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  1. I’ve been looking for a Story for ages of two geeky twins who move to college. One starts hanging out with jocks, wearing their clothes and growing muscle, whilst the other gets jealous. Sound familiar to anyone?
  2. Hi mate, looking good - whats your stats?

  3. Chuck the Size Theif is the first that springs to mind, but you’ll probably already have read that.
  4. Ldnmscl

    AJ & Noah

  5. Ldnmscl

    AJ & Noah

    I’ve only just discovered this and I’m loving it! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
  6. This is a nice little short one: https://www.metabods.com/stories/catfished
  7. Finally! Such a great chapter - so hot to see Andrew begin to embrace the need to change.
  8. Check out Mimbo Drops on Metabods. I recently discovered this and I loved it!
  9. This is my favourite story in a while! Looking forward to the next chapter.
  10. Ldnmscl

    muscle-growth Juiced

    Not a fan of the 'shrinkage' but the rest of the story would be great. I'd love to read another chapter of him getting some size back...
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