black hair spiraled across his chest that now rests on the straps of his harness, his nipples a vivid pink. With a wet SLURP, Tommy pulls out of his boyfriend, his cock hanging between his legs with new girth as he steps back. “What just… what fucking happened right there?” Zack wipes sweat from his brow, letting his legs hang off the bed as he looks across Tommy’s furry thighs and reddened, wet cock. “What are you talking about?” Tommy rubs his forehead, still sort of dazed, and lets out a loud yawn. He scratches his chest, the short black fuzz tickling his fingers. “You’re fucking… this is not real, can’t be, no fuckin’ way...” Zack sits up, taking another breath as he tries to make sense of what he just saw. Tommy turns away from his boyfriend, showing his expanded, round ass as he strides toward the bathroom, reaching back to undo his harness as the door closes. “What are you doing Tommy? We gotta talk!” Zack gets up and bangs on the bathroom door, incredulous. “I gotta shower. Feel like a fuckin’ train hit me.” The deeper voice groans from behind the door as Zack hears the shower being turned on. “Something definitely hit you, but it wasn’t a fucking train. You just like… hulked out on me! For real!” “Dunno what you’re talking about man, unless you’re talkin’ about my gains. Hah.” Zack hears the plink of the shower curtain closing, trails of cum leaking down his thighs as he works to piece together what he just saw. He sinks down onto the apartment’s wood floor, zoning out from exhaustion and sheer disbelief. A few minutes go by and the door opens behind him, and Zack snaps out of it and looks up towards his boyfriend. Water drips across Tommy’s sculpted pecs, catching on the tiny hairs that circle his nipples. His blonde hair has gotten darker, the roots almost black. A towel is wrapped around his waist, sitting perfectly at his grooved adonis belt. “Your turn, don’t get cum on the floor or else I’ll make you clean it up.” Tommy smirks, pushing past his boyfriend to his bedroom, towel falling as he shuts his door. Zack shakes his head and heads into the bathroom to clean up. - - - - - - - - - - - Zack and Tommy have always had an open relationship, but Tommy was never one to explore his sexuality. Yet as Zack enters Tommy’s room, he finds his boyfriend sprawled across the bed, setting up a Grindr account wearing nothing but a pair of oh-so-tight briefs. Tommy’s nonchalant demeanor about what occurred less than an hour ago has Zack on edge, but Zack can’t push the subject – Tommy just insists Zack’s crazy. “Maybe we should sort this out before you go slut around on Grindr.” Zack rubs Tommy’s thigh, twisting the soft hair between his thumb and forefinger as Tommy lifts his phone and takes a selfie. “Nothin’ to sort out babe. Tommy’s turn to find a hookup.” Tommy’s profile is good to go, and he’s already wheeling and dealing as Zack stands up. “If you’re gonna be all bitchy about this when we both clearly know something’s wrong...” “Can you quit your shit for one second man? The one time in my life I wanna get my dick wet and you’re cock-blockin’ me.” Zack only shakes his head, confused at Tommy’s attitude. His boyfriend does have a point though, as Zack has long enjoyed the freedom of his and Tommy’s relationship. “I… I guess.” “Alright. Besides, you know I love that tight lil’ ass of yours.” - - - - - - - A few hours after Zack has left the apartment, Tommy is on his way to his first hookup. Emboldened by his and Zack’s earlier escapades, he brings the harness along with him. He knocks on the cream-colored door to his hookup’s apartment, wearing his harness proudly. “Are you Tommy?” A slim blonde opens the door in a tank top and shorts. “Call me Tom. You must be Jason.” Jason nods and ushers Tom into his apartment. “You’re uh.. you’re gorgeous man.” “Thanks. You wanna get a closer look?” - - - - - - - - Groaning, Tom has his arm wrapped around Jason’s neck as he raws the smaller man with an intense need. “Ahh, ahh daddy! Fuck me!” “Y-yeah, daddy’s gonna fill that hole of yours…” Tom chuckles at the term, he’d never considered himself much of a daddy, but it was getting him even harder. “Fill me daddy! Want you to – want you to breed me so bad!” The higher-pitched, needy groans of his bottom makes Tom work harder, pistoning back and forth into Jason, making the younger man gasp with each thrust. “M’ gonna cum! Gonna cum on your big cock!” Jason exclaims as he bucks into the sheets beneath him, spurts of white erupting from his cock as he falls limp beneath his top. Tom keeps pumping, but the silence and pants of his spent bottom is turning him off. “Y-you good, Jason? I haven’t finished yet...” Tom’s thrusts taper to a halt as he cranes his neck over to see Jason’s eyes fluttering. “Am I losing you?” “N-no… just, you know. Tired.” “But… I mean, daddy hasn’t cum yet?” “You can finish if you want. I’m just tired.” “…. you fuckin’ serious?” - - - - - - - - - - Tom left the hookup annoyed, his hardon stuffed back into his sweatpants, his harness traded for a t-shirt. He’d heard stories before about greedy bottoms, but he was having such a good time. “Fuckin’ kids. Bullshit.” Tom muttered to himself as he drove back to his apartment. He had a few other messages on Grindr he could tend to, but he was ready to forget about the site altogether and hit the hay. His cock softens as he drives home, and soon he’s in his creaking bed and falling asleep. The next day, Tom wakes up and preps for his usual routine. Off to his office gig, wearing a tight black dress shirt with just the right amount of cleavage exposed. His slacks were just as generous, painted on around his big thighs and gorgeous ass. Tom ignores most of his work for the day and browses Grindr, striking up conversation with the headless twinks that are swarming him. He blows most of them off, their vapid chat only making him shake his head. “Should just try Zack again.” Tom sighs and fires off a text message to his boyfriend before going back to his routine. After work, Tom checks in with Zack once again. He’s got a project due, so he can’t do anything tonight. Of course. Sighing, Tom heads to the gym and pumps some iron, working past his personal best, and heads to the locker room for some gratuitous selfies, with a twist. As he heads to the locker room, he scouts the area and locks the door behind him. “Heh.” With a smirk, Tom pulls the harness from his gym bag and wraps it around his chest, tightening it around his pumped pecs. His cock stiffens as the creamy leather touches his skin, and he tosses his shorts and shoes aside. Striding toward the mirror with his phone in his hand, he reaches down and adjusts his bulge with the other; letting it snake across his right thigh. Holding his phone out, Tom grips his cock through the fabric of his briefs and tilts his head, pouting his lips a bit. He snaps a photo and posts it on his profile, one hand sliding across his confined shaft, and posts it to his profile before moving to feel up his size. “Fuck yeah...” Tom throws his right arm into a flex, eying his bicep as it balls up beautifully. His cock pumps within its tight home, a wet spot forming at the tip as Tommy reaches up to pinch his right nipple. He tugs the warm nub, biting his lip as his cock jumps once more. “F-fuck… better than usual...” Tom takes a breath and starts on his other nipple, putting both hands to work as he teases the sensitive stubs. His cock throb’s violently within his briefs, precum soaking the fabric surrounding his fat cockhead as he pleasures himself, a bit of drool beading down the corner of his mouth. “Ooohh.. ahh fuckk… FUCK!” Tom throws his head back as his cock erupts in its fabric confines, hunching over as hot cream soaks his underwear. Hunching over, Tom bellows as his back snaps, his shoulders rippling as they stretch further out, his harness straining. The blissful stud thrusts his chest back outward, his abs tensing with his breaths of lust until they begin to bloom outward, tight around an expanding globe of bulk and mass. Tommy’s pecs fatten, hanging slightly lower, definition becoming pure rounded mass. His skin, once tanned and golden, darkens to a luscious brown hue, nose widening, taking on an exotic shape. Groaning once more, Tom falls toward the counter and braces himself as his rounded, athletic thighs expand, his legs cracking, back inching upward with new height as his underwear shreds apart, his hard cock smacking the bathroom counter, cum rocketing from his cock and splattering across the mirror as his thick glutes flex, freed from their prisons. The hairs on Tom’s pecs thicken, spreading up his shoulders and across his neck, darkening into a beard as matching trails snake down his thighs and across his ass, covering his upper and lower body with whispy black fur. Tom’s rigid hardon fattens, stretching upward as it spasms with each spurt of seed. The straining organ kisses Tommy’s bulky, distended abdominals, matting his pubes with sticky deposit as his pulsing testicles expand, straining his sack as hairs sprout across the surface. Lines of age and masculinity cross Tommy’s forehead, his brow jutting out as it densifies. “Y-yehh, awww fuck...” Tom’s voice is deeper, booming even, his adam’s apple more pronounced. His neck has broadened to match his wider shoulders, veins criss-crossing the surface as his beard connects with his darkening hair. Heaving, Tom stands silently as he rides out the remains of his sexual eruption. The lower part of the locker room mirror and sink are covered in trails of white that drip onto the tile floor. “Daddy’s fuckin’ horny today! Fuck!” Tom bellows in a gruff tone, a hand moving to his cock. He squeezes the shaft, jerking a few drops from his cockhead and rubbing them between his fatter fingers. He steps back to get a better view of himself, and feels something soft beneath his wider foot – a black leather jockstrap, splattered with his essence. “Was wonderin’ where that went!” Tom bends over and grabs the jock, threading his bulky thighs through it, his hardon refusing to calm as he stuffs his balls into the velvety pouch. The reddened head juts from the lip, still leaking as Tom smudges the beads of pre across the surface. Smirking, he grabs his phone and snaps a photo of his lower body. “Gonna stretch that tight ass of yours to the limit, boy.” He captions his photo and sends it to Zack, dick twitching at the thought of claiming his boy once again. A few minutes go by as he feels himself up in the mirror, rubbing his sticky hands across his chest, when a buzz is heard from the counter. “Who is this?” “Tommy? What the fuck happened?” “You don’t feel weird or anything?” “Tommy? Dude! You gotta fuckin’ talk to me!” Rolling his eyes, Tom opens up his phone. “What’s up?” “What’s up? You fucking hulked out on me again! You look like a fucking 40 year old!” Tom thought to himself… but he is 40. 42 to be exact. This wasn’t his first rodeo, but his trophy boyfriend seemed to have a bit of a kink for this hulk thing. Maybe he’ll indulge. “Yeah, and this hulk wants to smash your ass real bad, boy.” “… what?” “Daddy’s horny. Bet you would love to have daddy’s big dick fill your hole right?” Tom tugs his softening cock from his pouch and takes a video, gently kneading it in his hands. He fires it off to Zack, massaging himself as Zack types once again. “Wow. What a monster.” “Come to my apartment. Daddy wants to show you some of his toys.” - - - - - - - - - - Tom’s apartment is drastically different than the one he left earlier in the day. The barren, collegiate surroundings are now lushly appointed, with dark red walls and black accents. Luxurious leather fixtures abound, with dark wood floors and medieval-styled lighting. And a new, unmarked metal door to the right of the entryway. Zack is as awed by the new environment as he is by the hulking, hairy brute who insists he’s Zack’s boyfriend. Or, as he’d now like to be called, Master. “Behind this door, you are to address me as master. You do what I say. You cum when I say. I’m in control. Do you understand?” Zack hesitates for a moment. “Or do you need to be punished?” Zack’s cock jumps at the thought, betraying the uncertainty clouding his mind. “Y-yes… master...” Tom leads him past the door to a darkened room, a small light hanging from the ceiling and barely illuminating the polished cement floors. He locks the door behind him and takes a breath. “Safeword?” - - - - - - - Zack’s muffled shrieks of pain and pleasure bounce off the barren walls of Tom’s pleasure dungeon, shackled to a long wooden bench as Tom smacks his pert ass with wooden paddles. A tight collar sits at Zack’s neck, a bright red gag in his mouth. “And if you cum, it’s back to the bench. Understood?” Zack nods his head, his cheeks red, sweat beading down his forehead. Tom stows his paddles beneath the bench and grabs a thick, black plug from his cabinet. He pushes his free hand between Zack’s cheeks and stuffs the plug into his hole, eliciting another mad moan from his boy. “I’m going to unfasten you. When you’re off, you’re gonna pleasure your master. Got that?” Tom unlocks Zack’s restrains and lets the smaller boy fall to the floor, watching him move to his hands and knees. Tom kneels down and pops the gag out of Zack’s mouth, but his sub remains silent. The bigger man hunches over and pulls his jockstrap down, letting it fall between his hairy thighs. “Give your master a good cleaning.” Zack stares up at Tom’s broad back, his furry asscheeks thick and glistening. The scent of his manliness is apparent and rich, ripe even. He skitters over and pushes his nose between Tom’s ass, inhaling his rich musk as his cock throbs with want. Groaning, Zack sloppily tongues at Tom’s hole, the deep bellows of his master encouraging him as he laps at his daddy’s opening. Zack’s ass as he eats out his master, digging his nose into his ripe manhole. “F-fuck, boy… simmer down...” Tom groans as Zack pulls out, sitting back on his hands and knees as Tom stands up. “Good boy… tell ya what, daddy’s got a treat for ya.” Tom turns around, a cigar between his fingers. “You’re gonna get daddy’s cock all nice and wet so he can fuck ya real good, got that?” Zack’s dick springs up once again, finally getting a full view of Tom’s fat, uncut daddy cock. He nods eagerly, eyes wide at the sight of Tom lighting his cigar and taking a puff. “What’re you waitin’ for boy?” Zack rushes to Tom’s hard cock and laps at the head, tasting rich sweat and manliness from the mushroom head. Moaning, he takes the head into his mouth and starts to suckle, looking up at his master with eager eyes as Tom puffs on his cigar. The warm, smoky scent fills the room as Zack taking more of his master’s dick into his mouth as Tom crosses his arms around his hairy, thick chest. Tom’s bright pink nipples protrude from the dense fur coating his pecs, tantalizing to the point that Zack can’t stop staring as he sucks his master. Tom smirks as he realizes Zack’s want. “Yeh, they’re nice n’ sensitive too...” Tom starts to thumb his right nipple, his cock surging within Zack’s maw as the sub alternates between lapping at the shaft and twisting his lips across the head. Tom bellows as a jolt of precum spurts into Zack’s waiting mouth, making him groan from his musky taste. Tom fingers his thick pink nipple, his balls churning as he teases the pleasure center methodically. “Start puttin’ effort into it, boy.” Tom’s broad hand grabs Zack’s skull and pushes it down onto him, forcing his stout eight inches into the pup’s lips. Zack’s eyes water as his master blows a plume of smoke into his sub’s face. “I oughta put this out on your ass if you don’t get to business.” Zack starts to bob in earnest on Tom’s throbbing dick, obscene slurping noises accompanying the agile movements of his tongue on the red, needy shaft. Tom unlatches from his nipple and leans back as Zack buries his face in Tom’s wiry black bush, taking in the rough scent. He bucks forward, mouth opening slightly, knowing he might get put over the edge. “Alright boy, daddy’s gonna claim that tight ass of yours.” Zack disgorges, a string of pre hanging between his lips and Tom’s dick as he savors the taste of his master. Pulling away, Tom grabs Zack by the collar and pushes his head towards the floor, taking a knee to get a better view. “Ass up, bitch.” Zack thrusts his slim rear into the air, and Tom yanks on his tail and pulls it from Zack, letting his stretched hole gape for a moment. “Gonna seed that slutty lil’ hole of yours.” Tom teases, fingers brushing the stressed opening. He pushes two fat fingers into Zack, making his pup practically squeal in need. “Yeh, you want that tight lil’ hole stuffed full of big dick huh? Just a slut lookin’ to get bred. Aren’t ya?” Zack nods rapidly, tongue beginning to loll from his mouth. A third finger joins in, wetly flexing and working Zack’s opening as he blushes, the pain starting to overtake the pleasure. “Aww come on boy, how’s daddy gonna fill you if you can’t take a couple’a fingers? You wanna cum don’t you?” Zack’s dull, pleasured face is a bit more pained, and certainly more aware of his master testing his limits. A fourth finger wriggles into him and he’s contemplating his safeword, but those expert fingers have started to probe his prostate, sending droplets from his needy dick onto the ground. “You get all five in like a good boy, and daddy’ll let you cum. You got that?” Zack braces himself, trying to adjust his stance as he feels Tom’s fat, dexterous thumb begin to invade him. He contemplates the safeword once more, but remembers the old adage of “pain before pleasure” and powers through. Biting his lip, Tom balls up his fist and forces it into Zack with a wet slurp. Zack’s legs buckle beneath him as Tom starts to push in, twisting his fist to let Zack feel the full brunt. “You’re gonna get off on my fist boy...” Tom bellows as he rubs Zack’s prostate once again, flexing and thrusting his fist into Zack as he hears his lover’s moans. “n’ when you cum, you’re gonna call out my name. You better call out my name, slut.” Zack bucks his ass upward, his hardon bobbing beneath him as his master stretches his hole. “Y-yeah, ohhh… d-daddy, fuck, fuck!” “What’s my name!?” “T-ahhh… TOM, TOAHHhhh-” Streams of white erupt from Zack’s overstimulated cock, gushing across the cement floor as his balls surge. Tom feels Zack cumming around his fist, feeling his muscles clenching as his sub orgasms. Drool oozes from Zack’s mouth, puddling on the floor as he cums violently. Tom starts to work his cock as he sees his sub give in, watching the boy come undone only turns him on more. “Gonna feels so good when I fill that slutty hole of yours, boy.” - - - - - - - - - Zack’s hole is on full display, his lean body strapped to an angled table in the middle of Tom’s pleasure cave. Tom turns a gear and tightens Zack’s restrains further, pulling his arms and legs out wider as he kneels down to see Zack’s abused entrance. “So loose and wet for daddy. Good lil’ slut.” “Y-yes master, want you to.. to claim my hole...” Zack tries to rut onto the steel table, his hardon weeping, but Tom tightens the gears to keep him from wriggling. “It’s not your time anymore, slut.” A devilish grin crosses Tom’s visage as he steps forward, rubbing his stout, fat dick between Zack’s blushing cheeks. His hot breath runs across Zack’s neck, resting his head on the boy’s shoulders as he grips Zack’s waist. “Now take daddy’s big dick, slut.” With a labored thrust Zack is penetrated, Tom’s thick member driving into his used hole with an intense drive. Tom’s sweaty, furry musclegut and rounded pecs rub against Zack’s slim back, Tom’s grip moving up to Zack’s shoulders as he fucks his bitch like a man. Tom drives hard into the smooth twink, grunting with each heavy thrust, Zack’s stretched hole offering only the slightest resistance as Tom forces his full length into his sub. “Ain’t… gonna be long, fu-fuck.. FUCK...” Tom’s thrusts intensify, becoming faster as the beefy stud knows his big finish is approaching. He reaches up and pushes Zack’s head to the table, grunting as he fucks his bitch. “Y-ohh.. YEAH!” With a roar, Tom blows his load into his lover, bucking wildly into him as gushes of white spurt out around his cock, oozing down the table to Tom’s feet as he fills his sub. His animalistic mating echoes loudly, causing Zack’s stomach and chest to bang on the table as he finishes. “Oooh… ohhh fu—fuck yeahhh...” Tom’s voice tapers off into a deep growl, massive veins rocketing across his forearms and down his back as his deltoids bulge, thrusting his shoulders back as they stiffen and expand with new bulk. Thick black hair races across his back, spreading down the taper of his waist as it tightens, his chest barreling outward and forcing Zack back onto the table. Tom gnaws at the air, his thighs forcing his legs apart as they ripple with growth and strength, dense hair multiplying across the surface of his lower body. His calves bulge and stretch, back flaring out further as he gains more height. His blocky, rounded gut swells further, matching his cartoonish pecs in width, harness resting on the top of his solid muscle belly. Tom’s hair tightens across his skull, receding into a jet black crew cut that fades into his clean-cut beard, curls of fur spiraling out of his chest and tickling Zack’s smooth back. Sharp pains erupt in his fat pink nipples as his weight rests on Zack, large silver rings appearing on his chest, another blooming out of his broad nose. The eruptions of seed into Zack intensify as Tom hulks out once more, to the point where his smooth abs have begun to bloat from the volume of Tom’s release. Soon, Zack’s rigid cock pulses out a load of its own across the table, then another. The two begin to cum in unison, Zack’s moans growing higher as Tom feels Zack’s ass starting to cradle him, not realizing the twink’s rear is swelling. The flat, bubbly surface inflates into two snow-white globes, Zack’s skinny thighs strengthening as he keeps himself from falling limp. Zack’s flat chest blooms outward with new, squared pecs, undefined stomach crunching into a solid six-pack to match. The dusting of black on his chest disappears, his pubes sucking inward as his body takes on a golden tan, hair being slicked upward by an unseen force as it lightens to platinum blonde. The changing twink feels a bulge within his hole and screams, the hard object poking at his most sensitive areas as his release starts to slow, Tom’s tapering off as well. With an obscene SHLLURP, Tom pulls his cock from his lover to reveal a bulky silver Prince Albert piercing the head of his oversized cock, covered in warm essence. - - - - - - - - - Tom’s hairy, thick body was on full display at Pride, having traded up to a lavish five-point harness that wraps around his musclegut and back, accenting his broad frame. Zack followed him, leash dangling from his collar as he basked in his new life, doting on his monstrous muscle daddy.
  3. Thank you. This was just a one-shot but I know I want to write more. Hopefully soon.
  4. A quick story with Derek Hale of Teen Wolf turning into a muscular anthro-bull. The strain of Derek Hale’s body is apparent as he stumbles through a park under the cloak of night, sweat stains covering his shirt and pits, his breathing harried. The full moon wasn’t rising for several days, but he was experiencing the sensations of a shift; only heightened significantly. He hunches over, backing into a hutch beneath a playground structure as his denim bulges at the crotch, his hands migrating down as his cock is engulfed in heat. He paws needily at his confined erection, groaning. “So… hot… OHH!” Derek thrusts his chest forward, his nipples erect in the sweat-darkened v-neck, and begins to wheeze as his lungs seem to expand. His chest barrels outward with a sickening crack, his rounded pecs sharpening into squared, thick shapes. His heightened sense of smell detects a change in his scent, and he’s helpless to stop it. The base of Derek’s shirt rides up, his slicked abdominal muscles crunching as a trail of fur sprouts at the base, stretching between his toned six-pack and down through his jeans. His shoulders pop and crunch as they reposition, his triceps and deltoids swelling with new mass. The sleeves of Derek’s shirt grow tight as his athletic biceps balloon outward, veins radiating from his shoulders to his clenched fists as his forearms gain size. Black hair sprouts down the length of his arms and races up through his sleeves, his neck thickening as the neck of his shirt shows a pelt of new hair. He can’t be shifting, Derek thinks. The sensations are new, and he feels something foreign creeping into his mind. His nostrils broaden as his ass begins to throb, rump swelling as his toned thighs begin to inflate. Derek falls to his hands, pushing his ass upward as it expands, when the seat of his jeans breaks to reveal soaked white briefs and the crevice of his growing ass. The rip travels downward as the seams around his expanding quads give way to reveal powerful shapes coated in thick hair, his waistband struggling to contain his rear as a nub pushes from his tailbone. A smooth, corded appendage blooms from the nub, snaking down over his briefs as fur sprouts across the length, a tuft forming at the tip. Derek balances on one hand as he pushes away the remains of his jeans and digs into his briefs, wrapping his hand around his hard-on. He strokes himself furiously, practically bucking into his grip as his underwear rips around his muscular ass and the waistband pops, the fabric falling to the bark beneath him. Soaked with sweat and precum, Derek’s cock emanates a wet gushing noise as he pumps himself, his balls throbbing violently as a fold of skin suddenly tugs his member up against his stomach. Derek’s nostrils widen as his nose pushes outward, broadening into a snout as his breath grows hot, steaming even. His slight beard extends down his neck and up his cheeks, engulfing his face as his feet break through his shoes, the tips of his toes becoming solid masses that soon merge to form large, solid hooves. The seams of his shirt finally give way, shredding apart to reveal his taut, striated pecs and thick black nipples. Derek’s foreskin thickens as fur overtakes the base of his member, the head of his cock reshaping as his length begins to grow, meeting his middle abs and then his upper. The skin of his balls darkens and shifts to a leathery texture as his testicles squirm with invading DNA, his tight pink asshole pulsing as his rump repositions to expose his opening to the cool air. The pucker darkens to a jet black color, an intoxicating musk of bullish lust seeping from his pores. A pair of white nubs rip through Derek’s forehead as fur covers his skill, tapering to a soft point and curving inward to a distinctive shape. Derek releases his cock as his hands grow numb, the tips becoming solid blocks before pulling together into another set of hooves. His skull cracks and reshapes, his ears elongating into tapered ovals as he falls to his four legs, snorting loudly as he stumbles out into the open. His eyes glow a vivid red as he rears up onto his hind legs and lets out a monstrous bellow, his thick bovine erection tensing until thick streams of opaque yellow seed erupted from the flat head, rocketing several feet across the bark pit and landing in haphazard streaks. The muscular frame of this bull creature shines beneath the starlight, lustful and ready to share its new curse with the men of Beacon Hills.
  5. Some days you just want to sleep. Wizard World has a way of sapping you of your energy, especially after hours of signings and Q&A sessions. Yeah, you're being worshipped and catered to, but sometimes you just want to sleep. Ian Somerhalder had planned to do just that, arriving at his hotel room after hours on the convention floor. He was alone for a rare con, with people like Paul off shooting their own projects. That meant for a very lonely hotel room, and as much as he needed the quiet time, he missed having some companionship. The actor unlocked his hotel room door and coasted in, clad in a leather jacket over a black v-neck and distressed gray denim. He took a breath as he closed the door, the light in his room on and the bed looking awfully welcoming. With a loud flop, Ian collapsed onto the bed beneath him and took a few deep breaths, when he felt a hard, solid object against his ribs. Annoyed, he rolled onto his side to find a black box sitting on the bed, blending in with the black bedspread. Expecting chocolates or a typical hotel freebie, he rolled onto his back and opened the lid to find a white card, simply reading “From a fan.” Immediately, Ian is taken aback. He's used to getting gifts, but rarely does he ever open them. He certainly didn't expect to find one in his bed. Rolling his eyes, he tossed the card aside and saw a bright blue pillow of fabric nestled in the box. Tugging the blue object out, the fabric unfurls as a sheepish grin crosses Ian's face. Bright teal underwear, silky and cool to the touch. But unlike most of the underwear he receives, these look like they're actually made for men. Taking a closer look, he realized the straps of the underwear taper to a string in the back and thin strips on the sides, with a substantial pouch… a thong. “Well shit.” Ian smirked as he twiddled with the slick fabric. He paused for a second before sitting up on the bed and shucking his jacket. He pauses once more, considering what he's about to do… he's never worn a thong before, though the desire for some spicier undergarments had certainly come up in the past. His shoes come off next, and he unbuckles his jeans and pulls them down. His black briefs bulge generously, half hard with oddly sexual excitement over the new undergarment. His thighs are lean and rounded, body shaved for another season of TVD. Ian kicks off his denim and stands up, grabs his briefs by the lip and tugs them down. Off goes his briefs, his erection growing and swaying as he steps between the straps of the thong. Ian shudders as the blue fabric is pulled up his thighs, the back strap digging between his tight asscheeks, his cock brushing against the fabric, ballsack barely covered by the skimpy pouch. He's fully hard now, his cut member close to eight inches in length, the head peeking against the top lip of the thong. He reaches down and strokes the head, chuckling, and pulls his shirt off to leave him in nothing but his new underwear. Turning to the hotel room's full-length mirror, Ian turns slightly to look at his pert, toned ass in the mirror. He struts a bit, watching his reflection, and chuckles at the sight of him clad in nothing but the teal pouch and strap. A jolt of sudden pain rockets through Ian's stomach and chest as he doubles over, moaning as his eyes widen. The sharp pain spreads from his abdomen up his chest and down his legs, his muscles seizing up as looks back into the mirror, his skin becoming pale as he lets out a loud groan. He jolts back, his chest jutting out, veins pulsing down his neck and spreading across his arms, his breathing becoming harried as he struggles to move. With another jolt, his left arm begins to pulse, the veins pumping furiously as his toned bicep begins to throb and flex. The smooth, rounded surface of his right bicep swells cartoonishly, inflating with new mass. His triceps swells to match, his forearms ballooning outward as his knuckles crack and flex. Ian watches in awe and horror as his right arm explodes with size, his eyes wide, sweat beginning to bead down his forehead.. With a similar jolt, his left arm cracks and stiffens as it too begins to hulk out. His shoulders crack as his neck begins to thicken, his lean back starting to broaden as his traps flare outward and bulge with new size. His deltoids expand to large rounded shapes that taper down toward his chest. His lats inflate as massive veins pulse down the length of his arms and across his chest, his balance failing as he tries to get his footing. Ian begins to gasp as his chest expands outward, his back still throbbing with growth as his lean pecs are stretched across the growing width of his chest, his breath inflating the growing lungs deep within his straining body. His pecs begin to surge forth, swelling into massive rounded slabs, nipples erect and forced to point downward beneath the thick size of his melon-like pectorals. Staring back at the mirror. Ian was a freakish picture of contrast. His upper body was herculean, tapering down to his lean, normal legs and thighs. His cock had certainly reacted, dark spots forming in his underwear as precum begins to ooze from his stimulated member. Ian placed his hands on his expanded pecs, feeling their firmness and warmth, in awe. Ian's abdominal muscles, still taut from the strenuous growth of his upper body, begin to crunch and contort. The smooth six-pack tightens as Ian's spine cracks, his growing back muscles stretching as his body begins to inch upward with new height. His abs thicken, growing blocky and stiff down his stomach as the cartoonish taper to his lower body broadens into a wider, straight, squared shape. Rigid obliques frame his strong stomach as his modest Adonis belt deepens into a cut V shape over his thighs. His cock begins to throb violently, pushing upward against the lip of his thong as his glutes envelope the string of his thong with beefy size. Inches of new cock length push out of his pouch, expanding up his abs and smearing them with precum, curving to the right as it gains new girth to match. Ian's balls churn and swell as precum pumps from his expanding musclecock, causing the actor to moan even louder. Still struggling to maintain his balance, Ian shuffles around as his lean thighs begin to balloon outward, throbbing and shifting into thick trunks of strength and mass in an exaggerated diamond shape. Divots and grooves run the length of the monstrous leg muscles as they meet in the middle, pushing Ian's pouched balls forward as his beefy quads push together. Groaning, Ian reaches down and grabs his cock, a spurt of precum rocketing from the red head of his stimulated member. He jerks furiously as his knees buckle, calves rippling with expanding size as they become thick and rounded in shape. Fisting his cock furiously, Ian leans against the mirror in his new godly bodybuilder size and groans, his eyes closing once more as he's lost in the sudden lust that accompanied his transformation. Unbeknownst to Ian, an uninvited guest had been waiting in the bathroom. A godly frame sat in the shadows, stroking his cock through a crimson thong. The strong brow and jaw of Calum von Moger comes into view behind Ian as the actor pumps his cock, to which Calum licks his lips. “Need some help big guy?” Calum strokes his own leaking member as Ian looks up at the younger bodybuilder. Calum was more proportional in size compared to Ian's inhuman mass, something Calum had planned all along. “Who… who the fuck are you?” Ian freezes as he watches the younger man, refusing to unlatch from his rigid cock. “A fan. You liked your gift right?” Calum strolls toward Ian, smiling as he tugs his thong down and lets his cock free. He places a hand on Ian's warm broad back. “I thought you could use the extra poundage. You're looking hot as fuck, by the way.” Calum presses his hard cock against Ian's massive thigh, his hot breath now against Ian's right ear. Calum's body is glistening with sweat and tanned in a way Ian's pale body is not, highlighting Calum's more aesthetic musculature. “It… feels so good, fuck...” Ian groans as he begins to stroke again, his free hand kneading his broad pecs. “Give me a flex, stud.” Calum pulls his right arm into a pose, his thick biceps tightening into broad mounds. Ian follows the pro's advice and pulls his free arm into a flex, watching in awe as his swollen biceps ball into massive rounded peaks. Calum chuckles and grabs a handful of Ian's thick chest, thumbing the actor's large nipples. “All the mass with none of the work, but a little bit of gyno for authenticity. You sensitive?” Calum tweaks Ian's nipples as Ian moans, unlatching from his cock as it pulses out another load of “Fuck… FUCK...” Ian bellows as Calum touches his body, feeling the pro's hands begin to roam around his enhanced frame. Ian returns the favor, placing his hands on Calum's broad shoulders and stroking downward towards his rounded pecs. The two men reposition themselves to face eachother as Calum's eleven-inch muscle dick pushes against Ian's pouch. “Free the python stud. You should be a match.” Ian reaches cautiously into his thong and tugs his hard cock out, and the two muscular members collide with a wet slap causing shudders of pleasure from both men. “God you're gorgeous. I figured you'd make a sexy fucking muscle stud.” Calum places a warm hand on Ian's shoulder as Ian feels a warm grip around his cock, the slick surface of Calum's member now sliding against it. Calum grips on the two rods and fists them slowly, his hand moving to Ian's still very handsome jaw and face. “Wait… I saw you at the con.” Ian squints slightly, trying to place Calum. “You had the Spartan costume on.” “You said I had better tits than most of the ladies at the con.” “And now I get them up close and personal.” Ian moves his hands down to Calum's pecs, feeling their thickness as Calum bounces them for Ian. “Fun party trick. Hot.” “You should get your cock between them. My treat.” Ian nods as Calum falls backward onto the bed with a loud thud, the bed creaking beneath his mass. He tugs his thong down and tosses it at Ian, who inhales the pro bodybuilder's musk. “Jesus fuck.” Ian grunts as he pulls his own thong down and rears up onto the bed, straddling Calum's legs as he slides across the man's sweaty upper body. Ian presses his cock between Calum's pecs as Calum flexes and bounces them around his length, causing Ian to moan and thrust against his chest. Ian's glutes flex as they shift across Calum's abdominal muscles, Calum's hard cock occasionally meeting Ian's backside and stringing precum between the two. “Fuck… i'm gonna cum just from this, holy shit...” Ian moans as his thrusts become stronger, sliding his wet cock back and forth between Calum's big pecs, only to shudder and grunt as a massive rope of hot cum erupts from his engorged cock and splatters across Calum's cheeks and forehead, globs of cum splattering in Calum's hair and dripping down the aussie's chin and neck. The immense volume of Ian's orgasm surprises even Calum as he shuts his eyes, feeling the volleys of Ian's cum streaming across his lips and against his nose. Ian slides backwards, Calum's dripping cock pulled between Ian's glutes as the bigger man takes a few heavy breaths, recovering from his orgasm. Calum opens his mouth and licks his lips, tasting Ian's seed as he thrusts his cock between Ian's asscheeks. Ian grinds against the younger man's cock, smearing trails of white seed against Calum's abs as the two begin to make out. Calum's hands wrap around Ian's neck as they kiss, moaning as Calum thrusts against Ian's ass. “You wanna seal the deal?” Ian breaks their kiss as he tightens his ass around Calum's erection. “More than you know.” Calum nods in approval as Ian relaxes his ass, pulling forward as Calum begins to push his hard cock between Ian's glutes, probing at the actor's hole. “This isn't my first, don't go easy on me.” Ian goes back to kissing Calum as the pro begins to penetrate the actor, Ian's tight hole parting as Calum forces his rigid dick inside of Ian. Ian groans and thrusts forward from the sensation, biting his lip as Calum's wet cock begins to piston into him. Ian pushes back, working into a rhythm of opposing thrusts as they make out furiously. “Let me ride your cock, fuck...” Ian cranes upward and slides back, taking Calum's full length inside of him as Calum watches the handsome actor ride his thick muscle cock. “Flex for me stud, let me see that new muscle!” Calum groans as he rocks back and forth beneath Ian, watching the older man ride him and feeling his release coming. Ian pulls his arms into classic bodybuilding poses, groaning as his hard cock bobs in sync with his cock riding, his thick frame casting a shadow over Calum as the younger man's cock hits his prostate and cum bubbles from his overstimulated cock. “I'm… ohhh fuck, OH FUCK...” Calum moans and thrusts his chest up as he cums inside Ian, hot spurts of thick cum rocketing deep into Ian's hole as Ian tightens his thick glutes around Calum's rod, bouncing his pecs and flexing his bis as he rides out Calum's orgasm. The deep groans of the two men echo through the hotel room as Calum's cumshots slow, and Ian leans forward and goes back to kissing Calum as the Australian’s cock throbs within him. The two men embrace, Ian's wet cock sandwiched between their abs as they doze off to sleep.
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